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I don’t often play away without Dave my partner and I never have unsafe sex although for the purposes of my true stories, I usually omit the act of putting on a condom. Please play safe.


Matt was a guy I knew from the gym. Or to be more honest, someone that I barely knew from the gym that I joined when we moved back to the UK. I swim and so joined one of the few centres that had a pool within walking distance of our apartment and went every day before or after work depending on other commitments and my shift pattern.

Some days, Matt was in the pool and we exchanged a polite hello, not much more. Occasionally I would bump in to him in the changing area too. He was a private person and even as some were walking round starkers with gay (and straight) abandon, he was always wrapped in a towel, revealing nothing.

I guess he is around 30 years old, 5’9 or 5’10 and slim, not muscular at all, pretty smooth chest and swam in shorts rather than speedos so I wouldn’t have a clue what he was packing. He was just a nice guy (as some at the gym are either too precious to exchange greetings or a little too keen). I totally assumed he was straight if I thought about his sexuality at all and that, like me, he just went to swim- as like me, he never seemed to use any other facilities at the centre.

One day in autumn I went for a walk, not too far from where we live, to explore what was a little further out of town. I knew there was a museum and marina but didn’t know what shops, bars and restaurants there were and it might prove useful at a future date when friends visit and we can socialise overlooking the water. Most of the accommodation is either converted warehouses or complimentary new build apartment blocks and most have balconies with views across the marina.

I heard a voice shout down to me and I looked up. It was Matt. I replied, asked him how he was doing, made the usual polite small talk about not knowing he lived there etc and he invited me up for a coffee. I was soon in his first floor pad and the coffee was brewing. I hadn’t even known his name before, nor where he lived in fact the only thing i knew was that he did breaststroke like myself and wore swim shorts in the pool!

We kept conversation polite and generally simple or about the sports club. It wasn’t until I mentioned my other half that Matt enquired after my girlfriend. I slightly sheepishly corrected him and he was a little surprised but non fazed.

“I don’t think I could kiss another bloke,” he said.

“It’s not obligatory!” I replied.

He chuckled a little. “Well at least that explains it!”

I asked him what he meant, thinking he may be offended that I spoke to him or that he thought I might be hitting on him but he smiled and told me, rather matter of fact, it explained why I shaved my cock. Now I don’t wander round the changing room and generally keep myself to myself (although I don’t hide away behind a towel either) but I wouldn’t have thought he would have noticed, much less so comment on it. It turns out he thought all of the gay guys had shaved cocks (not so) and that nobody straight would do such a thing (doubly not so) and bostancı escort bayan so the conversation strangely turned to the art of trimming and shaving body hair and pubes.

I explained my reasons for liking to keep my own areas hair free (personal preference, general tidiness as well as the fact that it makes my distinctively average uncut cock look a little bigger) and what I liked to see in other guys if the opportunity arose and Matt said he had never tried it and could see the logic of what I said but didn’t fancy being totally smooth although felt a good trim was in order. And when I advised him to shave his balls to accentuate their size and shape and make him look sexier, he liked what he heard and asked me if I would help him with some topiary there and then.

I gulped down the last of my coffee and we went to the bathroom, his shyness reserved it seemed for the old pervs at the gym. He started running a bath and searched the cabinet for a razor. I explained it may be easier, depending on the desired end result, to trim with the electric shaver first and then finish off his scrotum and tidy up with the razor so, with his shorts down to reveal his pubes, I used the sideburn trimmer to take away the unruly hair where the pubes started to crawl up his stomach and to shorten some of the really long stragglers. He still remained with his cock and balls hanging down inside his lowered boxer briefs.

Once I had trimmed and shown him what I thought would give him a tidier look, I demonstrated how to shave his balls aiming the razor downwards to start with on a well soaped scrotum, rinsing and repeating and then holding his shaft and shaving up from the base from a depth in his pubes he found comfortable. I knew the technique well from the days before I went totally bald below and chuckled when I first came across the phrase ‘shaving the shaft’ in a Fitness/ fashion magazine for men.

I advised him to take as much time as he wanted, from experience these things should never be rushed or you end up looking like a road traffic accident, and the improved look and feeling is in direct proportion to the time, care and effort taken.

He told me not to dash off and to go help myself to another coffee so that’s exactly what I did to be honest it was nice to get to know him a little if under rather bizarre circumstances.

I took a seat in the living room and flicked through some magazines he had lying around about travel and decorating. In fact, I could have been in a dentist’s waiting room but for the fact they were current. Matt then appeared in the doorway, he had his top on, a plain dark long sleeved t-shirt, and the towel was wrapped around his waist.

“All done?” I asked. Rhetorically I suppose.

“Sure,” he said. “Look.”

And with that he opened the towel and revealed his trimmed bush but not only that, for the first time ever, I got to see his dick. I was rather shocked as I expected him to return fully dressed and never thought I’d be given a look.

It was a nice cock too, not improbably large or porn-star perfect, just a long and untanned piece of meat hanging down, unerect, perhaps about 4 inches or so, ümraniye escort with a nice pair of clearly visible and smooth balls.

“Pleased?” I asked.

“Certainly am, thanks.”

