My Hareem of Restricted Women

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All these stories are totally made up, I think as a fantasy it would be good,….Please enjoy the 1st Part. Im am writting the second as you read…. (Included Bi-Sexual-Forced Sex- Bondage-and my imagination)… Always be wary of the willing party guest………(I am both Autistic & Dyslexic, this is the reason why I make mistakes, and furthermore I have,nt a clue how to use spell check, I apologise in advance)

In 1976 I was invited to a party in the North of Derby, England, Me Im aged 27 years old, A man of 6.2″ and weighed in at Twelve Stone..It was that part of the year when Nature is shutting down,and the frosts are begining to cause problems on the road network…
My name is Russ, and I working for the local Coach Company,and one of my favorite jobs was taking young girls (14-20) to the Clothes show …we will leave this for the moment…….

The Party, like most men of my age ,girls,fags and booze was the order of the day, occaisionally if you were lucky you could buy the odd Purple Heart, which would help the evening to go well…I arrived at the party at 8pm, it was held in a large old Victorian house in the posh part of Derby ,…Knocked on the open door, and this beautifull bird (Girl) opened the door ,she nearly floored me , her Big Breasts were held in a very loose fitting blouse,bra less I,d say, , you know the type, were you could get your lips on the end of the nipples and never let go (heaven), Oh I do like my breasts, I could collect them ( The women )…anyway after letting me in, she introduced herself as Penny,and taking me by the hand dragged me into the main room shoved a beer in my other hand,and proceded to introduce me to some of the other guests……….

Im not one for idle chit-chat, and most of the blokes were only interested in Soccer & seeing how much alcohol they could drink, how boreing, I was not there for the talk I was there for the women, my pecker was begining to stir and rear its head, and I thought it was about time I started to swan around looking to get my legover, .Most of the women there were young,I call them Jail Bait, and Penny was well away, in the Kitchen, she had her left hand down some guys pants, stroking his ever increasing cock and he was getting quite red faced ,because he was trying to hold a sensible conversation, and having your cock stroked ,while trying to concentrate,is bloody hard going…..but nice.

I strolled through the lounge and spotted a couple of girls ,not talking to anyone,nows my chance,I have always yearned for a chance to have two in the same bed…wondered up to them ,Introduced myself ,hello Im Russ and you are Jenny & Rose, they were 17 years old and fresh..Jenny had a nice pair of Tits she stood about 5.4″ maybe 8-9 stone heavy, lovely ass.She wore a Micro skirt, Peach coloured blouse and spoke with a posh accent, Rose was a big girl in all quarters although she was young in years ,her figure was 10 years older, and her breasts were just like the soft pillows that we all like….yummy..

Well you know whats like,you always make a prat of yourself,trying to impress, let them think your something ,your not, big mistake. I told them I was a profesional Musican with a well know band of the time, I could,nt play pussy, and of course when they brought down a guitar ,and announced that I was going to give a riff,I nearly died.. Well I slinked out of the house,with my tail firmly between my legs………………….

Fourtunately the girls had a forgiving heart, and had followed me out of the house,and laughed at me, then each gave me a peck on the side of the cheek, and said come with us,and took me off to the Conservatory, it turned out that Rose,s Step Uncle owned the place and so we were safe….We walked about 100 yards away from the house, and there, it was a Half Timbered oversized Shed.
Shed from the outside it might be, but the inside was like Doctor Who,s box, it had all a man could want ,Big Bed, warmth ,light music and two girls oozing sex appeal… they were getting a little silly having already drunk far too much booze, so they layed down on the bed, and encouraged me to join them…….I did,nt need asking twice..
I lay down in the middle of them and gently caressed there necks ,and they began to Ooo & Arrgh , Rose the larger one of the two had a somewhat ill fitting Andy Pandy outfit on ,with a zip that went all the way down the front , and Jenny lent across me ,grabbed hold of the zip and dragged all the way down to just below Rose,s crotch,,and Rose then proceeded to remove her Cumbersome Bra, and her breasts spilled out.Im in my element, and took her breasts in my hands and guided my lips to her erecting nipples,and sucked, oh they were lovely absolute bliss, I kissed them,pulled on them ,mashed my face into them,and generally had the time of my life………whilst all this was going on ,I noticed that Jenny had very kindly taken my shoes off for me,but had replaced them with leg cuffs and had attached me to the bed, so when I came up for air, I found I was unable to move off the bed………..

