Sauna Surprise

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This story is dedicated to an inspiring muse

At 2:15 p.m. on a Monday, you pick up your desk phone on one ring and your student is on the other end. He must be on his cell because you can hardly hear him. You get the facts, though: He’s getting on a train, you’re to wrap things up at work and meet him in 30 minutes at the station around the corner. Then he hangs up.

You set the receiver down and feel the warmth on your face. You’re excited and nervous. He’s never called at work. How does he know where your office is? What does he have planned for you?

Good thing it’s a slow afternoon. Your boss gives you a look when you tell her you need to take the rest of the day, but she lets you go, and you’re parked outside the doors to the train station within 25 minutes.

You haven’t seen your student or heard from him in more than a week. He hasn’t been in the class you teach at the local college and he’s missed a major test and is behind on his homework. But you have to give him a passing grade; he has too much on you. Nine days ago – over a 24-hour period – he learned that you love to have your nipples and cunt sucked. He soon shared you with his friend. Then he brought you to a wealthy couple in the city and they controlled you, touching upon many of your sexual fantasies. It was the most erotic time of your life, and you’ve been masturbating about it every day since, pining for your lover’s touch.

The car door opens and he gets in and kisses you on the cheek. You turn your head to meet his lips, but he pulls back.

“Patience,” he says, smiling. “There will be plenty of time for that and more. Turn out of here and take a left. I’m taking you somewhere you’re gonna love.”

You turn the car onto the main road, taking a left as he told you.

“Turn right at the next light, drive to Harrision and take another right,” he says as he puts his hand on your leg, sliding your skirt up.

How does he know where he’s going? Has he been here before?

By the time you’re through the intersection, his hand is under your skirt.

You look over at him and smile. He smiles back as his fingers slide down to your warm cleft. You bite your lip and close your eyes for a second, wondering what’s going to happen to you.

“Watch the road!”

You open your eyes and you’re drifting into oncoming traffic. By the time you’ve swerved the car back into the right lane he’s found your clit through the fabric and is rubbing it in little circles.

“Pull over here, on the left,” he says, just in time – before you explode.

There’s a nondescript building across the street. It has an old wooden sign, hanging a little askew, that reads “SAUNA.”

His fingers flutter over you; you could cum right there.

He pulls his hands away and you sigh in frustration.

“Don’t fret; you’ll get more of that soon… Now take off all your jewelry, put this cap on and pull it down low. Don’t say another word till I tell you and follow my lead.”

You hand him your rings and he places them in the glove compartment as you put on a Broncos hat. It’s a cold winter day and you pull your coat tight as you get out of the car. He comes around and slips his strong arm around your waist and helps you cross the street. In his other hand he’s carrying a gym bag and you get a tingly feeling thinking what may be in it.

A buzzer rings as the door to the building opens and you stand quiet, as he said, and look around. There’s an old oak desk with a matching chair in the corner, and a paisley couch and metal coffee table to the side. On the table are magazines and brochures about massage and the benefits of steam and sauna.

Just as you reach for a brochure a burly man with a beard appears at the top of the stairs.

“Hello ____, it’s nice to see you again,” he calls down in an accent that sounds Russian.

How does he know his name? Has he been here before?

“Good to see you, too, Michael,” your student says and positions you behind him. “Can I get Room 7, please?”

At the top of the stairs Michael looks you over and smiles, but you won’t make eye contact. You appear quiet and shy and keep your head down.

The proprietor hands him a bucket and several towels and opens Room 7.


Facing your student in a narrow changing room, he kisses you lightly on the lips and slides your coat off. He runs his fingers through your hair, strokes you face and kisses you again. You’re breathing heavy. You lean in bostancı escort for another kiss but he steps back and sits on a wooden bench.

You’re wearing a long brown skirt that accentuates your ass and a tight tan sweater that holds the curves of your breasts, which turn up a little. He’s looking at your face, smiling, when he tells you to take off your clothes.

You hesitate for a second but you feel so comfortable around him, it’s not long before you are pulling your sweater over you head and slipping out of the skirt. You go to reach for your bra but he stops you.

“Wait, I’ll do the rest,” he says and grabs your ass, pulling you closer.

You watch as his eyes roam over you body and your matching set of beige panties and bra. Your nipples tighten and you look down to see them poking through your bra. He sees them too, as well as the wet spot on your panties.

Giving your ass one more squeeze he slides his hands slowly up your back and unclasps your bra, which slips down your arms, exposing your tits to him. Your nipples are jutting from the tops of your breasts, and you both look at them and laugh a little. It’s obvious how much you want this.

He pulls his hands around your waist, taking time to run his fingernails along your belly, causing you to shudder. Thumbs are in the waistband of your panties and they are pulled down very slow. He’s exposing you. His face is eye level with your pussy and he’s staring right at it as the garment is lowered, inch by inch.

