My Attempt at an Affair Ch. 02

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Most of Sunday, Marj, Steph and I spent in bed, sort of getting to know each other and getting it out of our systems combined. Damn I have never been so well fucked and sucked … even in my fantasies!! Steph is an excellent lover and has no inhibitions at all. That of course rubbed off on Marj too. So anything I came up with in my perverted mind, they were game for. But the part I loved most, was when we all three made oral love to each other at the same time. We started out with me eating Steph, Steph eating Marj, Marj sucking me. It was fantastic! Then before we orgasmed, we stopped and changed directions. I was eating Marj, Marj was eating Steph and Steph was sucking me. That’s when we finally orgasmed. Not exactly at the same time, but close enough that we could still function till our partners had made it too.

We rested a bit after that one and then showered and got dressed and I took my ladies to lunch. Then it was back home and we started to go about our normal routines, but Steph went into the kitchen to get something and Marj was in her way so she put her hands on Marj’s hip to move her and that started them again. I heard them moaning and groaning and got up to see what they were doing (as if I didn’t know already). I walked into the kitchen and saw them kissing, with Marj backed against the counter and Steph with her hands planted firmly on her Mom’s tits. I just walked over and ran my hand up between Steph’s legs to her pussy and she humped a little bit so I reached around her and undid her jeans and pulled them down with her thong. Then I licked right up the middle of her butt cheeks. She broke the kiss with her Mom and said “Oh god Daddy, lick me good!”

I said “OK, the two of you, get bent over the table, drop your pants Marj! I am going to do you both right here and now.” They wasted no time getting bent over the table and I liked them both, back and forth between the two of them and then I dropped my pants and shoved my hard cock up Marj’s pussy to the hilt. She moaned out “Oh god Gary that feels so good. DO it baby!” I thrust into her a few times and then moved over to Steph and shoved it into her in one thrust. “Oh god Daddy, do it hard and deep Daddy, damn you are good to me!” I continued till I made both of them cum and then I did Marj for me till I loaded her up with my hot cum.

We rested and then went on about our day. During that week, I talked to Karen every day. Over the week, I formulated a plan for Friday night. On Thursday, I put the plan into action. I had already talked to Marj and Steph about going to dinner with Karen and Stacy on Friday night, because Karen was having a problem and needed a friend to talk to. Steph and Stacy could keep each other occupied while we talked to Karen.

I told Karen that we were all going to have dinner together to see how Step and Stacy got along since Stacy had indicated a desire to have Steph (and me).

So I made reservations at a nice restaurant and told Karen to meet us there. We got seated and Stacy and Steph sat together and talked and the three of us talked. We ate and then I suggested that we go to our house and talk some more. Stacy and Steph were all for that. So we all went to our house and I told Karen and Marj that we’d talk in the kitchen and the girls could go to Steph’s room.

I made us drinks and then I sat down and said, “Ladies, I have a confession to make. Please hear me out before you judge me, ok? This is important to me and I love you both. Marj is just staring at me and Karen is acting a bit nervous.

I said, “Girls I have been a little deceitful to you both lately. Marj, I got on the internet looking for someone who needed some sex with no strings, because I wasn’t getting any here at home. I didn’t know why, I just wasn’t.”

“Gary!” Marj said, her mouth hanging open.

“Just a minute, Marj. Anyway, the lady I met was Karen. She wasn’t getting any either! We were both looking for the same thing.”

“Gary! Please! I’m leaving. Marj, good to see you again. Gary you’re an asshole!”

“Wait Karen, I’m not finished, please. Please sit back down and hear me out, Please?”

“Ok, but just for a minute. Marj, we never did anything.”

“Marj, we met once and realized who the other person was. We never did anything, she’s telling you true, it was at lunch one day. Anyway, since then, things have changed a lot for me Karen. Now I would like to see a change for you to, because I really do care for you and Stacy.”

Yeah, I’ll bet you do. For that little young hottie in there!” Karen said.

“No, hear me out Karen, Marj. Karen, I am hoping that you were telling me the absolute truth in our conversations because that is what I have based this meeting on.”

“I never lied to you Gary, at all.” Karen said.

“Good. Then what I’d like to propose is that since we are good friends and love each other that we take it to another level. (Marj’s mouth dropped open and her eyes got big)

I’d like to have Karen share a night with ataşehir escort us Marj. Just the three of us, in bed. I don’t know if Karen has ever been with another woman, but I am sure she is open to it, aren’t you Karen?”