I asked Jenny whats going on,yes I said a little Bondage was nice,but they did,nt even ask me, and as I needed to take a leak, I requested that they free me, they did, and went off to the toilet, reliefed myself,came back into the room ,to be greeted with a very naked Jenny and she was Pussy stroking, she had nice pubic hair,not to much but nice to the touch..she encouraged me to Strip, telling me that she would like play sexy games, I was seduced by the thought of shagging her and Rose, so I took off my clothes, and was a little shy about revealing my now very hard cock, but with a little encouragement from Jenny ,who said she would like to suck it, I took off my boxers, and she wrapped her hand around its base, and started to stroke me,she asked whether I would lie on my belly,as she and Rose gave a good back massage, who was I to turn one of those down.

Like the willing lamb to slaughter, so I did exactly what was asked of me, what a trusting person I was, as soon as I laid down they encouraged me to put my arms towards the bed head,and while Rose was rubbing those pillows all over my back, Jenny cuffed me to the bed head, and they both applied an A Frame cuff to my ankles , I was well and truly trussed………I then heard Jenny calling to someone outside, were ready, I was trying to see what was going on , they had already told me earlier that the Shed was well away from the house,and that there Step Uncle had had it soundproofed sometime ago,as he was a keen loud music listener, so I was straining to hear what was being said.
I decided to see if I could move my legs, I could but only up and down,but No further, and then I had a bit of a shock, the pillow that I was resting my head on was removed,and I was dragged to the side of the bed, and a pair of fingers suddenly pinched my nose ,and as I opened my mouth to breath a rather large cock thrust its way into my mouth, and I found myself being face fucked, and here was me hoping and dreaming to face fuck the girls..

Someone was holding my head firmly and shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, I thought the only way I was going to stop this ,is bite the bugger,not so easy,But I did make him wince, he pulled out ,and took a new position behind me, stuck his now lubed finger up my arse, and then proceeded to replace it with his cock, and started to fuck me…….This was my first encounter with another mans cock, apart from when I was about 11 -12 years old, I used to walk in the woods near our old home as a child, and one day spied this old man having a wank, well as a child I was fascinated
here was a pink long stick being rubbed and a stream of white stuff flew out the end,(was it Aladins Lamp) who would,nt be fascinated, anyway he caught site of me, and stopped me walking away , he did,nt hurt ,but gave me a sixpence to let him feel my little cock, Well what could hurt,not being any the güvenilir bahis wiser,I let him take my trousers down and my underclothes and rub me, it got hard, and he rubbed me faster,he also took out his own cock,and gave it to me to fondle, well Im sure you can guess what happened, and out it poured once again,.This meeting continued for about a year or so, the money became very useful, I bought Chocolate,and the 1950s it was a luxury…and of course my Mother was wondering where all the white stuff was coming from everyday.

The man riding my bottom was getting quite rough,he started to smack my arse cheeks,and I could feel his cock getting larger,he was holding on to my shoulders with a firm grip, and beginning to shout , telling me how he was going to stuff his cock back into my mouth where I would have his pleasure of licking all his cum off,,,,,,,and then it happened he exploded with a mighty whoosh flexed his muscles and his cock filled my arse with his sperm, after about a couple of mins,he slowly drew his cock,and raised himself off me and the bed, As I was facing to the outside of the bed,I could see this cum dripping cock getting very close,Open your mouth he said,I was in no position to refuse, and shoved his cock in once again ., he did,nt shaft as hard as last time, it was more like a spring clean, I,ll wash, he will dry……..

Oh my arse was sore, Someone uncuffed me ,and I was left to my own devices, I rested ,got up washed my anus, mouth etc, re-dressed and left,the party had finished ages ago, and I saw no-one, I assumed the girls legged it after they made their capture………

…….. 2………….