When he gets down low, you can feel the panties pull away from you wet slit and you are naked in front of him, panting. He gently kisses your belly, taking time to run his tongue from you navel to your cleavage, holding you up by your ass, squeezing your cheeks again.

You want him to eat you right here, so you start to raise one leg, to push yourself against his mouth.

“Not yet,” he says and turns you around, nudging you toward a narrow door.

Through the door is a shower room with a wooden bench fastened to one wall and a wide, square stool on the floor. The walls are terra cotta yellow. And there’s a thin window that’s steamed over. It’s considerably warmer here. He tells you to get in the shower and wash yourself and hands you a bar of sweet-smelling soap. He’ll be back in a second. As he’s going out the door he says “keep your eyes closed from now on.”

The water pulses on your breasts as you wash your face and neck. You hear the door open and immediately feel him behind you. His hard cock is pushing into your back. He takes the soap from you and runs it over your shoulders, down your back, over your ass and down your legs. He turns you around and starts from the top again, down the front of your chest and over your tits and erect nipples before he moves down to your stomach. All that’s left to clean is your pussy and ass, and he takes his time, stroking your privates with his soapy hands.

Your eyes are still closed and you’re surprised when he kisses you, lolling his tongue into your mouth. The water is spraying over the two of you. You’re kissing your student, the young man that’s been the subject of your fantasies for months, in the shower in some strange building. You feel so sexy, so wanted.

He puts the soap in your hand and says, “Your turn to wash me.”

You reach up to touch his handsome face and proceed to wash every inch of his athletic body, from his chest down to his legs, purposely saving his cock and balls for last. Once his back is done, he turns around and you curl your hand around his big, hard penis, lathering his testicles with your other hand as you suck hungrily on his neck.

He moans and kisses you again, breaking from your lips to point you toward another door.

The door opens and a wall of heat and moisture hit your face. You steal a quick glance. This room is even smaller – about 4-feet by 6-feet, with a two-level bench, one to sit on and one for your feet. “Close your eyes, remember?” he says.

“Lay down here, on your stomach.” He guides you toward the bench and helps you get settled.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” You feel you body getting warm.

“Good, I’ll be right back,” and he goes into the shower room, closing the door. You hear muffled sounds — a bucket being filled and the unzipping of what you guess is his gym bag.

The door creaks and he shuffles past you to turn up the heat a little.

Sweat beads on your forehead and the warmth ümraniye escort bayan of the room is working its way into your sore muscles.

Hands touch your back, easily running up your spine over your shoulder blades to your neck. He caresses your scalp, pulling his fingers through your hair. His touch is a little heavier on the way down, pushing on your warm skin, working down toward your ass. He kneads your cheeks and brushes his thumbs against the edge of your wet lips.

Your legs are next, and he lightly massages your thighs, the back of your knees and your calves. He gently grabs an ankle and bends your leg up, taking your toes in his mouth for a second before he squeezes your feet. The other leg gets the same treatment.

He can sense that you’re getting warm, so he helps you to your feet – telling you to keep your eyes closed – and brings you back to the shower room where he pushes you down to sit on the stool. The cold water shocks you, but soon feels good against your hot skin. A hard penis is pushed against your lips and you open your mouth, taking in his big head.

You want this to last longer, but soon find yourself in the steam room, and he begins the routine anew, massaging you, up and down your body. He stops and you hear him splashing in the bucket and he pushes a hot, rolled-up washcloth against your pussy. It’s feels amazing on your lips as he pushes it, so far that some is jabbing into your open slit.

The massage begins again, but this time he’s kneading your muscles, asking where it hurts and taking the time to work his thumbs and fingers into your sore shoulders. He stops and pulls out the washcloth, heating it up in the bucket and placing it back against your pussy.

The massage is wonderful, but the warm cloth makes you want to pee. It’s drawing the piss out of you and you can no longer concentrate.

“Please, I have to go to the bathroom. Can you show me where it is?”

“Sit up; let’s get you some relief,” he says, and helps you up.

He places one hand on your shoulder when you try to hop off the bench.

“The toilet is all the way down the hall and we can’t have you running around looking like this,” he says playfully. You hear splashing again and feel the hot cloth pushed hard against your slit. It’s too much.

“Please let me go pee.”

“If you have to piss, you’re going to do it right here.”

“No, I can’t”

“You will. It will go right down the drain. Open your legs.”

“You follow his order and open them a little.”

“More,” he says and helps you.

The cloth falls away and your sweaty pussy is spread for him.

“If you want me to eat you, first I want you to pee for me. C’mon, you look so sexy.”

You sigh and let go, allowing your urine to run from between your splayed legs. You hear it spilling over the bench and onto the concrete floor, swirling down the drain as he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking it with passion, moaning through his teeth to tell you how amazing you are.

Your grind your ass into the smooth wooden bench as the last of your urine spills on the floor. Your pussy is sensitive, as well as your nipples, and he continues nibbling on your erect flesh as his hands brush over your stomach and the top of your legs.