“Well, I … uh… I …uh .. Marj.. help me out here… what is he saying to us?”

“I think he wants to get us both in bed and watch us make out and then both of us make out with him Karen! Is that what I’m hearing Gary?” Marj said.

“Well, yeah, that’s about it girls. Marj, I think you and Karen would be good for each other. And I know I would love it, the only question is, will you two try it, just once, please, for all of us. I know Karen needs it, I want it, so I guess it is up to you Marj.”

“What about the girls?” Marj asked.

“I’ll go check on them, give them money for a movie or something.” I said.

I got up and went to Steph’s room and did something I never do, I opened the door without knocking. I saw what I wanted to see too. Stacy and Steph were molesting each other while they still had their clothes on. I guessed that was just in case someone knocked on their door. I stepped in and said “My god what a couple of beauties!!”

They both were startled and Step said “Dad, can’t you at least knock to give us a warning?”

“No honey, I wanted to see that! Two of the most beautiful girls in the world!”

Stacy said “Oh my god, Uncle Gary, you know how I feel. What now?”

“Well, I would suggest that you two close the door and get undressed and do what comes naturally!!” and I smiled and left.

I went back in the kitchen and smiled a devious smile and both women knew immediately what I had seen. I said “The girls are going to stay in, but they are a little pre-occupied and won’t be bothering us any, I assure you.”

Karen said, “Alright … Marj, Gary, I’ll stay and I’ll give it my best effort. I do love you both and I am horny as hell and I do need some real love. Marj, can I ask one favor, and really, if you say no, I won’t push it. Marj, it has been months and months since I have had a man inside me. For just this first … ah … first whatever you want to call it, I will go down on you with the best effort I can give you, if you’ll just let me have Gary inside me while I do it. Then we can do whatever you two want to do, I promise, just let me feel a real hard dick again.”

Marj got up and hugged Karen and said “If you need it that bad honey, he can do you any way you want it done, then we’ll worry about me. I know it is difficult to do without it after you get used to having it all the time. So let’s go to the bedroom and let me see you wear Gary’s ass out for him.”

We went to the bedroom and we all heard the girls moaning as we passed their door in the hallway. Marj said “I’m glad it’s Stacy, and not some stranger that could hurt her. They will be good for each other.”

“Yes they will, and they are both so beautiful, it’s good for them to have each other.” Karen said.

We got into the bedroom and I was the first one to get completely naked and laid out on the bed. I looked at Karen as she undressed and said “Damn, I knew you were good looking Karen, but you have been hiding a lot!! You are damned fine honey!”

She smiled as she pulled down her panties to show off her very neatly trimmed bush and then said “Thank you sir, now let me have that cock honey. I need it so badly!”

She laid down on the bed from the foot with her head at my waist and she reached over and pulled on my hard dick and couple of times and then she leaned over and took it in her mouth and I wanted to grab her head and shove it down her throat! Her mouth felt so damned good! Her tongue was wonderful and the suction was fantastic! I moaned out loud and pushed up against her face. I wanted to feel that mouth all over me! She knew what she was doing, that was for sure!

Marj came around the bed and laid down beside me and said “I’m sure glad I still live here honey. I have had my eye on Karen for a long time now. Thank you for bringing us together. Now you fuck her good, any way she wants it honey. I’m going to watch and rub one off for me.”

She sat up with her ass against the pillows and crossed her legs at the ankles and started rubbing on her clit. Karen raised up and said “Alright Gary, I have to have it now. And I want it hard and deep and fast, ok? Just make me cum, then we’ll play together. Do me doggie style Gary, and don’t hold back honey, I’m serious. Do your worst to me. I like it rough and hard and fast!”

Karen got up on her hands and knees and I got behind her and teased her pussy with my cock head and she started moaning and finally said “Come on Gary, don’t tease me honey, god, shove it in!”

I took my cock in my left hand and put it in place and got her hip with my right hand and I shoved forward ….Hard! She gasped and groaned out “Oh god damn that feels so good! Don’t be gentle Gary, do it to me, use me like a whore!”

I avcılar escort guess Marj wanted to help her out as she stopped playing with her clit and eased down beside Karen and started playing with Karen’s tits. Karen moaned “Oh god Marj … Marj pinch’m, pull’m, suck’m, bite’m! Oh god I love you guys! Make me cum please!”

