My First Gay Wrestling Experience

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Big Tits

It is a real story, not a fiction.

First let me Introduce myself:

I am a 26 yo guy. I rent an apartment with another guy who is 27 yo. The interesting thing is that he is gay. I never thought about myself as a bisexual before, but sometimes even the male body and genitals can make me horny. I love wrestling and soft bondage porn, and my roommate caught me once when I watched it. He told, he loves wrestling and bondage too. He asked me do I watch wrestling between two males. I told I watch gay wrestling but rarely.

I think that is where my story begins.

It was summer and even the nights were really hot. He told he wants to sleep naked, because of the heat. I told its not a problem for me. We have two separate rooms. We went to sleep. On the morning I went to the kitchen, and saw him as he slept on the couch in the living room, fully naked. I got instant erection. His body was so sexy, his abs were really hot. The blanket was under him wrinkled, his lower body was lifted so his flaccid penis and balls were dangling softly towards his belly. His cock looked very tasty. I could see even his perfectly shaved butt hole. It was a really beautiful view. I had the idea to masturbate to this view, but I could resist. I turned on the coffee machine and he woke up to the sound. He saw me and told he is really sorry for this. He told, he came out from his room in the night because the air is better in the living room, then he fell asleep. I told it is totally not a problem for me (and I tried to cover my erection which was visible through my boxers). Then I told him, he can stay nude if he wants. He was a little surprised, but I know he wanted to hear that. He was nude in the rest of the morning. I was so horny, my boxers were poker oyna soaked in my precum.

He always sleeps naked since that day.

On the next week, after a party when we came home, and after we took a bath, he told he has an idea. He offered me 100 euros if I can beat him in a strip wrestling game . He told the rules: In every round, the loser has to take off one of his clothes. I asked what does he want if I lose, I will not pay 100 euros. He told, he wants to tie me without taboos. I did not clarify what does “without taboos” mean, because I thought that I already have that 100 euros, and I always wanted to try sexual wrestling. Furthermore somehow I thought, If I lose, he will tie me with my clothes on, and he only wants to tickle me. Well, I was wrong.

First we both took naked selfies in the bathroom and disabled the lock on our phones, so If one of us wants to “opt out” when he loses, the other can use the looser’s phone and send the naked picture to anyone. Ok, as I write this down it sounds weird, but we had alcohol in our blood, and it was really fun in that moment.

We started in shirts, pants and boxers under them. So the first round begun, we started to wrestle, I did not took this too seriously, I even laughed a little. We started to push each other, and I hooked his leg with my left leg. He fell, and I pushed him to the ground. I won the first round. It was too easy, I think he wanted to lose the first one. He took off his shirt. Then I could see his abs, they were very sexy. From that point I could not concentrate on the match.

The second round begun, I could not even realise the beginning of the round, he grabbed my arms and pushed me. I tried to step back, but I fell as he pushed me. His left leg canlı poker oyna was between my legs, and he started to push my balls. He forced me onto my shoulders. I lost. So I took of my shirts.

The third round begun. He grabbed again my arms, but I could free them. I tried to grab one of his legs with my hands, but as I bended he stepped back and pushed me down. I could “pull” back myself and grab his hands, I almost pushed him on his shoulders, but then he turned left very quickly, forced me down and pulled my left arm under me. I have to gave up. So I removed my pants. It got a little unpleasant. I wore only my boxers, and I had to wrestle…

He laughed and told he will execute me.

The fourth round began. I grabbed his arms and tried to push him out from his balance, but he hooked my legs. I started to panic, I really did not want to be nude in front of him, did not want to be tied by my gay roommate. I wanted to end this, then I realised, that we have naked photos. It was a very strange feeling, I almost started to cry and because of this, he could pull my legs, pushed my upper body, and forced me down again. Our bare chests pushed each other. For a few seconds, I could resist but then my muscles gave up. He won, not only this round, but the whole match.

I asked him does he still want to continue. He told yes and asked me what did I think…

So I removed my boxers, and I was fully naked. I tried to cover my “thing” with my hands and my boxer, but he told me to drop the boxer and put my hands behind my back. So I was totally exposed. I could feel as he stared at my penis. He told it looks tasty. We went to his room. He told me to lie down to the bed. Ok I knew what was about to happen, but I tried internet casino to put on my boxers. He told me, “don’t you dare!” As he said this my heart almost jumped out from my chest. My roommate went to the bathroom, then to his cabinet and brought ropes (robe belts) and started to tie me up. He told he waited so long for this and never thought that I will accept the deal. As he pulled aside my legs I got erection and I got really horny. It was strange but a really intensive feeling. (and my secret dream: to be tied naked) My legs were spread. It was very strange to be naked and tied in front of an other male. It was the very first time gay experience for me.

He just stared at me. My face burned, he laughed and told my face is really blushed. My penis pulsated like hell.

He asked me: “we have discussed, that I can tie you up without any taboos if I win?”

I answered disappointedly: “Yes.”

He touched my soles, then my stomach, underarms. Then, he started to tickle my nude balls. I told him to stop, but as I had a very strong erection he told me, he knows, I’m enjoying it. He touched my penis only with the tip of his fingers. He tickled my cock for a while then grabbed it, and started to stroke it. I yelled “what are you doing?” but as he stroked my penis, I started to moan.

After a while he wanted to lick my penis, I told he can lick it with his tongue, but do not take it into his mouth. (I was very horny at the moment). He started to lick it, but after that he took my whole penis into his mouth. I could not react anything, because it was fantastic. He started to suck it. He sucked three times. After the third, he released my cock, and I squirted my cum all over the bed an my body.

He told it was fantastic, and untied me. I told, that it was very strange, but a big fun. We discussed, we will not say anything about this in public, and we will repeat this match in the future.

I realised in that moment that I’m totally bi.

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