Mutual Attraction

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He stood watching from afar, her beauty always captivated him. Did she ever see him he wondered, did she ever notice him? Occasionally she would look up and catch him staring, she would smile but he would dip his head quickly in embarrassment. Cursing himself for fantasizing about a woman so clearly out of his league. He guessed she smiled only in politeness, knowing she would never have the slightest interest in him.

The day before the work Christmas party, He walked in to the stationary area and found her stood waiting for the photocopy machine to finish. He needed some supplies from the other side of the room. Unfortunately for him, the room was narrow and he couldn’t get past without first speaking to the goddess before him.

Seeing him, she flashed a smile, god he found that intoxicating. The way her lips curled and eyes twinkled, he was sure there were unspoken words but couldn’t for the life of him think what. So, putting it down to politeness he did his best to smile back through his awkwardness.

“Are you okay, Mark?” She asked. Her voice like silk and honey. He couldn’t believe she knew his name. To Mark, she was some unobtainable mythical figure that could never show interest in a worthless guy like him.

“Um, er, yeah. Thanks. You?” Tripping over his words and thoughts of the lady before him, Mark struggled like a love sick teenage boy trying to ask a girl out for the first time.

“Can, er, can you pass me a pen please?” A pen? Really? A pen? Is that the best I can do? The thoughts went through his mind as she smiled again reaching for a pen.

“Here you go,” she said softly handing it to him. Mark didn’t look he was desperate to get away, not wanting to make any more of a fool of himself than he had already.

He tried to take the pen, but instead found himself holding her soft small hand in his. Looking up, their eyes met, she still smiled has he held her hand. He could feel small jolts of electricity passing from her skin.

Not thinking for a second, Mark leant forward and brushed his lips against hers. To his shock, she didn’t pull away or slap him. Standing back, he released her hand, turned and walked from the room.

“Mark?” She was calling him. He just knew he was about to get it and end up sacked for sexual harassment.

Turning back, he forced his eyes to look at her. “Yeah.” He whispered.

“Are you coming to the party tomorrow night?” Her voice soft and full of, something. Mark either couldn’t tell what or didn’t want to hope.

“I thought I might stick my head in for a few minutes, yeah” he said nonchalantly.

“Good, well make sure you come find me.” Walking out, she brushed past him, just the gentlest of touches, but the volumes it spoke sent Mark’s head spinning.

By the time he could think of a response, she was long gone and mark was left trying to make sense of what had just happened. It even went through his mind that it didn’t happen, that maybe he had made it up in his own head. Either way, he knew that he would be going to the party, and he would be looking for his lady. His lady? That was how he thought of her.

So, Mark, the office wimp and doormat had just made a move on the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He was still in shock she hadn’t slapped him. It had been many years since he had had any self-confidence with women. As a younger man, Mark had been very outgoing, he had been a different man altogether. But he thought people wouldn’t like or understand who he used to be and so had become the quiet shy man and didn’t really know how to be anything else. He had spent so much time and effort being who everyone saw, it would take a major jolt or lifechanging event to change him to his true self again.

The following day, he avoided any contact with her. He didn’t have a clue what to say or how to act so went for the ignore and become invisible option.

The day came to an end. Mark was finishing up when the rest of the office began to disappear. He watched from the corner of his eye as the last few women gathered their things. She was one of them so head down, Mark tried to be oblivious. Until he heard the conversation.

“Come on Liz, let’s go.” That was Donna, the office gossip.

“One sec, I just forgot something. I’ll see you outside.” That was his lady.

Head down, mark did everything to ignore the conversation until he felt hands on his shoulders. Jumping slightly, he looked to see the office completely empty. He knew she was behind him. It was her hands moving over his shoulders, rubbing gently.

He could hear her voice. “Are you still coming tonight, Mark?”

Swallowing, Mark found his voice. “Um yep, yeah. I’ll be there.”

“That’s good. Could you do me one favour before I go though, I just need a hand with something really quick?” He felt her hands leave his shoulders, her warmth instantly gone.

Turning his chair, Mark stood. He was face to face with her, he hadn’t realised how close they were until he stood. Smiling, she looked deep into his eyes.

