My Eros 72: You Call Me From Work

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Tonight I get a call at home from you at work…

It’s quite late in the evening when my phone rings. You’re working late and have been struck by a sudden craving for takeout. You ask me to come to you as soon as I can get there. I drop everything and grab my keys on the way out the door. Soon, I am at the building where you work and you’re letting me in past the security station. I give a nod to the guard and he smirks, returning to what he was doing.

You take me to your office and I note you’ve already cleared off your desk. Interesting. I close the door and shut the blinds while you kick off your shoes and undo your skirt. Before you have time to drop your skirt to the floor, I’m right there, kissing you, my fingers running through your styled hair to rub the back of your tender neck. And your sweet lips kiss me. Your lovely legs brushing mine. Your divine ass finding its way into my squeezing hands. And your kiss goes on…and on…and on…

My liquid tongue plays over your lips before sliding against your own. I give your buns a good firm squeeze and flick your skirt with hooked thumbs to make them start sliding down your smooth legs on their own as you grind against me. You’re making a soft sound that is driving me wild and I can practically smell your urgency as I make love to your mouth with my tongue and while my roving fingers pay homage to your beautiful body. My hands finding their way over smoulderingly-hot hips and up your blouse beneath your bra, I take your swollen nipples between my thumb and forefinger. You feel me lightly pinching and rolling your nipples while my kissing travels to your delicate throat along the hollow and to the other side. Your mind spins even as my fingers and tongue do the same thing where each of them are currently. You lean back against your desk and delight in the feeling escort ataşehir of me appreciating your body.

You feel the sudden shock of your panty-clad ass coming into contact with the cold edge of the desk, but then settle against it more firmly as I press against you and your hands travel to the back of my head, pressing it more firmly into the areas I’m pleasuring. That soft sound you make has increased in volume…

My hands work at removing your blouse, then your bra. Meanwhile, you’ve worked my shirt off, my black denims hitting the floor atop them. Somehow amidst all of our frantic kissing and touching, we manage to make each other fully naked. I take a small step back and look down at your form, you hear my groan of approval and note by my twitching cock that I approve whole-heartedly. Your hands clasp at it, trapping it between your hot palms as my own hands glide down your torso to grind against your wet slit. We each squeeze and moan. You are such a fantastic lover. I feel your nipples press into my ribs as I move closer to you, running my finger up and down your slit softly but intently. Your knees are quaking a bit as your excitement begins to simmer. In your disctracted state, you let go of my throbbing cock. I don’t mind, I’m lost in giving you pleasure, tickling and pressing your love bud on each upward stroke of my soft fingertips. My other hand supports you across the small of your back as I lower you down into your office chair.

Once I have you safely seated, I really go to work! I begin fingering you even more passionately as my tongue slurps across your delicious breasts. Your nipples sliding across my tongue as my fingers enter your sweet heat, slick movement up across your throbbing clit then down & in as your sighs get louder and your body jumps against me. My mouth sucks kadıköy escort hard on your nipples as you shudder and have your first orgasm of the evening. I feel you cumming as you sigh my name, and I smile…

I withdraw so I can hold you and feel your heart race as I softly kiss your ear and breathe my words of softness into your ear. Moments pass, turning into minutes until your pulse has slowed a bit. Your eyes are closed, but you are smiling contentedly. But are you satisfied yet? Hmmm, I wonder…

I kiss your ear. I kiss your neck. I kiss your shoulder. I kiss down across your breasts, your ribs, your torso. Now I can smell your excitement and my mouth waters for craving a taste of you. My hands slip across the sweat on your chest and my hands manipulate your breasts in broad, massaging squeezes. My tongue finds its way down to your slit and keeps flicking up and down, left and right, in and out, then up across your throbbing clit. I moan as I taste you and I press more firmly, my tongue penetrating you in a way that makes you want to slide all the way down the chair to be in my mouth. I rest my knees on the chair legs for leverage and begin earnestly lapping at you, pressing myself harder against you, my hands working more firmly on your beautiful breasts. Your back arches and you’re cumming hard, cumming loudly, cumming oh so good…

But this time it is a hungry orgasm, pushing that passion switch deep within yourself that brings on the craving for MORE!

You push me back with shaking hands, and move to lay forwards across your desk. I come up from behind you and press my hardness deep into your juicy entrance. With every thrust you lunge forward from the impact, only your bare toes being able to touch the floor. And each time your full foot touches the floor, you try to crouch back maltepe escort bayan a little to emphasize my thrust’s effectiveness. You hear the wet sounds of me sliding through your juices, of the sweat on your firm buns smacking into my groin. Pumping you. Pumping into you. Pressing you on to what promises to be another fantastic orgasm. Oh but you are so lovely to me and everything you do is a delight to me. Deep. Fast. Deeper. Faster. You’re crying out so loudly now in pleasure. Your hands keep you from crashing forward onto the desk each time I re-enter you. My hands sliding up and down your sweat-slicked back, then finally grasping your breasts again. Oh how I love your breasts so much. Pounding into you, getting light-headed in my own pleasure. You feel so good to me, so tight as I plunge within you.

My cock is twitching harder, throbbing inside your tight wetness. Pump. Pump. Pump. Wow, you are so fantastic, I need to cum for you, need to show you how great you are making me feel.

You sense my thoughts once again. The thought turning you on so much that you start to cum again. Your whole body locks up, tensing head to toe, inside and out, my cock feeling like it’s trapped within your tight slit. My cock is indeed trapped within your spasming, cumming, womanhood and my last two thrusts seem more like attempted withdrawls. Then I swell to the bursting point and flood your already-juicy slit with a cascade of cum. Wave after wave of my love pours within you as we make each other cum ever so hard. Ohhhhhhh!

Your name spills over my lips again and again in an endless loop of my pleasure and the appreciation to the one bringing me that pleasure. The throbbing is lessening within you now, but I hold still, rather I press forward against you, pressing your torso down on the desk into my hugging arms. I continue to hold you softly, my sweat drips down your spine as my breath cools your shoulders. You nearly passed out again that time. I kiss between your shoulders tenderly. You are so sweet…please do call me again next time you need a stress-reliever at work. Take care, Lover…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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