That little escapade happened a few years ago, and I was determined that I was going to exact my revenge, not to nasty,but nasty enough………..As I had said earlier , I drove coaches for a living,but what I failed to share with you that I did not have to work, My late parents had worked very hard in the Jewelery Business , and they had inherited a lot of money assetts etc from their respective parents, and amoungst the assetts was a Circular Fort, this was a Building created for soldiers to help repel Napoleon , when he invaded England, the Fort was located about 8 miles into the Bristol Channel… It was given to me ,along with a large sum of money, which allowed me to not only restore it ,but open a road tunnel to it.
There were 25 Dungeons which I fully restored,and had erected hanging bars inside each cell, also there were full facilities for 30 people to live their permantly, I spent a lot of money bringing it up 5 star standard and when I was not working ,I lived their most of the time…

Now each year The Clothes Show happened,I decided that this year was going to be my time, I was going to Kidnap for want of a better word a number of young girls,which I would keep as my sex slaves, I was looking forward to the days when my cock would ache with to much pleasure…On the fortress I had installed CCTV Cameras everywhere including looking out to sea, the walls of the fort were 22 feet thick, and 28 feet high,I had built a small lookout tower on each corner, The building itselfs was the total size of four football pitches, so not an easy place to leave…

….Whilst at school I had experimented in the science lab,and re invented a knock out gas, which allowed me about two hours to knock out my rabbits and perform life saving operations on them, I had kept the formula……..and it worked a treat..

On November the 8th I wrote a plausable letter to both Rose & Jenny offering them a free day out at the Clothes show, and VIP treatment afterwards, I also wrote to a sixth form offering them the same facility, 28 replied out of 40 sent…so we were off, I would collect all of the Girls from Plumpton Station ,and they would board my coach , and off we would go, well that was the theory, 28 girls didnt turn up, The total party was made up of Four female Teachers all of which were in the mid to late 30s, and 24 upper sixth aged between 16 -19 years…., Rose and Jenny were one of the first on the coach both still looking as sexy as when I first met them four years ago…….No doubt your wondering why they did,nt reconise me, makeup is not only for girls ,especially in a times of need…and now was that time,,

With everyone aboard safely , we headed off to the clothes show,well thats what they thought, but we were heading for the M39 towards the Bristol area and I suddenly was aware that people were moving around in the back, so it was Gas Mask on , and the formula was sprayed out of the ducts in the ceiling, and soon all was quiet, all fast asleep, I put the extractor fan on , which cleared the coach of any remaining gas,and we continued on our way………About 90 mins later, we arrived at the tunnel entrance, it was located inside a farm building, I opened the door via remote,and drove in, the door shut behind and we were now heading down the long drive under the earths surface…………

It takes just about 40 mins to travel the 8 mile tunnel, making sure that all lights go out as you pass through the sensors all the way down,, once we arrived ,it was time to inspect the cargo….rather than inspect, I felt it more important to get the passengers off the bus and into their quarters, I had made a carrier which would hold 6 persons and could be remotely operated , so having guided each awakening girl,out of the bus and into the carrier and then into there beds for the moment, I quickly cleared the bus and got everyone settled into there new home……

As the place is well away from prying ears or eyes , I could leave them to rest, and do a full inspection tomorrow. My helpers in this project were two 23 year old girls (Cassey & Janney, both from the USA, they were here illegally),who were Bi-Sexual, I had saved them from a very nasty beating some three years ago,and with no where to live,they accepted my offer of safe accomodation , and they swore an alleigance to me and my needs, and they sexually satisfied my and there own needs.Like me they also fantisied about sex slaves……


Cassie & Janney were up early,and brought me nice cup of tea, they told me that because they were so excited at the prospect of having fresh pussy, that they thought it would a good idea if ,as our guests,for want of a better word, were attached to there hanging bars before they were fully awake. So they had been around every cell ,and completed the attaching task, all were now ready for inspection……
I washed and dressed,ate a little breakfast,and then started at cell (A), one of the teachers was hanging and moaning about her captivity, let me out of this fucking place,she kept shouting, I notice that the more she shouted the prouder her breasts became.She was about 33 years old, Five feet eight inches tall ,and weighed around 144 lbs, her long blonde hair was down to waist level and she had a good figure, I asked her ,her name, fuck off she replied, calling me / us all the names under the sun, , I decided to let Cassey & Janney explore this lady,s body , and they took up the challenge.She wore a long skirt ,and her blouse showed nothing of her hugging figure, Cassey unziped her skirt and tugged it down to her feet, it could,nt be taken completely off as all our captives had been fitted with ankle bracelets ,earlier in the day…..
(A) was being very uncoporative, but this made the chase even more exciting, I had got a hell of a hard on, and was looking forward to rapeing my first victim, I suppose it has to be called rape,as I did,nt think they would have sex with me voluntary, so forced sex it would have to be………
Anyway as I was saying Cassey and Janney ,removed this ladies clothes including footwear,only leaving her Bra & Pants on, can,t spoil the excitement türkçe bahis , I had the pleasure of removing the balance of clothing, I unclipped her Bra,and it revealed a lovely pair of 36 Ccup breasts, they were nice and firm, an absolute pleasure to touch and fondle, we lowered (A) to the floor and I then removed her Panties, I took them in my hands and sniffed them, they smelt of fresh pussy juices, you know the type like Channel No 69 ,gives you desire to touch ………..

