Mum’s New Panty Slave Ch. 03

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This story contains panty wearing men; creampies and male cock sucking. It also has an incest theme. If any of these offend you please stop reading now! Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy. I do appreciate your constructive feedback. This is chapter 3 so I suggest that if you have not already done so, read the previous chapters first.


Finally they arrived home from Neil’s first lingerie shopping trip. As they approached Neil saw two cars parked in front of the house.

“Looks like we have visitors,” Mum announced as she drove into the garage and closed the door behind them.

For a few seconds Neil was disappointed … but then he suddenly realised what type of visitors these just might be. It didn’t take long for those thoughts to be confirmed.

“Strip to your panties and put your white nightie on darling. Under no circumstances are my boyfriend’s ever to see you in men’s clothes!” she added.

Neil didn’t hesitate. Even though the pink panties were so badly stained he loved the idea of being seen and then watching these guys fuck his mother … and then start earning his allowance!

His poor cock was again rock hard as he put his brand new nightie on. “Leave everything in the car … we can grab it once they leave.”

The two of them quickly entered the house, and mum led him quickly to her bedroom. “Hi everyone. This is our son Neil. He’s on cleaning duties from now on!”

There were four guys (other than his panty and nightie wearing father). All were naked and already hard. All of their cocks were of a good size, about the same as his dad, a bit bigger than himself.

“Don’t bother with introductions, Neil knows most of you anyway, and it’s your cocks and cum we’re interested in anyway! Now, since you won’t be cleaning my pussy anymore darling we can let you do what you’ve always wanted! Nightie off though since I want to see if you make a mess!” she ordered.

His father removed his nightie. Now he was wearing just white cotton panties with some pretty pink roses printed on them.

“Tie him into the chair so he can’t possibly touch himself while he watches us all!” Then looking at her husband, “And do your best not to cum. If you don’t control yourself you’ll be permanently on a once a week schedule if you think you’re going to get your cock in me!”

Her husband and her both knew he would do his best to cum! She actually expected that she may have fucked her husband for the last time until Neil left home. After all, his Christmas and Birthday ones would be his choice now … and a blow job from his son would win out she was sure.

Soon Neil saw his dad securely tied to the chair, with a perfect view of any action but no possibility of touching himself. Neil hoped dad would spurt! He knew he was going to … for the fifth time in these same sexy panties.

“Neil, show our friends how much you enjoy wearing your own panties!” he was told.

Neil raised the hem of his nightie to reveal his badly stained panties.

“Even naughtier than his father by the look of it! Come on baby, spread your legs so we can get to it and your son can eat our pies!” one of the men, who Neil now recognised as one of their neighbours.

Mum was certainly ready. She threw off her dress and only then did it finally dawn on Neil that she had gone out without panties on! “Yes darling,” she said looking at him, “Now that you know about us mummy is NEVER going to wear panties again. Much quicker access!”

She slid into bed and spread her legs.

As always none of the guys who were invited over made any attempt at foreplay. Only his father, and now Neil, were allowed to finger her or lick her pussy. These men were just here to fuck her. If they couldn’t get hard just by that thought they could go home!

But these four were all ready! Each of the four then drew a card from the four that she pulled from under the pillow.

“Ace of hearts wins!” she said. “First or last?” she asked the winner, one of Neil’s best friends fathers!

“Last today!” he told her.

“Might be an excellent choice … we’ll see how well the others do!” his mother told him.

“So Ace of Diamonds is first!”

The one guy Neil didn’t recognise dropped the card on the bedside table and slid into bed. His cock slid straight into his mother’s pussy!

“Come up and get on the bed so you can see properly Neil, and so you are in position when I need your tongue!” his mother told him.

Neil did as he was told! He got up nice and close and lay on the bed watching this strangers cock slide in and out of his mum. It was awesome! He wasn’t holding back, nice hard fast thrusts in and out of her soaking wet pussy. The cock pounded in and out, and his mother screamed in orgasm! This was fantastic! His own cock was starting to throb, but he didn’t want to cum yet … hopefully not until the last guy was fucking mum!

“Come in me! I want you to spurt in me now! Make me come one final time as you fill me!” her mother told the stranger (to Neil).

