Sharon and Me… and Bob

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“What’s it like?” I said, and she took my cock out of her mouth and paused.

“What’s what like?” she asked.

“Sucking a cock,” I said, and regretted it immediately. “I just wondered. I know you do it for me, but does it do anything for you?”

“Oh, my boyfriend wants to suck cocks, does he?”

“No, no. It was just an idle thought. I’m sorry I said anything.” Which was true. Boy, was I sorry! And I was starting to droop. Sharon was the best girlfriend I had ever had, and we were now living together. Had I completely screwed things up? I drooped even more, which she noticed.

“Well, I guess the idea doesn’t turn you on, so I’ll tell you. But first I am going to get up off my knees. Ah, that’s better.”

“Now,” she continued, “have you ever held another man’s cock?”

“No, never!” I quickly responded.

“Well of course you know how your own feels, but I promise you it is different to feel someone else. It feels totally different if I feel another girl’s boobs, even if they’re about the same size as me.”

“You’ve done that?” I gasped.

“Sure. No big deal, but nice though. I think they feel just as nice to a woman as to a man. Anyway, back to cocks. To be honest, the best ones are the small ones, and it’s not very good when a guy is trying to ram it down your throat. It can be a bit of a chore to finish him off, but I like the shape, the slight squishiness and feeling the knob and the veins. The best is to start with it really limp, and feel it growing as you play with it. Then I like to feel the stiffness in my hand, while the knob is going through my lips.”

I was beginning to get hard with the description, and she held me in her hand.

“This is nice as well, feeling it grow. In fact, if you’d like to know, I could ask my brother. You feel pretty much the same as him in my hand or mouth.”

That was two surprises: the offer and what she had done. I dealt with one.

“You’ve had sex with your own brother?”

“Certainly not! Our parents were very open about sex and we grew up seeing them and each other naked. When we were teenagers of course we got randy and masturbated ourselves, but somehow it never occurred to us to fuck. I think there is some kind of biological taboo against incest.”

“But you sucked him?”

“Eventually. We went to the same university, a couple of years apart and used to meet up and talk about things including the sex we were or often weren’t getting. One day he was obviously hard, and it just seemed natural that I should relieve him with my hand. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. So I wanked him and sucked him off a few times when he was between girlfriends.”

“I still do, occasionally, just out of sisterly love. That’s why I know yours and his are about the same. And I know he sometimes does things with other boys, so I am sure he would be willing for you to wank it and suck it if you wanted.”

I managed to explain that I didn’t want that at all, I was just wondering how it was for her, or was it just a chore. However, our upbringings had been very different.

I don’t think we discussed the matter much afterwards, so I was a surprise when her brother Bob came round one day. “Hello, droopy drawers!” he said, kissing her full on the mouth and putting one hand on her chest. “Hello, smelly bum!” she replied affectionately, and patted his groin.

He turned to me, and grabbed my hand. “Hi! So you’re the guy who’s been banging my sister! She’s got great tits, hasn’t she?” I could only nod in agreement to both.

As I got to know him better, I realised that they were probably the most self-assured people I had ever met. They accepted the world and people as they found them. Most of all, they accepted themselves and were at ease with what they were. It might have been an unusual household, but their parents had obviously done a terrific job.

We had a drink and talked together easily, until he casually remarked “Sis tells me you’d like to suck my cock.”

“N-no!” I spluttered. “It was a misunderstanding, and she shouldn’t have told you anyway.”

“Sorry,” he said, with a concerned expression. “We tend to be quite open, and I wasn’t suggesting anything. It’s just that a lot of guys sort of wonder what it feels like, maybe everyone. It doesn’t make you gay just to find out. Still, the offer’s there if you want it.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I mean that’s very kind of you, but…” and I couldn’t think of any more to say.

“Of course, just forget it. Oh, I didn’t mean suck me off, just to try it in your mouth.”

We talked about other things, until Sharon said “I really think you should.”

“Should what?” I asked, knowing perfectly well.

“Try a cock in your mouth. Bob’s here, he won’t tell. Then you will know, and I’ll never mention it again. Anyway, I would really like you to. Would you do it just for me?”

“Well,” I said – instead of ‘no’.