Oh she was a beautiful dolly, ripe for a good fuck, lovely mouth, my cock would fit in just dandy, I drooled at the thought, (A) was still moaning about her untenable position, I pointed out to her that if she behaved she would be released soon, I lied,Ok she said, my name is Catherine ……….., surnames were not kept or used to address the captives…..I asked Catherine what sexual preference was, she did,nt answer , I did,nt want spoil the goods (What a Two faced Bastard I am)……… we allowed her to sit down on her bed,and take stock of her situation, she then ate the food which had been offered to her earlier on in the day, and we left her in her cell, did,nt want to over alarm her, but I was looking forward to shagging her, later……….
We decided to get all the rest of the girls stripped and get the clothes incinerated, as we wanted to avoid leaving any clues…..Of course you must be wondering why the arm of the law ,are not looking for the women, easy , the VIP treatment included tickets for the clothes show,and because it happened on a Friday meant we could offer a weeks entertainment ,including a photo shoot ,for young aspiring models, so a week away from the outside world,gave us a great advantage………Now Back to the business in hand, and my cock needs relief,,,,!
All the cells were numbered (A) through (Z), so I followed Cassey and Janney around the cells and stopped at a young girl crying, she was sobbing her heart out, she was complaining that she could,nt see her pals, as each cell was seperated ,with high walls in between each one , it was impossible for anyone to see each other……..I opened the cell door , they were Barred Doors not locked as each female was attached to the hanging bars, they were not going anywhere..Hello I said whats your name, Lucy ,and old are you Lucy,17 she replied, she was a slight girl ,small breasts a very firm and tight arse, she had yellow jeans on with a interesting array of colours T-shirt ,Goth I was told , Very dark make-up,and dark hair ,cropped short. I started to remove her T.shirt, and then she kicked off,protesting that I was infringing her person, well I thought I had been very nice,not getting angry at all, but this pushed me over the edge, I grabbed her by her hair, and dragged over my knees, and sat down, pulled her up to my thighs,and proceeded to smack her firm bottom,she was still squealing like a stuck pig,Cassey came into the cell,and quickly removed her leg retraints and pulled her jeans off with a quick tug,and then left me alone with her, I gave her one or two more hard slaps on her bare skin, and then dragged her panties off, what a Peach of a pussy she had, it was grand, full and plump ready for eating , I raised her above me again and got to work on her delicous cunt, my tongue was salivating at the thought ,licking her pussy,chewing on her clit,and she began to respond,and quickly comming to orgasm flooding my mouth with her scented juices……I needed to get ,the balance of her clothing off, so I used a Cut throat razor, took the blade out of its cover,and proceeded to cut the remainder of her clothing off, leaving only her bra ,which I quickly undid, and those lovely pert tits came into full view…
Of course she was still bound to the Hanging Bar,and I was then able to stroke her breasts,I then lowered her back to the bed,she chose a sitting position, her legs hanging free over the bed end…I told her in no uncertain terms,that if she mis-behaved again ,not only would she be spanked , but I would remove all forms of comfort, and that the bare floor was not all that good to sleep on,she nodded her head in agreement…..I took her by the hand,having removed all the bracelets etc,and led her out and made our way to the other end of the cell area, with her completely naked,and with those little tits bouncing gently and that pert arse with a lovely wobble, all of which gave me a solid erection, headed towards the open lift area which would take us to the middle & and the more comfortable section which contained King sized beds,and a proper seating area..we were just about to step into the forever revolving lift, and I looked back to hear a sudden niose, of swearing and general shouting.
I took the handcuffs out of my belt,and locked Lucy to one of the many fixing points in the Cell area, and turned back towards the cell that contained the noisey girl,Janney was having difficulty removing the clothing from a Redhead, she was one of many who seem to be into Goth, more earings, body piercings *& tattoos than I had ever seen before.She was wriggling and she was becoming an absolute pain, I went into the cell, forcibly grabbed her cunt through her panties, and told Stop,or I would hurt her, she squealed with pain ,and stopped, now thats better, answer Janney,s questions,and lets have no more of this noise, or you Will be hurt…..
Whats your name Emma she said, Im 19 years old and I don,t like being here.Well I said I don,t think anyone of you is enjoying it, but I am, your here to entertain me,and your pussy will entertain more than just my cock..
Cassey came across the room,and brought with her Rose, of course she was totally nude and her breasts were drooping,I had not seen her pussy before, nice pubes, but Cassey had other ideas, and she started to suck Roses tits in front of everyone, so they all were allowed a glimpse of what was going to happen to them in the future…..