“I just need you to kiss me again, will you- ataşehir escort bayan

She never finished her sentence. Mark kissed her. Gently at first. Her lips moved on his. On instinct, he reached his hands up and cupped her face. Liz’s lips parted as their kiss became more urgent. Mark could feel her body close the gap and push up against his. Her breast squashed against his chest as he felt one leg slip between his. She must have felt his hard desire as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Her arms were around him, his hand slipped down and cupped her ass pulling her even closer, tighter against him. Their kiss was like nothing mark had felt, he could feel a connection with her. It was instant, he poured his passion into her.

Breathing hard, Liz broke the kiss and stepped back, her face flushed. “My god, Mark. Nobody has ever kissed like that before. Find me tonight, please.”

Turning she left Mark alone. Once again, he was left stunned, unsure what was happening and what to think. Licking his lips, he could still taste her, he could still feel her body against his. A feeling was stirring deep inside, a feeling that Mark had not felt for many years. It was a feeling, a desire he had fought to hide and forget. He tried to force it down. But it, like him had had a taste and wanted more. Mark knew the evening ahead was on a collision course with him and for the first time in many years yearned to be set free. It was a concern, but Mark was certain that he could control himself and his urges. He decided that he wouldn’t give in to the darkness within, the darkness he had fought so hard to suppress over the years.

Showering, changing into a simple shirt and jeans, Mark left his flat and caught a taxi into town where he would join the party at a bar. He got out the cab a few streets away from the bar so that he could use the walk to gather his thought. And nerves if truth be told. He couldn’t shake a feeling that Liz was somehow playing with him. What if she was teasing the office wimp to build him up then humiliate him in front of everyone. He pushed that thought aside. Sure, he didn’t really know her but he just knew she wasn’t like that.

Passing a group of vocal locals, he stopped outside the bar and looked up at the neon sign above the door that simply read ‘The Place’. Mark smiled, let’s hope it is the place, he thought as he ignored the comments from the locals and opened the door.

The noise hit first, followed by the intense heat of all the bodies crammed into the room. Mark did a quick scan in hopes of finding Liz, but soon gave up. It was just too packed. He wondered how the hell he was meant to find one person in a place like that. Well, first things first, he needed a drink. Taking nearly fifteen minutes to fight his way to the bar, Mark ordered a pint of cider and a double shot of whiskey.

Downing half the cider and knocking the whisky back, Mark stood with his back to the bar and began to survey the people around. He hoped to spot Liz in the crowd. He didn’t see her, he didn’t see anyone he recognised. He was sure that he was in the right place. The office email had said he was in the right place.

“Mark.” Hearing his name, Mark spun around and found himself facing his boss. “What you doing out here, we got the hall out the back. That’s where the real party is at.”

Nodding, Mark followed his boss through the crown and spotted the door ahead marked ‘private functions’. Walking into the spacious hall, he took in the sight that greeted him.

To his left was the bar, complete with a young lady behind it. Her blouse was undone at least two buttons more than it should have been allowing for her huge breasts to be on display for all. Smirking at the blatant attempt for attention, he moved forward. Tables were all around the hall with a massive dance floor in the centre. At the far end was the DJ stand where some guy was talking mindless crap into the mic ruining the music that was playing. Eventually he shut up, he must have realised that no one could understand him anyway. That or they just didn’t give a shit and just wanted to dance.

Finishing his pint, Mark turned the bar, he thought to get another drink then find Liz.

“Wotcha drinkin hansum?” Great! He thought. Real classy. Fitting the fake smile he used at work, mike turned to the barmaid. “Whiskey please, love.”

“Anyfing else for ya?” She asked through the gum in her mouth and leant forward onto the bar. Mark thought about stepping back in case her breasts got free as they were threatening to. He looked at them then up into her face. She may have been pretty if not for the ton of badly applied make up. “No thanks, just the drink.”

She looked a little disappointed as she took his money but winked and told him he knew where she was if he changed his mind. Yeah, me and every other guy in here. He thought walking away towards the dance floor. Stopping, near the edge of the dance floor, Mark spotted her. Fuck me, was the only thought as he took in what he saw.

From the red high heels, up the long shapely leg escort kadıöy to were her dress started at mid-thigh he looked. A tight red dress that clung to her like a second skin. It hugged her ass, he watched as she moved. A long ‘V’ showed of her cleavage, it plunged deep, almost to her stomach. Her breasts weren’t huge, but she was perfect. She could move, boy could she move. Arms in the air she danced very close to another girl Mark hadn’t seen before. He just stared.

