Runners High

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(Rare story from me written as a Top! Let me know what you think! If you like it, I’ll write additional chapters!)

2 more miles. 2 more miles then I can chill the rest of the night I told myself as I approached the end of my 13 mile weekend run.

It was late Saturday afternoon, the sun was hot and beating down on me, and I was sweating like a pig as I ran around my neighborhood. I smiled as I ran shirtless past the families and people on the road, getting a little kick out of which one of them would check me out. My 8 pack and hard body flexed under coarse black hair over my stomach, with even more on my chest.

My tall, lean frame glided around the last block and I slowed to a walk to catch my breath. My abs flexing hard in the sunlight as I put my hands on my head and slowed my heartbeat down.

I circled the block a couple times to cool down a bit before heading up the driveway and into my townhouse. The AC felt so good on my hot skin as I went to the kitchen and gulped down some cold water.

“Fuck!” I said feeling incredible as the endorphins coursed through my body after the runners high.

I gulped down another glass of water and then opened a Gatorade and continued to rehydrate. I made my way to my patio outside of the living room and took in some more sun as I drank. Raising my right hand I released the ball of hair on my head and felt my thick black hair fall around my ears and shoulders.

I shook it out and felt like a fucking animal. Except I wasn’t fucking right now!

I smiled to myself at my little joke and casually browsed my phone. Checking out instagram, then Reddit, then finally just out of curiosity of who was out there opening my gay hookup app. You know the one.

I flipped through a few profiles. Tapping on a few. Then leaned my phone down and snapped a pic of my body from the waist up in the sunlight. Angled up towards my face. My 5 o’clock shadow visible framed by my long hair and ripped frame.

I added that as another pic and set it to the main one. Smiling as what seemed like floods of taps and messages came through. Fuck some horny people out there this afternoon! I thought to myself as I settled into the lounge chair.

I checked out a few more profiles, deleting messages from people I wasn’t interested in until finally I saw a tap from a profile that caught my eye. Specifically the background, it was the bathroom of one my friends house in high school!

I opened up the profile and got a better look at the guy and holy shit it was my friends kid brother. I had only met him once like ten years ago in high school and he was super young. But now he was 18 his profile said and apparently he was gay. I wonder if my buddy knew, I thought.

He is kinda cute too. I thought as I flipped through the three pics he had up. Fuck it, I finally thought and tapped him back.

Within seconds I had a message from him. “Holy fuck your body is so hot.”

I smiled. “Yeah? You’re pretty cute yourself.”

“Thanks, fuck I wanna lick you all over!”

“Haha maybe I’ll let you.”

Then he sent a pic of him in his bed, on his stomach, one leg pulled up, and his ass sticking out. The shot was into a mirror behind his bed.

“You like? I’m a bottom.”

“With an ass like that you better be!”

I found my hand casually playing with my cock outside of my shorts while I chatted. My dick stiffening every second.

“Are you looking now? I saw your profile said you were a top?”

“Only.” I sent back with a big of my hand cradling my cock in my shorts.

“Fuck your cock is huge!” He sent back.

“Haha only at a semi right now, need someone to get me full mast.”

“Fuck that’s a semi? How big hard? Can you host at all?”

I smiled and typed back, “8 inches and thick. Yeah and I live close by too, I recognize that bathroom in your profile. It’s Clark, your older bros friend.”

“Oh shit I didn’t recognize you I’m so fucking embarrassed! From like soccer and football yeah?”

“Yeah we still hang out every now and then now too.”

“Shit you aren’t going to tell him you saw me on here right? I haven’t come out yet.”

“Nah don’t worry at all, not my business to out people.”

“Cool.” Was all he sent back.

I waited a moment thinking if I should say something else, if he was embarrassed, I didn’t want to pry. I didn’t get chance before he sent me another message though.

“So if you’re cool, I still wanna lick you all over…”

I laughed at that and my good luck.

“I’m cool, but not to come across as a douche but I fuck pretty hard and can get kinda rough…”

“What do you mean?”

“Not just fucking but slapping a little, spanking, choking, that sort of thing.”

My heart paused as I waited for a response, I was going to have major blue balls if he backed out now but I wanted to let him know what I was about.

“Fuck that’s hot! I’m so fucking hard right now.” He sent back.

