My first Bi Male experience Pt. 02

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This is the second part of my bimale sexual fantasy.

After that first time sucking cocks with Rick from the gym, I occasionally went to his place for more cock sucking. I was really enjoying the experiences and was feeling bolder about what I wanted to try next. We were working out together on another busy day at the gym so the showers were going to be crowded. This was my chance. I suggested a smoothie at his place and he knew what I meant.

We went to his place to shower and as usual he let me go first. This time, however, I asked him to join me. He eagerly said sure. Quickly we were naked in his shower basking in the warm water. I grabbed the soap and started soaping his tight muscular body. Since we had just worked out his muscles were pumped and firm. I really enjoyed the feel of his smooth body as I rubbed soap on his chest, stomach, legs and ass. I turned with my back to him and he began to soap my chest and abs. His hands were all over me and felt so good and arousing. My cock was very hard and poker oyna I could feel him wedge his semi hard cock between my ass cheeks. His soapy cock felt very good between my cheeks. I leaned my head back and told him I wanted to feel his hard throbbing cock inside my ass. I said I wanted to feel his hot cum explode inside me. He hugged me tight and I could feel his cock harden at the thought. We quickly finished the shower and went into his bedroom.

I laid my towel on his bed and turned to face him dropping on my knees. I needed to taste his fine cock before we did anything further. He dropped his towel and I immediately gobbled his cock into my hot waiting mouth. I sucked him gently and caressed and his balls until he told me to lie down on the bed. I did as he said eager with anticipation for what was going to happen next. I was on my back and he spread my legs and bent down to lick my cock and balls. His warm tongue felt sensational. He licked my balls and then beneath them. It felt so good. Then he did something canlı poker oyna I didn’t expect. He started to lick my asshole. Now I don’t think I could rim anyone but wow this felt incredible. I was so turned on by the exquisite feeling of his tongue in my ass. He told me to turn over and I willing complied now ready to do anything he wanted.

I got on all fours while he got some lube and began to work my tight virgin hole. I was moaning with pleasure and told him to please fuck me with his cock. At that he knelt behind and grabbed my hips. I felt the tip of his cock against my sweet little hole. He felt too big, bigger than any of the dildos I had played with in the past. I wanted this bad so I slowed my breathing and relaxed while pushing back against his swollen head. I felt it pop past the resistance and moaned as he slowly pushed his cock inside me. God his cock felt magnificent inside me. So warm and thick. His throbbing made me gasp with pleasure. He began to fuck me slowly with short thrusts. Easing internet casino in and out ever so gently. Then he pushed one deep to the hilt and I thought I would explode with ecstasy. This must be how women feel when they are filled with a fine cock.

He began to pump faster and faster groaning with each thrust. His balls were slapping against mine as he fucked me hard and fast. I was loving it and he was getting close to his climax. I told him to “fuck me, fuck me good. Fill me with your hot cum!” With that he started pounding me deep and hard and groaned “I’m cumming!” Next thing I felt was a hard thrust and a twitch of his cock. I could feel his cock spasm as hot cum jetted inside my tender virgin ass. “Oh god,” I moaned as he filled me with blast after blast of his hot sticky cum. I collapsed and he fell on top me sweaty and exhausted. We stayed in that position until his cock started to wither. He pulled out of me with a loud sucking noise and immediately his hot jizz began to leak from my ass on to my balls. I was elated.

I rolled on to my back and he saw my bright red raging hard on. He came over and sucked me off, which took no time at all given how incredibly aroused I was. We showered again and I went home a “new” man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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