You’re a little lightheaded from the heat, so he helps you up again to cool you off and clean you up. You obediently sit on the stool and cringe as the cold water washes over your hot skin. He’s standing behind you, tickling your shoulders and leaning in to run his tongue all over the back of your neck.

You return to the steam room and he has you sit on the bench with your back against the warm concrete wall. Your legs are dangling over the edge and he steps between them and places light hisses on your forehead and face, pecking his way down to your neck and collarbone, taking the time to slip the tip of his tongue over the tops of your tits. Your nipples are now engorged and jutting out from your breasts and you’re pushing them up to his mouth. He passes them over and moves to your stomach, kissing and playfully biting it.

He returns to your neck, whispering in your ear.

“Do you want my tongue?”


“Where, Sexy?”

“On my clit. In my wet pussy.”

“Ask nicely.”


“Please what?”

“Please eat me. I love it.”

You hear more splashing and your student takes the cloth and stretches it out by the corners into a hot kartal escort string. He lifts up your ass and has you sit on the washcloth, so it’s pulled from your crack over your anus and out to the bottom edge of your lips.

The cloth is tugged forward a little. It feels like a hot snake between your legs, as the rough cotton brushes your asshole, under your legs and pussy. Every few seconds he tugs it another inch or so, softly telling you how he’s going to eat your cunt. You brace for another tug of the cloth but he hesitates, making you wait for it, before dragging it up again as you squirm.

After five minutes, the last corner of the cloth lightly brushes your clit and the heat of the material has been transferred to your pussy, which is searing hot and wide open, juices seeping out. Your eyes are squinted shut and he’s looming over you, stroking your skin, watching you churn your ass into the bench.

He kisses you hard, sucking your tongue in his mouth and sits on the lower bench. You finally open your eyes – you need to watch this. He takes your legs and pulls them over his shoulders, sliding you closer to him. His mouth is almost against your cunt, so close you feel his lips on your wispy hairs and feel the vibrations from his lips as he softly hums, teasing you.

Suddenly he pulls you even closer and your ass slips toward him along the wet bench, driving your slit against his mouth, his lips mashed into yours. He’s not teasing or going easy on you this time, he’s really EATING you, driving his tongue into your hole, nibbling on your lips, jamming his nose against your pelvic bone and positioning his chin against the tip of your anus. His mouth is practically inside your pussy and he’s moaning into you.

Right away your hips start bucking and you feel a powerful orgasm coming on. Your legs are shaking and you’re pushing your heels into his back, running your hands over his shoulders and scalp, pushing his face deeper into you.

His tongue brushes you asshole and you tense up and start moaning, so loud that people are sure to hear you, even through the thick walls. Waves of passion surge over you and he holds your hands as you cum. He doesn’t stop, but continues eating you, right through your orgasm, to the edge of another. Just when you’re ready to cum again, you feel something hard against your slit. You look down as he slowly inserts a narrow, purple vibrator into your pussy and switches it on.

He pushes a little, slowly working it further in as he runs his smooth tongue against your clit. Now he’s playing with you, holding off your next orgasm. He switches positions, pressing the vibrator on your wet clit, snaking his tongue between your swollen, sensitive lips.

He locks eyes with you and smiles. He’s looking up as he switches the vibrator to high, rolling it all over your cunt and clit.

“I want to be inside you. I need my cock in you; can I do that, please?”

Before you can answer, he plunges the humming metal deep in your pussy.


You are so close to cumming, right on the edge. Your body is shaking. He stands you up and sits where you were and pulls you on his lap. His hot cock slips in and it feels like a velvet pole, slowly boring into you. You’re kissing your student as he holds you by the waist, lifting you up and down on his hard penis. His cock fills you and he leaves it there for a few seconds, moving his hips around so he inches deeper. Then he pulls you up quickly, until his fat heat is runs against the edge of your clit. Slowly he pushes you down again and you can feel the ridges of his cock against the walls of your pussy.

The orgasm builds inside you and you tell him you’re going to cum.

“I want to cum inside you.”

His words push you over the edge and your orgasm hits. You involuntarily squeeze his cock, literally pulling his cum from him.

“Yes,” you blurt out. “Do it; please shoot it inside me.” He obliges and groans, shaking as he climaxes with you.

You fall limp on top of him. He lays you, face up, on the bench and tells you he’ll be right back.

After more splashing and unzipping in the shower room, he returns with a clean cloth and a bucket of warm water and soap. He take the cloth and lightly cleans your face and temples, taking time to rinse you before washing your neck and shoulders, breasts and stomach, lightly running down to your legs and your sensitive pussy, washing his seed from you. He turns you over and begins again, cleaning you from top to bottom, then concentrates on your feet and toes, scrubbing them with the soapy cloth.

He helps you to the shower, starting with cold water and warming the spray as he holds you tight in his arms.

“Let’s do this again, soon,” you say.

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