Sister-In-Law Panty Confessions

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For 7 years, I’ve been dying to share this story.

It all started while I was sitting with my then-wife on the couch at her mother’s house. Her mother and her sister lived together and we spent a lot of time with the both of them, sometimes sleeping over.

One morning, after my sister-in-law, Carianne, took her shower, she was sitting on the reclining chair in her purple bathrobe. The robe was open and, well, let’s start by saying that I had a nice view.

Carianne was about 37 and big. About 275 pounds big would be my guess, but she was sexy. I can’t really describe it more accurately, but she was very sexy. About 5 foot 6 or so with big breasts and big legs. And she acted very conservative, being from a church-going family. I never bought it — I thought she was wild and dirty like her sister, but she never let on if she was.

So my wife and I are sitting across from the recliner on the loveseat when my wife, who never minced words, said to her sister: “Any chance you might close your legs so my husband doesn’t have to get a full view?”

But it was too late. I had the full view. And while I noticed Carianne before, that was the dawn of a new day. My sister in law had a nice body and I saw all of it. I don’t think Carianne tried to flash me, although it’s a nice thought. I think she just had her robe open and inadvertently showed me the goods.

She did, in a huff and seemingly embarrassed, close her robe, get up and go upstairs to her room.

At that point, I needed to masturbate. I had gotten hot for my sister in law, so I went to the bathroom.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. I’m sitting on the toilet when I look up and notice the clothes hamper. I had never really noticed it before, but then it dawned on me … if Carianne was totally naked under her robe, did she have on panties before taking her shower? Or did she sleep in the nude? I didn’t know, so I quietly lifted up the hamper to look … and what do I see? A very large pair of purple panties.

So at this point, it dawns on me. My sister-in-law, who just showed me her pussy, took a shower and put her dirty panties in the hamper.

It was at this point that my fetish for panties started. I saw Carianne’s pussy, but I wanted to taste it. I always had a serious oral fetish and LOVE eating pussy and ass … so blood began fake hospital hastane to rush to my head … could I actually taste my sister in law if I lick these panties?

So I sit back down on the toilet, put these large panties up to my nose and take a giant whiff … and it was incredible. The smell was unmistakable. … sweet, sweet pussy. Because I couldn’t afford to be in the bathroom for a long time, I put them over my face. And I masturbated. I needed to cum.

The amount of cum was indescribable. I could have filled the bathtub. I cum a lot naturally, but this was even more than I could dream of.

So, now I had to go back out and sit back next to my wife … and hopefully my sister in law, because I wanted Carianne to know that I just used her dirty panties while sitting on the toilet and masturbated to her scent and taste. I was dying to tell her that.

2 weeks went by until I was made aware of my next golden opportunity to search for my sister in law’s panties. The family was going to visit family a few states away. I was working so I couldn’t go, so the house would be all to myself — I had the key on my keychain.

Naturally, I did what any good in law would do. I called in sick. And then I realized that for a solid 12 hours plus, I had the run of the house. Of course, I never had any way of knowing whether or not there would be panties in the hamper or if they’d leave right after doing the laundry.

I decided that because I had free reign that I was going to try something different. I had never seen Carianne’s room. All I ever heard about it was that it was cluttered. OK, fine … it was time to check it out. When I opened the door, well, cluttered doesn’t begin to describe the room. It was a pigsty. Clothes and pantyhose everywhere.

I picked up a pair of pantyhose from the floor and rubbed the soft silk against my clean-shaven face. And then I lifted it to my nose.

Clean! Shit. How can they be clean? They are on the floor. But they were clean. I saw another pair of panties — bright pink — and they were clean too.

So it was time to go to the hamper and hope. I think I prayed all the way down the creeky stairs that there would be something for me.

Well, when I opened the lid, I was treated to something wonderful. 2 pairs. One black, one blue. fake taxi porno And if you want to know why 2 pairs is so wonderful, I instantly thought … I’m going to take these, go back up to Carianne’s room, get naked, lie on her bed and masturbate. … one pair of panties wrapped around my head and nose and the other in my mouth.

