My Boss Ch. 03

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Solo Male

The next few months were busy; Mandy had me working like a dog and we still got together every Friday night and every 4th Monday I spent the night with Jennifer in my flat.

I added another mature lady to my harem, it was Mandy’s sister in law Jean, Jean and John’s parents seemingly had a lack of imagination when it came to names. Jean was 2 years younger than Mandy and had a very plain face but had a slim body that I liked with close cropped hair that was dyed blonde.

Jean had been married for 20 years with twin boys aged 19 who were away at university, her husband was a total prick, and he was the captain of the local golf club and a former Ryder Cup golfer and was very big headed about it. Jean herself was head mistress of the local comprehensive and she remembered me as one of her pupils when I first met her. I soon saw that she was lonely and really liked spending time with me, not just playing hide the sausage but just spending time with me and I really enjoyed her company.

Mandy and I were having out usual Friday night fun with John down stairs watching a film when we heard the home phone rang, “Let John get it,” she breathed heavily as my cock was slowly and gently moving in and out of her sopping wet cunt, it was wet with our combined juices as I come inside her once already that evening and she wanted me again before she went to sleep. I kissed her on the lips as we slowly and deliberately screwed when John knocked on the bedroom door and opened it holding the phone. I stopped moving and left my left my cock wedged firmly inside her.

Mandy didn’t hide her irritation at the interruption and said “This had better be good, I was nearly there.”

“Sorry,” he said “Thought I’d better let you know Jean is on her way over as she and Brian have had a big argument and she sounded really upset. She’ll be here in about an hour and this,” he said looking at Mandy and I “Might be difficult to explain.”

“Ok, I understand,” she said “We’ll be down shortly,” she continued.

John closed the bedroom door and she started to push me off, “I need a shower to wash the smell of sex out off me,” she explained but I just flexed my cock inside her and the just started to pound insider her. “You are a bad boy,” she said and pushed back at me in turn until I shot my load inside her causing her to scream loudly as she felt my sperm flood her insides.

We had a quick shower together and changed the bed clothes and we were down stairs drinking tea and making conversation when the door bell rang. John opened the door and came in 2 minutes later with Jean who though smiling you could tell was putting a brave face on things. I made to leave and Jean who I had met on a few occasions before said “No, don’t go on my account.”

I made my excuses and left saying to Mandy loudly as she showed me out “See you Monday, I’ll have those reports all done over the weekend,” before whispering “if you are feeling short changed I’ll be home all day Saturday,” and kissed her on the cheek.

On the way to my car I saw Jennifer who looking out of her window and blew her a kiss which she grabbed before closing the curtains.

Mandy did come to my flat on Saturday afternoon and as we lay in bed together in a tangled mess of limbs sharing a post coital hug and kiss she explained what had happened with Jean.

Brian has been invited to a golf awards ceremony and didn’t want to take Jean as she wasn’t glamorous like the other golf wives and accused her of looking like an old woman and how he was the most famous man of the town could do so much better, so he instead would be taking his secretary who was a pneumatic 24 year blonde bimbo. They had a big argument which led to her storming out and spending the night at Mandy’s house.

“Sounds like she could do with getting her confidence back,” I said out loud. “Would you be upset if I flirted with her to make her feel better about herself?”

“No, but if you are going to shag her don’t let John find out, you shagging his wife and sister may be too much for his heart,” she suggested before making another suggestion which ended up with me fucking her doggy style before she left as she and John had to go to a local business leaders meeting that evening.

Mandy invited me to hers one Wednesday evening when she knew Brian would be away and Jean would be staying over as she was lonely. John was happy to have me there as he knew that Mandy and I wouldn’t be up to anything and it would help keeping Jean entertained.

When I arrived John pulled me to one side and said “Be very nice to Jean tonight, you’ll be her date for this evening and I would like her to leave this house happy, if that means you spending the night with her then I’d be glad to see her happy and it would be one in the eye for fuck face Brian.” He then patted me on the back and answered the door when the doorbell rang.

I stood in the hallway and waited for Jean to come in, Brian took her coat and escorted her in and introduced me, “Jean do you remember Stuart? Mandy’s PA,” he said.