“I’ll just get cleaned up,” said Bob. “Is there a amatör porno flannel I can use?” So she told him and he went to the bathroom, coming back a few minutes later, naked from the waist down. His cock was hanging down, but mine was stiff, to my extreme embarrassment. He walked over to where I was sitting.

“Just for me,” said Sharon, and I made no resistance as she presented her brother’s knob to my lips. “Open wide!” and there was a knob in my mouth.

I had to admit it wasn’t bad. A bit like my thumb, but bigger. A bit of human meat. Automatically my tongue started to explore and felt his foreskin, which was actually interesting. Without thinking I reached up with my hand. Then I was holding another man’s shaft and feeling his balls and hair as well as smelling the male sweat (which was not so nice) as it began to stiffen and expand in my mouth. I was shocked and excited at the same time, and moved it a little further in.

I felt a kiss on the cheek. “Well done! I’m so proud of you!” She put her hand on mine and started making me move it in and out a little. It was now fully hard and filling my mouth, but it wasn’t a bad feeling. I was also having to hold it down a little.

Then I felt my belt being undone and my trousers pulled down and now there were her lips on my cock as well, which was a very good feeling. At last I knew what cock sucking was about from both points of view. But that was not the end of it.

“Just a minute,” she said and pulled Bob’s tool out of my mouth. “Stand up, please.” I did, and she got me out of the trousers completely, still holding another man’s cock in my hand. “Give that here,” she said and took mine in her other hand. “This is nice, the cocks of the two men I love most in the world!”

“Oh, not counting Daddy, of course.”

“Hang on! Oh God! Quick, come with me to the bedroom.” She took our cocks to the bedroom and by necessity we followed as she stood us in front of the big mirror. “Take your tops off. Now what do you see?”

I looked and saw two men with stiff cocks. Very stiff cocks. She took our hands and placed them on each other’s cock. “Have a feel.” So we did. Yes it was different from feeling my own, and not bad. (But I wasn’t gay.)

She turned us to face each other. Bob started wanking me, and automatically I started wanking him, giving me feelings I had never had before – some excitement, a bit of worry, and yet a sense of satisfaction.

She clapped her hands in delight. “Oh that is so cute! Don’t you see boys? You’ve got identical cocks! They could be twins – so this is like wanking yourself. Oh, that is amazing.”

We carried on for a little while, before she stopped us, and made me lie down on the bed. I didn’t understand, but Bob did. He climbed on in the 69 position and put his mouth around my knob, as Sharon introduced his to my mouth. I didn’t protest – I was beyond that. The view and the scent was somewhat different to 69 with Sharon (and I have to say, worse) but I started sucking.

Then the really amazing thing happened. We got synchronized so that the movements of my mouth on his cock matched his on mine. It felt as if I was sucking my own cock. Then there was no helping us, we just had to keep going to the end, as Sharon made cries of joy at the sight. We didn’t quite come at the same time, but pretty close with me slightly ahead. I came and was then come into, like a film with a delay between the sound and the picture. Bob, of course, sucked up my cum, though I was less prepared. However, with the lack of control in my orgasmic state and the fact that he was pumping downwards, I had no choice but to swallow. We both spurted several times in what felt like a good load in both directions.

Bob stayed there for a little while, and we lay still, mouths full of cock. Then he climbed off, and lay back. We were both exhausted. Sharon came and kissed us both on our spermy mouths, then sucked our cocks clean.

“That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” she said. “Gosh, boys, I hope you can do it again for me some day.” Then she kissed me on the mouth. “My hero! You were so brave and you did so well, and I do love you!”

“I love you too,” I said, which is all I could do.

When we recovered, Bob said “Well that was a surprise! It felt as if I was sucking my own cock. Did it feel like that to you?” I said that it did, and Sharon again clapped her hands in delight.

“Oh God! Really? That is so wonderful.”

Yes, we did do it again. I found out what it was like to have a cock in my mouth. No, I’m not gay, and I do like fucking Sharon. But I quite like sucking my own cock.


Just what do women find to do in the bathroom that takes so long? The only time my Dad spent as long as Mum or my sister was when he put up shelves. Mind you, I now reckon that my sister was not always shaving her legs when there was a buzzing.

I and my erection had been waiting for Sharon to finish for what seemed longer than usual. anal porno She came out with a big smile, and handed me a condom. “What?” I said. “I thought you were on the pill?”