That zonguldak escort did it. It pushed the guy over the edge. “I’m coming!” he yelled as he plunged in one final time. His mother came too.

“Now get that cock out of me so my son can clean my pussy!” she yelled.

The second the cock slid out of her Neil was ready to slide his tongue into his mother. He was so glad that the final thrust had been so deep because he knew that would mean he would need to lick and slurp and mum’s delicious pussy before he ate his first creampie of the day … and earn $5!

Mum was so wet and tasty! Neil kept licking away for about 5 minutes tasting almost nothing but mum. Then suddenly a thick white stream of cum started flooding into his mouth. WOW! This was a massive load compared to even his own from the previous day … the biggest load of his life and this was twice as much. And so YUMMY! He had to shift so his cock didn’t press against the bed … if it did he knew he would cum!

Finally mum was clean, and ready for the next guy.

“Was that good darling?” his mother asked him. “I only fuck men with huge loads of cum … you father hated that but I think you’re going to love it aren’t you?” she asked her son.

“The bigger the better!” Neil exclaimed.

“Well get out of the way! Who’s got the Ace of Clubs?” she asked.

One of the neighbours slid onto bed … and into mum! Again no wasted time. Another hard fast fucking, pounding his cock in out at a furious pace. “Are you ready Neil,” he asked Neil, “Because I am!”

Again his mother orgasmed just as the guy came. But this one pulled almost completely out. Only the tip remained embedded in his mother. The cum would run out the second he pulled out … but Neil was ready and even quicker.

His tongue was already lapping at mum’s pussy when the white creamy cum began oozing out. Again it was a lot, and this time all he could taste was this cum, totally overpowering mum’s delicious juices. Neil couldn’t decide which was better! But after only a minute all he tasted was mum. He licked for another minute just to make sure mum was nice and clean for her third cock!

This one took his time. Not to get his cock into mum, but gave her a nice long slow fuck. Mum came at least six more times in the next twenty minutes before finally demanding. “Hard and fast now! Cum for me NOW!”

It only took two hard thrusts for him to oblige and deliver another nice deep load for Neil. It was also just at this point they heard his father moan. Looking over they saw his cock spurting into his panties! “Naughty boy,” his mother told dad, “Seven days now … not that you have a hope!”

“Sorry darling, it’s just you look so sexy with a nice hard cock fucking you like that … and your son cleaning your pussy!” he explained.

“I’m glad you enjoy it so much … especially as it’s going to be a LONG time before you ever manage to get your cock in there! What are YOU waiting for Neil? Why aren’t you cleaning me yet?” she asked.

“Sorry mum! I just got distracted by daddy!” Neil told her before plunging his tongue in. Again a few minutes of just pussy juices was followed by a stream of delicious cum. Another huge load, and his third of the afternoon. Finally mum was ready for the last cock. His friends dad.

As he approach mum told him, “I’ve had very nearly enough fucking for the day. The others did such a good job. One more orgasm and that is it!”

“What happens if I’m not ready that fast?” she was asked.

“Tough luck! You know it’s all about my pleasure are yours is just incidental. Although I suppose … darling, why don’t you tell Mark what you got yesterday that he’s never had!”

Neil saw his father smile … and suddenly he realised what was about to be said. He quickly pulled his nightie up to reveal his panty covered cock to everyone.

“My son gave me my first ever blow job!” dad explained. “And he loved doing it because he came in his panties … those panties … as he did it!

“And the thought of sucking your cock just made me cum again Mr Wilson!” Neil exclaimed.

“So,” his mother told Mark. “Come inside of me before my next orgasm or pull out. If you don’t pull out the second I demand it you NEVER fuck me again. Then you can either go home to your frigid wife frustrated or let my son blow you!”

“Now I just hope you haven’t excited me to much!” Mark said. He plunged his cock in.

He needn’t have worried. Neil’s mum was so hot from the combination of all the cock and her son’s tongue … and the thought of watching him suck cock again that she same the second the cock slid home. “That’s it … I came … pull out!”

Mark didn’t hesitate. He pulled his slick cock out and immediately aimed it at Neil’s mouth. “Show me how well you suck cock Neil!”

Neil quickly slid the 8″ cock into his mouth. Tasting mum’s pussy juices on it made it awesome! He took it all in, letting it slide into his throat.