I sent him my address and then got up to go shower. Right as I hopped in he sent me a message that he was amasya escort going to shower and he’d be here in about a half hour.

I quickly typed back, “Cool wear something like this when you come.” with a pic. And then jumped into the hot water.

The steaming water felt good, but I switched back and forth between cold and hot so my skin could cool off from the sun earlier. I felt like I was radiating a thousand degrees.

I cleaned myself off head to toe and hopped out of the shower and dried off, admiring my hardened body and my thick cock hanging between my legs.

Fuck I was ready to bust after that conversation and getting a running high but I needed to save my big loads for this little slut.

I dressed in a pair of black athletic shorts with no underwear and a black tee shirt and pulled my black chain necklace over my head and tucked it under the shirt into my chest hair.

I was in the kitchen when I heard the doorbell. I smiled and headed over and opened the door to see him standing on my front step. He was wearing flip flops, athletic shorts and a tank top.

“Hey Blake right, I remember the name right?” I said.

“Yeah yeah, Clark, you got it!” He said.

“Come on in man.”

He walked in and kicked off his flip flops and kind of smiled at me nervously which I got a kick out of.

“Well?” I asked him crossing my arms on my chest and smiling.

“Well?” He asked confused.

“You wear what I sent? Let me see dude!”

He laughed and pulled the side of his shorts down to show a little red lace thong he had on.

I laughed and said, “haha man I knew you were gonna have one ready!”

“Haha how’s that?”

I stopped laughing and looked more serious into his eyes, “Cause all the sluts that fuck with me do.”

I saw him gulp and stare nervously back into my eyes, my hard gaze already penetrating him. “I haven’t worn it with anyone else.”

“Take off your shorts and shirt.” I said leaning against there kitchen doorway while he was still in my entry way.

He gulped again and I could see his cheeks turn red. But his hands didn’t hesitate as he pulled his tank over his head and tossed it with his flip flops. Then he grabbed his shorts and pushed them to the floor, kicking them to the same place.

Here was this cute fucking guy standing in my entry way in a little red thong, his cock was hard underneath already. He was about average size. What a great night this is turning out to be, I thought to myself.

“Fucking hot man, you know that? You’re fucking hot!”

“Haha thanks so are you.”

“Yeah? Come here.” I said as I quickly wrapped my long arms around him and pulled his lips up to mine. I heard him gasp as I kissed him hard. He wasn’t ready for that just yet.

My stubble scratched his chin and cheeks as I roughly shoved my tongue deep into his mouth. Blake kissed me back as hard as he could too.

His hands gripped my biceps and held on for his life as I manhandled his lips and tongue. My hands drifting down and squeezing his ass.

“Fuck…” he moaned between kisses. I lifted my lips off of him and dipped my head down to start kissing, sucking, and biting his neck.

“Fuck…god…Clarke fuck…” he moaned as I used my teeth and lips to soften him up. My hands casually pawing at him still.

I lifted my hands and smacked them down on his plump ass making him jump a little.

Then I stepped back and let go of him. He stumbled a little getting his balance after I was practically holding him up. He was so damn cute. Little thong, bite marks and hickies on one side of his neck, and his cock looked like he was going to burst any second.

“You get high?” I asked him casually like we were just hanging out.

“Uh, yeah for sure.” He said catching his breath still.

“Follow me.”

I led him into the living room that was bathed in the late afternoon light and sat on the couch. I packed a bowl while he sat next to me in his bright red thong and I told him what his brother and I had been up to. He told me about high school, he played soccer, and how he didn’t really know about college. But he was taking a year off.

“That’s cool, figure it out first.” I said as I lit the bowl and took a big puff and then passed it to him. He did the same and we passed back and forth a couple times.

I was feeling like I was in the clouds and we had some dopey smiles on our faces. Finally I took another pull and used my free hand to pull his face towards mine.

I brought our lips together and opened my mouth so the smoke would roll out. We kissed again through the haze. I leaned over and set the bowl down and brought my hand up and held gently on the front of his neck.

I could feel his throat work as his tongue swept against mine. I could make this kid do whatever I wanted I thought as I held his throat and kissed him as he sat on my couch in that little thong.

I broke the kiss again and stood up in front of him. His eyes were glued to my cock filling my shorts.

I pulled my ankara escort shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. His eyes moved to check out my abs. Then I put a hand under his chin and pulled his eyes up to mine. “Take off my shorts.”