He smiled at me and dropped the towel, picked it up and turned around to put it back in the bathroom presumably but giving me a nice view of his little arse at the same time. His buttocks were also smooth with some hair in the crack and the cheeks were small, not even slightly flabby very pale… and perfectly formed.

He didn’t return to the living room and I assumed he was dressing now he’d shown me what he had done but after a few minutes I went to see what he was doing and to perhaps say my farewell. The bedroom door was open and he was sat on his bed facing the door and now totally naked. I entered and he was now stroking a full on erection, a good 7 inches. Unusually for me, I didn’t know what to say or do, but hey I had a couple of hours to kill before Dave was home so watching a new mate jack off didn’t seem like a bad way to kill some time.

“Couldn’t help it, it got me horny,” he said.

His cock, not veiny or multi coloured, was clearly enjoying being stroked and as he was sat upright and facing me as I entered the room, I could see his balls bouncing with each tug. They weren’t the biggest I’d seen but they were well proportioned alongside his dick and the sack wasn’t huge so they stayed close to his body. (I once sucked off a guy in a club in London, great body- arse and cock- but he spolied himself by wearing something that lengthened his scrotum a little like a series of rings and his balls were halfway down his thighs. Didn’t spoil the taste though…)

I must have been mesmerised by what I was seeing and felt, initially, glued to the spot. I guess I thought he was just enjoying putting on a show now he had a cock worth showing but I looked at his face and yes, he was enjoying himself, and a single raise of his eyebrows was a good enough cue for me to approach and give him a helping hand. I crawled up the bed slowly in case I had misjudged and so he could rebuff me before I offended him but no need. In fact he slid down the bed a little which I certainly took as an invitation to take over from his own hand although he kept it gripped round the base of his shaved shaft and I wrapped my own round the end, the tip of his by now wet foreskin just sticking out of my fist. I rubbed my thumb across it and he leaked a little more precum. I smiled at him and he grinned back at me, hopefully approvingly, and my free hand just gently flicked one of his small nipples. I know some folks like their nips being tugged and chewed on but for a beginner just realising the sensuality and sensitivity is an awakening. And he seemed to like it.

So I guess I thought ‘now or never’ and after a few more teases of his foreskin with my thumb, I started to move my face closer to his knob end, letting go of my fist that had been wrapped around it. Again, not wanting to go too far too fast, I positioned myself a couple of inches of where he was stretching with each tug and I opened my mouth a little. He raised his free hand slowly, placed it on the back of my head, and pulled escort kartal me towards his hardened cock. I licked the end of it and certainly drained the precum from his very moist foreskin before wrapping my lips around his shaft and sliding down just an inch or so, pulling the foreskin back as I did so and allowing me to lick the head and piss slit. I love to savour different wines of the world and understand the grapes and soils that have given them their tastes and flavours. Cum and precum are exactly the same, some are watery and mild, others more creamy and sweeter, and the level of saltiness and bitterness vary. Matt’s precum was both salty and with a hint of sweetness, and from what I had seen from rubbing it with my thumb, not too spunky. (Some guys precum is just a smaller dose of the main event.)

I licked and slurped and made sure to suck just the head and around the sensitive neck of the glans as he stroked slowly, milking more of his juices in to my thirsty mouth.

I cupped his bollocks and really wanted to do other things but was very aware he may only have wanted a wank and I may have been pushing it. So I caressed his sack gently and made sure I rubbed against his taint a little, another unknown and unexplored area for many a first timer or straight / previously straight guy. He moaned approvingly at whatever I was doing and I started to take some of his smooth length further in to my mouth.

By now, I was almost flat and stomach down on the bed with my hard on causing me some discomfort as it was packed away in my clothes and I remained dressed but didn’t want to overstep any line. He placed both hands on my shoulders and held me where he seemed happiest for me to be and I continued to take him deeper, worshipping a lovely piece of man meat.

He banged the back of my throat a couple of times which he seemed to like judging by the judders he gave and I speeded up the in and out motion with his rod sliding up and down and I played a little harder and faster with his bollocks, hoping the motion might elicit even more spunk.

He writhed just a little which I took to be a sign of enjoyment and I bobbed my head up and down on that shaft as his breathing gathered pace too. And although he loudly and politely gave me notice he was about to shoot, I guess as lots of good girls won’t take a load in their mouths- unlike me- he didn’t need to, I was going to taste and drink what was pumping it’s way up from his tightened testicles.

The first spurt jetted across my tongue and he made a muffled yelp. Just like the precum, perhaps slightly saltier and not overly strong, there followed a further 4 voluminous squirts of spunk, all of which I managed to gulp.

I held his cock in my mouth and didn’t move until it had softened a little, making sure any late leakage stayed in my mouth and then got up hoping he wouldn’t be too embarrassed or regretful about what happened. No words were spoken and I went back to the living room. He pulled on his shorts and followed, offering me another coffee that I declined. I had a raging boner to take care of and a boyfriend due home who could do exactly that.

He thanked me, I always chuckle to myself when that happens. After all, as much of the pleasure was mine.

And in case you’re wondering, we have continued to exchange small talk at the gym on the occasions we’ve seen each other. And I’ve been invited back for coffee next weekend, this time with Dave. Who knows?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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