Mommy Mistress Ch. 02

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Mary smiled as she looked at her daughter. The shirt that they’d chosen barely held Jesse’s massive chest in place, the skin tight white fabric threatening to rip open. Her rock hard nipples were pushing through the fabric drawing her mother’s eyes to her tits. Beneath that she’d was wearing a red miniskirt that didn’t even completely cover her heart shaped rump. Her mother hadn’t let her wear a bra or panties so every step she took revealed more of her body than was considered decent.

“Very good.” Mary had chosen simply to dress in a random t-shirt. It didn’t do much to hide her curvaceous figure but it wasn’t meant to, nearly everything the busty blonde owned was meant to display the hard earned figure she had. She circled her trembling daughter one last time making sure that every detail from her painted red lips to her pigtails were perfectly in place.

“Mom, I’m not so sure about this. I don’t think that I can handle this.” She whispered pressing her thighs together and struggling not to cover her impressive D cupped tits.

“Relax, it’s just a man. He’s not even one that you are going to be with, think of him as a training dummy.” Mary said. ” Do you remember what to do when he arrives?”

“Smile and spread my legs a little. I know what to do mother.” Jesse sighed it seemed like the other thing her mother had said since she’d gotten up this morning was explain to her exactly what she was supposed to do when Mark arrived and honestly it was starting to get annoying.

“Good don’t look at me like that young lady I’ll still boot you out of this house, if you think you can find another place to live right now feel free.” Mary replied with just a hint of anger in her voice.

“No Mom I don’t think any man would want me right now.” She said fighting down the tears those words made her want to cry.

“Good then just do as I-” she was cut off cy the sound of the doorbell. “Do as I say.” She quickly spat out and walked over to the door cracking it open at first to make sure that it was Mark.

He was dressed in a black button down shirt that almost managed to conceal the his masculine frame. He’d recently been discharged from the military and every inch of his body from his faded blondish hair, to his clean shaven chiseled chin right down to his well toned abs hinted at time in the service. “Hello sexy.” Mary purred biting her lower lip as she looked at the man. It was hard to hold back, she was already grinding her thighs back and forth at the sight of him.

“Well what is the surprise, you told me that I would like what I saw when I got here.” He said trying hard to conceal his own excitement. Just the thought of this woman was enough to get his blood boiling but a surprise from the already sexy woman had him on edge. Mark reached down to adjust his just over seven inches of cock as he waited for the blue eyed beauty to let him in.

Mary bit down on her lip just a little harder then pulled the door open partially hiding behind it. It gave Mark a perfect view of her daughter, Jesse, who smiled coyly and spread for him baring her newly shaven cunt. Her nether lips were already glistening the moment she saw him.

“She needs to learn how to give head so we are going to teach her.” Mary said pulling her dumbstruck fuck toy into the house and closing the door behind him. In an instant she’d slid behind him running her hands over his chest and undoing the buttons of his shirt. “Tell avcılar rus escort him Jesse.”

The young brunette’s tongue slithered from between lips whetting them before she slid to her knees. “I want to learn to suck cock, how to make a man cum for me.” She purred crawling towards him, her massive tits swaying back and forth as she crawled across the floor. Jesse looked like she’d been built for sex, on her knees the skirt did nothing to conceal her ass.

“So do you like your surprise so far?” Mary asked as she bit down on Mark’s ear, then slowly trailed down over his shoulder. Her hands were busy at work undoing his pants. She lower his pants right along with his boxers in time to meet her daughter with a surprise kiss.

Jesse was just as shocked as Mark was when her mother’s lips pressed against her own. Not tongue had ever explored her mouth before and the feeling was more than a little unusual. Still it only took her a moment to find herself leaning into her mother, wrapping her arms around her and crushing their breasts together. “Since this is your first time I’ll help.” Mary gripped Mark’s cock and pulled him forwards placing his hard cock between the kissing women.

