Off the Hook!

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Brad needed this party. Stress had once more reared it’s ugly head and sent him into a frenzy of action. Struggling with punishing deadlines, spending long days hunched over cryptic books and vainly attempting to organize lazy workmates had left the young man feeling as worn out as a fat man’s pair of tights. No amount of working out at the gym had helped to reinvigorate Brad, the only solution now was to have one hell of party, to just cut loose and get his groove on.

He was suddenly shaken out of his reverie when he realized that one of his friends had addressed him, repeatedly by the sound of things.

“Yo, Brad, snap the fuck out of it, man! Earth to Brad, seriously! Wakey wakey!” Freddy yammered, as we was wont to do. “This party is gonna be OFF THE HOOK, bro’! And here you are all bizzer man! Fallin’ asleep on us? Shit you ain’t even touched your shit, man! You got some catchin’ up to do!”

“Man, shut the fuck up!” Brad drawled in reply, and swiftly downed his drink; a mixture of vodka, rum and fruit soda. It was smooth and felt good. “John! Break the stuff out and let’s have us another round!”

On the other side of the cramped dorm room, John stood up from where he had sat slumped against a bookshelf and, with the careful steps of those who are in a chemically induced state, made his way to a glass cabinet where he kept his booze, or as Brad had put it, “the stuff”. He rummaged around in the cabinet for a while and finally came over with a number of bottles, each more exotically labeled than the last.

“Sheeeiit!” exclaimed Freddy, a huge toad grin splitting his narrow, bony face “You’ve got some hardcore shit up in this bitch, bro’! That’s enough booze to float a fucking cruiser, yo!”

“Yep” John replied, and unable to resist the infectious quality of Freddy’s smile, flashed a broad grin of his own, lighting up his usually sombre and dark face.

Brad smiled as well as he slowly stood up from John’s and couch stretched greatly, brushing his fingertips against the low ceiling of John’s little dorm room, before making his away across the tiny space and getting to work on refilling his glass.

“Hey, John, I gotta thank you for having us over for the warmup, man! This place is pretty sweet: close to the party and full of booze.” Brad said with a broad smile on his cleanly shaven face.

“It ain’t no thing, Brad. Also, I expect that you’ll restock my cabinet” John replied and indicated his stash of “the stuff”, now visibly diminished after the ravages of the thirsty trio.

“Sure thing, man!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, whatever dudes! You chattin’ or drinkin’? Let’s down these mothers and hit the road!” Freddy nattered from his seat on the corner of John’s unmade bed.

“He’s got a point” John admitted.

Brad just shrugged and held his tumbler out. “Here’s to one hell of a party!”

“Hell yeah!” his friends cheered in unison, before all three of them downed their final drinks and slammed the tumblers down on the table.

They all stood and started to smooth out their clothes and generally get ready to head out. Brad was wearing a simple black tank-top and a pair of snugly fitting jeans. Usually he felt that it was hard to properly carry a tank-top, but tonight he felt that he could get away with it and the fact that it showed off his physique was an added bonus. He was in good shape, but not musclebound, and the lack of sleeves presented his broad shoulders well.

Freddy straightened his “lucky hoodie”, a piece of apparel so ancient that it had probably seen the rise and fall of the roman empire. It was covered in patches and no two were alike in shape, size or colour. The repairs had in some places gone so far that the patches had patches. Yet he swore by it and said that it gave him luck with the ladies. “Whatever floats his boat” Brad thought to himself.

After a quick rummage through his closet, John decided on a simple short-sleeved shirt to go with his shorts. He was a simple dresser.

“That’s enough standing around, ladies!” roared Brad “Let’s get this show on the road!”

And with another cheer the trio set off through the night.

The party, or rather, the parties were indeed, off the hook. One could go so far as to say that the hook was no longer in sight, and might in fact be on a wholly different continent.

Spread across several dorm buildings, and spilling out onto the campus grounds in between, the festivities were loud, frenetic and absolutely awesome. The trio soon found themselves swept up into the partying masses and were funneled around with no real sense of direction, time or balance.

The latter was no real problem though, as the bouncing bodies of young men and women were so tightly packed that falling over was simply impossible. Somehow from somewhere somebody had managed to scrounge up a cover-band that was shredding through their set list on a hastily thrown together stage, complete with stage divers. The crowd was going wild, screaming along with the singer and flinging themselves off the stage, and even off the roof of a nearby bicycle shed, to land on the upraised hands of the cheering masses. Brad watched, stupefied, as Freddy clambered up onto the stage, bahis siteleri arms held high, hands throwing up the horns, and screaming a wordless roar throw himself onto the crowd where he was carried away.

