My Sister’s Friends Ch. 05

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If you have not read “My Sister’s Friends” Parts One, Two, Three and Four this will make no sense to you. I suggest you read them first and then continue on with this selection. Thank you for your interest.

This is not a quick jerk story. Neither is it hardcore sex. It is a story of a young man with Cerebral Palsy and how he learns about love through his sister’s friends. I have included it in “First Time” because I thought that was the best fit, although there are elements of Group Sex, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, and Incest involved. How much of this story is true I will leave for you to decide. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. It will be multiple parts. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

I was fulfilled. My cock was buried deep within the first pussy it had ever been in. I know Jessica didn’t cum, but she seemed content as she nestled her head on my collarbone and nuzzled her nose under my chin. My emotions were overflowing, and I felt tears well up in my eyes. I who had given up on ever having a girlfriend, let alone a sexual relationship due to my disability had spent the day in the company of four wonderful, lovely girls, a good part of it nude, enjoying their nubile bodies. OK, OK, so one of them was my sister. We didn’t plan it that way, but her body is just as beautiful as the others, and I admit I enjoyed looking at it. I even enjoyed eating her pussy, although as turned on as she was by all that had transpired, and how quickly she came, I guess you would say eating was more of snacking. Jessica on the other hand was the only one I actually had sex with, and that would never leave my memory, no matter what happened.

Kay was sitting across the room from us, whimpering the aftereffects of her own orgasm from her hands buried deep in her pussy. “Jared, that was beautiful. I’ve never watched anyone make love before, but that was beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful day.”

Thanking me? “What do you mean, Kay? I kind of horned in on your party. I didn’t do anything.” Jessica raised her head up from my shoulder and looked at me. Her pussy squeezed my cock as her abdominal muscles contracted. The feeling was exquisite! “Jared! You showed me I’ve been looking for the wrong thing all my life.”

“Jess is right, Jared. Me, too. If feel badly it took my own brother to show me how shallow I am.” Shellie nodded her head in agreement. Jessica just put her head back down possessively and wrapped her arms around my chest, holding me tightly. I felt moisture on my neck and felt her chest shuddering slightly as she cried on my shoulder.

“Jessica, what’s wrong? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jessica sniffled and shook her head “No.” “What’s the matter, then, Sweetheart?”

Her head lifted and I saw her eyes shining through her tears. “Did you call me ‘Sweetheart’?” I nodded etiler ucuz escort and said, “Um hmm. Is that OK?” A broad smile crossed her lips as she put her head back on my shoulder and squeezed me as hard as she could squeeze. “No one has ever loved another as much as I’m going to love you, Jared.”

I don’t claim to understand women. If I live to be a hundred I won’t ever claim to understand women. All I had done was to treat her with the care and respect she was due. What was special about that? Whatever it was, I’ll keep on doing it, ’cause I surely enough felt a love for Jessica I never thought I would ever experience.

Shellie crawled over to us and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Jared, I thank you, too. I’ve never been with another guy who treated me like you have treated me today. You never tried to take advantage of me, even when I was practically offering myself to you. Why are you so different?”

Why am I so different? Is it just because I have Cerebral Palsy? No, CP doesn’t make me any different, really, from any other guy. I still get horny. I still have desires and lusts. I have the same needs as any other man.

“Shellie, I don’t think I’m really different from any other guy. I guess it is just my experiences have taught me a lower expectation, and I’ve been disappointed so many times I don’t get my hopes up. I just try to treat other people as I want to be treated. Today was a day that has surpassed any dream I ever could have had.

“For today, you girls didn’t look at me as a guy with CP. You didn’t look at my crazy walk, or pay attention to my trouble talking. My crooked hands and uncoordinated moves didn’t bother you. You looked at me as if I am a whole man, and you have made this a wonderful day for me. I just enjoyed this day with no expectations, and tried to make it as enjoyable for you as it was for me.”

The next thing I knew I had two naked girls, one on either side of me with their arms around my neck, and one exquisitely naked girl on top of me, still impaled on my cock. It was still hard, almost as if I hadn’t already cum, and the jostling around with the three girls was not doing anything to diminish it. Jessica felt it twitch and moaned. She squeezed it with her vaginal muscles and rocked her hips back and forth. My cock definitely like that!

I flexed my hips experimentally, which brought sounds of pleasure from Jessica, and more wriggling from her. Shellie noticed what we were doing and pressed her breasts even more tightly against my side, and rubbed them back and forth. Jessica had not cum earlier, and was obviously still quite turned on. She raised herself up to almost a sitting position and started rising up and down on me. Her lovely little titties that I loved so much were now in view, and I reached up and grasped etiler üniversiteli escort her protruding nipples between my thumb and fingers and began gently pulling, tugging, and twisting them as she gyrated on my cock.