“Damn! He’s too good … especially tunalı escort for my first time … I’m going to cum already!” Mark announced.

“Pull back Neil”, Mum ordered. “I don’t want you to waste it deep in your throat. Let him cum in your mouth so you can taste him!”

Neil did as he was told. Letting all but the tip slide out. He opened his mouth as wide as possible. Now the first spurt shot from the cock into his mouth. Soon his mouth was totally full as Mark spurted again and again into his waiting mouth. He struggled to swallow, and some dribbled out, down his chin and onto his new nightie. Christening it.

“Thanks boys,” mum told them, “Now off you go. But don’t worry, we’ll have all four of you over again real soon … and it may just be someone else’s turn for their first blow job!”


As soon as they were alone his father said, “That was awesome darling. And thanks for my new rules!”

“No problems baby. With Neil around to fuck me every Wednesday as much as he can and all our friends visiting a LOT more I can let you have what you really want too! But the downside for you is you would also need to last 7 days for Neil to blow you … so that will only be happening on birthdays and Christmas I expect!”

They untied dad then. Unlike Neil he was allowed to change into clean panties — in fact he always had to so that he could never hide fresh accidents amongst old ones. Mum slid her own nightie on and they all went out and collected Neil’s new panties.

After that they headed for Neil’s room where his mother emptied his underwear drawer into a rubbish bag. Neil went to start unpacking into that draw but mum stopped him.

“Firstly that draw won’t be big enough very soon. And secondly, we have emptied a nice big drawer in our bedroom if you would prefer. That is if you don’t mind sleeping in your pretty lingerie next to your naked mummy every night! And licking her, fingering her, or using her toys on her whenever she demands it of you! Or watch your father do those things to me! So where do you want to keep your lingerie Neil?” she asked.

“Your room please!”

“That’s what we hoped for!” mum exclaimed.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the day. Mum thought Neil had cum enough for one weekend and had no intention of allowing him to cum again. So even at bed time she didn’t have him touch her.

But sleeping next to mum dressed in such sexy lingerie plus all of the events of the day got to Neil anyway. At 2:00am he woke up to memories of his dream, Mum and the salesgirl Karen both naked on the bed, each with a huge black cock plunging into them … both men looked like his University friend David. Both were filling the girls with their cum and somehow Neil was going to have to clean them both at once! He had no idea if or how he would do that because with cock spurting again in those panties he awoke.

As he knew he must he woke his mother immediately and told her. She immediately pulled the sheets back, the nightie up, and ordered. “Scoop out any you can and eat it!”

Since the panties were already stiff from five previous orgasms he’d had in them, this final load didn’t really soak in much. So he had a reasonable amount to swallow. He couldn’t believe how much cum he’d swallowed this weekend … and he knew it was only the start!


Monday. Spending all day with mum alone in the house. Wearing the white panties Karen had selected for him that matched hers. Every hour he got done between mum’s legs and ate her to three orgasms. Incredibly he didn’t spurt all day.

At least not until five of dad’s work colleagues arrived after dinner to gangbang his mother! This time his mother had all five fuck her and cum in her. And Neil eagerly cleaned every drop from her. Father and son came together, dad tied up again, and Neil licking the final load from mum.

Afterwards his mother explained. “Dad’s big boss couldn’t make it tonight, but will be here tomorrow. I’m not sure if he’ll want you to, but if he does and isn’t the first to get his cock sucked your father would probably get in trouble … that’s why I didn’t offer your mouth tonight!”

Tuesday. White floral panties and spending all day out with mum. Her whispering things about his panties. Making him stay hard, but not pushing him so far that he came.

Again after dinner five men arrived, this time the big boss was amongst them. Again dad was tied up and Neil was on the bed ready to service mum. As usual the boss approached first — Neil’s dad had never been quite as thorough as Neil apparently so he avoided sloppy seconds.

This time though mum stopped him. “Before you start. Firstly Neil does a much better job so there are no sloppy seconds at all. And secondly, as of tonight only four of you will fuck me on any night … at most … some nights it will be three, two or one. Maybe one night I won’t let any of you!”

The men looked at her and the boss said, “So you want us to tell everyone about your tunceli escort husband and son’s panties do you?”

