Showing His Mother Off Pt. 02

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Showing his Mother Off…and Taking Control. (Part 2)

Junior sat in front of the computer screen in his bedroom, just staring at the screen. He flicked from picture to picture, and everyone was of the same subject…his gorgeous Mom. Junior was 19, a college boy, handsome and muscular, over 6′, with a shock of blonde hair.

He had taken every picture that he was looking at, and it brought back stunning memories of that night, nearly two weeks ago, when he had taken his 39 year old Mom to the Pizza House and then come back to the house. It had started off innocently enough, but lust and slow, taboo seduction, and animal attraction, had slowly overtaken both of them, making events totally irresistible and Junior had ended up fucking his gorgeous Mom on the living room carpet.

Wow! It had been on his mind…and his cock…every second of every day since! It had been the first time it had ever happened, but would it be the last?

There was no doubt that his Mom, Annie, was a sexy, beautiful woman, and her defences had been lowered on that evening by a few margaritas and the way Junior had complimented her on how sexy and hot she looked. The evening had been slow, sensuous, totally without precedent, and they had both been tempted and seduced beyond their wildest expectations. He knew that his Mom, Annie, was a righteous, loving, warm woman, and she worked really hard for him and his two sisters, but his thoughts about her over the last few years had been slowly burning because of that awesome figure.

Annie had initially allowed him to take innocent photographs of her, but they had gradually become more daring, until Junior was actually running his hands all over her shapely body, rubbing his cock against her ass in his jeans…until the inevitable happened, and neither had the willpower nor the inclination to stop it.

That was two weeks ago and, ever since, the atmosphere in the home had been a bit different. Neither had brought up the subject, and both tried to carry on as normal. Of course, things could never be ‘normal’ again!

As Junior studied the pictures, his cock growing like it did every time he looked at them, he thought of his Mom downstairs. She was 39, only 5’tall but with a magnificent body. She was blonde, had stunning, firm, hard 36DD breasts, a slim waist, a tight ass and shapely legs, and she could wear any outfit with the sexiness of a woman half her age.

Junior studied the picture where his Mom was standing by the sofa, holding her skirt right up to her waist, and with her blouse undone, the little, lacy bra only just holding in the two fabulous mounds of flesh that seemed to be fighting to escape. He looked at the little, pink thong that only just covered her smooth and hairless vagina, and he couldn’t help it, but he just had to caress his growing cock as he thought of how he had been able to explore that wonderful body on that night.

Oh God, would it ever happen again? Would he ever get to touch those curves again, or run his hand up the insides of Mom’s thighs? He flicked up another picture…the one where he was able to see his Mom’s wonderful ass, naked apart from the little pink strip of thong that disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. What would she be thinking? Would she be as excited as him at the possibilities, or would she be so ashamed that Junior would just have happy and horny memories of that fantastic night, and nothing would ever happen again?

He couldn’t just leave it there…he would go stark raving mad!

Unfortunately, his two teenage sisters were around most of the time, so teasing and playing with Mom was out of the question, but he was able to ogle and study every picture at night in his room, and think about how he had slid into that velvet, soft cunt and enjoyed the most wonderful fuck of his young life.

His Mom had even sucked his cock and let him cumm in her mouth, and the experience had been beautiful, so beautiful, one that he would never forget for the rest of his life…and it had left him wanting more and more…again and again! But would it ever happen?

He remembered quite clearly his Mom telling him ‘Tonight never happened, Junior. OK?’ and she meant it…or did she?

Junior’s Dad was away from home more than he was there, as he drove an articulated truck all over the country, and there were times when Junior felt a little ashamed of how ‘that evening’ had turned out, because he loved his Dad just as much as he loved his Mom. He always looked forward to Dad being at home, to go fishing with him, or swimming in the lake, or just goofing around, but when Dad was away on the road, Junior couldn’t help but return to that magnificent, mature shape that seemed to be dazzling him every time he saw his Mom.

It might have been his imagination, but he thought his Mom was going to the gym more regularly since ‘that night.’ She seemed to get up at the crack of dawn, go to the gym, and then be back in time to get his and his sisters’ breakfast, and then she would fake cop porno be driving them to college or school, before going off to her own place of work.

