Next Door Aunt Shows Heaven

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Hello all, this is Mr. K from Bangalore, India and currently working in a MNC. Going to my story it all happened during 2018, so let’s get ready folks for the excitement.

I with my family have recently moved into a new building in a gated community no strangers are allowed into it, after a few days around 3 pm I went on to terrace of my building. I don’t know that’s a good luck or blind luck, to my opposite building I saw a hot women changing her dress through the window (a married women early into her 30’s height around 5’8 curves the best) she is the hottest women so far I have seen, I got know that daily she used to get changed at that time to get her daughter back home from school.

So I used to be there on the terrace every day or whenever possible to see her finally one day she saw me staring at her, daily I could only see her thighs and waist rarely her face through the window, she had the best belly which is so? Finally, she noticed (got to know later) that I was staring at her, next day not the window even the dreams are closed.

After few days in a get together organized in the evening by community I saw her wearing a sari. She completed changed the season from winter to summer with her hotness and again she was there talking my mom surprisingly, I ran there and my mom introduces to her.

We with their family get so close became the best family friends in society, I never ever missed my chance to stare her when I meet. Every day I used to meet her on the lawn, my house, her house or somewhere and she knew that I had eye on her.

One day finally when I went to her house it just she and her daughter ataşehir escort were in the hall. She was so hot in sari, she gave something to drink we spoke for mins after her daughter slept she went into kitchen to prepare dinner, from there she called and I went. This is the first time I saw her ass so close that’s so curvy I wanted to squeeze them(control she will be yours was my feeling) in a standing posting she was cutting and was about to make chapatti than my dick master had an idea, I asked her would you teach me making chapatti she turned her head with a naughty look may be she got that I was trying on her, she accepted I went at the back of her placed my two hands under her hands that’s the softest touch I ever had, passed some thousands of volts as she was slowing moving my hands front and back I was gently smelling her hair and moving close to her and rubbing my hard dick on her, I can sense she’s loving it she held my hands tight.

Thought this is the best chance to go further I moved my head to back of her ears and slowly licked at the back of ear she just jerked and held my hands tight, I pulled my hands to her waist and started pressing her waist simultaneously I was kissing and licking all over her neck and gave a bite to her neck made a lovely sex mark on her neck,

I turned her to me looked into her she had that sexiness in her eyes which made her look hotter I held her head and we started kissing each other lips vigorously like we had no time left, suddenly her daughter enters shouting mom we had to depart. She told me and her daughter to go back to the hall saying she would avcılar escort get the food there.

I was sitting on the couch and had the devil idea asked her daughter to sit on my thigh and my darling came with dinner sat beside i kept looking at her with her she told me to wait I had no patience to wait, slowly I moved close to her and started moving fingers on her waist was playing all the time with her waist while she was feeding her baby, suddenly she had to get water went to kitchen, being a beast I ran after her hugged from back in kitchen started folding her boobs and kissing her shoulder wilder she stopped and said just wait for ten mins I will give water to my daughter and make her will get to you.

After 30 mins she comes saying she will have bath, I told her to wear a sari and come soon because my monster is waiting.

She comes back exactly after 30 mins with loose hair sari down the naval stands near the bedroom door and calls me in, I quickly went near her, she had the best aroma which made my dick rock solid without any touch.

I push her into the room get on back of her started to kiss her wildly. She was the best kisser and she had amazing juicy lips, I turned went down on my knees and started squeezing her ass and biting it, while squeezing her ass I placed my hands inside her sari and started pressing her bare ass that was so smooth all time she moaning very loudly.

I get up and drop her sari down from the shoulder perfect tight boobs were not that big but perfect to my hands, started pressing them very hard, then I pushed her onto the bed removed bra. It avrupa yakası escort was worth waiting all these days I started squeezing both of boobs very hard and kissing her same time, I pushed my hands into her hairs and started to slowly lick her hard nipple and suddenly gave her a bite on nipple to which she the best moan was on her boobs for more than 10 mins.

I pulled her to the corner of bed went near her feet and start licking her feet looking into her eyes slowing coming up licking her thoughts and biting pretty hard over there I could smell her pussy.

I rubbed my nose over her dam wet pussy on panty, removed the pussy which is pink on color(she is fair) started to lick from top to down very slowly teasing her she is very horny, I push my tongue deeper into her pussy so wet and state I loved her pussy so much kept licking it. I could hear her moaning very loud. Her moans very getting louder and longer more I lick. Finally she called my mine dear idiot stop licking now and start fucking that’s was like heaven for me I pulled my dick out started to rub on top of her she understood my teasing slapped me slowly and told me fuck, I put my dick I wouldn’t say it’s a gigantic one but a big one to satisfy anyone because of the body I have, I started fucking her faster and faster squeezing her boobs and changed our posting from missionary to doggy fucked her for 15 to 20 mins finally filled my cum on her tummy.

I slept both slept beside each other nude fully sweat and I was still lying with her boobs. Suddenly she said idiot this would have happened a few months ago, I asked her how she said she saw me starring her through the window.

After that she we had sex for n number of times date chances she left to US as her husband moved there, we still talk to each other over the phone. She may visit Bangalore in the future.


Hope you all enjoyed the story. All comments or feedback can be sent to my profile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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