Monica , Ross

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Monica was incredibly horny. She wanted cock like never before. She and her boyfriend, Richard, had broken up a couple of months before, and she didn’t want another man in her life. But she did want to be fucked.

During her time with Richard, she had amassed a collection of dildos, butt plugs and strap-ons, cause he liked her to fuck his ass, and she liked the double action of his huge cock entering her while a butt plug did its job up her ass.

She was lying naked on her bed. One hand was stroking through the course, dark hair of her pussy. Slowly probing. Sliding in and out of her moistening cunt. Her other hand cupped one of her breasts, working the erect nipple and squeezing. She liked the feeling, but she was still missing something.

She sat up and opened the drawer next to her bed. Her dildos were there, arranged by size. The biggest was about a foot long with a shaft that was more than two inches wide and ribbed with fake veins. The head looked like doorknob. That one would do, she thought.

As she smoothed sticky lubricant on the pleasure pole, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She looked good. Her dark hair was cut short, stopping just before her smooth round shoulders. Her proud, ample breasts looked slightly too large for her small frame, but she knew guys loved that. Her pussy was unshaved, with its thick dark hair stretching up to her flat stomach, trailing off near her naval. Richard had liked her hairy.

She watched herself as she slid the dildo into her moist pussy. It felt amazing. And watching herself had always excited her – whether she was alone or with a man. Richard had often videotaped their fucking. Her taking him in her mouth. Deep throating. Richard thrusting his huge, hard cock up her ass. Him coming. Her ejaculating.

In and out, she slid it in and out. Slowly.

She lay back on the bed, enjoying the hardness within her when she heard the apartment door open and close.

“Rachel? You here?” The voice called out. It was her brother Ross, who was dating her roommate.

Monica stayed silent, but continued to pleasure herself. She heard him enter Rachel’s room and there was a sound of movement. In the silence, she heard him unzip his pants. Monica slid the dildo out and crossed to the common wall between the rooms. Rachel had no idea, but Monica had a peep hope, and often watched her undressing. Rachel had great tits. Firm. Large nipples. Amazing.

Looking beşiktaş escort through the peephole, Rachel saw Ross was naked. Her brother had a pretty good body. His back was to her, but she knew he had a great cock. It was only about seven inches long, but really wide and it bent up, just before the head.

When she was a teenager, Monica was fat. She weighed close to 200 pounds. Guys wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Except for Ross. She had to pay him (not knowing he was as hard up as she was) but she always thought it was worth it. In those days he fucked like a jackrabbit, and his big cock stayed liked concrete for up to an hour. He was her first, and in some ways still her best. She’d love to have him again. And looking the way she did now, she didn’t think she’d have to pay.

She stopped thinking about his cock, as he suddenly pulled on a pair of Rachel’s panties. They strained around his hips and pulled silky tight around his firm ass, and his cock, which she could finally see. It was getting hard and growing out of the panties. His balls spilled out the side out of the panties, and Monica wanted to put them in her mouth, suck on them and roll her tongue around them. Ross began to rub himself and his cock quickly grew larger.

Monica had to have him, but wasn’t sure how to do it. She didn’t want to barge in on him – they had never spoken of their wild teenage fuck sessions… She suddenly had an idea.

Ross had had a bad day. The only thing that could possibly make it better, he thought, was for a monumental blow job. But Rachel wasn’t around. She gave the best head on the planet, he thought. She was one of those rare girls who truly loved cock. And spunk. If they’d bottle it, she’d drink it by the gallon. Rachel could actually orgasm while sucking him off. She loved it so.

Wearing her panties did help a bit. He liked the silk against the skin. Silk that spent its time against Rachel’s deep succulent cunt. The thought of that made him harder. He began to stoke his cock through the silk, and was getting ready to jerk off in earnest when his sister called out.

“Help!” she yelled. “Is somebody out there, I’m in trouble!”

He didn’t think about his boner or the fact that he was wearing girl’s underwear. He rushed to his sister’s room and threw open the door. What he saw shocked him.

Monica was naked and face down on the bed. Her ass was raised in beşyol escort the air and a giant dildo stuck out of it, but not by much. Most of it was up her ass.

“Ross! I can’t get it out! Help!”