Because of the gym work, her body and the tone of her shapely curves, if anything, seemed to be getting better and better, if that was possible. Mom’s breasts were hard and seemed to hold up more firmly, without any hint of sag, her tummy was firm with no excess flesh at all, and her hips seemed to be getting slimmer so that her delectable ass was tighter and shapelier and looked stunning in the tight clothes she wore…when she wore tight clothes!

Life was so hectic that Junior just didn’t seem to get the chance to talk to his Mom at length. Was she avoiding him, or did she think he was avoiding her? More often than not, she wore baggy shorts and sweat shirts when rushing about chasing the children, and Junior thought she might be doing it on purpose, not wanting to tempt him any more than she had to.

God, what was he going to do? He went out with his college friends on some evenings, just to take his mind off the subject, or he played baseball, basketball and football just to get rid of his pent up energy, but whenever he came home again, Mom was there, carrying on as if nothing had happened. And his sisters just goofed around the house, or went to see their friends, leaving Junior a very frustrated teenage boy.

It was one evening as he was ogling the pictures on his computer again that Junior heard his Mom call out ‘Goodnight, girls. Love you!’ and Junior could hear his sisters making their way to their bedroom. A chance, he thought! He gave his sisters a few minutes and then crept slowly down the stairs and went into the kitchen.

His Mom was stood over an ironing board, ironing fresh clothes, in the middle of the kitchen, and Junior nonchalantly went and took a drink from the fridge.

‘Hi Mom. Still busy? Annie smiled at him.

‘Always busy, Junior. You know, a woman’s work is never done, is it?’ She still had her baggy sweats on but Junior still moved up behind her and slid his arms around her waist. His cock was still hard from looking at his Mom’s pictures, and there was no doubt that she could feel him pressing against her bottom.

‘Are you trying to avoid me, Mom?’

‘No, no…oh God, don’t start, son. You mustn’t! Your sisters are in their room and…and I said that night didn’t happen, Junior. How can I avoid you, anyway…you’re my son, and…Junior, please, please…don’t squeeze me anymore…it’s not fair…we can’t…’ He didn’t let go!

‘You’re avoiding me, Mom, aren’t you? You can’t just say it didn’t happen, Mom…oh jeez, Mom, you’re so sexy, so hot, and…’ and his hands were still round her waist, playing with her tummy and hips, his cock still pushing against his Mom’s bottom.

Annie tried to pull away from her son and became agitated and flustered. She had her back to Junior as he held her, and she couldn’t look into his eyes, but she was trying to be firm and ‘Mom-like.’

‘Junior. What happened was really wrong, you know that, and cuddling down here while your sisters are in bed is wrong too. You’re my son,…my gorgeous, hunky son, I grant you, but…but it mustn’t happen any more. You need to meet girls of your own age, not your old Mom who…,’ but his body was close and touching hers, and it was getting more difficult for Annie to be stern.

‘I don’t need girls of my own age, Mom. You are hot, you are sexy and I love you, and I want to…’

‘No, Junior. No! It can’t happen…What if I told your father…?’ She knew it was the one thing that might frighten her son off. She managed to loosen the grip, and she turned to face her son.

‘What, that his wife was fucking their son,’ replied Junior, now getting a little firm himself, and knowing damned well that she wouldn’t dream of telling Dad. There was a silence again as neither wanted to raise their voices with the girls upstairs. Then Junior changed tact.

‘Jake thinks you’re hot, Mom! He thinks you’re really hot!’ Jake was another guy who played on the team with Junior. The same age, but he was dark, tall and rugged with just as much muscle as Junior. Annie’s mouth opened in shock.

‘No, he doesn’t,’ she tried to fluster. ‘You’re just trying to be nice, and change the subject’ and Annie had mellowed a bit with the compliment. She knew Jake well, but only as a friend of her son. He indeed was a handsome teenager, well built with rugged good looks, and with a wonderful smile. Junior knew he had a bit of a lever now.

‘Jeezus, Mom. He’s always going on about you, saying you’re really hot, really sexy, and he always looks out for you at the game. He even asked if I had any pictures of you!’ Annie looked stunned again. The photographs!

‘And what did you say, Junior? Those pictures are for your eyes only and…oh God, Junior…I think you ought to get rid of those pictures. You haven’t dared shown any of them to Jake…or any of the other guys, fake hospital porno for that matter! Oh my God!’ Annie had often taken the opportunity at the games to admire Jake’s muscular physique, but the thought that he might be admiring hers gave the 39 year old wife a sudden jolt of intrigue, tinged with a little excitement.

