Mollie’s Family’s Follies

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Three Kids, Two Parents, One Happy Family;

The Fantastical Incestuous Frolics for Five!

Precious & Precocious

Now days you can’t raise kids with their being ignorant of sex. Perhaps you almost never could at any age in history. In the little shacks and huts and log cabins of primitive times, parents could hardly keep it a secret when they copulated, and perhaps they didn’t try much either. The farm animals bred, for any child to see too. Tents and tepees don’t make for much privacy, perhaps upper class Victorians were able to hide sex from the kids, but the lower classes didn’t bother that much. So when folks talk about our children being exposed to sex in the multitude of media that surrounds us, perhaps it is nothing new to youngsters being savvy to the ways of adult get together to make babies and have fun.

Mollie and Bill didn’t believe in making sex a big secret in their household it was the 1970s and things were at the peak of libertine lifestyles, fifty years either side. They were of the mind that sex is a natural part of life, and while generally considered private, need not be an adult conspiracy that kids were kept from. The children would become curious about that activity when they reached a certain age, and an open wholesome attitude was healthier, than making it seem dirty and shameful. At that point they reasoned sex education was better than ignorance, and more likely to keep their kids from getting into trouble. If you taught about the benefits of good nutrition and the dangers of poison, why would you not inform the little ones you loved of the joy of being male and female, the problems of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases? When the time came of course – there was no need to rush things. In fact they expected the kids would learn from their peers before the conversation with their parents.

And of course, the time did come, not unexpected, but yet it was something of a surprise, even so. For all their modern thinking, Mollie and Bill were like any parents, their children matured quicker than they expected. Like parents of every generation for many millennium, they had the same thought that echoed in everyone who raised kids, ‘they grow up so fast!!’ So when Mollie found the yellow spots on her son’s sheets, she was not shocked, but wondered if he knew he was having nocturnal emissions or being messy when he masturbated. But when she discovered that he had a stash of nudie magazines featuring women in very exposed poses, she coonfirmed that it wasn’t his dreams that created his creams, but his fantasies when he jacked off.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

And each one had a quarter,

Jill came down with fifty cents,

They didn’t go up for water!

If boys ‘jack’ themselves off, then girls get a thrill when they ‘jill’. And that is what Mollie did, right on her son’s bed. She was home, the kids at school and her husband Bill at work, so she was alone. The thought of her son masturbating to the naughty magazines made her incredibly horny. She closed her eyes and envisioned her boy of twenty two, naked on the sheets and fisting his young hard penis to the sight of the bare women on the pages. As she ran her finger in the juicy slit she saw in her imagination the youth with his hand wrapped around his stiff boner, holding the magazine with the other and the jism spilling over to dribble on the linens. It got her so hot just visualizing it, she had a cum in no time.

She flipped through the publications wondering if she could tell which gal was his favorite. The finger prints on the pages were easy clues. And the winning woman was . . . a lady that looked much like herself! Did Billy have the same taste his father did in women? (And Mollie loved it when big Bill tasted her!) She thought back to the last few months when she had noticed her grown boy giving her the eye. Now she understood why he shied away when she caught him doing so. He was likely trying to mentally undress her, the sneaky scamp! Actually, that was not only kind of complimentary, but gave her a small tingle in her twat!

Mollie wondered if she dared let him have a peak at her somehow. Sure, he had seen her in her bikini and sometimes in a bra and slip. But what if he came in while she was changing, and caught her naked? She was getting moist again! She hoped that her husband wasn’t going to be late getting home from work; she wanted a quickie before dinner! She put the girlie mags away where she had found them and finished changing the sheets. The kids had seemed to mature so fast! Julie had budded a pretty pair of breasts and had a wispy patch of pubic hair to match her carrot-top redhead. She was just nineteen. Mary hadn’t been far behind, though she was only eighteen now but so petite she looked several years younger. Watch out world here they come!

