On The Beach

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It really was one of those days, you remember, the days we always talk about when we grow older and reminisce about the summers when we were young, they were all long, hot and sunny — even though they probably weren’t.

Anyway, today was one of those fine days, a day for a trip to the beach.

So, here we were, down on the beach, a trip we made every time we had a sunny Sunday through the summer holidays.

Looking towards the ocean, there was that heat haze that makes everything look and feel a bit surreal. Movements seemed slower, noises seemed quieter and more distant — you know — sort of surreal.

This was a family trip, mom, dad, my brother, sister and a few friends. Now that I had turned 18, it would probably be the last time we would all be together like that. Same routine, pack a lunch and drinks, the towels, swimwear, sports gear, sun shield, a real car full.

We parked in our usual spot at the back of the beach, just in front of the sand dunes where it was a bit more sheltered. Unpacked all the gear and the lunch and set up our base in a nice spot just into the dunes. Me, my brother, sister and our friends went off to the flat part of the beach to play football, mom liked to sunbathe and dad always went of for a swim. At least he said it was a swim as he would be gone a long time — I did always wonder?

After a few hours, we gathered again back at base to eat our lunch and lie in the sun. After a while dad went off again for his swim and the rest of the gang for more ball games on the sand. Mom stayed and sunbathed some more and I decided to stay and read a book.

As I said earlier, it was a surreal atmosphere, and my mind started to wonder, I looked over at mom and checked her out — all in an innocent way of course. At 40, she had plenty of flesh but not fat and it was all in the right places. She wore rather conservative but quite tight shorts in a green check and a white top and I guessed quite a matronly bra underneath.

I recalled seeing her tits by accident when I was younger; she was coming out of the bathroom and thought the house was empty. They were quite big, round, white and with what seemed a massive pink aureole and deep red large nipples. I masturbated on that vision for many years after that.

I also recalled that time we were on holiday, I walked into the caravan and she was sitting there with no pants on and I was amazed at what a big black bush she had. I guess now looking back; she and dad had just been fucking. Anyway, she covered herself quickly and probably hoped I hadn’t seen anything.

With these thoughts and her lying there flat on her back I started to think what a great looking woman she is. Great shape, longish dark hair, clear white skin — a very real “English rose”.

I moved about trying to get a good angle to spy down her top or up the leg of her shorts, but no luck.

She looked over at me and I guessed she caught me staring but probably thought nothing of it. Do you fancy a walk in the dunes, she said. We can walk off our ankara escort lunch.

The sand dunes went back about half a mile and extended for miles along the beach. It was the haunt of a few weirdoes’ and peeping tom’s hoping to spy on courting couples, but otherwise quite deserted and quite safe. There was tall grass and reed so some spots between dunes were quite secluded.

Anyway we set off for our walk through the dunes. Walking through hot soft sand is hard work, especially when following a great plump round arse in rather tight check shorts. I couldn’t take my eyes of that side to side movement, my imagination was working overtime.

But then another movement caught my eye. Just beyond the top of the dunes on our right, I caught a glimpse of a man’s head through the grass. He was keeping pace with us but just out of sight.

We came eventually to a small clearing in the dunes and I said to mom we should rest up for a while. She was carrying a towel which she laid out on the sand in little spot of seclusion surrounded by the dunes and the grass.

Mom, I said can you see that guy over there hiding in the grass watching us?

What is he doing that for, she asked, sounding a bit alarmed.

He thinks we are a couple and is hoping he can watch us having sex, I answered.

But we are mother and son — that’s disgusting, she exclaimed.

He doesn’t know that, but I guess if he did he would be even more turned on, I ventured.

You mean he would be turned on watching incest! I can’t believe people are like that, she said, but with a slightly curious tone in her voice.

Why don’t we tease him a bit? I suggested with my heart starting to beat more quickly.

How? She responded suspiciously, but with a growing interest.

Let’s sit close together and have a kiss and I then will say out loud, I love you mom.

You are really nasty; she said, but OK, just one kiss for fun.

So we moved up closer on the towel and moved our lips together to kiss, just for a few seconds. It was a typical mom – son kiss so I was a bit disappointed.

Mom, that was too soft and friendly, it’s got to be a kiss with some real passion or he won’t be fooled.

I think she was warming to this — at least I hoped she was!

She moved in real close, gripped my face with both hands locked her lips on mine and then to my surprise she slid her tongue between my lips. She curled her tongue inside my mouth, virtually cleaned my teeth and gums with it. I was in a state of shock — good shock that is, I was growing a raging hard on inside my shorts, I was sweating, shaking — my goodness what a great feeling.

Eventually she removed her tongue and backed slightly away from me.

“I love you mom” I shouted and I swear the body of the peeper jumped a foot of the ground! Mom, I said, look about 10 feet to the left of that guys head hiding in the grass.

There is another one, she gasped, we are attracting an audience!

I swear she said that with a degree of pride and some escort ankara excitement in her voice.