‘Relax, Mom. Relax.’ He knew she was attentive now, perhaps a little flustered, and he knew he could probably manipulate her…or even worse. ‘I said I would have a look to see if I could find any,’ and a little grin drifted across his face. He could see his Mom melt a little bit, knowing that they couldn’t really get angry with one another for too long.

‘You promised, Junior…no-one but no-one gets to see those pictures…and especially not Jake…oh God!’

‘Why not Jake, Mom?’ and Junior moved closer to his Mom again and put his big hand on her waist, gently rubbing up and down onto her hip and back onto her tummy. ‘Don’t you like being admired, Mom…I’ve told you that your body is fabulous, really hot and sexy, and the guys on the team are always teasing me and asking how you manage to fit into those hot outfits,’ and he gently pulled Annie a little closer, feeling he might be making his Mom think about what he had just said.

‘What do they say then, son? Oh God, I shouldn’t be asking things like that. No, no, no, son. Those pictures are very private…they’re naughty and just between you and me,’ but Junior had reached right up close to her and planted one or two soft kisses on her neck as his arms went round her.

‘Jake says he thinks you’re one hell of a woman, Mom, and he’d love to see you in your sexy bikini…or worse,’ and his arms began to caress the back of Annie’s body, down her back where a hand drifted onto her tight bottom, her 5′ frame easily dwarfed in Junior’s huge arms. He felt her big breasts pushing against him and Annie could not help feel the manly bulge in Junior’s pants as he pulled her ass into him. He was becoming turned on again…but was she? Was that her nipples becoming hard under her clothes??

Then Junior nibbled her ear lobe and kissed her neck some more, and his Mom had those terrible, conflicting emotions fighting each other in her mind as the feelings were wonderful but the consequences might be catastrophic! She loved having her ears nibbled and her neck kissed gently, but was this the right time to enjoy it?

‘Junior, oh my God, Junior, you’ve got to promise me that you won’t show any of those pictures to Jake or any of the others…I’d never be able to show my face at the diamond again,’ but her arms were holding her son’s shoulders, and she didn’t try to stop him caressing her ass or holding her body against him. The sexual vibes were shooting all over her body again!

‘I promise, Mom…but only if you pose for me again!’ He had put her on the spot. He had promised but he had also asked for a daring favour in exchange. He still held her, he still kissed and nibbled her, and he was gradually reducing her defences once more. Annie could feel her sensible knickers getting damp again, but she knew that nothing could happen now, with the girls upstairs, and with such confusion reeling around her mind.

‘You awful son,’ she grinned. ‘That’s a kind of blackmail you’re playing on your poor old Mom,’ and she managed to pull away and look Junior straight in the eye. ‘Look, your father is coming home in two days, so you act like a proper son while he is here, and I’ll think about your request. OK?’ That seemed to be a fair compromise to Annie, but Junior still wanted the last word.

‘OK, Mom, but Jake and the guys really are hot on you…and I’ll pick out your outfit after Dad has gone back on the road.’

‘I said I would think about it, Junior. Now, let me finish this ironing and then I’m going to bed…I’m whacked again.’ Junior went to his room with a smile all over his face, and his cock like a rod of iron, and it didn’t take him long to jack his cock off looking again at his favourite pictures…wow, Mom is so hot, he thought again!

Annie’s mind was whirring when she went to bed. She had never ever considered that young college guys saw her as a sexy, hot Mom. She was always rushing about, chasing the kids, and it had never crossed her mind that she might be the object of young lust in the minds of some of Junior’s handsome, young friends.

Oh my God, she suddenly felt horny in bed, unknown fantasies flitting across her mind, and her fingers played in her wet vagina as impossible scenarios whizzed round and round in her imagination! She told herself that it was all so wrong, but eventually she came to a shattering orgasm, and then she tried to put it all to the back of her mind as she drifted off into a well earned sleep.

Dad indeed did come home and the family had a great weekend. Junior went fishing with Dad, they went to the cinema together, then to an ice-cream parlour and Mom was looking terrific! Was Junior jealous of Dad? fake taxi porno How could he be? He loved his Dad, but he did think of Mom and the way she would be behaving, and what she would be doing. Junior tried to keep his thoughts to himself and spent some time with his college mates, just goofing around, and he even enjoyed himself chatting up some local teen girls with his friends. But they couldn’t compete with his gorgeous Mom…no way!