Emma was transfixed watching Cassey suck tits and pussy play, and started to rub her own clit, she was a good looking girl,apart from her bandy shaped legs, her pubic hair was a similar colour to her hair on her head, and her Breasts were firm , Janney had finished removing the balance of her clothing,and placed it into a large bin in the center of the room, where it would be taken away,and destroyed later….I decided to take Emma with me as well , so I now had two for the price of one….Before taking them both up to the middle section,I went over to the Tannoy System, and read out the rules of there stay.There is only one rule, Do As You Are Told,and No Harm will befall you,Disobey and you Will Come to Harm. I further explained that were well away from land, and anyone thinking they could swim back better think twice,as the imediate perimeter was mined,and anything disturbing the area would become fish food….(Absolute Crap, but it had the desired effect)

Chapter Four ,Book 2 Later, I would welcome any constuctive comments,to be sent to my email address…
Well I have corrected a few grammer & spelling mistakes , and will now proceed to complete this story, well that was the idea, bit Ive decided to stretch it a little further…M

Emma & Lucy were begining to accept there fate, and I had told them that if they behaved themselves,they could be allowed to go home very soon, so they were happy to perform,,, great I thought Ive got it made……………………We walked into the lounge area, and sat on the large bed in the corner , I unzipped my trousers and released my cock,and commanded Lucy to suck it, she reluctantly took it and started to lick up and down on the shaft, I held her head firmly and pushed my aching cock into her mouth, I was not into foreplay at the moment,I face fucked her for all I was worth,she was good, she,d done this before, new exactly where to place her tongue ,at güvenilir bahis siteleri the head of my now expanding cock…In the meantime Emma had taken hold of Lucys lower body and was working her long tongue into her now dripping cunt,and I could see that she also had her fingers inside her own pussy,and was shoving them in and out….Suddenly I twitched and came exploding my cum into Lucys mouth ,there was so much ,she just could not swallow it all,and it began to ooze out of the side of her mouth, Emma came to her rescue, and cleaned up what was left over, I took my cock out of Lucys mouth and placed it in Emma,s, she sucked it clean ..I was knackered, No energy left,I needed 1 hour to recover, and laid my sleepy head on the pillow, and both the girls did the same.

About 4 hours later we awoke ,after being shaken by Cassey, she told me she sucked the life out of Rose, she had used her strap-on cock and had both anal and normal sex with her, and had left in her cell, to sleep it off.
I enquired to where Janney was and had she been testing the water herself, no she said she would leave it until tomorrow, but she had prepared food for everyone, so we set about giving every girl food in their cells,which also included Emma & Lucy……….We made sure that there were no pointed or sharp objects around to avoid temptation..
Before introducing ourselves to the rest of the party, we decided to take a closer look at our captives, No point in holding on to any of the females,if none of us wanted to shag them,or if they were going to be trouble.
What to do with them, we decided to put them back in the bus, and take them back to the surface, and drop them in a shopping mall toilet.. So Cassey said she would start from the North End, and Janney, would start from the South ,I would meet them in the Middle…..I opened a center cell, to find rather a yummy woman of about 37 years, she had a well endowed chest, and a real peachey pussy, her short close cropped hair, revealed an old tattoo which she had to tried to cover it up, just on the nape of her neck….She awoke with a start, cussed me .and tried to move,forgetting she was firmly fixed to the cell wall… Whats your name, Cheryll she replied, are you married I asked, no she said Im a lesbian , have you ever had sex with a man,I enquired , no we use toys, dildo,s , “you say we”,yes my lover is here, and name her is Carly, I shouted the name Carly out loud,and a voice said here. Well Cheryll I do like your breasts, and I have every intention of fucking you, so you have get used to the idea, well she protested, and said she didnt want a thingy anywhere near her…I pointed out she did,nt have much choice in the matter, I turned out of the cell ,and went to inspect Carly.Found her, a lot younger than her partner ,about 24-5, with a firm figure ,a reasonable pair of tits,and very long nipples, hello Carly ,I said, she muttered something under her breath….I said have you ever had sex with a man, no, well things will change because if you and Cheryll wish to see daylight again,you are going to, have to live with the fact that I am going to fuck you both,so think on, In the meantime I will allow you and Cheryll to share the same cell, at last a smile appeared…..