I went back upstairs, stripped down and get comfortable on top of the comforter, which, of course was bunched up. My cock felt 3 feet long as I just anticipated how wonderful these panties would smell – and taste. And was I ever right.

I started by putting the panties in front of my face and clearly imagining Carianne’s large body. I wanted to have the correct proportions in my mind so I could estimate where her pussy would have been. Once I was happy with my guess, I put them to my face. Oh, the sweet, wonderful smell of pussy. Her pussy was just darn near perfect. And as I smelled them, I then thought of something even more wonderful … just a few inches downward from that sweet soft and wet mound would have been where those panties hopefully bunched up in her puckered asshole.

So I ventured a little ways down. The smell changed slightly … if anything it was sweeter as I found what I think was the exact spot where her asshole was covered by the soft cotton of these — the black panties. As I was working my way back and forth between pussy and ass, I found a single hair that I knew was pubic because it was curly.

I put the hair in my mouth and just let it live. Anything I could do to taste my sister in law’s pussy, I was going to do.

So … now it’s a good hour of slow masturbation. Black panties wrapped around my head, back and forth between ass and pussy until the smells became intertwined and I really couldn’t tell the difference. The blue pair was in my mouth and the taste of Carianne was unmistakable. And the first time I took my tongue off the pussy area and moved it down to her ass — dreaming of my tongue darting in and out of her tight little puckered asshole — it was like heaven on earth. Out loud, because no one was home, I said … mmmm, Carianne … you like your brother in law licking your asshole?

At that point, it was time to cum. But this wasn’t going to be an ordinary cum by any means. With one pair wrapped around my face and one pair in family stroke porno my mouth so my breath and voice were muffled, I took the clean pink pair from the floor and wrapped it around my cock. I was going to cum in her clean panties.

And cum I did. I came through her panties… through and through where I still shot 5 feet into the air. Her pink panties were now dark pink as the thick white cum permeated into the fabric. Sopping wet cum stained panties on my cock, black sweet smelling ass-pussy panties on my face and one pair still in my mouth as I’m breathing very heavy.

Why did I cum in the clean pair as opposed to the dirty pair? Sure, I could have dreamed of cumming in her pussy, but I wanted the clean ones for that so I could take those panties and leave them exactly where i found them. Granted, she wouldn’t be home for a day, but, and since they were clean before I started with them, chances are she would have found them and put them on. Even if they were dry and there was no residue from the cum, I wanted those cum filled panties to cover her sweet pussy mound and asshole at some point. I wanted to be able to say that my cum was on or in her pussy and ass.

I have no idea whether or not she ever wore them. I don’t know if she ever was suspicious. If she ever found my hair in her panties. If she did, I can’t imagine her being the kind of person that would ever let on. Or let anyone know. Or get mad about it. Whether or not she secretly lusted for it, I’ll never know, but that was my hope and that’s how I left it.

I masturbated several more times over the next 2 years in that room. And in her panties. And each time, I came in a different way/place. Sometimes, like I said, in her panties. Sometimes in her shoes. Sometimes, in her pillowcase. Sometimes, in her jewelry box. Sometimes, I just let it fly all over the room — hit the wall, the fan, whatever i could hit — hoping that the next time she came in that she’d either see residue or smell the leftovers of a cum-filled masturbation session that always originated around her sweet-smelling panties. Luckily for me, there was always a delay in the laundry getting done. It seemed I was never at a loss for the goods.

Over the years, I saw Carianne in a skirt, in shorts and even in a bikini on a family trip to Florida. And once while in that bikini I saw one pubic hair hang out the side of her tight little mound and I thought … oh, Carianne … if you only knew what I did with a pubic hair just like that — in your room — on your bed — with your dirty panties on my face — and in my mouth.

Oh, Carianne, if you only knew.

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