Model vs Mollie

She snagged her spouse who was on time and almost dragged him into their bedroom when he got home. She frantically got his pants undone and went down on him güvenilir bahis even before the trousers hit the floor. Bill knew his wife, something had gotten her hot and she wanted sex as soon as he had it up. He was happy to oblige, as he considered himself to be one lucky son of a gun to have so sexy and horny a gal for his wife. She was a regular firecracker with a short fuse and she like to go banging at the drop of a hat! Their sex life was never dull and they made a great pair. Bed time was often playtime and they were creative and open in their foreplay, even experimental and daring in their mating.

The terrific thing was, they had complete confidence and trust with one another, told each other what they liked and what they were interested in trying. They were a matched set, and the communication made their love making a thing of beauty and a joy to share always. Their love was all the stronger for this aspect and they were willing to allow the other partner to be themselves without judgment. That was a powerful combination of things, and it meant that they could be honest without fear of alienating their spouse. Few couples had that; it deepened their bonds, and made for a steady and sturdy relationship. So when Mollie told Bill of her discovery and her ‘jilling’ that resulted from her fantasizing about their son, he was cool about what was going on.

Bill suggested that he talk to the kid about sex, make sure that Bill Jr. didn’t have misrepresented facts and got the straight dope on things, rather than pick up any misconceptions from his peers. Mollie agreed that is was certainly time for another adult level talk, but suggested that perhaps they do it as a couple. That way, Billy would have both sides of the perspective on male and female relationships and be able to ask her questions too. Bill said that was a wise idea and perhaps this weekend might be the time to broach the subject with their son. So they decided to make their presentation for Friday night. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday afternoon however, Billy stole march on them, preempting the conversation with a plea to his mom. Shortly after he arrived home from the local college he attended he found Mollie in the kitchen where she was cooking and asked her to come to his room. His solemn long face indicated to her that something serious was up; she took the pot off the stove and followed him. When they got to his bedroom he perched on the side of his mattress and she sat beside him. She asked what was bothering him.

“Mom, did you find my . . uh . . naked girl magazines, when you changed the sheets yesterday?”

“I did, yes. But you don’t have to be embarrassed about them; boys naturally like to look at nude girlie magazines, when they get older.”

“Whew! I thought that maybe one of my sisters had found them, when I saw that somebody had been messing with them.”

“Well, I think that neither Julie nor Mary would be shocked by naked ladies. I doubt that they would be interested in them. I told your dad, but he didn’t have a problem with it. In fact, we were planning a little talk about the facts of life and such, for Friday night. Just we and you, to make sure you had the correct information about sex.”

“That would be okay. I was just worried about if the girls found my private stuff. You know how I hate it when they get into my things. And if they found those, they would tease me no end, you know how they are.”

“Yes, your sisters delight in torturing you with their teasing, don’t they? But I just happened to see them and looked them over out of curiosity. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, I’m sorry, Honey, forgive me?”

“Sure mom. I know you and dad are cool with those sorts of things. You are easier going than most parents. All my friends think that you are nicer than their own folks.”

“Well, that’s sweet. I think your dad and I are maybe just more realistic in our expectations of their kids than some other people. Could I ask you a question about those pictures I found?”

“Okay. I meant to hide them better, but I forgot to put them back in their secret place.”

“Where’s that? Never mind, that wouldn’t be a good hiding place if you gave it away, would it. I don’t mean to pry. But I am curious. There was one picture in those magazines that seemed to be your favorite . . .” Mollie reached under the bed and pulled out the box with the adult publications. She flipped a few pages until she found the one she wanted, “this one. Is that one you really like a lot, find rather hot?”

” . . Yeah . .” Billy could guess where she was going, but was unsure he wanted to talk about it.

“It kind of looks like me, doesn’t it?”

“Uh . . I guess, sort of . .”

“Do you masturbate looking at this photo?”

“Yes.” In a small voice.

Mollie didn’t want to have her son feel humiliated, so she knew he needed to be reassured right then, that she wasn’t upset. “That’s a nice compliment, that you find somebody who resembles me, sexy. I don’t mind. Do you think of me when you jack off? I türkçe bahis know that some boys do have an attraction for their moms. That is not a bad thing; it just means their moms are good looking. Do you think I’m good looking enough to have fantasies about?”

Like as if he was mesmerized, he answered, “Yeah, mom. I saw you once coming out of the shower. You didn’t know, but that’s how I know that picture looks like you.”

