My Hot Mom

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Everything is made up. All participants are over 18. Enjoy your read.

Yes it happened. My mom caught me watching porn. It was damn fucking awkward and embarrassing. At least in the beginning. But then it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened in my whole damn fucking live. And here is how it all began.

Yes, I was a total nerd back then. A few months after my 18th birthday all I cared about was going to school, well I had to go to school, all I cared about was playing computer games and watching kinky porn. Yes, kinky porn. Normal boy meets girl, boy fucks girl stuff somehow never did anything. Back then I had something for family fun stuff and mostly transgender porn. The last one, judge me for it if you like, just somehow was, and still is my thing. Beautiful chicks, beautiful tits, firm asses, cute assholes made to fuck and a nice set off balls with a dick. Nothing but mouth watering.

So back then I spend most of my time in my room. Playing computer games or watching porn. Or doing both at the same time by using a cool two screen setup. And somehow, deep inside my horny brain, probably infused by watching step porn, I wanted to get caught. Either by mom or my sister. Before falling asleep I often fantasized about that. I jerked of my rock hard wiener — as I hadn’t done that enough during the day — thinking about them entering my room and getting naughty.

But that was all I did. I never stole their panties, I never tried to get a glimpse of their naked bodies. Well, at least not on purpose. For sure I loved it when all the girls of the family were wearing their bathing suits. Or when I really accidentally ran into someone naked in the bathroom. But well, don’t we all do that?

But now, to that one special day in my life. Probably the best day in my life so far. That day when it happened, that adiosbet yeni giriş day when my own mother caught me watching porn. Caught me with my pants down and my rock hard dick in my hand.

It was an ordinary Sunday after noon. A few hours after we had lunch together. A family tradition, every Sunday around noon we meat for some food and some chit chat. After it was over, everyone did their own business. And naturally I went to my room, playing computer games, nutting out one load after another.

While I was at it, all of a sudden, the door to my room opened. It was mom. Carrying my laundry. She somehow totally forgot that I was in there. She totally forgot to knock. And I got a heart attack. I got an anxiety attack. While mom dropped my clothes on the ground. Somehow starring at my rock hard dick while doing so. No one was able to move for a while.

Then I covered up my dick and closed the porn tab in my browser. For those who might ask, transgender porn. A well hung beauty getting fucked. In about the same time, mom began to move too. She closed the door behind her, bend over, collected my clothes and went over to my closet, to put the clothes away.

While she was in there, sorting in my underwear, she began to talk. She began to calm me down: “It is okay son. Nothing is wrong. And nothing has happened. I have seen nothing.”

I somehow was relieved, but still not back to normal. Fuck, I got caught. And no, I wasn’t watching ordinary porn. Nope, that would be to simple.

Mom came closer to me when she was finished putting my clothes away. With a strange smile on her face. And she asked: “Son, your really love transgender porn? Is that your thing?”

My brain was thinking about a way out. But came up with nothing. So I just admitted it. Me doing so, made my mothers smile even bigger. And what adiosbet giriş happened next, was what I always fantasized about. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she took off her top. Exposed her two damn beautiful tits. With her already rock hard nipples pointing towards me. And what she did next, made my already horny brain go nuts: “Don’t you like my tits, son? Don’t you like to jerk off while watching your mother playing with her beautiful tits?”

Fuck, was all that came to my brain. A hesitated at first. But then I dropped the blanket that I used to cover up my erection. And began to jerk off my dick. Me doing so made the smile on moms face even bigger.

Then she came over to me. Buried my face in her tits. Made me suck her nipples. Gave me a few passionate kisses. Then she went down. Her tongue cleaned off my already precum dripping dick. While playing with my balls. Then her mouth took my dick. Balls deep. The view of her head going up and down on my cock somehow made me even harder. But she kept me on the edge. She exactly knows how to do that. I love her for that. After some time it was my turn to please her. She just stood up in front of me, made me unzip her pants and pull them down. In the moment her pants were a few inches below her ass, her rock hard dick sprung directly in my face.

Yes, for those who might be confused, I have two moms. Has always been that way for me. One with dick, one without. But back to the action.

Moms rock hard dick was still pointing directly towards my mouth. I just had to him in mouth. I had to taste her. And yes, that was the sole reason she was standing in front of me. She even encouraged me to suck her off: “Be a good boy. Make mommy happy.”

But I had no clue what I was doing. It was the first cock I ever sucked. I tried my best. Jerked her off. Played with her glans. adiosbet güvenilirmi Played with her balls. Tried to get her as deep as somehow possible down my throat. I even gagged on her dick. The last one put a smile on her face. She just told me what a good boy I am. And that I would do better the next time.

Then she turned around, bent over and exposed her beautiful asshole. She said something I will never ever forget: “Son, you lick a hole before you fuck it.”

So I dug in. Buried my tongue as deep in her asshole as I somehow could. Horny me made me go wild. But I admit it, I really like the taste of an asshole. Back then and I now. And mom loves it when I lick her fuck hole. She enjoyed it back then. She began to moan. She urged me to finger fuck her. To lube them I used spit. A lot of spit. At first one went in, then two, then three, then she made us move over to my bed.

She made me laying down on my back, with my still dripping cock pointing towards the ceiling. Then she placed her fuck hole above my pulsating dick. In cowgirl position. Her meanwhile limb dick, her gorgeous balls pointing towards my face. For me to watch them bounce up and down while she was riding me. But it shouldn’t get that far.

Mom gently slid my dick up her ass. Only using the remains of her deep throat session as lubricant. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Until I was ball deep. And then it happened, my aching balls blasted out a big and nasty load. My whole damn body was trembling. The best orgasm I had so far in my life. Creaming my mothers asshole for the first time.

After it happened, all I could think was: Fuck. I fucked up. But mom, after she pulled my dick out of her ass, just smiled at me. Gave me a motherly kiss on my forehead: “It is okay son. No harm done. Next time will be better.”

Then she grabbed her clothes, got dressed and left my room. Yes she was careful and closed the door behind her. I just stayed on my bed. Totally naked. Thinking about what just had happened. Smiling about the fact that it will happen again. And again. And again. Damn it, mom I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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