Meeting Susan Ch. 01

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He hated that the online dating website had gotten so addictive. He was looking for a woman to chat with but soon found that he enjoyed the site as an outlet for all of the erotica he had been writing since his last affair had broken up. It seemed like he spent more time writing his stories than he did actually talking with someone. Alex was about to log off when someone sent him a note about one of his stories. SmilingAgain was her screen name; pretty, but was she just like all the others? He read her note and decided to write back.

That was how it began. Simply; they had just started talking. Surprisingly, it only took a moment before the emails became a habit. She made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t in this for sex, cyber or otherwise, but she was an avid reader and a writer as well, and his stories hit a sweet spot that she couldn’t ignore. She wanted to know if Alex would help her write some erotica of her own. Alex sighed a breath of relief; maybe he had finally found someone he could talk with. Indeed, they did talk and two hours flew by without either of them realizing it. The talk quickly shifted from writing stories as they talked about their childhood, their jobs, interests and hobbies. In those two hours, Alex learned more about this woman than he would have thought possible.

Of course by this time, Strontium5 had become Alex, and SmilingAgain was revealed as Susan. No last names, no addresses, no phones numbers; that was the rule. As they said their goodnights, Alex could hardly force himself to log off. For the first time in a very long time, he had a real smile on his face and was actually happy. This was fun.

A dreamless sleep followed by a quick and easy day at home, and Alex was positioned at his keyboard again. No surfing this time, no stories to write, this time he knew where to look. Susan was there waiting for him, and greeted him happily. They continued where they had left off, getting to know each other.

Alex found himself telling her little details of his life that he had never shared with anyone, let alone a complete stranger. Things he was afraid of as a child, embarrassing things that had happened with women, plans and wishes for the future. Once he started talking to her, it felt as if the gates had cebeci escort been opened, but this stream was going both ways. Susan talked with him, shared with him and they laughed together.

By the time the night was over, they had signed off with “hugs” and found themselves using little endearments such as sweetie and honey. Surely they hadn’t just “met” yesterday it seemed they had known each other for so much longer.

The days and nights flew by and they never ran out of things to say. Always some new question, some new insight into each other that left them both amazed. When they weren’t talking direct to each other, each was writing long letters and sending them off every night. Alex opened his mailbox every morning and held his breath until he saw the Susan’s return address. There was always a letter waiting for him, and he made sure her mailbox was equally full.

He didn’t even notice the night he signed his letter “love, Alex”. It just seemed so right. Susan noticed though and felt the warmth rush through her. Lately she was starting her letters with an acknowledgment of her love for him, a habit they both loved. Their intimacy was growing. It wasn’t small talk, or completely innocent facts they were sharing with each other, they talked about everything. Sex included. Favorite positions, things they had tried, things they would never try, no subject was off limits now. It had happened before, but one night Alex wrote how he wished he could take her hand and walk with her while they talked. Susan agreed and added that a real good night kiss would be the perfect way to send her off to bed.

The emotions got stronger, the feelings deeper, and both of them wished for more. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe an extra glass of wine, but Alex blurted out his need to make love to her. He had felt this way for a long time now, but knew the rules and didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. He just couldn’t stop himself and told her of his longing to feel her body against his, his desire to take her.

Susan was blushing when she replied to the IM. She wanted him to make love to her, but more than that, right now she wanted him to fuck her. That’s what she needed right now, they could save the gentle acts for cebeci escort bayan later, she needed to be fucked. She felt like such a slut talking like that, but she was being honest and it felt so good. Lately, all she needed was the thought of him to start her fires burning.

He was amazed! She was voicing ideas that he had been holding back for so long. They both had admitted loving rough language and hardcore sex, but never had taken it any further than that. It was just more information to share, part of the learning process. Now, she had opened herself up, asked him to go farther, and just the thought of it had him cumming in his pants! Was he a teenager again?

Honesty was the deal, and he told her about it. How his cum had shot from his hard cock just thinking about fucking her. His coarse words were on purpose; he knew he was saying what she wanted to hear. This was a new chapter, and both of them loved it.

Alex went to bed that night with a hard cock and jacked himself off twice before he was able to get to sleep. Twice! When was the last time that had happened?

At least he was able to sleep, Susan on the other hand found herself on the computer, writing her longest letter. She sat at the keyboard writing her fantasies with one hand while her other was buried in her pussy. Her letter was full of spelling mistakes and errors, but the hot sex and emotion oozed out of each sentence. Pent-up frustrations, perverted fetishes, taboo dreams. She knew she would never send it if she took the time to read it again, so Susan sent it off as it was. Mistakes and all! She wrote how she felt, like it or not.

Alex fell out of his chair when he read the letter. He closed it, but opened it again almost immediately and read it again! He hit reply and wrote four words. “We need to talk.”

When she read Alex’s reply, Susan felt sick. She knew he hated her now, knew she had crossed the line he had drawn. She knew this would be the last time they would talk. She opened her IM window and wrote to him. “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Alex replied, “No, not like this,” and left his telephone number. Susan was numb, actually talk to him? Could she do that, especially after her letter? Did she want to take the escort cebeci chance? She knew she had lost him anyway, what did she have to lose, and she dialed the number.

She heard a soft voice answer the phone and thrilled at the sound. “This is Susan,” she said, “and I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sorry,” Alex replied, “you said everything I’ve been dying to say to you. Everything I feel and want from you, want for us. I want more for us,” he said, “I want to love you.”

The call only lasted a few minutes; both of them knew how addictive it would be. Both of them still had the strength to use some restraint, but their letters and IMs changed. They still talked about everything, but new words became common now. Words like fuck and suck. Cock, pussy and tits. An X-rated novel, come to life. Alex would tell her how he wanted to fuck her sweet cunt, to thrust himself into her ass, and Susan would describe her need to taste his cum as he fucked her mouth. There was no wanton act left out. From fingers to tongues, blindfolds to ropes, they were insatiable. Their letters got longer and hotter and a weekly 5-minute phone call was reserved for a quick fantasy description.

Alex had to laugh, her latest IM told him how wet her pussy was and next thing he knew, she was telling him about something that had happened at work. Theirs was a perfect relationship but both knew it wasn’t enough anymore.

Just one time? One face-to-face meeting? They had talked about it, knew the dangers, the temptations. It had always just been a fantasy, both knew it would never happen, couldn’t happen. But now? Just a meeting, a walk together, a couple of public kisses. They both knew it wouldn’t happen like that, knew they’d be on each other at first sight. It was crazy to even think about it, but still; just one time. It was agreed. They would meet halfway in a hotel, fuck each other’s brains out and get it out of their systems. They planned and agreed, and promised! They promised!

Alex told his wife it was a business trip. Susan told her family she was visiting a college roommate. Honesty was their deal, but spouses didn’t have to know. They knew about each other’s families, no surprise there, they knew about everything.

Room 2712. Alex got there first, had the wine, had the flowers. When Susan walked in the door, they both just stood there, just looked into the other’s eyes. Their hands met, they kissed for the very first time and both of them knew right then that there would be more meetings like this over the years…

(to be continued)

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