My New Sister Ch. 03

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Ok, Time for a recap. In previous chapters, I explained about my mother getting married to a rich man, and moving me and my little sister into his house with his gorgeous daughter Samantha. Sammie caught me jerking off one night while moaning her name, and the next day, after school, we retreated to a seedy motel on the outskirts of town to fuck like rabbits. Then my darling goth step-sister tells me that she wants to pimp me out to all her friends who are sexually frustrated, and for the most part, emotionally disturbed. Then we went home, and I filled her pussy up again after a quick nap.

The next day at school, I was still trying to get the taste of Sammie’s blood out of my mouth. Well, actually I was just trying not to let it distract me from class, not get rid of it. The problem was, we shared most of our classes, and it seemed the more I tried to get her attention, the more I was ignored. By last period I was feeling rejected, used, and pissed off. At least when Ms. Coleit, the chemistry teacher that half the male students wanted to fuck, announced that we’d start lab work that day, and needed to choose partners, I saw an opening.

I leapt up and rushed to the table Sammie was using in the back corner of the classroom and grabbed her wrist when she tried to walk away. I couldn’t help but notice that under her shirt, there was a large bandage where I had bit her the day before. “We need to talk.” I told her.

She gave me a look that immediately told me talking was to be saved for later, and that if I ever grabbed like that her again, I might loose a hand. She wrenched her arm free and took her place at the table right next to mine. I started to protest but before I could get the words out, “You need a partner Jason?” I looked towards the voice and saw a girl of middle-eastern decent.

I’d seen her before, hanging around Sammie’s friends after school, looking extremely cautious about being seen with them. Usually she’d disappear for a few minutes, then climb into a minivan with tinted windows and leave. She was striking to say the least, nearly my height (the platform boots she wore boosted her even with me), with dark olive skin, and sharp hawk-like features. Her jet-black hair was pulled back behind her ears, held in place with clips and left to fall back over her shoulders. She looked damnably good, and her clothes only made it better. It was like a track-suit, only instead of pants it sported a mini-skirt the showed me just enough of her dark thighs before her legs disappeared into thick-soled knee-high boots. Made of black faux-suede, with little steel rivets in rows where the stripes would normally be, and the top showed just enough of her cleavage to see was wearing a fishnet top over her bra.

“Uh… Yeah, sure.” I stammered. “Thanks…?”

She smiled and dropped her lab book on the edge of the table. “It’s Fallan.” She said, obviously sensing my confusion. “I’m friends with your sister.”

I glanced over at Sammie, who was joined by a thick blonde who obviously enjoyed showing everyone how massive her tits were by letting them almost flop out of her to-tight low-cut shirt. “Step-sister.” she shot to us and winked at me, right before reaching over and pinching her heavy-set friend on the nipple. The bigger girl blushed, smiled and waved etiler bdsm escort at me quickly before Ms. Coleit called the class to attention.

She went over the experiment, we gathered up all the tools we’d need, tubes and chemicals, microscopes and tongs, so on and so forth, and each time Fallan and I would pass one another, she’d make it a point to get as close to me as possible, usually actually rubbing her firm c-cups into my chest or her pert ass into my crotch. By the time we actually started the lesson, I was not only finding it hard to concentrate, but hard to walk with my dick straining against my jeans.

Fallan didn’t help matters throughout either, constantly bending over in front of me, or rubbing up against me whenever she had the chance. I was happy I had wall on one side of and behind me, Sammy on the other side, and a whole classroom full of students between me and the teacher. Getting caught getting felt up in class was not something I really wanted a letter home about. Towards the end of the experiment, we were supposed to grow some kind of crystals that we could see getting bigger under the microscope. Once again, my new mid-east friend bent at the waist, pushing her barely covered ass towards me, and looked into the scope. “I can’t tell if anything’s happening, Jason.” She stood up and spun to me. “Will you take a look?” Fallan said and pushed her tits towards me. I couldn’t help but to notice the zipper on her jacket had fallen until I could almost see her belly button.

I shrugged and took a step towards the lab table. I bent a put my eye to the scope and immediately saw tiny silver crystals stretching across my vision. I started to ask what her problem was, but I felt a hand on my back and breath in my ear. “I’m not wearing any panties.” it whispered with the faintest hint of an accent. “Your sister told me you liked girls like me, and by the bulge in your pants I’ve been rubbing on, I think she’s right.” I started to ask if she wanted to go somewhere after class, but she put a finger to my lips that I instantly knew was in her pussy moments before. “If you want me, just stand up and stay behind me.” she finished and licked my earlobe, electing a shudder from me that nearly made me bolt up and away from the table.

I stood slowly, jotted some notes down in my lab book, and stepped away from the table. The dark-skinned girl slipped between me and the microscope, and bent to look into it. Or it looked like she did anyway. What was actually happening was her hand reaching under and between her thighs to grab my cock through my pants. I was looking around nervously, but not even Sammie saw what was happening. I prayed Ms. Coleit would stay at her desk as Fallan’s narrow fingers made quick work of my zipper and pulled my dick out into the open air. She quickly pulled me closer and hid my pole under her skirt, where it rested between her legs, pressing up into the thick but down-soft bush on her mound. I crossed my arms over my chest and made my best attempt to look calm, even bored as she drug the engorged head down through hair and over her throbbing hard clit until I was wedged between her outer lips.

She glanced quickly over her shoulder at me and I could see that she was already on the verge of an orgasm. etiler elit escort Heavy lidded eyes, half open mouth, skin darkening more as the blush spread. I could fell her wetness, practically dripping out of her snatch, even before she inched back and penetrated herself. She was tight, tighter than Sammie, almost too tight for my cock to go into her. She kept forcing herself back on me though, squeezing my dick into her pussy, which was pulsing around me, making barely audible squishing noises each time her muscles flexed around her opening. I was clenching my jaw, popping my knuckles on both hands, looking everywhere but down at the raven-haired goddess impaling her cunt on my rod. Sammie apparently still hadn’t noticed, nobody else in the class seemed to be done with their experiment yet, but Ms Coleit was looking straight at me.