“That was fucken’ awesome!” Brad yelled.

“What?” John replied beside him.





The night went on and the three young guys moved from dorm house to dorm house. These houses seemed to have been built with partying in mind. Rather than the typical design with a straight corridor and rooms along that, these houses were built around a central, communal area that combined kitchen with dance floor. Several hours into the night, the trio found themselves on a particularly bouncing dance floor. A DJ stood on a raised dais at one end of the room and he was working frantically to deliver some fat beats.

But suddenly, music took a back seat in Brad’s mind as his dark eyes locked onto a sight that came dangerously close to taking his breath away.

She was tall, maybe head and shoulders shorter than him, and slim. Slim but not skinny, she had shapes in all the right places, and dressed to accentuate it. With a pair of low cut jean shorts that ended midthigh and a white and green striped spaghetti tank top she was a picture of young, nubile sexiness. With a hungry smile he also noted that she was not wearing a bra. Brad’s eyes hungrily lapped up the sight of her, taking in her long, finely toned legs and how her mane of fiery red hair, the colour of burnished copper, fell in lazy ringlets down her bare, shapely shoulders. The young woman’s skin was exquisitely pale, not the pallor of those who avoid the sun, but a rich, creamy tone that looked as smooth as silk. Brad felt a stirring in his pants at the very sight of this wonderful creature. His eyes felt drawn to her strikingly green, large orbs, and in the instant that their gazes met something primal and animalistic passed between them. The pounding, tribal music disappeared into a background buzz as a single thought emerged and dominated Brad’s slightly fuzzy brain: “I’ve got to get over there, I gotta go to her… I’ve got to have her.”

Brad was dimly aware of John and Freddy tagging along behind him as he smoothly wound his way through the dancing throng. Before long he was standing before the flame headed beauty, her pretty face turned up towards his with an expression of… curiosity? Lust? He didn’t know. They exchanged words, but if anybody had later asked him what had been said he wouldn’t be able to answer. What Brad could remember was that suddenly he went blind, and that he felt something warm and soft pressing against his mouth. His body understood before he did and responded in kind; the young pairs’ lips crashing together in a fiery kiss. Brad circled her narrow waist with his strong arms and felt how she pressed her lithe body against him, felt her deliciously soft breasts pressing against his upper abdomen. He moved one hand up along her arched back and gripped her neck in a firm, but gentle grip, locking her mouth to his. She didn’t resist, to the contrary she fell into the kiss even further, her full lips parting eagerly. Brad gently sucked on her ripe lower lip, and somehow managed to hear her little moan over the sound of the pounding music. In return she playfully nipped his lips, eliciting a sharp gasp of surprise, pain and most of all, pleasure, from Brad. Not one to be one-upped he moved his lips lower and brushed them against the tender, ivory skin of the pale beauty’s neck. He bit down, softly, into that sensitive spot and was rewarded by another moan. She felt Brad’s lips form a satisfied smile against the side of her neck.

Without warning somebody in the dancing crowd bumped against the entangled pair and sent both of them crashing against a bookshelf set against the wall. They didn’t even flinch. Breathing deep the smell of her coppery hair, the lusty young man slowly started to slide his hand up the outside of the equally lusty young woman’s tank top. As his mouth worked her neck and sensitive earlobe, now gently kissing, now playfully biting, his roving hand cupped a breast that was an ample handful. Meeting no resistance to his advances he swiftly slid the exploring hand up under the barrier of cloth and slid his eager paw across the silky smooth skin of her taut stomach. As his fingers closed on their sought prize, Brad felt the fiery young woman tangle her small hands in his shortly cropped hair, pulling his head up, their lips once more meeting in a hungry kiss. The young man’s eagerly roving hand sought out her erect nipple, eliciting small gasps of pleasure as his dextrous fingers found their mark. The earlier stirrings in his pants had now moved on to a fully fledged erection that strained at his jeans. At that moment something came over Brad. Maybe it was the pounding music, the animal sounds of pleasure emanating from the woman in his arms, or just a culmination of sexual tension and stress or maybe all the above.