It was like nothing he’d ever felt before two pairs of lips working along the length of his hard cock. Twin tongues snaked and writhed over his shaft quickly leaving it covered in saliva. “Watch me.” Mary hissed moving her lips up to the tip of his cock and wrapping her lips around the mushroom shaped tip while her daughter looked on. Slowly the middle aged beauty forced more and more of his cock down her throat, nearly half of his cock vanishing down her throat before she pulled back the first time. “Men like it when you make lots of noise on their cocks, so don’t forget to slurp.”

Mark stumbled backwards as Mary plunged back down onto his cock, nearly swallowing him whole in the first thrust. She gagged just a bit as she noisily started slurping, saliva frothing around the base of his cock as he pushed farther and farther down until her nose was nestled against his belly. Mary didn’t’ stop there though, with his cock lodged deep in her throat she pushed her tongue out past her lips teasing his balls for a moment before pulling away.

“Now you try.” Jesse glanced at the now glistening cock and then glanced to her mother pleading. She didn’t find any mercy in her mother’s gaze though so she opened her mouth and for the first time took the tip of his cock into her mouth. It was a strange feeling the first time, warm firm and pulsing just a bit. She tightened her lips around it and started bobbing her head up and down just like her mother had shown her slurping noisily on his cock as she did. “Take it deep.” Marry instructed as her own lips wrapped around Mark’s heavy balls and began suckling.

Jesse closed her eyes tight and started pushing herself farther forward onto his cock. She got about three inches down before she felt her throat clench and then she pulled back. “Again.” Her mother commanded and Jesse tried again, with the same result less than half of the man’s cock was in her mouth when she gagged.

Mary moved behind her daughter and gripped her by the back of her head pushing her forward. “Suck bitch suck!” She hissed. Her daughter gagged and twisted but her mother only let her back far enough to get a gasp of air before pushing her back down. Tears started forming avcılar türbanlı escort in Jesse’s eyes as she was forced over and over again to accept his cock. Spittle frothed out of her mouth as she gagged over and over again on Mark’s cock, her mother didn’t seem to notice however. Even as drool started streaming out of her lips and down her throat. Her shirt was soaked through with her own spittle making the formerly white shirt see through, her nipples clearly standing at attention.

Mark grunted one hand shooting out to grip the door frame trying to support his weight as Jesse continued to savagely service his cock. Mary finally let her daughter’s head go and stood up kissing Mark. “Follow me.” She looked down into her daughter’s puffy red eyes. “Don’t you dare let his cock out of your lips.”

Mary started walking slowly guiding Mark as he tried to follow her walking backwards towards the stairs. Jesse half crawled half scampered trying to keep pace with Mark as he stumbled backwards up the stairs. A line of drool connected her chin to his thigh and a desperate slurping noise as the young girl struggled to obey her mother’s command and keep the cock in her mouth.

It was as relief for Jesse when the finally made it to her room and her mother pulled her lips away from Mark’s cock and gentle kissed her. “Get on your back.” Jesse did as she as she was told lying on her back her legs lewdly spread. Mary straddled her Jesse’s face lowering her sweltering pussy to her lips. “Suck.” She hissed.

It was the first time that Jesse really hesitated that night. She knew that it was wrong for her to obey that command, that she shouldn’t lick her mom’s cooch, that wasn’t where her tongue belonged. On the other hand she knew exactly what was at risk, her mother really would throw her out on the street if she didn’t obey and there was no place for her to go. Whatever rationalization was finally going to drive her to lick at her own mother’s pussy was completely overridden when the tip of Mark’s dick penetrated her pussy.

Jesse’s entire world went white for a moment with the esquisite delight of having a warm cock parting her moist folds. She was aware of Mary’s tongue moving back and forth lubing her young hole with spit. For nearly a minute there was nothing in the world but cock sliding into her twat. Inch after glorious inch was pushed into her body stretching her open. There was a sound parting her beautiful plush lips but it didn’t sound like it was coming from her body.