She rested one hand on my chest, and used it as a fulcrum to support her pistoning action, and with the other started rubbing franticly at her clit. I had just cum a few minutes before, but I knew I wouldn’t last long. I could feel it building rapidly as Jessica thrust herself down on me one last time forcefully as a wail of pleasure swept from her throat, and she collapsed on my chest, pussy pulsating and squeezing me. One final thrust from my hips, and my orgasm burst from me again also.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to orgasm with the one you love, while two other nude women are sandwiching you from the sides, pressing their breasts against you? I know I will never experience such a thing again. I spread my arms out and hugged Shellie and Kay to myself. Jessica also reached her arms around them as we all lay there in a group hug. I knew though, that as enjoyable as this was, it didn’t hold a candle to the first time, when Jessica made love to me. I looked into her eyes, and again, I fell way, way, in.


We never had another day together like that day, although all four girls and I have a very close relationship. When we see each other we greet each other with a kiss much as a lover’s kiss. This certainly raises some eyebrows from folks who aren’t in on the secret, and I love it! I who had thought I would never even have a girlfriend, let alone get married had three lovely ladies who really cared about me. (I’m not forgetting Kay. She cares too, but it is a bit different.)

Kay borrowed a page from Shellie’s playbook and until I got married and moved out, usually would go from the bathroom to her room with only a towel around her waist if she knew I was around. She knew I liked it, and I know she did, too. We would often swim nude together if the parents weren’t home, and often Jessica would join us. We never took our relationship to a physical level again, other than visually.

Jessica and I got married as soon as I finished college two years later, and have now been married five years. She has given me two wonderfully cute daughters. Both of them are healthy, well developed, and did I mention cute, red-heads, with green eyes, just like their mother’s. I adore Jess more today than I ever did, and it is my fondest hope we live together for a long, long time.

Kate took me up on my suggestion she visit my therapy session. She fell in love with the program and what it could do for people, and ended up changing her major from art to physical therapy. She is now one of the chief therapists in the fatih escort clinic. During her junior year at the University she married a good friend of mine, Tom. Tom, like me, has Cerebral Palsy, except his is much more severe. Tom is ten years older than Kate, and before Kate he had never had a date. His CP is significantly worse than is mine. He walks with braces on each leg, and arm crutches, but he has not allowed his physical disability to diminish his warm caring spirit, nor his abilities as a CPA. They have a little boy now that Kate insisted be named Tom Jr. Just last week she gave birth to another boy that they named Jared, and they insisted I be the Godfather.

Kay, my sister, also visited my therapy class, and volunteered there for two years while in college. She met and fell in love with Peter, a poor soul who never learned to appreciate her beauty. You see, Pete is blind. He was hit in the head by mortar fragments while defending a girl’s school in Afghanistan. Their love for each other is palpable. Last week Kay gave birth to Pete Jr., all 8 lbs. 6 oz. of him.

Shellie? Well, Shellie is the only one of the girls who didn’t marry someone with a handicap. Oh, don’t be critical of her! Shellie, married a medical student right after she graduated college. She wasn’t gold digging! She found a young man who wanted to specialize in neurology, with a sub-specialty of CP. She got her degree in Special Education, and has introduced programs in the local schools that introduce students to various handicaps with the goal of stopping bullying and ostracism that so many of us have faced. So far her program has been very successful, and she has called each of us in to speak to her classes.

You see, all of us have a handicap or a disability of some sort or another. Yours may not be as obvious as mine, but none of us are perfect. We all need to learn to stick together and build each other up rather than to tear the other down. “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.” (Accredited to Abraham Lincoln and the Knights of Pythagoris.) I believe that applies to any age child, and one who stoops to help one blessed with a disability both can stand tall.

I have been asked if this story is about me, or if I have CP. The answer to both questions is ‘No’. Because of two chronic diseases I do have, although they are not readily visible, I have sensitivity to others who suffer. This story is based very loosely on a very good friend of mine who does have CP. This young man, now 49 yrs. of age, has never had a date. Some young lady has really missed out! One young lady that I know he really wanted to date told another young lady she “did not want to walk down the aisle with a man who was shorter than she, that she had to hold up to keep from falling.” He is not bitter about it, but I know there is a vacuum in part of his heart. I decided to write this examining what could be the outcome if someone looked beyond a physical characteristic and saw the real man. Thank you for your kind attention to my tale, and the very gracious remarks I have received. Please look at people with the eyes of your heart, and not just the eyes of your head.

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