Liz’s whole body was alive as it moved and gyrated with the music. It was a part of her. She moved even closer to the other girl and turned her back. Pushing her ass into the other woman, she leant back, still moving as the other woman took her hips. The swayed and moved together, hands everywhere. Turning to face her dance partner, Liz was so close. They could have been lovers. Mark was oblivious to everything else in the room as he watched them. Moving together, their bodies one. Liz had one leg between the other woman’s as they gyrated and moved.

Like a spell broken, the song changed and the women came apart. Turning, Liz spotted him, the smile was not only instant, it was genuine and beautiful. She left the dance floor and went straight to him.

“Mark, you came.”

“Yeah.” He needed to talk, he knew that. “You look beautiful in that dress.” HE should have left it there. “Not that you don’t normally because you do. Just even better tonight. But I love how you look anyway, not that I stare or anything. Shit I must seem like a crazy stalker guy- “

Liz was smiling at his awkwardness. “Sshhh. You don’t scrub up too bad yourself.” She clearly and blatantly looked him up and down as she placed a hand on his chest. “Buy a girl a drink?”

Mark thought she must have felt the sudden acceleration of his heart at her touch. He nodded. “Yeah, of course.” He turned to head to the bar.

“Mark, did you forget something?”

“What?” He looked confused.

Holding her hand to him, she smiled. “Me.”

“I could never forget you.” He said taking her hand and waking to the bar with the most beautiful woman in the room.

“What would you like, Liz?” He asked, realising that was the first time he had said her name out loud. At least in her presence anyway. He normally called it in his private moments locked in his flat as he fantasised about her.

“White wine please.” She said.

Ordering the drinks from the barmaid who appeared a little pissed that mark had gone back so fast with such a stunning woman with him. She got the drinks and took payment without any of the previous flirting.

“She doesn’t seem too happy with you.” Liz remarked grinning, as the barmaid moved off to serve others.

“I think she thought her assets would get her laid.” He replied smiling at her infectious smile.

“Well, he certainly has big assets, they look like a lot to handle.”

Mark laughed. “Yeah but all tit and no personality to back it up doesn’t do it for me.

Liz was serious in a second as she held his eyes.

“And what does it for you mark? What do you want”

“I like, I want. Um, I mean that. Shit.”

“Tell me.”

“You. I mean you’re perfect. Your body, your smile, the way you are.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I know enough.”

Liz raised an eyebrow. “So, you like what you see and think you can have me.”

Those few seconds ticked by as Mark searched desperately for the right words.

“No, yes of course I like. I mean I would like to I- “

Liz grinned that smile that could melt Mark where he stood. “I’m teasing, I do that.”

Relaxing slightly, Mark said “I want to know you.”

“Do you know what I want?”


“I want you to kiss me like you did earlier. I want to feel that that again.”

“Now? Here?”

“Yes, or take me back to yours.”

Mark looked deep into her eyes as he moved his head close. His hand curled around the back of her neck as he pulled her close. Lips meeting and parting they kissed. His other hand around her hip pulled Liz tight to him. They kissed like there was no one else in the world. Mark moved his hand down from her neck, he brushed over her breast feeling her nipple, solid, pushing at him through the fabric of her dress. Holding her breast in his hand for a moment, Mark breathed in deeply. The feeling was back. His hand moved up her neck, His thumb moved to the left, his finger to the right as he held her throat.

Feeling her breath catch and her hand on his ass, Mark squeezed a little, applying pressure to her throat. Liz’s tongue entered his mouth searching for his own. Tongues danced as the intensity of the moment built. Liz pulled away, she panted.

“Sorry, I- “Mark started.

“Don’t apologise,” Liz said through her heavy breathing. “I thought I was gonna cum right then, I had to stop. Come on, let’s get out of here.” Taking mark by the hand the left the room. Moving as fast as they could through the crowds, Liz pushed open the door and they were outside, together.

Liz turned and pressed into him again as maltepe escort their lips met. Hands moved up and down as they gave in to passion. The kiss broke long enough for Liz to whisper. “Just be you, Mark. Let go.”

Mark was on her, he pulled her tight and kissed her deeply. Liz was lost in him. A hand on her ass, Mark squeezed, she could feel his hard want as her hand slid lower to find it.

“Go on, Fuck her.”