Mollie looked into her son’s eyes, and decided that she ought to share something with him. What she said she could hardly believe her own ears for saying it, but out it came just the same. “I’ll tell you a secret too. I got excited thinking about you when I saw that picture. I thought about what you would be doing, when you were gazing at the picture and thinking of me.”

“You did, mom? Did you . . . you know . .?”

She bent close and whispered in his ear. “Yes, and I had a climax too.” She could see that had an instant effect on her son’s libido, his pants tented quite high. This excited her too and her pussy became dewy. Shocking herself even, she suggested, “Would you like to show mommy, what a big man you have grown into?” Suddenly the thought of viewing her son’s erect penis was an electric thrill she very much wanted. Mollie went and locked the closed door. Turning to Billy, she directed, “Take off your jeans and underwear, Honey, let me see what you have in there!”

Saucer-eyed as he stood and opened his pants, then tugged the denim and underpants down together, so that the woodie he was sporting sprung up like a springboard. A wiry thatch of pubic hair was growing from the testicles. It was a thing of beauty to her, now she was really soaking her panties. She wanted to see him play with it. “Why don’t you rub it a bit for mommy, Baby?” He followed her direction but his eyes were on her tits, not her face. Mollie knew he was hoping to get a ‘tit for tat’ deal out of their impromptu encounter. She smiled seductively and said, “You want to see mommy’s breasts, do you?” He nodded, as if she didn’t already know the answer.

Billy watched his dream come part true as his mom pulled off her tee-shirt, the reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Unfolding her arms the garment came forward releasing the twin mounds capped with red and erect nipples. Billy’s hand was rapidly moving up and down on his manhood. Mollie took a step closer so he had a good look, an eyeful of her tits. In fact, perhaps she ought to give him a mouthful too, as she got to observe his jacking close at hand, so to speak. “You used to suck on these when you were a baby, would you like to do it again?” she asked but since she had no doubts as to his choice she put a boob right to his lips and sure enough he began to suckle on the ruddy round nipple.

In but a few seconds after that wonderful connection of mother and son, he reared back with a groan and let the jism spurt from his member. The sight of her boy’s semen sent a frisson of a mini-orgasm thrilling through her body too. Mollie grinned at Billy, and said, “That’s mommy’s good boy.”

“Please don’t tell dad about this! Promise, mom!” Billy was suddenly scared that what they had done might have repercussions, and was concerned that his father might be angry about it.

Mollie knew better, but wanted to calm his fears and keep his trust of her as well. So she answered, “I promise that this is just between us. I won’t say a word to your dad, but I think we will still have that forthright talk Friday night, okay?”

“Sure, mom. And thanks for letting me see your knockers, they’re great!” She laughed and tousled his hair.

“Get cleaned up and put your pants back on, there cowboy. We don’t want your sisters to get wind of this.”

“Right about that!”

Mollie waited until some tissue had done the mopping and his zipper was on its way up before she exited. The girls were nowhere to be seen, thank goodness. She knew that her husband was going to get a workout in the sack tonight. ‘Better make sure he got his protein tonight!’ she thought as she went back to the kitchen.

After supper, while the family was gathered in the living room, however something unusual happened. But Mollie didn’t know about it until she and Bill were in their bedroom and snuggling before they began their foreplay. Bill gave her a big kiss and then looked at her with an odd expression on his face.

“Did you see what Mary did tonight?” he asked.

“No, what did our little kitten do now?” she queried.

“That kitten is a little minx!”

“How so?”

“When she came to give me a goodnight kiss, she wasn’t wearing panties under her nightie.”


“It was a bit of a short gown, and she was on my lap for a good ten minutes wiggling her little cute bottom on me.”

“I used to do that to my dad too, I loved sitting on his lap.”

“”While he was only in his boxers, and did you give him a hard-on!?”

“I don’t remember if my pop ever got . . . wait a minute, you had a boner with Mary on your lap?” güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Yeah, it wasn’t intentional; Mollie, but I couldn’t help it. That soft set of bunny buns was right on my dick and she was squiggling and giggling and wouldn’t get off. I swear that she seemed to know what she was doing and was enjoying making her daddy get erect. No panties for Christsake! And my boner was half out the fly by the time she went to her room.”