Jean antalya escort looked me up and down and said “Of course, how are you Stuart?”

I had taken the opportunity to take her in as she stood there; she was wearing a pair of black slacks and a white pull on sweater. She has kicked her shoes off when she came in so she was barefoot. I smiled broadly and took her hand and kissed it like an old fashioned gentleman and said “All the better for seeing you.”

She blushed and didn’t pull her hand away when I held onto it strictly longer than was necessary. We sat in the lounge and had a few pre dinner drinks, Mandy and John each occupied an arm chair and I shared a sofa with Jean. The more we drank the closer I sat to Jean until we touching legs and I noticed Mandy look at John who smiled and leant over and whispered something in her ear.

She looked at me and smiled and asked John to get Jean a top up before asking me to help her in the kitchen. As soon as the kitchen door was shut she asked me “Are you going to fuck her?”

“I was waiting to see what the lie of the land was before making a move,” I replied.

She looked thoughtful and said “I’ll work on her, it would be good to see her finally get one over her dick of a husband,” before pulling me close and snogging my face off. She was wearing a long green skirt and a white turtle neck woollen top that clung to her figure.

She released me and wandered into the garage to get some vegetables from the garage freezer so I followed her into the garage. She had shut the lid on the chest freezer when I walked up behind her and caressed her boobs from behind, she sank back into my chest and let me fondle her, she put the veg down, turned her head and kissed me passionately until I bent her over the freezer, “We can’t,” she whispered half heartedly as I bent her over the freezer and pulled the loose fitting skirt over her hips, she had gone commando, I reached between her legs and stuck a finger straight into her cunt which caused her gasp and she was instantly wet, I pulled my trousers and boxers down and pushed my erect cock straight inside her. Her head tilted backwards and she whispered “Aah,” as I started to pound into her and she rested her arms and elbows on top of the freezer.

“Fuck me quickly, you bastard,” she grunted as I fucked her from behind.

“You are just too fucking sexy for your own good,” I responded which made her push back harder and turn her head, I leaned over her and kissed her as we fucked. The garage was filled with the slapping noise of naked flesh and I soon blew my load inside her which caused her to convulse in orgasm as she felt my come fill up her insides. I lay across her back for a minute before detaching and we made ourselves look presentable, she kissed me on the lips quickly and said “If you make Jean feel as good as I feel now then she’ll have a big smile on her face,” I walked into the lounge apologising for the delay saying “We couldn’t find the all the vegetables in the garage.”

I sat down next to Jean who patted my leg and said “What would Mandy do without you?”

“She would cope,” I replied taking a deep gulp from my wine glass. John looked at me and smiled as Jean looked at me over the top of her glass as she took a sip.

I took Jean’s hand and held it when John went into the kitchen and moved closer so she could whisper into my ear, “Thank you for being my date tonight, I know it must be an imposition having to spend the evening with an old woman like me.”

I kissed her cheek and replied softly “My pleasure, I have always thought you were an attractive lady so it’s an honour to be your date, just a shame you are married or I would try to kiss more than your cheek.”

She laughed and said “Keep plying me with wine and you might just get your wish.”

I smiled and looked at her and said “Don’t get too drunk so you can remember every detail of what I will be doing to you.”

She looked me squarely in the eye and said “You wouldn’t want to with an old hag like me.”

“I bloody well would and given any encouragement I would have you wrapped up naked in my arms as soon as humanely possible.”

Just then Mandy called that dinner was ready and we all sat around the table, I noticed that Jean was now sticking to water so I thought I had better do the same, as we waited for dessert to be served I felt Jean’s hand stroke my thigh so I did the same to her as she was talking to John, but she didn’t stop me, in fact she opened her legs wider.

Dessert was served by Mandy and when John and Mandy went into the kitchen to wash up Jean leaned over and kissed me quickly on the cheek, “Thank you,” she said “for making this evening very enjoyable.”

John came back into the room and announced that he and Mandy were going to bed and we could stay up if we wanted and finish off the open bottles of red and white wine.