“I am,” she replied, “but I’d like you to do me up the arse. I thought you might prefer the rubber, although I am very clean. What do you think I was doing in there all that time, putting up shelves?”

I had literally never thought of doing it. Why would I want that, when there was a perfectly serviceable vagina available? Obviously, sailors and prisoners improvise, and it features in porn a lot, just to be different, I suppose. Honestly, bum-holes had never attracted me as a possible home for my precious dick.

“You really want it?” I asked, somewhat incredulously.

“Oh yes. I haven’t had it since I started going out with you, which is a good while now, and I sort of miss it.”

Well, that was a surprise! I had never really believed that a woman could like anal sex. Naturally the girls in porn would be enthusiastic, but they were only acting. I reckoned that wives might ask for it to prevent getting pregnant, or because they have some problem at the front, or on a period or just to give their men something tight if they had got loose. So I assumed it was all pretending. It appears I was wrong.

“Well, of course, if you want it, then I suppose so.” And I put on the condom.

“Don’t be overcome with enthusiasm, will you,” she said sarcastically. “It won’t be too bad.”

Uh-oh! Danger signal. I smiled. “Just a surprise. I’m looking forward to trying it,” I lied.

She got on the bed on her hands and knees and said “Kiss it, if you don’t mind.”

Now I don’t mind her bum-hole. I had been close to it on many occasions, and it was just there for biological necessity, so I neither objected nor fancied it. I kissed it like kissing an elderly aunt on the lips when you have to. Of course, if I had been a really good boyfriend I would have enthusiastically tongued it. But I wasn’t and I didn’t.

“Oh well,” she sighed. “Can’t expect too much the first time. Could you try a finger please? Don’t jab it in. Get some lube and press as if you were pressing a doorbell.”

Which was odd, but it worked. Then with more lube, I was in and out. There was a cavity, with no poo (as promised and to my relief.) So I gently finger fucked her little sphincter. Not bad, but not anywhere near as interesting as her lovely cunt.

She asked for a second finger, which seemed a little bit of a struggle. (“I am out of practice,” she said), then used a thin vibrator from the bedside drawer until she said “Right, I’m ready.”

However, I had been so busy concentrating on what I was doing that I had completely lost my erection. So she sat on my face and got me to lick her pussy, which was much better and always works. I was hard again very quickly.

So how was it? To be honest, no big deal. It was pushing into a hole which was nice for my cock. In fact, not a lot of difference. It might have been more exciting if the idea of what I was doing had filled me with more enthusiasm. So an acceptable substitute for fucking, but definitely not better. However, she liked the change, which was the main thing.

Of course, she wanted to do the same thing to me, and persuaded me to take a finger while sucking or wanking me. The feelings were odd at first, but I soon got to appreciate my prostate! She even used a vibrator sometimes.

It was about this time Bob told us he was serious with a new girlfriend, Leanne, and had moved in with her, so no more activities with us. I was a little disappointed, of course. On the other hand, I had to admit that being sucked off by Sharon was technically much better. She asked me if I would like to try another man, and I said no, I didn’t think anyone else would give me quite that feeling of sucking my own cock. However, I was having all sorts of sex with a gorgeous girl, and was extremely satisfied with that.

One day, Bob brought Leanne round. It was clear that he was pleased to show her off. She was very pretty (differently from Sharon) and very lively, which is what I might expect. Lucky Bob – and lucky Leanne, really. Sharon got on with her very well, and they ended up gossiping in the kitchen, while Bob and I watched some sport on TV.

Then they came in with expressions I later realised were mischievous delight. “Well,” said Leanne, grinning fit to burst, “Sharon tells me you two are very naughty boys. You like to do rude things together!”

Then something really amazing happened. Bob was embarrassed. I had not imagined this was possible. “Well, I er, that is we… er,” he stumbled.

“You like to suck each other’s cocks, don’t you?” she said triumphantly, and he went red.

I carefully explained that we were not gay, but we had only done it to please Sharon, and by chance it felt like we were sucking our own cocks.

No, of course I didn’t! But hours later, of course I had worked out the clever way I should have anal breakers porno handled it. At the time I was just red.

“It’s all right,” she continued, and looking at Bob, “I’m not angry. But you should have told me. I know lots of men like to do it on the side. People are not so gender restricted these days. Sharon says you only stopped because of me, which is rather sweet. But we’d both like you to carry on.”