“So Mary had her papa’s prick on her bare bottom, is that what you’re saying?” Mollie was not upset, because she knew that Bill would never do anything to hurt their daughters. Mary was the more precocious of the pair, and if she had Bill squirming it was because she knew that she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger, as she was Miss Precious Princess in this house. Besides, that was pretty tame to what his wife and son had been doing that afternoon. So Mollie could hardly be judgmental. “And what did that do for you, Bill?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows because she could tell it had had an arousing effect; she felt the firmness of his meat down there poking at her crotch.

“I told you, it made me hard!” he said with a playful growl and rolled over onto his spouse. “Your youngest daughter takes after her mama and knows how to make a man stiff.”

“Well, she might be a tease, but I’m not!” and she opened her legs and wrapped them around him. His prick prodded her hole and she was glad that her girl had gotten him hot. She was more than primed from remembering her own encounter with one of their offspring. Their love making had a raw edge to it that night. The incestuous lust was a spice that incited them both to extra efforts and added orgasms. Mollie wondered as she fell asleep, (Bill already had dozed off,) what it was about their kid’s sexuality that was such a turn on to them both? But she was glad for the result, nonetheless, and pondered with her last conscious thought, what was next?

Cumming of Age

Thursday started out normal and remained so until after dinner. The girls were in their rooms, nestled in their beds, Mollie had seen to them. Julie was reading a book, Mary drowsy and would be dreaming soon. Bill was watching a favorite TV show of his and she checked to see how Billy was doing. What Billy was doing was being done naked on top of the sheets. He had ‘The Picture’ in front of him, his favorite, and she should have knocked, knowing what he had been getting up to lately. Well, he was definitely up to it now, and that was UP in capitals. The pink scrotum was showing between his thighs and his fingers were working the muscle that arose from the base of his abdomen.

“Mom!” he exclaimed in surprise, but without any embarrassment of shyness. She closed the door instinctively.

“I see you are having a personal moment, Honey, I’ll leave.”

“Mom! Can I see your tits again?”

“Oh, Babe, I don’t think that I should take my nightgown off, what if your father comes looking for me?” Again she felt like they were sharing a private kind of bonding moment, but she couldn’t risk the disrobing right now.

“Lift your nightie up then, I want to see if you look like my picture down there!” Well that could be done quickly she figured, just a flash of pussy ought to be enough to satisfy her satyr son. She lifted her hem. “Come close so I can get a good look, mom.” She stepped toward him. As she moved she could tell she was getting lubricated down there. She continued to go to his bed and then sat next to her son who lay there without a stitch on and royally erect. He looked at her then to the magazine then back to her crotch. Mollie felt a little jealous of the model in the photo, but Mollie thought she was sexier than the gal in the pic! In the spirit of competition with the other woman who her son was viewing, she spread her legs slightly.

Billy’s eyes got big and she opened herself a little more. She was wet and her rosy gash glistened while her son ran his fingers up and down in a fury. “Cum for mommy, Baby, let mama see her boy shoot his sweet sperm!” That’s all it took to set him off and the spurt flew out so far it landed on her left breast. She naughtily swabbed the dab up with her finger and sucked with her lips, “Mmm, tasty cream!” she said winking at him. Then she leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek. “Now go to sleep, tomorrow your father and I are going to come in and talk to you after your sisters are asleep. I love you Billy, you are a handsome and sexy boy!” With that, she departed.

Billy though, was so keyed up he had to do it again. This time he let the magazine slide to the floor and closed his lids, remembering the awesome sight of his mother’s womanhood. In the morning his wastepaper basket next to his bed had handfuls of tissues.

Friday, after her family had left for school and work, Mollie went about her chores in the home. When she found the basket next to Billy’s bed, she had a flashback to the moments of the evening before. She stripped and lay on his bed and fingered herself, jilling and thinking of her son’s passion, she stuck two fingered inside and imagined it was his penis. She came twice that way. She knew it was only fantasy, but it had a power that she found almost scary. And so tempting.

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