Prom Night Gone Bad, Or Has It?

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My sister & I are Navy brats. My Dad has been in the Navy since he was 18 so as a result, my sister & I were each born in a Navy hospital. Megan is 3 years younger than I am and looks just like our mother…tall, thin & just gorgeous. I’ll get into her more a little later, though.

I remember the day they brought her home from the hospital…my Dad explained to me that since she was my sister, I was going to have to take good care of her…to never let anyone hurt or harm her. At 3 years old, I tried to understand what he was saying & I think I got the jist of it.

When she was old enough, Mom started to bath us together and being the inquizative child that I was, I started to question Mom about our “physical” differences.


“Yes, baby?”

“Why doesn’t Megan have a thingy between her legs like I do?”

“Well…because she’s a girl. A boy is born with a penis between his legs & a girl is born with a vagina. They are both two different things yet they are very important …seperately and together!”

“How do you mean?”

“Well…when you have to go pee, you pee out of your penis…when Megan has to pee, she does it out of her vagina. Later on in life, you’ll see the other uses for each one but you don’t need to know that now.”

“Ok, Mom…”

I accepted her answer & reasons, but I had a feeling that I was going to escort ataşehir have to find out more about this difference.

Since Dad was in the Navy, we were stationed all over the world…the States, Italy, Germany…all over. As a result, we never made too many friends so Megan & I seemed to rely on each other for fun & games.

When I was 15, Dad got wounded in combat and as a result, was sent home. Months later, he got a full discharge & we eventually got to move to a new location and stay there…permanently! Megan & I were so excited. Finally…new friends that we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to in a few months.

As the years went by, Megan & I grew up and became your everyday average teenagers. We would laugh & joke around, yell & scream at each other…you know…teenager stuff. No matter how pissed off we got at each other, we were still best of friends. However, at this point in time, things were about to take an interesting turn.

Megan, as I said before, looks just like our Mother…she’s tall…about 5’7…maybe weighs about 115..116 lbs…has long, gorgeous blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She doesn’t have much on top, but I can safely say that her best asset is her ass! It’s perfectly round and kind of plump but by no means is it fat. It’s the ass that every girl would die to have!

So, I wake kadıköy escort up one morning & as I go to get into the shower, I open the bathroom door & there, sitting on the toilet is Megan. Mom & Dad had already left for work so I thought the house was empty. Needless to say, since I thought the house was empty & I was heading to the shower, I was naked. When I opened the door naked & saw her naked, on the toilet, we both kind of freaked out. She freaked out a little more because she was growing into a woman now & was embarassed by her body…at least that’s what Mom kept telling me.

“Oh my God…I’m sorry Megan…I thought no one was home…it was so quiet!”

“It’s ok…you just scared me cause I thought I was the only one home!”

We both started laughing for a minute then it dawned on us that we were both hanging out talking…NAKED! She grabbed her towel & started to cover up & I pulled the door closed & told her to go first. She said thanks & I heard the shoer door open. I went back to my room & sat on the bed. I couldn’t believe that I just saw her naked…she certainly looked different from when I saw her naked last…when she was 5! That was when Mom split us up from taking baths together. “You’re becoming to old now” she would say. As I thought about her newly discovered body, I noticed that my dick was starting to get a bit hard. maltepe escort bayan As a teen boy, the wind could blow & your dick would get hard, but this time, it was because of seeing my sister. That was truely the first “adult-like” naked body I have ever seen…in person anyway.

Flash forward one year & as I was sitting on the couch watching tv, Megan came running in the house screaming that she just got invited to the Senior Dance. After yelling at her to calm down, I asked her all the details and she said that this guy, Frankie O’Mally had asked her to go. Now, I knew a little about Frankie…he was an asshole to everyone…one of these bully-type kids who thinks he runs the school.

“Megan…I don’t want to ruin your fun, but Frankie is the biggest asshole around. He has been left back 3 times, he should have graduated when I did but he’s still there…doesn’t that tell you anything?”

I saw the tears well up in her eyes…

No, Mark…you’re the asshole!…why can’t you just be happy for me? Is it that hard for you to do?”

“I’m sorry, Meg…I just want you to be careful…you know? You’re my sister & I have to watch out for you!”

“I know,” she said sniffling..”This is the first time I’ve had any kind of normal life and I’m just happy that I got asked. Please just support me instead of making me feel bad!”

Now I thought I was about to cry. If you could have seen the look on her face. I walked over to her & wrapped my arms around her & hugged her for all she was worth.

“I Love You, Meg…I just want you to be safe!”

“I know, Mark…I Love You too. I will be safe..I promise!”

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