He slowly reached forward and gripped my waistband and tugged my shorts down until it met with my shaft. I wasn’t wearing underwear. He pulled the front out and my cock sprang up in front of his face.

“Holy shit!” He said laughing as my shorts fell to the ground and I kicked them to the side. “You’re fucking huge!”

I laughed with him as I gripped the base of my cock and slapped it onto the open palm of my left hand. The loud slaps echoing around the room.

“I’ve been blessed with this as much as you were blessed with that ass.” I said. “But I remember you said you wanted to kiss me all over so you better get started.”

I saw his foggy, high eyes light up and he reached forward to grab my cock.

I quickly grabbed his wrist first though and threw it down. Then slapped him lightly across the face. “No, that’s last. You start here.” I said pointing and wriggling my toes on my right foot.

He looked at me once, our eyes locking together as he came to realize I wasn’t kidding about how I fucked.

He slid off the couch and got on his hands and knees and started to kiss each of my toes.

“That’s it, good boy.” I encouraged him as he moved to my ankle and then over to the toes on my left foot.

I leaned down and smacked his ass on each cheek hard and he cried out over my foot. But he kept kissing me. Ankles, then shins, then he was on my thighs.

I used my hands to hold my cock away from him. He knew it was last and wasn’t going to touch it but I wanted to make sure. Plus it hangs so much it was going to be in the way.

I helped him to his feet when he got to my hips and then his lips trailed up to my abs. My lower abs up to the top abs he kissed him all.

Then he started on my hairy chest. His clean shaven face disappearing in my bush as his lips found my nipples.

I held out my right arm and he kissed my shoulders down to each of my fingers. I slipped my thumb into his mouth when he was there and let him suck on my thumb for a while before he moved to my left arm.

Then he moved behind me and kissed my back while he held my hips. Slowly dipping down to his knees. Then he kissed each ass cheek.

“Run your tongue down my crack.” I said and he complied. His wet tongue felt good.

Then he kissed down each of my legs and crawled around to be in front of me again.

“Good job, I love bitches that follow up the game they talk.” I said smiling at him. He smiled back and glanced at my cock.

“Yeah now you want this big cock don’t you?”

He nodded. “Fuck yeah, I want your big cock!”

I grabbed him and helped him to his feet and kissed him deeply again. My cock pressing into the lace fabric. I pushed him down so he was sitting on the couch. Then I propped a leg up next to him and nodded.

He didn’t need more encouragement and he tried to swallow my cock like a snake I swear to god with one gulp.

His lips were incredible I thought as he slid up and down my stiff rod. His hands holding my base.

“God damn what a cocksucker you are!” I encouraged him.

He responded by making glug glug sounds as I hit the back of his throat. He was desperate for my cock.

“Fuck you love my big dick don’t you slut?”

Glug. Glug.

“Get it nice and wet so I can fuck that little pussy.”

Glug. Glug.

I wrapped my left hand around the back of his head and my right I put on the side of his cheek. I held him in place as I took over and I started to fuck his face.

“Breathe through your nose, open your throat, relax your jaw…” I told him as I pressed harder against his throat. I could feel him opening up and soon my big cock head was inside of his throat.

“That’s it, stay relaxed, stay open…”

I said as I kept pumping my cock into his throat. He was drooling down his chin, tears in his eyes, his hands clutching my ass and thigh as I fucked his throat but he didn’t ask to stop just took it.

“Fuck that’s it bitch, take it all!” I said to him as I felt my balls start to slap against his chin.

Glug. Glug. Glug.

The sounds filled the room as he choked down my cock and my balls slapped against his chin.

“I’m going to fucking cum Blake, you little cock sucker, fuck!” I cried out as my cock erupted into his throat. I swear the first shot went right into his belly.

I pumped twice down his throat and then pulled out and shoved him back into the couch cushions and jerked my dick off as I unloaded over his face and chest. My hand grabbed and pressed down on his throat as I came over him.

He gasped for air as I bellowed and covered him with my cum.

Finally my cock twitched done and my abs clenched and I was drained. What felt like a gallon of cum later.

“Fuck!” I cried out once more and then reached down and ripped his antalya escort thong in two with both hands.