Without a pause, he rushed to her and grabbed onto the massive anal probe.

“Slowly,” she said. “Be careful.”

As he slowly began to pull it out, she moaned. When it was almost all the way out, she said: “Push it back in. All the way.”

She reached back, cupping his balls. He sighed deeply with pleasure as she gently tugged on his scrotum, and he slid it back in.

“Again! Faster!” she pleaded.

He began to pump her ass with the dildo. Without looking back, her hand moved along this cock, to the head. She squeezed it. Monica suddenly pulled away from him, her asshole still stretched by the giant dildo, and swung around. She ripped Rachel’s panties off him and began to suck on his cock. She licked and stroked it. Teased it.

Ross moaned. “You are so beautiful. I want to fuck you!”

She moved to kiss him, and he grabbed hold of her tits.

“I love your cock, brother. I’ve missed it.”

“I really need to fuck your brains out,” he said.

She smiled. “Fine by me. But, after you’ve fucked me, I’m going to fuck you.”

Ross’s cock began to throb, even though he wasn’t sure what she meant. Monica bent over doggy style and stroked her pussy.

“Slam me, Ross-boy”.

He did. His cock slid into her and he began to pound her. She moved her hips back to meet his thrusts. Her tiny, compact ass pounded against him, her pendulous breast swinging freely. They moved in exquisite unity. His bent cock moved in and out, the bend adding to the waves of pleasure coursing through her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” she cried. She could feel that he was about to come. He slowed his thrusts, his cock throbbing. She pulled herself from around him and scrambled off the bed.

“What are you doing,? he asked with a pained expression. “I wanted to come inside you.”

She was at her night table.

“Your going to come, but like never before,” she said.

Monica pulled the dildo out of her ass, obviously enjoying the sensation. From out of her drawer she grabbed a butt plug, set it vibrating and shoved it up her ass. She squirmed with delight. Ross watched, fascinated, but not forgetting the seven inches of throbbing love wand sticking out in front beykent escort on him.

She fumbled with straps and slowly turned around. She was wearing the biggest strap-on he’d ever seen.

“Oh my god,” he said.

She smiled devilishly. She squeezed the base of the foot-long black rubber cock and lubricant oozed out from thousands of pores in its surface. It glistened. She moved her hands up and down it, spreading the lubricant and enjoying the sensation. Obviously, the strap-on continued on and filled her cunt.

“You won’t believe this fuck,” she said.

She moved behind him and shoved her face between his ass cheeks. Her hands parted them as her tongue thrust into his asshole. Ross began to breath deeply. She continued to lick and probe with her finger. Then, she suddenly thrust the thick dildo up his ass. He screamed.


Monica began to thrust in and out of his ass. At the same time, she reached round him. One hand slid up and down his rock hard cock. The other squeezed his balls. Ross shuddered.

“I’m coming,” he yelled. “I’m coming like I’ve never come before!”

“Not until I say so,” Monica said. She squeezed his balls tighter and he winced. She continued reaming her brother’s asshole. She massaged his balls. They were hard. His cock was jumping in her hand. She could barely hold on to the lubricated rod.

Ross was growing weak. Waves of ecstasy were raging through his body. Monica felt it too. She was nearly spent. She pulled out of him and told him to him stand. He did, but was shaky on his feet.

The kneeled in front of him and took his cock in both her hands. She began to milk it. It didn’t take long. His seed exploded out. Monica tried to take most of the white creamy geyser in her mouth, but there was too much and it was coming out with too much force. It splashed onto the wall behind her, it was in her ears, it matted down her hair and it ran down her chin, falling onto her breasts. She slipped his still pulsing cock into her mouth and that caused her to come. She ejaculated clear fluid, almost a gallon, onto the floor around them.

They were both covered in a sheen of sweat and juices, panting trying to catch their breath.

“Incredible,” he said.

“Amazing,” she agreed.

“Yes it was,” agreed Rachel.

Shocked, they both turned to see her in the doorway. Her expression showed that she was impressed by their display. And the fact that she was wearing a pair of nine-inch stilettos, skin tight crotchless leather pants, a studded leather bra and holding a riding crop, made them think she approved.

As she moved towards them, smiling slyly, they suddenly knew that she more than approved. She wanted to join in.

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