My Visit and Hot Shower

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Chapter One

I turn up unannounced at your workplace, after all your colleagues have left for the night. You quickly ask me to come in and shut and lock the door. As we make our way to your office, you are nervously shuffling papers, strangely unsure of yourself. You then feel my arms come around you from behind you as you gasp for air in anticipation of what is to come.

As I pull you closer, one of my hands crosses your waist and the other glides towards your breasts. I pull you even closer and now you can feel my heaving manhood through my pants and I take a little nibble of your neck. Your breathing has become shallow and you ache with pleasure of the thought of what is going to happen.

You do not hesitate to let me lift your skirt up and let my hand find the edge of your panties as it slides in to feel your moist lips. I quickly find the pleasure center and you quiver with excitement as you fumble to undo your blouse and expose your breast so my large hands can feel your nipples dart between my fingers.

As you reach around to expose my manhood I again take a nibble of your neck and slid my finger back and forth on your g-spot. You are overwhelmed by the pleasure shooting though your body and your knees buckle. You gain composure and fully expose my manhood and are now caressing it as it throbs with anticipation.

While our mouths are engaged in tasting each other for the first time, my massive hands are exploring your breasts and my expert fingers, inside massaging your g-spot, are darting in and out of your now swollen lips. Your hand is still exploring me with enthusiasm and increased force. With our ever increasing body heat we both are moaning with pleasure. Knowing we are in your office the excitement of being found makes the whole experience even more thrilling.

Our height difference means you position yourself poker oyna kneeling over your office chair. You then decide to take charge and force my throbbing shaft downward between your thighs but I only let it glide across the wetness. I then just ease the tip of my shaft between your swollen lips and as I do that you gasp again. You then look over your shoulder with your big blue eyes as if to tell me I am not to tease you but to take you now. You are at my mercy because you are on the chair.

I am in control and it’s driving you crazy; you beg me to be a little rough. I put my right hand on your right hip and my left hand takes a tuft of hair, gently pulling your head back and at the same time I thrust my fully hardened shaft deep within the warmth of you. My knees buckle as your love muscles clamp down on my shaft. The motion starts off slow and we are in perfect synchronization. As I push harder, you buck your hips harder and faster. After a while and with full penetration at every stroke our bodies are ripe with orgasm.

With every moment passing the passion gets hotter and hotter. You are now quivering with each forward thrust and I am aching to let loose. I can feel the warm womanhood running down my shaft. I reach down and press down on your g-spot.

At that moment your back arches and you groan with pleasure; I am unable to hold back any longer. With a couple of more forceful thrusts while you buck harder on my shaft, we climax at the same moment lasting longer than you have had before.

I let go of your hair, put my arms around you, cupping your large breasts and tasting you again on your neck and lips. You feel me deep within throbbing with residual orgasm, each time you have a micro shock surging through your body. You want more but know it will have to wait..

We try to gain our balance and come back to reality canlı poker oyna but are forced to enjoy each other a little longer to let the adrenaline run out of our systems and calm down. I then get to fully enjoy the rocket of a body you have and suckle your nipples just to get you all worked up for more.


Chapter 2

Our office encounter was of the utmost enjoyment and causes me to lay in bed at night falling asleep to the thought of you wiggling and bucking your hips on my fully swollen and throbbing member. I need more and it’s your turn to assure me I am in for a treat and that you are in charge of what is going to happen.

We have met at a hotel and it has been a tough day. You tell me to wait as you want to take a shower. At first I comply but the thought of you exposing all of your curves as that hot water pours down on you takes over and I enter the bathroom.

At first I watch with eager eyes and my member expands quickly, though you do not notice I am there. You are surprised to see me watching and order me to disrobe so you can watch me as you lather up.

I agree immediately and stand near the shower so you can see me. You watch for a moment then order me to get in the shower with you. Our bodies come together and your sexy blue eyes tell me you are waiting for me to taste you again.

As the hot water streams down between us I embrace you and once again my aching hands have what they want. Our lips lock to taste each other as one hand wanders caressing your now hard nipples and the other finds those moist folds between your thighs. You are stroking my fully extended manhood with your soapy hands.

My lips start moving downward to find your hard, aching nipples waiting for me to dart my tongue around each one. Meanwhile my masterful fingers are working their magic and getting your womanhood internet casino fully stimulated. You let me enjoy those breasts for a moment then start gently pushing downward on my head. I instantly get exited because I know what you want and I am eager to taste even more of you.

I then sit down on the floor of the shower and with both hands grab your round backside and pull your shaven womanhood into my mouth. My first stoke of tongue is flooded with your flavor. I plunge my tongue in, to find your g-spot and taste it. Your knees buckle and force more into my mouth. I look up to your sexy blue eyes, looking back, begging for more.

You start to stroke my tongue by grinding your hips and pinning my head against the wall. I breach you with my tongue again and again. I can feel your heat all over my mouth, you quiver with every stroke of my tongue. I pull you in closer, wanting your love bud in my mouth so I can push you over the edge and have you climax on my face.

I know I am close when a groan reverberates in the shower. I now have your swollen lips rubbing on my beard and your hardened bud is being manipulated by my tongue. Again and again you quiver, each one close to the next.

Your breathing is shallow and your hard aching nipples need attention to sooth them. You take my large hand, forcing it onto your supple breast. I am watching the water drip off your hardened nipples. I see you are starting to roll your eyes because of the enormous pleasure surging through your body.

I move in for the finish by holding your love button in my lips and vigorously stroke it again and again with my tongue. You put your hands on my head and pull it in closer. I am holding you steady and you start to spread a sweetness in my mouth. You gasp for air as you let go and release your warm dripping honey.

Your nails slide across my scalp to take hold of my hair to steady yourself and with a couple of hard thrusts of your hips you blast me with your full climax. A few seconds later you step back and look at me with those sexy blue eyes and tell me I am dangerous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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