“Is there a problem, Jason?” She said loudly, accusingly even, so that everyone turned to look at me and Fallan. I looked down at her and she was calmly looking in the microscope, then looking away and jotting something in her lab-book. “I asked if there was a problem, Mr. Belmonte?”

“No. No ma’am” I stuttered out, “Just waiting to use the microscope that’s all.”

Fallan jerked her hips sharply downward, stuffing what of my cock left out of my pants the rest of the way into her sopping wet hole, making me groan between my teeth. “I’m almost done, Jason. Calm down.” She said snidely. “I’ve never seen anyone so excited by chem-lab before.” she prodded as her inner walls grabbed my shaft and seemed to pull me deeper. The teacher went back to grading papers, and everyone else went back to trying not to fail chemistry.

I glanced over to Sammie who was trying not to laugh. She winked at me again just before Fallan started easing her pussy away from me. Fearing what other’s might see, I pulled her skirt back against me quickly. “Relax, nobody can see you.” Sammie told me just as Fallan pushed her hips back at me, burying my dick inside her again. The constant pulsing and grabbing and incredible tightness of Fallan’s cunt was really working on me. “Just be quiet and stand still. If you’re lucky she’ll do all the work and you’ll be filling her up with your cum before class is over.” Fallan took a sharp breath, and her whole body shuddered when Sammie mentioned me cumming inside her.

Sammie grinned at us briefly, then turned away to tap the big-tittied blonde on the shoulder. Fallan was now pumping herself slowly on my dick, her pussy getting wetter and tighter each time her hips made the round trip. She was panting, but her eye was still firmly planted on the microscope. I wondered how long it would take before someone else saw us. The head of my dick hit Fallan’s cervix, and I decided I didn’t care all that much. I closed my eyes, bent my knees a little, and leaned back so that she could get more at a better angle. Fallan laughed softly, but it faded into a quick moan as she had another orgasm.

I was really getting into it when I felt something hit me in the face. I opened my eyes and looked around to see Sammie and her larger friend staring at me. The blonde smiled and held up her notebook. I couldn’t help but smile back as I read “DO ME NEXT?” scrawled across one page in black marker. Sammie etiler escort nearly burst out laughing when I gave her a thumbs up and nodded. She looked around carefully, then eased across the gap that separated our tables. “You know,” she whispered to me. “I wasn’t kidding when I said I have friends that would love a guy like you.” She patted Fallan on the ass and asked. “Isn’t that right, babe?”

“Mmm-Hmm” was our only answer, her pace had picked up, she was biting her lip to keep the moans quiet, and I was trying not to let loose inside her.

Sammie smiled quickly and went on. “You know Fallan here isn’t on the pill.” she told me, meeting my eyes. “So if you shoot your load in her pussy, she might get pregnant.” My dick jumped and Fallan obviously felt it, or the thought of me knocking her up made her shake and groan. “How about that Jason? Wouldn’t like to see her walk on graduation day with a big distended belly with your baby in it?” her hand was rubbing up and down Fallan’s back, not giving a damn who saw what. “You know, I’ve heard that when a girl gets pregnant, the first thing that happens is her tits swell up, you like big tits, don’t you Jason?” I glanced over at the thick blonde, who was sitting on her stool rubbing her crotch through her jeans, and nodded. “Guess what else happens?” Sammie asked, snapping my attention back to her. “Her pussy gets wet, and stays that way for nine months. Imagine Jason, You could be fucking little Fallan here for the next nine months, every day, cumming in her tight little twat over and over.” Sammie eased up next to me and whispered in my ear. “She wouldn’t go a day without feeling your cock inside her, or your jizz oozing out of her. That should make up for being a virgin until today, shouldn’t it?”

My balls clenched, my dick twitched, I lurched forward, and the insides of Fallan’s cunt were painted with semen. “Oh, my God.” she wheezed out and froze in place. When she finally tried to move, I stopped her and pulled her back down on my cock. “Teach’s coming.” she said between clenched teeth, then sprang away form me, leaving me to stuff my slick cock back in my pants before anyone saw.

Ms. Coleit stepped up to the table and looked at our notes, then put her eye to the microscope. “Jason, Fallan.” She said firmly. We both stiffened at her tone as she stood and looked at us suspiciously. “By these results, you two were done over twenty minutes ago.” I just nodded like an idiot, technically I was still the new kid, so I maybe I still had a little flex with the teachers. “You should’ve told me you were done early, I give extra credit to the first students that finish correctly.”

I let my breath out in a rush. “Sorry.” I nearly laughed. “I didn’t know.” When she turned to examine Sammie’s results, she slipped and nearly fell. I caught on of her arms just as her narrow ass hit the floor. “Are you okay?” I asked quickly.

She jerked her arm from me and growled out. “I’d be fine if someone would clean up the mess they made in my lab.”

As she was checking Sammie’s work, Fallan and I got some paper towels and mopped up the floor. “I didn’t spill anything, did you?” I whispered to her.

She smiled and could barely look me in the eye. “Not really, it’s just your cum is leaking out of me.” She giggled out and pointed at Ms. Coleit. “You think she’ll figure out what happened when she does her laundry?”

I looked to see what she meant, and saw a wet spot the size of my hand on the chemistry teacher’s ass. I smiled at Fallan and said “Let’s hope she doesn’t taste it when she’s trying to figure out what it is..”

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