With his eyes still closed, he dipped his head down low, and with one hand firmly gripping the front of her tank top, pulled it up to reveal her shapely breasts, exposing them to his hungry canlı bahis siteleri mouth. He swiftly took one erect nipple in his mouth, his free hand working the other. His tongue flickered like a flame across the sensitive nipple, it’s shape and size resembling a raspberry so ripe it begged to be eaten. And with such a thought in mind Brad let his teeth gently play over the tasty treat. His lips formed a smile against her smooth breast as his ministrations were rewarded by a quick gasp of pleasure. The fact that they were standing at the edge of a crowd of dancing youths, dancing witnesses, did nothing to deter them. Finally, opening his eyes, Brad spied a worthy prize behind the ivory skinned woman: a vacant couch.

Easily maneuvering her towards it, her hands still entangled in his hair, the strong young man lowered her onto the couch and straddled her. Once more he found his head pulled up and his lips assaulted most pleasurably by her fiery advancements. Her small, sharp teeth nipping at his lips, her hot tongue intertwining with his own. Brad stayed there for a long while, savoring the passionate kisses, the exotic taste of her mouth. While their mouths busied themselves the young pairs’ hands roamed. Brad felt a small hand rub across his hairy chest and soon found his nipple twisted in a fashion not unpleasant. Not long after he felt her other hand hungrily stroke his straining bulge.

In return he slid his hand down across the hot skin of her stomach and cupped the front of her jean shorts. She squirmed against his hand, grinding herself against him. Moving his mouth to once more tease her smooth neck, Brad worked his hand down the front of her snug shorts and down the front of her panties. He felt neatly trimmed hair brush against his sensitive fingertips as he reached his moist goal. The fiery young woman’s lower set of lips were invitingly soft and slick with the juices of lust when Brad’s roving hand slid across their sensitive surface. Unable to restrain himself he slowly slid a finger up her wet cave. It was soon followed by another and he started to pump his digits rhythmically. The redheaded beauty moaned quite openly, and many an eyebrow was raised in the dancing crowd at the sight of the entwined pair.

“How does that feel?” Brad managed to gasp between fierce kisses.

“Good” She breathed in reply



He complied.

As his agile fingers worked her wet crack, Brad’s mouth worked her lips and neck, kissing, licking, sucking and on occasion biting gently.

“What’s your name?” The beauty asked, her voice a husky whisper, almost inaudible over the din of the party.

“Brad” came the muffled reply.


“Annah, wanna take this somewhere more private?” Brad managed to ask between gasps for air as Annah kissed his breath away.

“Yes…” her voice was heavy with lust.

The, now quite inflamed, young man slid his pumping fingers out of Annah and swiftly sucked the sweet juices off of his sticky digits.

“My place ain’t far.”


Brad couldn’t remember the trip back to his dorm, but he did remember carrying a squealing Annah over his shoulder, her sharp little teeth digging into his exposed lower back, as he fumbled the door to his dorm room open. Stumbling into the tiny space he kicked the door shut behind him and almost ran to his bed, where he unceremoniously dumped the giggling redhead. Tearing his tank top off and flinging it across the room the panting young man fell to his knees before the lounging, firehaired woman. With a low, animal, growl at the back of his throat Brad furiously set to work on releasing Annah from her constricting shorts. She attempted to help, but they just ended up tangling their fingers together. After some effort, and a lot of giggling, Brad managed dislodge his trapped digits. The impatient man then swiftly moved the giggling woman’s hands aside and roughly ripped her shorts open, spraying buttons across the room. Annah squealed in shock and delight, and soon dissolved into more giggles as Brad pulled the torn piece of apparel off her and flung it over his shoulder.

Annah was wearing a simple pair of white cotton panties and her arousement was as obvious as the dark patch on their front. Still growling softly, much to the apparent amusement of the aroused young woman, Brad gripped the front edge of Annah’s underwear with his teeth and, smiling widely around the white material, slowly eased them down her long, smooth legs. Brad’s smile widened further at the view that was revealed.

“I see you’ve rolled out the red carpet for me, babe.” He said, his gaze rising to met Annah’s pale green eyes.

Her only reply was to smile invitingly. An invitation that Brad couldn’t refuse.

Snapping his eyes back down to that enticing patch of red hair, neatly trimmed to resemble a downward pointing triangle the pussy hungry young man felt his cock strain, almost painfully, against his snug pants. He followed the triangle down to the pale beauty’s full, ripe labia. Her excitement had flushed them, colouring them a gentle rose hue, and they shone wetly, beckoningly.