They both froze at the sound of the voice. Mark broke the kiss and looked over Liz’s shoulder at the three men behind her.

“Go on mate, Bitch is obviously gagging.”

Mark let go of Liz, he could feel the anger rise in him. How dare they. He had fought to keep his anger, his temper hidden. Who were they to make him feel that way, who the fuck were they to talk that way to Liz.

Liz sensed the change in Mark, the sudden tenseness in his body. “Mark, leave it, let’s go. Take me home.”

“Yeah Mark,” They taunted. Take her.

Mark moved and placed himself firmly between Liz and the men. His voice low and dangerous, a look in his eyes that spoke volumes to the men.

“Fuck off.” Mark wasn’t messing, they knew he was serious. But there were three of them, they were drinking and obviously felt invincible.

“Fuck you man, fuck you and you’re bitch.”

Mark took a step towards them but felt Liz’s hand on his arm. “Leave it.” She said.

“Listen to the bitch, leave it before you get hurt. Now fuck off before we do you and fuck her for ya. Show the cunt real men and a real fuck.”

Marks arm was away from Liz. He was on the men as his elbow crushed the first mans nose, his left fist sent the man to the floor as the other two stood up. The first ploughed into mark, arms around his waist and head down as he tried to take him down. Mark smashed his elbow in the man’s back and brought his knee up fast. The man staggered as the third punched mark. Blood trickled from Mark’s nose has he moved, he spun on the spot, his foot connecting with the man’s head who hit the deck before mark stopped moving. Grabbing the second man and pulling him upright, he drew his fist back.

Liz held his arm. “Mark no, please. Don’t.”

Mark glared at Liz, his eyes mad as he snarled. Liz didn’t recognise the man she had kissed in that moment. Tears spilt from her eyes as she pleaded. “Mark, for me please. Please don’t do this.”

The feeling, the darkness the real animal he had kept caged for so long was lose. He wasn’t Mark at that point, he was anger, rage. He was an animal. Jerking his arm from Liz he pushed the man against a car that was parked behind him. Mark was snarling in the man’s face.

“She just saved your worthless fucking life.”

Letting him go, Mark turned to Liz. He took her by the arm and marched her away.

“Mark, what the fuck was that?”

Mark didn’t answer, he took Liz down the side of a building, he took her away from the light and didn’t stop till all was dark and they were in the shadows.

He pushed her against the brick wall, breath exploded from her mouth as he kissed her again. His hand on her throat squeezing harder than earlier. Liz breathed hard as she responded. She knew it was wrong, she had seen a side of Mark, a side no one should see, but by god did she need him right then. She needed him to take her and knew he needed it too.

Tongues entwined as mark grabbed Liz’s breast through her dress. He pulled at the deep ‘V’ and freed her breasts. Hand on one, he lowered his head and took the other into his mouth. He sucked on her hard nipple, played with it between his lips and tongue. He grazed it, nibbling and sucking. His mouth worked as his hands went below her dress and pulled it up. His hand rubbed over her shear panties, he could feel how wet she was through the fabric. Moving it to one side, his fingers delved as he pushed them deep. Moving back, he spun her and pulled her close, hand around her throat he kissed hungrily at her neck as his free hand roamed down her. It groped roughly at her breast, rolling her nipples and travelled down. He went under her panties and found her soaking core again. He pinched and teased Liz’s clit before pushing two fingers deep inside and began to finger fuck her.

Mark pushed her away, Liz reached out, her arms against the wall to stop her from falling. Mark, grabbing her hips pulled her back, her ass ground into him. Wrenching her dress up and pulling her panties to the side, mark unbuttoned his flies and pulled his cock out, Liz gasped, she was bent double, hands splayed on the wall as she felt his head stretch her wide and push inside. Mark thrust hard. He pounded into her over and over. His hands on her hips, on her breasts as he went at her. Growling, Mark pumped and thrust as hard and fast as he could. He could hear Liz, she was moaning and calling his name, her voice getting higher as he fucked her.

Mark felt Liz squeeze his cock, he knew she was coming. Liz pushed back hard driving mark even deeper than before. Mark knew he too was getting close. His cock suddenly became cold as Liz moved forward and off him. He stood there for a second as Liz fell to her knees before him. She took his head into her mouth, she slid him all the way in. Her hand played and squeezed his balls as her other worked his shaft with her mouth. Tongue and lips slid over him as she drove him on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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