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Big Tits

From Pt 1:

…He moved his hand…down between her upper thighs…then gently and slowly began to spread her legs. Now his hand returned to her pubis, his fingers gently probing. He could detect her seam…and perhaps a hint of moistness. New or old…he did not know…but this further stimulated him.

He withdrew his hand slowly…bringing his fingers to his nose and mouth…the aroma and taste making him shudder. Again he thought of not disturbing her slumber, but to give her more pleasure urged him to continue.

Again he placed his hand over her vulva…slowly massaging it…the heel of his hand pressing down on her mons…his fingers seeking entrance.

More and more he massaged…then he found her seam…

His fingers moved slowly…finding the both the flesh guarding her clitoris to the terminus of her mound.

He probed and felt his finger move between her labia…not dry, but not yet really wet. Up and down…down and up his fingers moved.

And her wetness was confirmed with her whisper…”do not stop”.

********* PART 2********

Hearing her words “do not stop” brought a smile to his face and emboldened him. They had discovered, experienced, and shared so much just hours ago that he hoped he could help her achieve such pleasure again – now.

His stroking and slow exploration continued…teasing her clitoris…while he thought of his destination and goal. Up and down the valley of her lips he moved one, then two fingers…each caress stimulating her own secretions…

He tried to ignore his own arousal, but there was no denying his excitement as he felt his engorged shaft nestled between the bed sheet and the warmth of the skin on her thigh. But first he must fulfill her pleasure he thought to himself as he imagined her guiding his manhood to whatever place she might desire.

His hand and fingers then moved…his finger seeking the base of her bud. Finding it he realized it had awoken. For a moment his finger explored…circling her clit, sometimes lightly rubbing it…then again he returned his touch to first gently, kartal escort bayan then more firmly press his finger against the origin of a woman’s most secretive spot.

And while doing so he watched and listened to her. Almost imperceptible he felt her pelvis shift, he saw her smile, and he heard her draw a deep breath

Again he smiled…then releasing the pressure, he moved his fingers lower…seeking the entrance to her vestibule. Her wetness greeted him as he slowly moved his middle finger inside of her. Slowly…with just the barest of motion…deeper and deeper…his finger explored the contours of her velvet cave.

Again he heard her take a deep breath…just as she slowly moved to spread her legs.

So close to another magical destination, he quietly moved up along her side…allowing him to explore her with his palm covering her furry triangle. Her sheath was warm and wet as he withdrew his finger…taking time to savor her taste…before he then again entered her…this time with two fingers…

Inward he pushed while at the same time his palm pressed against the rise of her delicate vulva. His two fingers, as just moments ago, exploring…sometimes moving in and out…sometimes twirling…sometimes pressing…

He continued now moving his hand to facilitate maximum penetration…all the time his fingers sensing her inner textures…first a hard rippled area, and then his destination where his fingers found a soft spongy spot. Back and forth he probed then began adding more and more upward pressure…

And with more small back and forth movement and ever increasingly pressure he continued…smiling and looking at her as a small gasp escaped her lips…as she drew her legs up…

Oh god, yes she intoned…oh yes, oh yes as he increased the vibration and pressure of his fingers. Her wetness was wonderful as she began to arch her pelvis in step with his unrelenting stimulation…

And then he felt her body tensing…as her pelvic motion continued.

Oh yes, Oh yes she moaned as he pressed and stroked deeply within her…the escort maltepe palm of his hand now soaked in her leaking secretions of pleasure. Oh yes she whispered but then became silent as he felt first small then more intense contractions around his fingers…

Back and forth he continued his ministrations…feeling her spasms grow and continue until she exhaled strongly and went limp…her chest rising and falling as if she were panting…her eyes closed.

Not removing his hand, but allowing her a brief rest, he moved from his prone position to that of kneeling beside her. She sensed this movement, briefly opening her eyes and smiling as she could now see his turgid member. Instinctively she reached to touch him, but with his other hand he guided her hand to her own sex. Soon darling soon he whispered as he began his internal massage again…

And soon her pelvis began to move again…his fingers arousing her again as he watched her fingers encircle herself…

Again he heard her moan…aaaaah…aaaah…her climax more sudden and pronounced this time. As before his fingers kept undulating inside of her…then gradually he ceased all movement. And her hand was still also as she floated in her special world of orgasmic bliss.

Then, then again she moved her hand…bringing to it him, encircling him…squeezing him…then softly saying I want you inside of me…

Smiling as he slowly withdrew his fingers, he moved between her out-stretched legs…looking at her flushed face, the tautness of her nipples, and the inviting pinkness of her warm and open labia.

Walking on his knees he moved until there was no space between them, his legs pressing against her inner thighs…his cock jutting upward. Then slowly he leaned forward and over her…feeling his cock come to rest over her lower tummy, as he kissed each of breasts and bought his mouth to her mouth. For moments they barely moved…just enjoying this moment of rest and intimate closeness…

Then he began to feel her arch against him…inviting him to continue their journey of passion pendik escort and pleasure.

Then raising himself up, he pressed his now weeping penis on the upper juncture of her warm and swollen labia…then by slowly moving his body, then by grasping himself he momentarily massaged her clit…that exciting him as he could see it also was aroused.

But his arousal and hers reminded him this delicious teasing would soon culminate in the rapture of yet again another orgasm for her and his own release. Manipulating his cock he slowly pulled it down through the seam of her labia…downward until he held himself at her entrance.

Bringing a short gasp from her mouth, he broke contact…leaning back…no longer touching her. Then she understood as she watched him pinch the head of his cock for several seconds. And then and only then did he position himself for their final union.

As before he stroked her labia with himself…then brought his cock to her entrance…pausing, then releasing his grip and slowly pressing forward and inward. He did so tantalizingly slowly…savoring both watching his hard flesh disappear within her and enjoying the sensations of her channel accepting and enveloping him.

Once, twice, three times he performed this ritual before finally continuing his entrance. Inch by inch he slowly pressed inward…until there was no more…until they were fully mated…their pubic hairs snarled together…his penis fully imbedded within her.

Again he felt her thrust upward…and at the same time felt her tighten herself around him.

Now the rhythm of their dance to ultimate carnal fulfillment began. His thrusting became deliberate…sometimes slow…sometimes faster…sometimes almost violent. They moved as one with him lowering himself over her letting his full weight rest upon her as they kissed. Then rising up again he teased her again with a pretended withdrawal…only to quickly thrust inward again as his hands encased her breasts…squeezing them, then relaxing as he instead pinched and twirled her nipples.

Oh god, oh god she moaned…as before.

Cum my darling he groaned…cum for me.

And then he paused…looking at her…holding himself still. I’m real close darling he said…my moment beckons.

Where do you want my cum…where do you want me to cum?

And her spasms began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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