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Two empty lanes of beach road are in front of you on this hot sunny August morning as you and your lover drive to another horny weekend at her friend’s condo by the ocean. She lifts her hips, removes her yellow dress and tosses it into the back seat, leaving her wearing only sunglasses, flip-flops and a gold belly chain around her ample waist. Her pussy is shaved clean, a surprise gift, something she said she’d do for you.

“I hope you like it,” she says, spreading her legs wide to fully expose the gleaming open flower of her pink pussy. “What do you think?”

You fight hard to keep your eyes on the road while she pleasures herself.

“Oh my god, amazing” you say, trying not to drive off the road. You loved her big lush auburn triangle of pubic hair, but now that it’s gone you can fully see just how beautiful her pussy is, the plump hood of her clit growing more visible with her excitement. Her honey trickles out from between her lips and down between her ass cheeks, slowly coursing over the dark puckered circle of her sexy anus.

“Just getting warmed up,” she says, sucking her middle finger and softly massaging her asshole. She pushes the tip of her finger in, slowly pulls it out, sucks it, and slides it back in up to her second knuckle, then out, and holds it up to your nose.

“Like a rose?” she asks. “I loved the ones you sent…”

“Even better,” you say, your cock hard.

“For your reward you can play with my ass all you want this weekend,” she says as you suck her delicious salty finger. “But don’t forget my pussy…”

“How could I? That’s not going to happen, babe, wow. Not after what you’ve done for me…”

Just thinking about this weekend kept you distracted for two weeks with intense anticipation. The first time you were at the condo you both stayed naked almost the entire weekend, making love whenever the mood struck (often). You went skinny-dipping in the ocean during the day and had sex on the beach while the sun set.

At night you sat together nude on the screened deck, drinking and talking by candlelight while the moon glimmered on the ocean and the soft soothing sound of the surf rustled in the background. The deck has a big luxurious bed where you can sleep naked and make love outside at any time without having to worry about bugs, though neighbors and people in certain places on the beach can see you. But that just adds to the fun.

That first weekend, she asked what kind of porn you like and after she told you that watching a guy get himself off really turns her on, she knelt between your legs, held her empty wine glass in front of your cock and told you to come in it. You’d never jerked off in front of someone and always felt shy about doing it, but you had a great buzz on. Her request, the sight of her naked, and being outside on that beautiful summer night really got you hot, so you gave her a show.

She watched intently as you stroked yourself hard. “Mmm that’s so sexy. Come for me…”

In an intense orgasmic rush, you shot spurt after thick white spurt into her glass, really getting off on her watching you come.

“Ooh! I haven’t seen anything like that since that porn star,” she said. “What’s his name? Peter…”


“Yes! He has the most beautiful cock. It’s a cum cannon! I used to fantasize about sucking it, feeling and tasting all that hot mess in my mouth. Mmm.”

“Hard to compete with his…”

“Oh you guys are always so hung up about your dicks. You have nothing to worry about, sweetie…I love yours…”

She gave the head a slow sensuous suck, then raised the wine glass with a wink. “Here’s to you,” she said as she swiftly drank your thick milky gift.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, contemplating the flavor and licking the last traces off the glass. “Some guys are kind of nasty but yours is always delish!”

“That is so hot to know…”

“You know what would be really hot?” she asked, still kneeling between your spread legs as she stroked your slowly softening penis.

“What?” you replied while caressing her cheek and moving her hair off her face.

“I’d love to watch you suck a cock. That would turn me on out of my mind. Would you do it for me?”

You’re on an intense sexual odyssey. The most amazing thing about it is that it’s with your ex-girlfriend’s stepmother.

JoAnn is almost 50, nearly twice your age. You had a warm connection during the years you dated her stepdaughter Julie when you were in college. You always sensed JoAnn was sweet on you, and you definitely had thoughts about her whenever Julie complained that JoAnn often walked around the house naked in front of her.

“I think she’s trying to compete with me,” Julie told you. “She has a nice body for her age and weight. She knows it and likes showing off.”

That turned out to be true. But you never imagined how uninhibited and sexual JoAnn is, how horny, sensuous, adventurous, fearless, and open. She’s your dream lover taking you sexual places you tuzla escort never imagined you’d go.