“Fuck me.” The voice sounded like had to have come from someplace else. Jesse could never have uttered those words yet she knew they came out of her lips. The response to her request was nearly immediate Mark’s hips slapping against her nubile body rocking her mattress. She was panting, her mother was slurping, Mark was grunting, the bed frame was groaning and she wanted more. “FUCK ME!” She shrieked at the top of her lungs as Mary’s tongue and Mark’s cock continued to ravage her cunt.

Jesse knew what it meant this time as her twat started to clench around him. She knew to grind her hips up against this cock in question, and to clench her muscles tighter round his throbbing dick and try to drive him as deeply into her as she could manage. Her back arched up towards the tongue lashing over her tongue and she squealed as her pleasure spilled over her body.

“Let me taste it, avcılar ucuz escort I want to taste my baby girl’s nasty juices all over your cock.” Mark pulled his cock out of Jesse with an audible pop pushing it into Mary’s waiting mouth. The MILF swallowed him to the root in a single thrust spiraling her tongue over every inch Mark’s cock. “Mmmmm.” Muffled moans of pleasured vibrated around Marks’s cock as she bobbed up and down the length of his manhood scrubbing her daughter’s pussy juice away with her tongue and swallowing every drop.

Saliva was starting to froth out of her mouth when Mark’s cock started to throb between her lips warning of his coming orgasm. It was more like an invitation for her to suckle harder wrapping her lips just around the tip and slurping noisily on his dick trying to get his delicious cum. Mary crawled off her daughter, reaching up and taking Mark’s dick in hand. “Jesse come here and hurry!”

If Jesse knew what was about to happen it didn’t show on her face as she crawled around meet her mother. Her face was still partially covered in spittle as her mother leaned towards her pressing their faces together. Mary furiously pumped Mark’s spit soaked cock squeezing firmly at the end holding back the hot spray of cum. She could see him squirm in delicious agony before she loosened her grip.

The moment Mary loosened her grip Mark erupted a stream of hot cum the first blast splattering over Jesse’s nose. Instinctively she opened her mouth catching the second blast on her tongue. Hungry for her share Mary aimed the pulsing cock towards her catching his fourth blast on her chin. She dipped down catch the final blast in her hair. Mark’s legs were ready to give way as Mary wrapped her lips around his cock desperately slurping the last drops of cum from him.

“Yuck!” Jesse squealed spitting Mark’s cum out into her hand and looking around for something to wipe it on.

“Jesse!” Mary snapped as she turned to her daughter. “That is your best friend, every man loves a sperm sucking whore. Now apologize to Mark.”

Jesse looked up at Mark and whimpered slightly. “I’m sorry.”

“Now fix it.” Jesse whimpered again tears forming in her eyes but she did as her mother commanded and lowered her lips to the disgusting slime in her hand and dipped her tongue into it. The taste was disgusting but she continued to lap at his cum until her hand was clean. “Swallow.” The young brunette grimaced as she did exactly what her mother said and gulped down the man goo.

A warm smile crossed over Mary’s face as she leaned over to her daughter and licked the cum from her daughter’s nose savoring the combination of sweat and cum and watching Mark’s cock begin to harden again. “Get some sleep baby. Mark, you come with me.” Mary said rising off the table and gripping him by the arm and leading Mark from the room.

Jesse got up off her bed and slinked into her bathroom. She stripped out of her shirt, letting it drop to the floor along with her skirt and turned the water on in the shower. It was horrible, she was trapped and it made her want to cry. Her mother was turning her into a slut one step at a time. Her virginity had been taken, she’d sucked and gagged on cock, swallowed cum and had her first threesome all within twenty four hours. The part that got to her the most was that she knew she was enjoying it. Even as she sat down in the shower letting the hot water wash over her body her legs were spread and her fingers were sliding over her clit. The sounds of her mother moaning in the next room fueled the fantasy churning her mind.

She’d gone from virgin to whore in a single day and even more frightening, and exciting was she knew that her mother had even more degrading things planned for her very immediate future.

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