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Anal Creampie

Saturday. No need to get up early. No fighting other passengers for a seat on the train to and from the city. No memos, no annoying phone calls, no 2-hour meetings scheduled for 4:30 PM. Saturday. My day. Time for fun, relaxation and, with a little luck, sex.

At 8:00 I phoned a lady friend, Lisa, to ask if she’d made any plans for the day. She said no, so I invited her to go with me to a local lake. Lisa jumped at the idea and told me to pick her up in an hour. We rang off and I couldn’t help but smile. Lisa does not have supermodel looks and her body, while certainly not fat, is blessed with a bit of plush in all the right places. Lisa also has a wonderful personality and is never boring to be around. Last, but definitely no least, she’s an absolute tigress in bed. Like the big cat, she’ll stalk her prey and pounce when he least expects it. Once in her grasp, she’ll toy with her victim and then go in for the sexual kill when his defenses are down. Let me tell you, I look forward to being devoured by tigress Lisa again and again and again!

I packed a beach towel, swimming trunks and a cooler with some beer, soft drinks and light snacks. Grabbing a bottle of sunscreen and a floppy hat, I went out the door and threw my stuff into the back seat of my car. At just before 9:00 I reached Lisa’s apartment building. I called up for her and with 5 minutes we were driving to the lake. Lisa was dressed in a plain white t-shirt and rather short shorts. She wore sandals on her feet and dark sunglasses covered her eyes. She brought along a tote bag with her beachwear.

The lake was about 40 minutes north of Lisa’s building. It’s popular with couples and is well known as a “lovers’ hangout”. At night, it isn’t unusual to see shapes moving in sensuous ways on the beach and surrounding grass and hear the accompanying sounds of people having hot sex. That’s not to say nothing happened during the day. Mostly there was lots of flirting and touching and suggestive talk, but there was very little overt sex.

Lisa and I arrived a little before 10:00. It was still early and we had most of the beach to ourselves. She suggested a more-or-less isolated spot bostancı escort to spread out our towels. We staked our claim and started to get changed into our beachwear. I stripped off my clothes and bent down to retrieve my swim trunks. Lisa sneaked up behind me and grabbed my ass. I wasn’t expecting that and I fell forward in surprise. Lisa laughed at me. I stood up and glared at her. She pointed at me and laughed even harder. I looked down and saw that my front was covered with sand. I started wiping it from my chest and legs. Lisa watched me and told me to stop. She came toward me and finished clearing the sand from my chest and legs. Then she moved to my groin and began to brush sand grains off my cock and balls.

She took her sweet time about it and before long my cock had engorged to its full length and hardness. At long last, Lisa pronounced my prick to be sand-free. But, she asked, what were we to do about my erection? Before I could answer, Lisa came up with a most satisfactory solution. She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. Lisa’s blowjobs are legendary. She can do tricks with her tongue, teeth and throat that will turn the strongest, most virile men into whimpering puppies. She was now doing just that to me. She had sucked in my penis down to the root. I could feel her throat muscles literally trying to swallow my cock. I can best describe the sensation as what I imagine dough feels like while being kneaded. Suddenly I sensed I was going to cum and I warned Lisa to be ready. She slowly moved her head back and my cock exited her throat. A few seconds later, the first of several streams of hot spunk jetted into her mouth. Lisa loves the taste and texture of cum. She made sure to capture as much of it as she could in her mouth before letting my now-limp cock plop out. She swished my semen all around her mouth, making sure to coat every bit of her tongue. Then she opened her mouth wide to let me see what I had deposited. With great ceremony, Lisa tilted her head back and let gravity move my sperm down her gullet.

Lisa licked her lips and smiled telling me how good that was. Then she told me to turn around ümraniye escort bayan so she could get into her own bathing suit. Without waiting to see if I’d followed her instructions, Lisa turned her back to me and stripped off her t-shirt. Then she wiggled out of her shorts and slowly slid off her panties. Of course, I watched the whole thing and knew that Lisa knew I was watching her. As soon as Lisa’s panties were off, she spread her legs and did a stiff-legged forward bend at the waist, pretending to look for her bathing suit. Her pussy was wet and slightly opened and seemed to call out “Come on in!” My cock was back at full attention. I took a couple of steps forward, grasped Lisa by her hips and entered her love canal. She gave a gasp as I pushed in. My tempo was slow at first, but soon I picked up the pace. We went on like this for a couple of minutes before Lisa asked me to lie down on a towel. She squatted down on my cock and rode me for several minutes. I played with her tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipples the way she likes. Soon we were both at the point of orgasm. Lisa’s strong vaginal muscles milked my cock until I shot my second load of the day deep into her womb. She then went into her own sexual rapture.

It took a while, but Lisa dismounted off my cock and licked me clean. Then, with my cum still in her cunt, she quickly put on her bikini bottom and top. I put on my trunks and, except for the rapidly spreading cum stain at the front of Lisa’s bikini bottom, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We went swimming and lay in the sun and had a good time of it. In the early afternoon we ate a bit and washed our food down with sodas and beer.

By 4:00 we decided to head back to town. Lisa stripped off her bikini and put on her shorts (no panties!) and t-shirt. I put on my shirt and shorts (no boxers!). We threw our things in the car and drove off. Lisa was feeling frisky and reached for the front of my shorts. She pulled down the zipper and pulled my prick out. She began to stroke my cock and soon had me worked up to a third hard on. Her fingers felt really good sliding up and down over my cock. Giving great hand-jobs kartal escort is another of her many sexual talents. Luckily the road was empty because I swerved out of my lane as my balls emptied fresh seed onto Lisa’s fist. Instead of licking her hand clean, she pulled down her shorts and rubbed my sperm over her clit and lips and into her vagina. It only was a minute before she fell into the throes of a self-induced orgasm. Lisa pulled up her shorts and tucked my penis back into my shorts.

All too soon, we arrived at Lisa’s apartment building. I thanked her for a wonderful day and asked if she’d be interested in going out to dinner. Lisa thanked me for a good time, but declined the dinner invitation, saying she felt like eating in. Her face lit up as she wondered if I’d want to eat in with her. I thought that’d be a nice change of pace and readily agreed. We stepped into her apartment and Lisa told me dinner would be ready very soon. I asked what we were having, to which she replied it would be something we both liked. OK, I was cool with that. Lisa told me to sit at the table while she cleaned up and got the meal ready.

It was maybe ten minutes before Lisa came into the dining area. She had on a short pale yellow dress. Cheerfully, she announced “Dinner is served!” I looked at her wondering where the food was. Lisa must have known what I was thinking. She asked me to move back about a foot after which she hopped onto the table and opened her legs wide as she raised her dress. There, just above her slit was the word “Dinner”. Those who know me will tell you I’m not one to pass up a meal, so I dove in between her thighs with total gusto. I licked and nibbled and sucked on her cunt until she was wracked with several orgasms. I know she enjoyed my efforts as much as I did and I’m sure my face will show bruises from where Lisa’s thigh slammed shut against my cheeks. After finishing my “dinner”, Lisa treated herself to a dessert of hot salty semen, fresh from the tap. Then she and I fucked in her pussy and asshole and mouth for the rest of the evening. I think we finally ran out of energy round about 10:00PM. I kissed her one last time, tasting her and my mingled juices on her lips. I drove home and fell into bed.

Just before falling asleep, I remember thinking:

Sunday. No way I’m getting up early! Sunday. My day to let my cock and balls recover. Time for relaxation and, with a little luck, no sex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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