Thanks to a chance meeting after your breakup with Julie you and JoAnn started seeing each other and having fun together. When it got physical, your relationship went off your charts by a mile.

You’ll never forget first time you saw JoAnn nude. She’s 5′-4″ and heavier then she was in your Julie days, about 180 pounds but still very naturally sexy. Naked, she reminded you of the voluptuous BBW porn star Alexis Couture who is in her 40s. The difference is JoAnn has auburn ringlet curls down to her shoulders, and her breasts are smaller with big luscious pointy nipples, the biggest you’ve ever seen, that curve up toward your mouth. But she and Alexis could be twins. Even their faces are alike.

JoAnn is a fantastic kisser, and you love her wide hips and full round thighs, delicious tangy pussy, plump ass and erotic musky asshole. Even her belly turns you on. It makes her look more luscious.

You’ve discovered the huge turn-on of having sex with a much older woman. You’d only made love to women your age and never one who is as big as JoAnn. Her plush body feels so good when you’re lying on top of her, both of you naked, as you kiss her, suck her breasts and move your hard cock slowly in her warm wet pussy, or when she lies on top of you and thrills to your hands roaming her—her ass feels so big and soft-while she nuzzles your neck.

Your friends don’t understand how or why you’d want to be messing around with a woman who is so much older than you, but you and JoAnn enjoy being together. You have a real connection. You have fun. You can talk easily and openly and you make each other feel desired. Your daring, sensual sex keeps the memory of one time feeding the desire and intensity of the next.

You both share a passion for oral and anal sex. She gives you the most sensuous blowjobs, taking her time and savoring your cock and your cream. You love getting her off, sometimes more than once, by letting her just lie back and luxuriate nude while you kiss and lick her pussy for as long as she likes. She loves how you help her unwind after a long hard day at work by pouring her a glass of wine, having her step out of her skirt or pants and relax on the sofa while you go down on her until she comes. Sometimes you give her a soothing rim job while she sips her drink. The scent and taste of her asshole at the end of the day when she hasn’t showered always makes you so horny.

You share a joke that you’re both like Chinese food: delicious but you want more an hour later.

You’ve never had such a spontaneous, fun sexual relationship. You both learned quickly how to turn each other on, what gets each other off and how to do it. She makes it easy by letting you know in the most erotic ways what she wants.

Everything you’d read about how a woman in her 40s can be hypersexual and totally open about her body and desires turned out to be true. JoAnn loves that your focus is always on her pleasure first and that you can naturally get hard and come more than once a night (or morning or afternoon). You’d never been able to do that with any other lover.

She keeps you craving sex with her and you do the same to her. You’re always thinking of her and showering her with gifts and hoping this never ends. You’re living your fantasies and more, and she is too.

You’d always felt shy about getting yourself off in front of someone, but now that you know it makes her so hot, you try to take her by surprise. Sometimes you start stroking your cock hard as soon as you both wake up in bed naked together. She rests her head on your stomach and studies your erection. When you unload, she sensually smears your warm sticky white cum all over the head and shaft and sucks it. You love how she touches your penis, kisses it, tells you it’s gorgeous and that she loves the taste of your cum. She doesn’t mind you being the only one who gets off at times like those. She knows you’ll return the favor.

One of your favorite things-it was her idea-is masturbating together. It all started one afternoon in her kitchen while she was working at the sink. You came up behind her, gave her a hug and lingering kisses on her neck while you caressed her breasts and then slowly lowered her black yoga pants. You went down on her ass (she usually goes commando or wears a skimpy black thong that looks so erotic on her plus-size body) until she was on the verge of coming. Then she turned and said, “I’ve got an idea.”

She pulled two chairs close together and told you to take off your jeans and underwear. Bottomless, you sat close apart and started pleasuring yourselves until you both came. Now whenever you do it she challenges you to see who can come first. (The winner has to do whatever the loser wants, and she almost always wins, much to your pleasure.) You gaze into each other’s eyes while your orgasms build. It’s so hot. She fingers her pussy and asshole and gets a gleam in her eye when tuzla escort bayan the head of your cock starts to ooze big drops of clear precum. When you explode in ecstasy, your white globs land on her thighs and cunt. Sometimes she squirts and hits your knees or your hand while you stroke your cock.