I pounded into her pussy as hard and deep and fast as I could, as rough as I had ever been with any woman, and she loved it. She moaned and moaned and kept saying “Yes … oh fuck yes! I love it! Yes! Oh fuck wonderful!” On and on she went until suddenly her head came up off the bed and she said “NOW!! DO your worst Gary! I’m cumming NOW!! YES!!!!!! YYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

I pounded her pussy till she collapsed on the bed and my dick came out of her. She was whipped, for the moment, anyway.

“Damn Mom! Why don’t you wake the neighborhood and tell them all that you are getting an orgasm!” Stacy and Steph were standing just inside our bedroom door, naked and laughing like hell!

Karen said “Oh Stacy, you don’t understand honey! This is the first orgasm I’ve had by someone else in months and months honey!”

Both girls came to the bed and sat down on the edge and Stacy said “Mom, I thought we didn’t keep secrets from each other. I knew you weren’t getting it often, but months?”

“I’m sorry Stacy, I didn’t want you to be upset with your dad for not taking care of me. So I lied, a little. But it’s not his fault honey. Your Dad just can’t get it up!”

Steph said “What? Sure he can! A lot of men have a problem, but they just need the right stimulus to get it going again.”

Stacy looked at Steph and said “You’ve got to be kidding me! Do you think … are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Well, I’m game if you are!”

Karen said “No Stacy, Steph, don’t take any crazy chances now. It’s not worth it.”

Stacy said “Well, Mom, I have never seen Dad’s, but seeing Gary’s, I can understand why you were yelling. That had to be good! But we’ll see how it works out!”

She and Steph got up and went beck to their room. Marj said “Good lord those two are so beautiful and so fucking sexy! WOW! Should we try and take advantage of them Karen?”

“I’ve sure been thinking about doing it with Stacy, and now that I see Steph naked, yeah, I sure would!”

I said “Well, I’m putting you both on notice right now, that if I can, I am going to make love to both of those young ladies just as soon as I can! They are the hottest young ladies I have seen in a very long time!”

“Alright now, Karen, have you recovered enough for another round?”

“Yes, I think I can go another round – what are we doing this time?”

I said “Well, I haven’t finished the last – or our first round yet, so let’s continue with it.”

Marj said, “Well, you can add me into this round. Karen, whatever you can do to push me along toward an orgasm will be appreciated honey. But concentrate on that hard cock in your pussy, OK?”

I took Karen’s hips and Marj slid under her face and I slid my cock back into the depths of her pussy. She moaned again as she lowered her face to Marj’s pussy. Marj grabbed both her hands full of Karen’s hair and said, “Oh fuck Karen your tongue …Oh yes deep girl, deep!”

I held her hips and drove my cock into her with as much force and depth as I could muster in my body! I wanted to cum in this pussy more than I have ever wanted to cum in any pussy, except those two young ones that just left!! I wanted her to feel every spurt, every drop of my hot cum as it entered her. Her pussy felt like that of a much younger woman, one without much experience, one that just hasn’t been fucked very much. I loved the glove like feeling of the tightness of her hot wet pussy.

Sweat was dripping off my forehead and running down my chest from the effort that I was putting in to satisfying this woman. And of course myself too. I too, wanted to feel my cum spurt up into her pussy and then feel her pussy muscles massage my cock.

We fucked hard for a few minutes and then Karen raised her head and said “Here it is Gary! I’m cumming honey! Oh god it feels so good to cum on a real cock! Oh slam it home baby! Make me hurt with you hard cock!’

Her yelling about her orgasm made me go over the edge too and I pumped a good hot load into her pussy and made her yell even more. Marj was rubbing her own clit like there was no tomorrow and soon she was yelling too. We all collapsed on the bed for a few minutes to catch our breath. Marj and Karen were hugging each other when I got up and went to the bathroom. I needed to piss, bad!

When I cam back, I brought a couple of towels and three wet washcloths with me. I wanted to be able to sleep on a dry bed tonight. I didn’t think it was going to stay dry very long with all three of us cumming on it.

Marj leaned over as I sat down on the bed and started rubbing on my soft cock and whispering to it telling it to get up and avrupa yakası escort get hard because she needed it. Well, soon enough it listened to her and started to rise and she took it in her mouth and sucked it the rest of the way hard. Then she held on to it and said “Give it to me Gary, the way you gave it to Karen, hard and rough, and deep honey. I love you darling. I love you so very much. I am so lucky to have you. Karen, lay down there, I am going to go down on you with as much vim and vigor as I get from Gary!”