Then we really need to put on a good show — I think you should slip your top off. I suggested. No way, she said, I am not doing that — but without any real conviction.

Oh come on, we have got them going now, look they seem to be edging nearer to us to get a better view.

She looked thoughtful – OK she said and then very slowly pulled her top over her head to reveal those great white tits of hers wrapped up in a rather large but sexy white lacy bra.

Wow, I said, let’s do the kiss for them again. I could hardly control myself.

The repeat was even better, even deeper and even longer that the first. I slowly and cautiously moved my hand to her chest and started to caress her tits outside the lacy bra, it felt fantastic beneath my fingers. I could fell her nipple hardening beneath the lace.

She let this go for a few moments then said, what do you think you are doing.

Making it realistic for them I answered; she paused, looked at me but then thankfully carried on kissing.

I paused for breath and said why don’t you slip the bra off so they can see those fantastic tits of yours.

You’re the one so big on realism, why don’t you do it for me, she said.

What! Is this really happening? I almost fainted! I leant around her back, unclipped the fastener and slipped the straps over her arms and slid the bra off. There they were in all their glory. Those I amazing tits I had fantasised about for years, big, round, white, with those enormous pink aureole and deep red nipples. I could only stare in stunned silence.

Mom soon snapped me out of it. So what’s next on this show you are giving, she said.

No problem Mom, I should caress your tits and then kiss and suck your nipples.

Did I actually say that!

You better get on with it then, she said, we don’t want to lose our audience and we can’t stay here all day.

Did she actually say that!

I was in heaven, I kissed them, sucked them, weighed them in my hands, caressed the smooth white skin, ran my tongue on top and underneath, I just never wanted this to stop. All the time my cock was bursting in my shorts — but I didn’t care.

Then there were three voyeurs!

Look I whispered to Mom, there’s three and I swear they seem to have crawled closer for a better view.

Mom could scarcely control her excitement. I don’t know which was the greater turn on for her, what I was doing to her tits or being watched by three guys!

The sun continued to beat down but there was a slight breeze blowing through the long grass, this only made the atmosphere more erotic and intense.

It was inevitable we had to move to the next stage; I slid my hand slowly down to the top of her shorts and just ran my fingers under the waistband. No reaction so I became bolder and slipped my hand inside her shorts and I could just feel her thick pubic hair catching my fingernails. Mom stretched out her legs a bit more ankara escort bayan and opened her thighs slightly. That was it, no stopping me now.

I unzipped her shorts and slid my hand right inside her panties and felt the moist lips of hep pussy. I pushed in one finger, then another, then all 4 fingers and fucked her slowly with my hand. By now she was moaning and groaning and was obviously beyond any self control.

I had to be smart now and resist the urge just to dive on top of her — the show must go on!

I eased her back onto the towel, and then slowly pulled down her shorts and panties, all the time making sure everything was on view for the three guys. I eased her legs apart just staying to the side so not to block the view. There it was, even better than I imagined. She had masses of thick black curly pubic hair and then bright red and very, large lips around her pussy. I stared for what seemed like an eternity but then snapped back to reality and the next act in our show.

I pulled of my own shorts and my rather average size cock was still hard and bursting for release.

I climbed on top of her and slowly eased my cock into her pussy — what a feeling, it was incredible, I can’t describe it with words!

I was moving back and forth inside her, she was groaning really loudly and the three guys seemed to be edging even nearer through the grass. I was slobbering over her lips, pushing my tongue into every corner of her mouth and all the time squeezing those tits.

Mom, I managed to say with my voice all but breaking, they can’t see properly now because I am on top of you. Her eyes were closed and she was in another place.

Mom, turn over and get onto your hands and knees. She responded like a robot never actually opening her eyes or coming out of her trance like state.

She was on all fours now, her wonderful arse sticking in the air and her pussy fully exposed.

I knelt up behind her and again slowly slid my cock into her pussy, keeping at an angle so the guys had a great view.

Now the three guys were not even trying to hide, they were close enough to smell or touch us and they had their cocks out wanking furiously.

I had to finish this, I was bursting to come. So I fucked her from behind pushing it in as far as it would go, she was groaning louder and louder. My body was slapping against her arse cheeks, I was moving faster and faster, I was pushing harder and harder. My breathing was becoming more laboured; her groaning was reaching a crescendo.

I’m coming she screamed.

So am I, I shouted

We both came like never before.

The three guys came, wanking their cocks, groaning and spurting come onto the sand.

Mom and I lay back totally spent and exhausted. After a while I opened my eyes and looked up, I must have slept for a few moments. I looked around, the guys had disappeared and mom had put her shorts and top back on.

Let’s get back, she said.

We didn’t speak after that, she picked up the towel and we headed back to base in silence. When we arrived Dad was back from his swim, the gang were back from the beach football and we collected up all the stuff into the car and headed for home.

Like I said — it was one of those days – surreal.

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