Sex has never been so much fun, exciting or easy. It’s all about maximum pleasure and erotic adventure. She makes up games and gives you what she knows really turns you on, like when she lies on her stomach bottomless, the sight of her luscious nude ass inviting you to your favorite place in her valley.

One night on a train you started kissing and slyly playing with each other. When the car was almost empty, she pulled the top of her dress down (she was naked underneath) so you could suck her breasts while you gently fingered her pussy until she discreetly came. Then she stood up, turned her back to you and lifted the hem so you could kiss and lick her ass. The musky scent between her cheeks was so erotic and you were working your tongue into her deliciously spicy asshole when the conductor suddenly came in.

She’s the first woman who ever licked your ass. It felt so good, so soothing and exciting, and your nervousness faded when you realized she was really into it, her tongue lingering on your anus as she softly moaned while she pleasured you. You were amazed when she told you she’d only rimmed women. You always tell her how delicious she tastes when you’re sucking and licking her breasts, armpits, pussy, ass and feet, so when she says it to you, you quickly come.

You both love a 69 in the middle of the day or while you’re watching TV at night. That first weekend at the condo she stood in front of you wearing only a towel she’d wrapped her hair in after you’d come back from skinny-dipping. “Let’s be kinky,” she said with a wickedly playful smile, taking your cock in her hand and stroking it. “I’m feeling very horny. I want you to lick my fanny and I’ll lick yours. Let’s see if we can make each other come.”

She gave you a lingering kiss and said in a soft, sexy voice, “But only by licking each other’s fannyhole. No touching anything else. Would you like that? I know you want to taste mine before I shower … it’s all hot and salty and dirty … mmm … come lick my asshole sweetie…”

She was all sweaty and salty from being on the beach. Your heart thudded with excitement as you went out to the bed on the deck, kissed, lay down on your sides and curled up together with your heads between each other’s legs. Her big thighs and musky ass enveloped your face as you kissed them and you felt her mouth exploring underneath your balls. As the ocean wind caressed your bodies, it was so exciting kissing, licking and pleasuring the most intimate part of each other’s body. As promised, the crack of her ass and her asshole tasted so good.

With your tongues as far as they could go inside each other she came, her tight smooth anal walls twitching. You came too but got a little help over the edge from the sensation of your cock against her breasts.

“Mmm, your tongue is magic back there,” she said as you cuddled, spent and recovering from your releases. “I love having my fannyhole licked. It’s so naughty and exciting and it feels so good. You really know how to do it. Where did you learn?”

“From you. I’ve only done it with you…”

“Really? You never licked Julie’s fanny? Or another woman’s?”

“No. I wanted to, but I thought most women don’t like anal…”

“I definitely do!” she laughed. “I love anal sex. It’s so dirty and erotic and the orgasms are the best. So much stronger than when I have a pussy cum. All it takes is a finger … or a tongue like yours. Your cock feels nice back there too. Did my ass taste good?”

“You’re always delicious. I love how you taste and the scent of your ass is amazing. I can’t get enough. You have such a sexy asshole. It’s such a turn on.”

“Love it more than my pussy?” she asked, giving you a soft kiss and looking in your eyes. “I think you do!”

“I can’t go wrong either way,” you said as you kissed her.

“Enjoy!” she said, giving you another warm kiss in return. “It turns me on to know you like my ass. It’s my favorite pleasure zone. Isn’t it nice to know me so intimately?”

It is. You’ve discovered how much you love exploring an older woman’s body, getting her off and seeing how easily she has multiple intense orgasms. JoAnn looks and sounds so sexy when you’re making love, especially when you’re down between her legs and when she comes. Most of all you love how uninhibited she is and unafraid to tell you what she wants and likes.

You have all-day sex-a-thons where you get naked, watch porn, share your most erotic fantasies and make each other come as many times as you can. Your record for orgasms in one day with her is three (hers is eight with you), each one more intense than the last during a session that lasted all afternoon and into the evening with breaks for escort tuzla snacks, drinks and trips to the bathroom where you watched each other pee. She playfully held your cock while you went, aiming your stream into the bowl. “It’s like a firehose!” she laughed.