We said nothing, though of course our witty responses were worked out long after.

“Actually,” added Sharon, “we’d both like to see you doing it as soon as possible.”

“Ooh yes!” said Leanne. “It makes me so hot just thinking about it, I can’t wait. Please, please, please!”

So off we went to the bathroom, and came back naked and very sheepish, our little willies drooping down. “Perfect!” said Sharon. “I thought they’d be up in anticipation, but it’s even better to see them grow.”

“Perhaps you girls could help us to get started?” suggested Bob.

“No way!” exclaimed Leanne. “This has got to be boys only!”

So we lay across the bed, on our sides, with a girl on each side close by the action, and took a knob each. It took longer than usual, but I began to feel my cock grow, as if in my own mouth, as the girls observed closely, commenting how nice it was.

When we got hard, I lay back, and Bob got above me as before. We were soon in the rhythm, and then I felt a hand on my balls, which I realised was Leanne! There was nothing I could say with my mouth full, and I suspect Bob was getting the same. Then Bob’s body stiffened for a moment. Something had happened, and I soon found out what.

“Does he like a finger up?” asked Leanne. “He certainly does,” answered Sharon. “Here’s some lube. It’s only fair he gets the same as Bob.”

I had not prepared myself for this, but that was Leanne’s choice. There I was, sucking my own cock, having my balls and prostate massaged. I could feel the precum running out of my cock in both ways, which was actually fabulous.

I lost track of time, but soon I was gushing so much cum it was an effort to swallow it all. Then I was still for a while, with my cock in my mouth and the finger in my butt just moving gently. Bob rolled off, and we lay spent as the girls licked us clean.

“Gosh,” Leanne said, taking my cock out of her mouth. “You’re right. Their cocks are identical. How weird! But very nice. Hey boys, no wonder it feels like sucking your own. I think I’m a bit jealous!”


I am pretty sure that Sharon was even more horny over the next week or so, which was good. I hoped Bob was getting the same. When she told me she had arranged for them to come over for another session, we had to rush to the bedroom straight away.

On the day, we had a meal and some drinks, and the girls went to the kitchen while us boys talked about nothing in particular and made use of the toilet and bathroom. Then the girls went to the bathroom, which obviously took longer, and came out naked, to our considerable pleasure.

If one naked girl is nice, then two is even better. As I mentioned before, they were pretty in different ways, but both good. One blonde, one brunette. One with larger boobs and bum, one more slender with smaller, but perkier tits. What’s not to like?

“As you boys were so good last time,” Sharon began. “We thought we should do something for you,” finished Leanne. And they began to kiss. And caress each other. And sucked each other’s nipples. And fondled each other’s pussies. All the while remarking how nice it felt and describing how wonderful the other girl was. I could only agree, and I think I speak for Bob as well.

As they began to get all hot and bothered, they went to the bedroom, and we admired their bums as they did, waggling their hips and bending over to give us a glimpse of snatch on the way.

They lay on the bed, propped up by pillows, half sitting up, so their boobs were on display, and began to kiss each other’s mouth and boobs and fondle each other’s bodies. Unlike men, they did not just go for the pussy but were obviously appreciating a wider area, though they were eventually giving the pussies the attention they deserved. They were starting to breathe hard, so for what was obviously the final act they began fingering their own pussies, mainly with their eyes closed, but still occasionally stroking the other, and looking fondly across. I noted with interest and for future reference that Leanne liked more penetration, whereas Sharon played more with the outer areas.

It was Leanne who was obviously first to be ready to come, and Sharon was saying “Yes, yes, Leanne! Come, come, come!” while fingering herself more furiously. Leanne obliged, writhing and groaning and saying “Yes, oh yes! I’m coming!” which sent Sharon over the edge, plunging three fingers into herself and shaking with pleasure. Bob and I of course were entranced by the beautiful sight.

They slowly recovered and we went over and gave our own girl an affectionate rather than sexy kiss of appreciation. “That was wonderful,” I said. “Really beautiful,” said Bob.

Finally, Sharon said “OK boys, it’s our turn to watch. Let’s see what you can do.”

“Oh, yes,” added Leanne, “Let’s see some hot cock sucking!”

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