He yelped as his cock sprang free and I gathered up some of my cum and used that to lube his dick. I jerked him off hard and fast. His eyes were still teary and wide now and he was groaning and moaning while I continued to choke him. He was red in the face and still had drool over his chin and chest mixed with my cum.

His cock felt small in my hands as I jerked him off. His legs shook and I saw his body heave as he stammered out that he was going to cum!

I kept my furious pace and stroked him through completion as he came over my hand and his stomach.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” He moaned as I kept stroking past orgasm, his extra sensitive cock was bringing him to new levels. He grabbed my wrist on his neck but I kept stroking.

“You’re going to cum again I know it slut!” I told him and he whimpered as I jerked him off to another orgasm. This one much weaker, it dribbled out.

“Fuck…” he whimpered as I let go of his cock. “I’ve never had multiple orgasms like that!” He said laughing.

“Haha I knew you were good for another.” I said towering over him.

I used two fingers to scoop up some of his cum and then brought it up to his lips.

“Swallow it all.” I told him and he hungrily ate the cum off of my fingers.

When they were clean I slapped his right cheek lightly and then gathered more for to eat. Then I slapped his left cheek and again I fed him cum. Back forth he swallowed and then was slapped lightly.

When he was almost clean, I dipped my head and licked up the last of our cum and pushed it into his mouth with my tongue and kissed him hard.

“Thank you sir..” he whispered as I kissed him.

I leaned over and moved to being on top of him and we kept kissing for a few minutes. I switched between his lips and his neck. And then eventually started to lick and suck his nipples which he loved.

My cock was hard again and I slowly pressed into his thighs, torn thong, and cock. His breathing was getting heavier as I bit his nipples now.

I leaned up and met his eyes and knew he was fine with what I said next. “I’m going to fuck that tight ass.”

He nodded and we stood up and I led him to my bedroom. The lights were off, but the low light from the sunset was ample enough.

I pulled him into my arms and we kissed before I pushed him back onto the bed. I flipped him onto his stomach and admired his ass in his ripped thong.

Then I used my hands to pull open his plump ass cheeks. His little hole was inviting as I dropped my face into his cheeks and started to rim him. He was completely shaved and my stubble felt good over him. My long hair draped over his cheeks.

His moans filled the room as I licked him up and down and everywhere. His hole opened up for me and he was soaking wet and ready, just like a little pussy.

I stood up and grabbed lube from my bedside table. I poured some down his crack and then all over my cock.

I got between his legs and pushed them open with my knees as I rubbed my dick up and down his cock.

“Fuck me please, I need that big dick!” He cried out to me.

“Yeah? You want this big cock in that tight little pussy?”

“Fuck yes, fuck my pussy, make it yours!”

That was all I needed to hear and I pushed my head into him. He groaned as I stretched out that pussy. But I knew how to give new guys my cock.

I went slow and stretched him out over minutes. He was writhing and whimpering as I opened him up to my big dick.

Soon I was balls deep inside of him. Then I raised up and slammed my cock back into him. My body slick with sweat and my hair around my face as I picked up and then slammed into him balls deep over and over again.

“Jesus Christ!” He moaned out as he gripped my wrist that was next to his face. “You’re so fucking big in my pussy!”

I started to fuck him harder after hearing that now. My pace even and smooth as I fucked him. His hole adjusted to my cock.

After a few minutes of prone bone, we moved into a doggy style position and I fucked him deep and long. My strokes getting more furious as I pounded the shit out of his ass as my balls slapped against him with each thrust.

He was reduced to moans, groans, and whimpers as I fucked him as hard as I pleased.

He wasn’t making much sense but I could tell he was cumming again as he clenched down around me and he was moaning. After that he could speak again.

My abs flexed as I pumped into him again and again.

“Who’s pussy is that?” I asked him.

“It’s your pussy!”

“My pussy yeah?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“I own this pussy right?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“I’m gonna cum in my pussy slut, get ready!” I told him and he practically howled as I emptied my balls inside of him.

My cock spurted pump after pump inside of him until I pulled out and shot a few over his back too.

I stroked myself slowly as I came down from orgasm. He lowered himself back down prone into his cum from earlier.

I dropped down and crashed next to him and he rolled over and tucked his head onto my shoulder.

We laughed as we came down from the fucking and the weed and we kissed again.

“I’m gonna have to change these fucking sheets!” I said laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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