As we heard them walk upstairs to bed we each grabbed a bottle of wine and walked upstairs to the spare room Jean was using that night. alanya escort We placed our glasses and bottles of wine on the chest of drawers and then we started passionately kissing, our hands were all over each and clothes were shed very quickly until we fell naked onto the bed together. We never stopped kissing as I rolled on top of her, her kisses came more passionately as she felt my cock bump along her leg, she grabbed my cock gave it a couple of quick strokes then lined it up with her hole. She then grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me deep inside her. Her legs wrapped themselves around mine and her arms held me close as we kissed, I didn’t move I just stayed still, loving the feeling of my cock inside my ex teachers pussy

We stopped kissing and she had a large smile on her face as she said “Well, are you going to fuck me or not?”

I looked her in the eye and started to move my hips away from and her and then waited until just head of my cock was inside her and then pushed all the way back in, she bit her lower lip and tipped her head back as I repeated the action slowly again and again. She started to moan as I then really started to pound into her, “Is this what you wanted?” I asked as my cock kept ripping her clit on the way in and out of her.

“God yes, keep doing that,” she replied breathlessly.

Her eye lids started fluttering very quickly and after 3 more strokes she came. She made some animalistic grunting noises as the orgasm racked her body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, the rapid clenching of her pussy on my cock triggered an explosion that filled her pussy with come and elicited a loud “Fuck,” from me as the mutual orgasm we had took me to heights I had never experienced before.

As she was coming her legs and arms held me in a vicelike grip as though she didn’t want the feeling to end and held me as close to her as possible. After a minute or so she let me go so I raised my head up and looked her in the eye and then kissed her gently on the lips.

As our lips parted she said “Oh my god, I actually had an orgasm,” and then she pulled me back in for a full on tongue swapping snog.

I managed to pull myself away I asked “Was that really your first one?”

“The first one that was not self induced,” she replied whilst smiling “And the largest one ever.”

We got up and she let my come drip down her leg as she went to the bathroom. She came back 5 minutes later and smiled as she saw me lying stark naked on the bed. I smiled back as her small perky tits jiggled as she jumped onto the bed next to me and lay down with her head on my shoulder.

She started playing with my chest hair as she said “So how long have you been seducing older unhappily married women?”

“Just tonight,” I replied not looking at her.

“I don’t want you to think that I am normally someone who sleeps with some one young enough to be my son, you are only the 4th person I have slept with and now that I have made the leap to being unfaithful with you, will you do me the honour of doing it again to me?”

I turned my head and kissed her on the lips open mouthed and which she returned happily, I rolled on top of her and kissed down her body, I kissed every inch of the front of her body from her neck to her feet, her breast were small but still quite firm, her stomach though not flat wasn’t bad, her thighs and calves had some solidity to them, she started to whimper as she felt my breath on her mons and snorted when she felt my tongue lick across her lower lips.

“Please, I’ve heard it is so wonderful,” she asked with a hint of desperation when she felt my tongue leave her area.

I smiled to myself and then spent the next 10 minutes gorging myself on her juices, by the time I had finished she was muttering something unintelligible and her body was just floppy as the 3rd orgasm coursed through her body.

My mouth was covered in her juices so wiped my mouth with my hand before climbing up her body and whilst her eyes were closed I entered her to the hilt in one quick motion, she screamed so loudly that there was no way Mandy and John wouldn’t have heard it. Her eyes opened wide when she felt my pubic bone rest against hers and pulled me in for a full on tongue swapping snog.

“My God, I have never felt so alive,” she said as our lips parted.

I rolled us over so she was on top and she stretched backwards placing her hands on my legs.

I smiled as I flexed my cock inside her and she then started to slowly grind herself against me. I sat up and sucked a nipple into my mouth and she grabbed my head and held it against her chest as she slowly screwed me.

I had one nipple in my mouth and the other my hand as she used my cock for her own pleasure, after 10 minutes she made a grunting noise and then stopped moving and came, her mouth opened but no noise came out and she started to shake uncontrollably.

I lay back down dragging her with me so she was pressed against me and really started to pound into belek escort her from below.

She didn’t object and she let me fuck her hard, she was panting in my ear and then she whispered “Please come in me.”