Cassey decided after we all had met our new guests that we should share a coffee, and discuss who was staying and which of the females we would send back to dry land….Girls I think their something further I should tell you, some years ago ,when I first inherited the fort, I found a secret staircase, behind this wall behind us, (Lounge area), at the bottom ,and it was a long way,I found rooms , I believe they were created by the soldiers of the day,and were sealed up many years ago. Anyway I told them the story,of how I was able to put in another lift and re-furnished the rooms and provided heating and electricity.. I was thinking it may be better for us to keep our captives well away from allowing them the chance to escape,they agreed,and so I took them on the One Mile Tour …………..It took us about an hour to cover the distance,and when we came back to the surface,we made our minds up who was staying..Two of the Teachers would stay, A rather attractive Caribean girl, two blondes our two lesbians, five brunettes, and five others .. 17 in total..They all would be taken below, and when they were all firmly fixed we would prepare what was left ,and remove them to dry land……….After the our captives were removed below, we rounded up the balance, put them in the Coach, and gave them the knock-out gas,they all slept like babies…..when we reached the surface we took them to a well known shopping mall near Worcester, found a mini bus which belonged to the Shop (Staff Courtesy Bus), It was always there, opened it up ,transfered the still sleeping guests one by one, and left, they would be found in the morning, …Somebodys going have a shock ,finding Eleven Naked Women on there bus..What will the Police say !.We drove back to our hideout, and shut up shop for the night………..


It was now Tuesday, and our guests were beginning to settle in to their new enviroment, I woke up to a nice cup of tea served by Cheryll, closely watched by Cassey, Cheryll if you remember was the eldest half of the Lesbians, who I had told ,that I looked forward to Fucking her, and when I had finished my tea , I encouraged her to get into my bed with me, she was,nt happy at all, but the thought of my cock sliding between those lovely twin peeks, I was very forcefull with her,and grabbed her firmly by the hair,and dragged her into my bed… Those tits hung down over my face,and I took a nipple into my mouth and started to suck & fondle it,,Cheryll was,nt happy with me , she struggled, swore at me ,told me there was no way that I was going to have her, she started to fight ,pinch and squeeze me, I just about had enough of this I said to her, I called Cassey into the room,and told that I wanted to Fuck Cheryll now, and she kindly told her, to stop all her antics,or she will end up both black & blue, Cassey suceeded in carming her down,told her she would join in with me,and that she was looking forward to chewing on her clit………
I took my very hard cock,and shoved it into her mouth, Cheryll wisely started to suck my cock, and Cassey,s tongue was licking her pussy, I took hold of her head and started shafting her throat, my cock was going further down her throat ,with extra hard thrust,,,,,she was still moaning about me interfering with her, and suddenly I could no longer hold my passion, I let my sperm rip down her throat,out of the corner of her mouth it came, so much, she even tryed to spit it out, so I held in such a way,she just had to swallow my cum…Cassey stopped her pussy licking and came up for air, she was starting to kiss Cheryll, and taste my spunk,, Cheryll started to protest very loudly, I took a large riding crop off the wall,and whipped her arse very hard, she squealed and flinched, Cassey in the meantime,went and dragged Carly into the Cell, and told her to tell Cheryll, that they would be kept apart if this disruption continued, Cheryll took no notice at all, I suppose she thought that if she made enough noise we would release her… wrong she was, I took an open blade and told now SHUT THE FUCK UP or I will slice your tits off, and brought the blade down to her breasts, and started to cut, blood started to appear, and she stopped. Please No more she said, I will obey,please stop.. I did, I then sent for Janney to come and clean her up… and just before I left the cell, I said to her ,now Cheryll lets be quite clear, if I ask you to come and see me for sex, you will come quickly ,with NO answering back, if I say you bring Carly with ,for me to watch you Fuck, and me to Fuck you, then you will do it,is that clear,Yes she said,. ok, now I want you and Carly to clean up this mess and come and see me at 6pm , and with that I walked off, to be closely followed by Janney………………….

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