When she went, she sat on the big white toilet with her legs spread as you watched the clear thick stream from her pussy. “Would you like me to pee on you?” she asked. “Are you into that kind of thing?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it, but I’m willing to try anything with you.”

“I’ve never done something like that but it might be fun,” she said, finishing. “I have to poo.”

As you turn to leave, she says, “You can stay. I’m not really shy about anything.”

You’d never been in that situation before and weren’t sure what to do, but you stayed. It was one of your most intimately erotic moments together. You’ll never forget her little smile and the sultry look in her eye as you heard a splash in the bowl and her musky aroma filled the air.

“Want to wipe me?” she asked with a wicked smile.

She spread her legs wider and sighed with pleasure as you lovingly slid a wad of soft tissue under her and between her ass cheeks, letting it linger on her anus. She was surprisingly clean. You gave her another slower, more sensual wipe, dropped the tissue into the bowl and kissed her as she flushed and stood up.

“There now,” she said, looking into your eyes. “Wasn’t it sexy how I shared my body with you? So intimate?”

“It was amazing,” you say, taking her in your arms and kissing. “You can do no wrong.”

“That’s what I like to hear!” she replied as you returned to her bedroom for more sex. She sat on the bed with you standing in front of her as she sucked you hard for the third time that day.

“I love being so open,” she said between sucks, holding your hard cock against her cheek. “In some cultures couples aren’t afraid to poo together.”

You watched as she nuzzled your balls and pubic hair. “Mmm, you always smell and taste so good. I love sucking you.”

What she was doing and thought of what she’d just done in the bathroom made you so crazy with lust that you gently took her arms, helped her stand and turned her around, telling her to kneel on the bed with her ass raised. While she sighed with contentment you went down on her luscious rear, cupping her cheeks, spreading them and making her respond with loud moans while you licked, sucked and kissed the fragrant, tasty crack of her ass. Her anus still soft and sensitive from her release, she came quickly from your tongue’s gentle efforts.

“Mmmm,” she said as you rose and kissed her neck. “I like how fearless you are! Just like me!”

Your balls ached for two days after. She texted to say she could barely sit down. She’d twice taken your cock in her ass and the second time took quite a while for you to get off as you’d already come twice that day. She finally told you to pull out. Turning around and kneeling in front of you she brought your erection to her mouth and sucked you off, the kinky fearlessness of her act so hot it got you over the threshold in seconds.

“Wow. That was amazing,” you said, as she dabbed your cum off her chin and licked it off her finger. “You’re the first woman I’ve known who’ll do that. I’ve only seen it in videos…”

“What? Suck a cock that’s been in my ass? What’s the big deal? It’s my ass! I like the taste. I like how my pussy tastes too.” She laughed. “I’d lick them both if I could reach … luckily I have you.”

You’re always thinking of new ways to play and be erotic. When you arrive at the condo for this latest weekend, JoAnn gets out of the car and heads up the stairs to the top floor without bothering to put her dress back on. Her being naked isn’t anything people there haven’t seen before. The condo is on a legal nude beach that’s about a mile long and the first time you were there she even drove into town one night wearing only a gray tank top, sunglasses and her sunhat, a towel nearby in case she had to cover up if a cop pulled up next to you.

“I’m going to have a little fun,” she said as you pulled into a gas station. She drew appreciative gazes while she filled the tank bottomless and then hopped back in.

Once you’ve settled your stuff, you strip and head out to the beach. Heads turn as you go. Your cock is hard, bobbing as you walk, your eyes on the incredibly sexy sway of JoAnn’s gorgeous bare ass. The way it moves when she walks is a total turn-on and she always makes the most of it with her sheer dresses and tight pants that ride into the crack and accent her big plush cheeks.

You leave your stuff on the sand and wade into the warm surf where you kiss and hug. The waves push you back and forth as your cock presses against her pussy and she guides it in. She lifts her legs and floats while you slowly slide in and out, your mutual excitement growing.

“Mmmm,” she purrs as you lick at her breasts, her nipples hard. “We should go to one of those resorts where you can be naked and fuck wherever you want. Wouldn’t that be great?”

“With you it would be amazing,” you say, kissing her, your cock fully inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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