Then, on Monday morning, Dad left again for a long trip across the states to California. When Junior got home from college, he tried to catch his Mom’s eye as he ate tea with his sisters, but Mom always changed the subject or averted her eyes when she knew her son was looking at her.

‘Jake mentioned you at the game yesterday, Mom,’ he finally said after his sisters had gone into the yard. He grinned as Annie spun round to look at him.

‘Oh yes? And what did Jake have to say, then,’ she asked, knowing damned well what the subject would be. Was she getting a little excited again, was the thought of young guys discussing her turning her on a little?

‘He asked about a picture of you again…one in your bikini! I said I didn’t know whether I could…you being my Mom…anyway, I said I didn’t have any at the moment. I lied to him for you Mom, because I do have pictures of you in your bikini, don’t I…and they are hot, Mom, aren’t they?’

Annie blushed at her son’s words. He and Jake had been discussing her in a bikini, and how she looked so hot! This made her feel alive and bouncy once more, even though she was working in the kitchen with her baggy sweats on, as usual. But she was enjoying the naughty and dangerous banter with her son, and the thought of Jake and the others actually wanting to see pictures of her had set her mind buzzing.

Yet, no way would she intimate to her son that she was willing to let Jake see a picture.

‘But you’re not going to let Jake see them are you, son?’ she frowned at him. Junior moved towards his Mom and, as he towered over her small but wonderful frame, he reminded her again,

‘I promised Mom, didn’t I, but only if you pose for me again…and I would choose your outfit? So, when will it be,’ and he gently caressed her body from the side of her waist down to the top of her thigh below her hip.’ Annie shivered, the idea of what they had been discussing, and Junior’s big hand on her body, sending waves of unthinkable thoughts buzzing around her head.

‘Well, I said I would think about it, didn’t I?’ she teased, now not able to avoid the issue any longer…nor perhaps wanting to! ‘Your sisters may be staying over at their friend’s house on Thursday night, so, if you’re a good boy, you never know what might happen,’ and, with these words, Junior bent down and kissed his Mom softly on her cheek.

‘You’re beautiful, Mom,’ he said excitedly, and almost skipped off to his room.

For the next two days he was on a high, helping around the house as much as he could, being polite and doing anything to help his cause! Time seemed to drag until Thursday, but then it arrived. His sisters were collected by the friend’s mother about 7 in the evening, and then it was just the two of them. Annie and Junior!

Neither said anything when they were alone, and then Annie smiled at her son and said,

‘I suppose you want me to put a nice outfit on for you, do you, big boy?’ and Junior’s eyes lit up. ‘What do you do with all these pictures you take, Junior? You seem to spend a lot of time in your room in the evenings, don’t you?’ and she laughed as her son became a little uncomfortable.

‘I just chill out, Mom, doing college work, and stuff like that, or IMing my buddies. Anyway, I said I would choose your outfit, didn’t I, Mom?’

‘Does Jake have a computer, then, Junior?’ Annie suddenly asked, the possibilities suddenly hitting her thoughts.

‘Of course he does, Mom. All the guys have computers, and can IM.’

‘Oh my God, Junior,’ but a sensuous shiver ran up her spine. ‘You haven’t…you don’t…you promised, Junior, didn’t you, not…not to let anybody else see those…!’ but her son interrupted again. He moved close to her and caressed her hip and waist, and looked into her eyes.

‘They all think you’re hot, Mom, I keep telling you, but I promised that I haven’t…and that’s the truth, Mom. Now, go and put on that sexy, red bikini…or would you like to go for a Pizza first?’ and he kissed her softly on the cheek.

‘No, no, Junior. I can cook some food up later, if you want, but the…the bikini?…the red one? Are you sure…I don’t know if…it’s so revealing, Junior!’

‘I know Mom, that’s why I want to see it! Now, off you go!’ Annie really had no answer to that and didn’t want to argue, because her mind was racing. She said she would have a quick shower first and it was her turn to give Junior a peck on the cheek, shivering again at the way his strong arms ran down her back and across her shoulders.

All sorts of dangerous thoughts crossed her mind as Annie showered, the hot water cascading all over her stunning body. She was alone with her handsome son again and, last time, the unthinkable happened. She was allowing him to take more pictures of her… and this time he wanted her to wear her miniscule bikini.

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