The entranced young man slid one hand up Annah’s slender leg canlı bahis as he lowered his head, allowing him to brush his lips against that deliciously red bush, to take in the rich scent of her pleasure. He reveled in the feel of trimmed hair tickling his sensitive skin. His strong hand gently massaged the inside of the softly panting woman’s knee as he moved his tongue around the outer edges of the crimson triangle. Slowly he slid his probing tongue down to suddenly, swiftly flick across her inflamed lips, eliciting a sudden intake of breath. His questing appendage continued to roam across her rosy lips, sliding slowly along the outer edges before, without warning, flickering up along her wet cleft. Annah’s panting started to pick up as Brad worked his tongue in ever faster, ever tighter swirls across the outside of her sensitive, swollen lips, smiling all the while as he exulted in the results of his handiwork.

“How do you like that?” Brad started to ask before suddenly having his head slammed into Annah’s

wet crack. He felt small hands, digging almost painfully into his hair, pressing his face into that sweetly scented cavern.

“Do me proper, and do me now!” Annah growled, her voice husky with lust.

“Oh, you bet’ya!” the pussy breathing man tried to say, but what Annah heard sounded more like “Ohmuummf”.

Brad’s tongue started digging in deep between the thick, rosy lips, savoring the flavor of her as he burrowed deep. The panting woman threw back her head and bit her full lower lip to keep from groaning loudly. Brad slid his free hand up to the dripping, wet opening and slowly slid one finger in while moving his tongue out. Flattening his tongue, he started to mop it across the wet lips, lapping up their sweet juices as he added another finger to the excavation. He started to lick in upward moving strokes, ending each sweet trip with a flick at Annah’s sweet spot, the all important button of flesh. Each flick across her engorged clit caused the fierce woman to squeal in delight, and her breathing was now fast and frantic as Brad picked up the pace of his ministrations.

He couldn’t hold back moans of his own as his tongue moved at an incredible pace, seeming to cover the entirety of Annah’s sopping wet pussy at all times.

Leaving mercy behind, Brad moved his attention wholly to the pink clit, flickering his tongue back and forth, side to side, up and down and in any other directional combination that he could think of. Before long Annah was shuddering violently, her long legs shivering as she neared an explosive orgasm. Never letting up, the hard working young man ramped up the movements of his tongue, and feeling that thick muscle start to tire, carefully added his teeth to the party. Luckily he didn’t have to go on that much longer as Annah clenched her hands, still in his hair, and pressed his face hard against her. Head still thrown back, red hair falling down her arched back, the orgasming woman let out a primal sound that was somewhere between scream and moan. Face pressed against her wet lips and crushed between smooth legs, Brad clearly felt her quaking body buck wildly, and absently started thinking that he might choke down here. Not a bad way to go.

Finally, Annah regained her senses enough to release Brad from his, not entirely unenjoyable, imprisonment. She smiled sheepishly at him, a playful twinkle in her large eyes.

“You always this loud?” Brad graveled when he managed to regain his breath.

“No, It’s not always I get eaten out so well…” she replied, her sheepish smile widening and taking on an appreciative tone.

“Well then…” and with those words the gasping man took a deep breath and dove right back in, much to the delight of Annah who once more threw back her head in pure enjoyment.

No longer able to ignore the pressure in his pants, Brad started to undo the buttons at the front of his jeans, all the while working his tongue wetly in Annah’s dripping slit. Finally having defeated the obstacle of his button-fly, no easy feat with fingers slick with the hot juices of lust, he firmly grabbed the redhead’s arms, ceasing their clutching at his head, causing her squeals of delight to take on a tone of surprise. Brad straightened up from his oral attentions, bulge now even more visible as his pants fell away to reveal his tight, grey boxers. Annah quickly caught on, and wiggled her arms free from the erect young man’s, now loose, grip. With a smooth move she pulled her tank top over her head and threw it aside, revealing her jiggling breasts. The sight of those heaving mammaries, invitingly pink nipples erect, aerola flushed the same rose shade as her lower lips, sent Brad into a lust-fueled feeding frenzy. Swelling erection momentarily forgotten, he leaned down towards Annah, one hand gripping her waist, his other hand sliding along her smooth stomach to cup a soft, but also firm breast. Still holding on to that sweet orb of flesh, he hungrily mouthed the other one. Sucking on that firm tit, his tongue working the nipple as his teeth softly teased it. He then also, not all that ungently, massaged the one still in his grip. His fingers tweaked Annah’s large, engorged nipple as he bit down on the other one. The fiery beauty leaned back, resting on her elbows, full lips parting soundlessly, eyes closed. Brad growled softly as he alternated between the two pear shaped godsends, constantly pleasuring both in one way or another.

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