Sisterly Love Ch. 03

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They both got dressed, Tati pulling on a tight red t-shirt that draped down to her thighs, exposing the very bottom of her little pink panties. Alex had on a tiny gray tank top and a pair of navy blue short shorts over her white bikini briefs.

Tati walked into the kitchen, followed by Alex. They rummaged through the shelves trying to decide what to eat, until finally Tati took out a box of Mac & Cheese. As they prepared the food, Alex asked Tati, “So when’s Gabrielle coming for her visit? Isn’t she supposed to be coming this week?”

“Yeah her plane’s going to be coming in tomorrow afternoon, and then she’s taking a cab here. I can’t wait to see her!”

Once the Mac & Cheese finished cooking, they dug in while watching a Red Sox game on the little TV on the kitchen counter. They put away everything in the dishwasher, and then Alex went to the living room to call Gabrielle while Tati prepared some dessert. When Alex finished her phone call and walked back into the kitchen, she saw Tati standing at the kneeling on the counter, trying to reach a Jell-O bowl on the top shelf, giving her a great view of her ass wiggling around in her pink panties. She crept up silently behind her and slipped her hand into Tati panties, inserting two fingers into her pussy.

Tati squealed at this surprise, but the squeal quickly turned into a moan as she grinded against Alex’s fingers. She soon became very wet, and her pink panties darkened where the moisture had soaked through, revealing the outline of her pussy lips. As Alex continued to slide her fingers in and out of Tati’s pussy, she turned Tati around so that now she was sitting on the counter facing her. They leaned in for a sloppy kiss, and they shoved theirs tongues hardcore porno hard into each other’s mouths.

Then Tati Jumped down off the counter and started walking over to the other side of the kitchen. “Hey…where you going lover?” Alex asked. “I hope you’re not leaving, because I’m wetter than you are right now.”

“No way would I be leaving right now,” Tati replied with a sexy grin. “I’m just getting started. Wait and you’ll see.”

She walked up to the fridge and pulled the door open. She rummaged around in there for a minute before spinning around with something behind her back and kicking the refrigerator door closed with her foot.

“What is that behind your back?” Alex asked with a confused look on her face.

“Well…remember when Mom was going to make a zucchini lasagna for dinner a few days ago, but didn’t have time?” Tati said.


“Well by the time Mom and Dad get back from France, the zucchini will be all rotten and gross, so I think we should use it now.”

“What?” Alex looked at Tati with a confused look on her face. “We just ate. You’re going to make lasagna now?”

Tati giggled, “No…that’s not what it’s for, silly,” as she pulled the 15 inch-long zucchini out from behind her back.

Alex gasped with a shocked look on her face, which quickly turned into a huge smile. “You little perv, Tati. What would I do without you?”

Alex walked over to Tati and pushed her into the living room and onto the coffee table. She swept off the magazines with her hand and then straddled Tati, kissing her neck. Tati giggled and pulled off Alex’s grey tank top, exposing her hard nipples. Tati sat up a bit and started sucking on hd porno Alex’s boobs. She kissed first one, and then the other, and then went back and swirled her tongue around each one and sucking on them.

Alex moaned and then pushed her back onto the coffee table. “My turn,” she said. She lifted Tati’s shirt over her breasts and started licking her tits just like she was doing to Alex not a minute ago. She continued sucking on Tati’s pert nipples, and then started moving down to her stomach and to her crotch. She licked at Tati’s slit through her soaked panties, and then slowly pulled them down with her teeth. Then she pulled the shirt off completely over her head and threw it on the ground next to them.

Then Alex went back to licking Tati’s shaven cunt, gathering up all the juices that had started trickling down her slit. “Okay I think that’s good,” Alex said, and shoved the tip of the zucchini into her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh,” Tati moaned. “That feels sooooo good. Keep going! Keep going!”

Alex kept sliding more and more of it in until about half of it was buried in Tati’s tight, wet hole.

“Oh wait,” Tati moaned as she stopped Alex from shoving more of the zucchini into her.

“You know, that’s not all for me, sexy,” Tati said as she pulled down Alex’s shorts and panties together.

Alex stepped out of her panties and got down on the carpet. Tati also moved down to the floor and gripped the remaining end of the zucchini with both hands, holding it in place, as Alex scooted herself over to her. She then pulled apart her pussy lips with her left hand as Tati moved closer, pushing the zucchini into Alex’s dripping wet pussy. Alex rubbed her clit with her right hand as Tati pushed latina fuck tour porno the entire rest of the zucchini into her so that only a tiny bit was showing between their two pretty little pussies.

They started grinding their pussies together and moaned in unison as the zucchini slid between their wet snatches. As the large, thick vegetable slipped in and out of their pussies, it got wetter and wetter until each time they ground towards each other, it made a loud squelching noise as their pussy lips rubbed against one another’s.

“Ohhhh yeahhhhh Alex,” Tati moaned as Alex moaned back, “Fuck. Yes. Oh my God yes. Ohhhhhhh!”

They continued to thrust and grind against each other faster and faster. Finally, they came at almost the same time. As Tati screamed out in pleasure with her pussy contracting violently, it pushed the zucchini even further into Alex’s cunt, and she too came with a massive orgasm. Both of them screamed as they rode out their climaxes until they were spent and collapsed onto the floor, still shaking from their orgasms.

As they sat up and disentangled themselves from each other, Tati took the zucchini out with a plop and cuddled it with both hands in front of her face, licking off the juices that it was coated in. “Mmm, tastes good,” she said.

Alex took the other end and started sucking on it, too. “Well of course it does,” Alex replied with a smile on her wet face. “Tastes like me and you, and we both know you’re a little slut bag that loves pussy juices.”

“Mmm if I wasn’t so hot for you, I’d be mad at you Alex,” Tati said. “Well, I guess no more zucchini lasagna this week,” she laughed as she threw it in the garbage.

Alex giggled and replied, “It’s okay. I don’t really like zucchini lasagna anyway. I think it’s time for another shower, sweetie,” as she started running up the stairs with her tits and ass jiggling with Tati right on her heels, their juices still running down the inside of their thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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