“Since you girls want it so hard and deep and fast, maybe you need to buy you one of those fucking machines I see advertised! Then you can get it as long as you can stand it! But I get to say when you can use it. I won’t be replaced by a machine in my own bedroom!” Then I laughed a little and they both laughed with me. Karen got in position and spread her legs wide and laid back to enjoy this, her first time being eaten out by another woman. I got in position and Marj got up between us in the doggie position and put both hands under Karen’s ass and bent down and started licking her belly just above her bush. Karen put both hands on Marj’s head and moaned out loud and said “Oh lord if I had known how good it felt to have a woman licking me, I would have been doing it long ago! … Oh Marj…. Oh …lower baby …. Bite my clit honey .. oh god yes YES!! “

I eased into Marj’s pussy and started pumping in and out of her. She was good and wet and I slid right in. But being so wet just made the sensations even better. Sliding in and out and feeling her pussy walls and her ass against me… oh fuck it was so wonderful! But now I had a fantastic visual in front of me of my wife eating pussy right in front of me. What a wonderful way to have sex with my beautiful wife!! The more I watched her eating Karen, and the harder I pounded her pussy, the closer I got to orgasm. I didn’t want to cum! I knew that if I cum now, it’s over for tonight. I have never been able to do more that two in an evening! But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to feel what Karen was feeling, I wanted to drive my cock up into Marj’s throat and fuck Karen out of Marj’s mouth. I was wild! Then I realized that Marj and Karen both were moaning and groaning and getting ready to cum too. I said “Make her feel it Marj, make her feel it! I’m ready to cum baby and I want you to cum with me! Come on girls—cum with me, cum hard with me! I am there girls … oh FUCK!! Here it is!! Take all my cum baby, take it deep inside you!!” I started shooting my cum up inside her as I was arched up against her ass hard. Deep inside her my cock started spraying hot cum! I felt like I was going to pass out, it felt so damned good!

Marj and Karen both were still at it but getting very loud and I just fell over sideways and laid there as I heard them and watched them cum together. What a wonderful sight it was to see these two beautiful sexy women in the throes of orgasm!

When they finished with their orgasms, Marj just laid her face down on Karen’s belly and Karen laid back against the headboard of the bed. We were exhausted for now.

After a few minutes of rest and recuperation, I got up and went to see what the girls were up to. Their door was closed but I didn’t bother to knock again, but this time, there was no one in the room. So I went down to the kitchen and no one was there either. I looked outside and Stacy’s car was gone. Now what could they be up to, unless they decided they needed some cock. I got a bottle of wine and three glasses and went back to the bedroom. I poured each of us a glass of wine and we sat sipping it on the bed, Karen said “What are the girls doing? Did you check on them Gary?”

“Oh yes I did, but they are gone. Stacy’s car is gone too. Maybe they felt they needed to find some hard dicks to play with! I hope they use good sense about it!”

Karen suddenly yelled out “Oh god No. I hope they didn’t! Where’s my purse? I need my cell phone! “

Marj said “What Karen? What is it?”

Karen said “Remember when the girls were getting ready to leave and they said that any man could get it up with the right stimulus, or something like that?”

“Yes, I remember that, but what …. Oh shit .. you don’t think they …”

“Stacy, where are you honey?” Karen said into her cell phone. “What? STACY!! Are you crazy? He’ll throw us all out on our asses! WHAT? Oh god, how …what .. why did you have to do that honey? …Oh shit…. Bye honey.”

Karen started crying and fell over on the bed. Marj quickly hugged her and said “Talk to us Karen, what are they doing?”

Karen looked up and said “Steph … oh god honey..I’m sorry… Steph was sucking his dick Karen!”

“What? Who’s dick?”

“Ralph’s!! They went there to show Ralph that he could get it up with the right stimulus! They used themselves to get him hard! Oh god, he will think I sent them just to embarrass him.” She started crying again.

Marj said “Wait a minute Karen, if Steph was giving him a blowjob, he must be a willing participant! Especially if Stacy is there with them! He might be getting ready to fuck them both! Oh oh, that means that he can get it hard and you Karen are going to have to tolerate our kids fucking and sucking on him to keep him happy! Are you ok with that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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