For the 2nd time that night I emptied myself inside her willing pussy, this time I held her close to me and I felt her body convulsions as she experienced orgasmic heaven.

She stopped convulsing after a minute or so and then rolled off and lay on her back next to me, as she laid there she just said “Wow.”

“Wow indeed,” I replied and rolled onto my side facing her stroking her stomach.

She rolled to face me and smiled as she said “I’m tired but extremely happy now but will you make love to me in the morning?”

“Won’t John and Mandy be surprised that I am still here in the morning? Not to mention coming out of your room?” I replied.

“Not as surprised as I am,” she replied and leant in and kissed me before rolling over and placing her bum against my stomach and dragging my hand across her body so it rested on her breast as she gently drifted off to sleep.

I lay there thinking about the mature women who I was now having sex with on a regular basis when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke at 7am to find myself in an empty bed, I looked around and found my clothes from the previous night and thought “I’m going to be late for work,” I looked out of the window and saw John’s and Jean’s cars were no longer on the drive and then I saw the note that Jean had left on the pillow.

“Dear Stuart,

Thank you for last night, but you looked so peaceful this morning that I didn’t want to wake you, I feel like an attractive woman again and would like to spend some time with you again, my mobile number is on the card attached to this note, I hope to hear from you soon. J xxx)

I relaxed and heard Mandy’s alarm from the room at the other end of the hall. I smiled and walked straight down the hall and into Mandy and John’s bedroom. Mandy was wearing a pair of old cotton blue and white stripe pyjamas and jumped when I flung open her bed room door.

“Morning,” she said “Did you have a good evening?”

“Yes,” I replied “Very good,” as I stood in front of her and slowly undid the buttons on her pyjama top and pulled it off her shoulders, I kissed her forehead and nose as I loosened the drawstring on the bottoms, once they were loose they fell to the floor on their own, she stepped out of them and placed her foot on the bed, she looked me in the eye and said “Lick me out now.”

I smiled as I knelt in front of her and started to tongue her hole and clit, 3 minutes later she came violently and fell onto the bed on her front; I stood behind her opened her legs and roughly entered her. She grunted and pushed back as I fucked her vigorously from behind.

I came quickly flooding her cunt with my love juice as I leaned across her back. She turned her head and kissed me as she felt my come fill her up. “We’ve got an 8:30 meeting with Kenny from that trade magazine so we had better showered and dressed quickly,” she said when her orgasm passed.

45 minutes later we drove separately into work and just made it in time to meet with Kenny.

After the meeting went back to my desk and texted Jean, I knew that she would be in her office all morning and would probably be in meetings but she replied within 10 minutes, it seems I had made a lasting impression and we arranged to meet the following Wednesday when her husband would be away again, this time we would meet at her house as she wanted to fuck me in his bed.

That evening I got home from work and just wanted to relax and have a bath before going to bed when my mobile phone rang. It was Mum asking what I was doing that Saturday evening…

“Come to mine, your Dad is going to be out and I could do with company,” she asked.

“It’s a date,” I replied instantly regretting my choice of words.

I arrived Saturday at about 5 and let myself in and called out “Mum I’m here,”

“Upstairs,” she replied.

I followed the sound into her bedroom where she lay on the bed wearing nothing but a smile.

I said “I thought we weren’t doing this anymore,” as I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I love you and you can’t tell anyone,” she said and started to undo my trousers.

I woke up next to mum the next morning tired and hungry and listened to her snoring as I looked over and pulled the hair from her eyes and kissed her on the nose, she giggled as she woke and rolled onto her back and asked “What’s the time?”

“8am,” I replied as I rolled on top of her, she opened her legs and reached for my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, “Make love to me,” she said as my cock slid inside her already wet hole. She arched her back to accept all of me in one fluid moment and we kissed as our pubic bones met.

“God, that is so good,” she said as she grasped my hips with her hands and held me inside her.

She moved her hands to my back as I started to move in and out of her. For the next 5 minutes we both panted as we really started to screw, she bit my shoulder as she felt my cock move in and out of her pussy. I yelped and she apologised breathlessly as she felt my cock tear across her clit as I changed my angle of attack.

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