“Hopefully not. After all, anyone who doesn’t fuck me will get a blow job … from my panty wearing son!” she told them. “So do you still want to go first … or are you number five tonight?” she asked her husband’s boss. “Will that keep you from telling?”

After just a brief hesitation he said, “What the hell … I’ll go last!”

Again cock after cocked filled Neil’s mother. All were ordered to fuck her hard and fast and cum quickly, not just by mum but the boss too. He was eager for his own release!

Again Neil eagerly swallowed four loads from mum’s pussy.

Then as soon as he came up from cleaning the fourth load the boss had his cock ready.

It was far less impressive in length , but was nice and thick. The balls were huge too! Neil again took the whole thing in, stretching his mouth wide, but this cock wasn’t going to slide down his throat. In and out it slid. Neil began stroking the balls. Then he felt his mother hand on his right hand. She pulled it around behind the boss. Then he felt liquid on his finger. Oily liquid … the baby oil from her bedside drawer.

He guessed exactly what his mother wanted him to do.

With the cock in his mouth and left hand stroking the balls the finger of his right hand slid easily into the bosses arse!

“Oh my God! That is amazing! Maybe I’ll go last every time!” he exclaimed.

Neil’s mum jumped in then, “Yes you will! Your short cock might be thick but never really satisfied me … and even though this footage I’ve taken of you would embarrass our family, I’m sure your wife would take you to the cleaners!” She told him, displaying the video camera she had grabbed, “So I want you here three times a week to let my son have your nice short thick cock spurting in his mouth!”

And that is exactly what he did! The balls were very full and spurt after spurt filled Neil’s mouth. But he was improving. This time not a single drop escaped from his mouth.

“I can’t wait to visit again!” the boss announced. “That was even better than I ever imagined!”

“I bet it was … especially since it was a guy doing it!” his father exclaimed, “We’ve always suspected you wanted a man’s mouth around your cock haven’t we guys?”

As they dressed all of the others agreed. And agreed to keep it a secret as long as his mother made herself available … and Neil promised to give each of them a blow job over the coming weeks.


“Have your shower darling,” his mother announced waking him, she had just emerged from her own shower. His father was lying in bed, in just his lingerie of course.

He showered quickly then headed back into the bedroom. His father had his face buried in mum’s pussy. One of his slips was on the bed. No panties. He slipped it on. Against his naked skin it felt awesome. His cock was rock hard.

Mum pushed dad’s face away.

“FUCK ME! Fuck me right now SON!”

Neil was a little surprised at the order, expecting to please her with tongue first. But he obeyed!

For the second time in his life he slid his hard cock into mum … again it felt so good! He couldn’t believe dad preferred only ever coming in his panties … not that he didn’t love that too, but cock in wet pussy was so good! Again his lack of experience told though. No control! In no time at all he was spurting in mum!

“Too quick again darling, so I suppose you better finish me with your tongue! Make sure to pull your slip down first though!” she ordered.

Again Neil obeyed quickly, pulling the slip down over his cock as he slid down to plunge his tongue into mum and eat his own creampie. At least he had been quite deep so he had to lick for quite a while before eating the pie.

“See … the stain is on your slip and not the sheets Neil”, Mum told him. “That’s why you needed your slips … only for Wednesdays unless by some miracle you last three days!”

Dad then showered and headed for work.

Neil and mum also got out of bed. Neil began to remove his slip.

“Don’t you dare! I expect a minimum of another four sessions with you today. At 18 you can surely cum at least five times … I know they won’t be huge loads … but at least 5 and hopefully more!”

Neil was amazed. After all the other denial rules he had expected just once on Wednesdays and thought it was all over by 7:30. But now his cock started hardening again!

They were back in bed at 10:00, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00! Each time Neil lasted a bit longer even if the load got less and less. But still there was plenty to eat … and he had lovely stains on his pretty white slip where he had leaked!

All evening he was still just in the slip. He knew that meant one final one before bed, and with all the dirty talk and stories his mother and father had been telling him of their exploits his balls had filled quite well.

Finally bed time. “One final late night snack for you darling!” mum told him.

Again Neil felt his cock sliding into his mother! Yet again it felt amazing, but at least having already cum seven time he had some control over the last orgasm of the day. Slowly he fucked his mother. She was so horny that in no time at all she came!

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