Social Networking Ch. 01

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I really had no reason to snoop. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for anything in particular when I pushed the keyboard to the side and a small piece of paper appeared in view.

FB Heather713 and my wife’s maiden name were written on the paper.

It was curious but not all that exciting. Of course, it would prove to be very exciting over the next six months. Little did I know, but that little piece of paper would be the key to a whole new world for me.

It was obviously a code or login, but to what? My thoughts turned to porn as it usually did. Did she belong to some porn website? No, I would know if she paid to be a part of any site. I had complete control of the money. I would have seen a transaction. “Heather” that’s the easy part. She is my beautiful wife of six years. “713” was the street address of our first house but what does that have to do with anything? My wife was not real computer literate but she did just get an internet capable phone in the last few months and has learned a lot in that time period. I checked the history of the computer and found that it regularly was cleared. The settings were set to clear the history every day. The history showed just a few shopping and news websites and nothing out of the ordinary.

Unable to figure it out, I changed the history setting to let it record the websites that were visited without clearing the history.

Several days went by and nothing showed up on the history that was out of the ordinary. Finally it hit me on Monday night when I was checking the websites that were visited. “FB” Facebook! She had joined Facebook. I was relieved — nothing too offensive about Facebook.

I immediately logged in as Heather713 and checked what was on the website. Apparently, Heather had invited just five of her girlfriends to be her friend on Facebook. As I read what they had written it sounded a lot like their conversations when they got together. Stacy wanted to change her bathroom from blue to burgundy. Marie had an Aunt with cancer who was not doing too well. Heather complained about never having enough time. Actually it was pretty boring stuff. However, every so often one of the girls would get on the subject of sex and it got a lot more interesting. They talked about a pact they made to share all of the intimate details of their love life so they all could learn how to live happily. The talk was supposed to help them learn what went wrong in relationships and help them avoid the pitfalls of married life.

All of the friends were married in the last six years. Heather and I were together the longest of any of the group. All of the girls had not had children yet and seemed to have a lot in common. As I read, it seemed to me to be a pretty good idea to create a small tight-knit group of young women who had similar interests, hopes and dreams and let them talk out their problems. Apparently, the pact was pretty recently developed and they were all still getting used to the idea of sharing details of their lives with each other. There was plenty of encouragement from each other but not very many examples of juicy stuff that would interest me.

Of course, I am vain so I searched for anything that Heather said about me. There was really not very much about me. I guess I was disappointed that Heather hadn’t shared how wonderful I was. Marie had talked briefly about Jim her husband and how he was an expert with his lips and tongue.

“Where’s my props? I’m pretty good with my lips and tongue too!”

I continued to secretly read my wife’s social networking and did not let on that I knew about the club. I challenged myself to try to get Heather to write something exciting about me in the journal.

I brought home flowers for no reason, I praised her, and I listened to her problems at work, all with the intent to be “Mr. Wonderful”. The results were poor. I hardly was mentioned on the site for weeks. Heather was just not real forthcoming with information about her life.

Then it hit me; I was going about this all wrong. I had to do something really out of the ordinary so Heather would be compelled to write about her exciting life. I cooked up this little scheme that really was the key to my sex life and my exciting times to come.

I decided to tell Heather that I had enrolled in a massage school to learn sensual massage techniques that could enhance our sex life and make her feel relaxed and calm. I told her that the class met on Tuesday nights for two hours and that in 8 weeks I would be proficient in three different methods of sensual massage.

She seemed intrigued but did not really see the need to pay a school to teach me. She called it a waste of money and one of my hair brained ideas that I was so famous for.

One of the big problems is that I really did not enroll in a massage school. In fact, I really didn’t know anything about sensual massage. I tended to just rub the good parts on my wife until she came. I thought I was pretty good with my hands but didn’t güvenilir bahis know anything official.

On the first Tuesday night I went to the local bookstore and hung out for two hours researching the art of sensual massage. There was a lot to this and I bought two books on the subject so I wouldn’t look dumb when my wife asked about what I had learned.

When I arrived home, Heather was involved in her TV shows and had forgotten where I had been all night. That gave me the opportunity to read my books for the next week and reveal to Heather the art of sensual massage on the following Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I went shopping for golf clubs and watched the baseball game at the store for a few hours and got home about 8 pm.

“Where you been Honey?”

“Tonight was my Massage Class.”

“Oh, I forgot all about that. What do you do at that class?

“Do you know that there are 17 erogenous zones on a woman’s body?”

“All I can see is a bunch of horny nerds rubbing each others shoulders and talking about touching a real woman someday.”

“Make your jokes but it is not like that at all. Our instructor is master masseuse who has worked at some of the most exclusive spas in the Southwest. It is very detailed. Tonight he showed diagrams of all the muscles on the back and neck and explained where each nerve ending led in the body.”

As I am making this stuff up I am almost starting to believe it myself. I have always been excellent at making up bullshit but I am really getting carried away this time

“Next week we are learning the proper strokes and pressure points to stimulate, invigorate or relax a muscle.”

“Wow, you are really taking this seriously, aren’t you? Maybe you can quit your day job and go into the business.”

“My only goal is to please you…” As soon as I said it I had this fear that Heather was going to start laughing and catch me in my lie but she was buying it…”I plan on being married to you for another fifty years and I want you to be happy.”

“OK big boy, show me your best moves.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know any yet. One of the things that our instructor said on the first day is that we had to relearn everything we knew about touching a woman.”

“He told us we could not try anything until week four.”

“C’mon show me that magic touch.”

“I’ll show you what I’ve been showing you for the last six years but you are going to have to wait for the advanced stuff.”

With that I reached over and pinched Heather’s nipple through her sleep shirt. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto the bed. I gave her a kiss and slipped her the tongue. She seemed to melt in my arms. I ran my left hand up her long legs.

Heather has great legs. She is about 5’6″, just slightly shorter than me. Her legs are long and lean. Tonight they are also smooth as silk. She had just got out of the tub and they were freshly shaved and smoothed from generous application of lotion. As I rubbed up higher, I was surprised by another smooth area. She had shaved the lower portion of her pussy for the first time of the season. Heather had a rule. Pussy hair was necessary in the winter to keep her warm but when the weather started getting warmer she would shave it like I liked it. Tonight was what I was waiting for — I love spring!

Heather’s pussy is gorgeous. Her outer lips are the same color and texture as her beautiful legs. No dark area just creamy white skin. Her inner lips protrude just a little, just enough to invite me to kiss them until they get wet. I sure planned on doing that but right now I was content on stroking her inner thigh and pussy lips until some moisture appeared. It did not take long. She was excited too. She knows I look forward to this every year and she could see my excitement in my face as I felt her smooth pussy for the first time. My breathing was quick. It is amazing how something so simple can take me over the edge.

I was now rubbing the full length of her pussy lips. Moisture was not a problem anymore, unless you call running down her legs a problem. Her clit was exposed and swollen. I was making circles around her love button and her breathing was increasing.

The bedside light was still on so I pulled her sleep shirt up a bit so I could look at her beautiful pussy. She had left a small patch of brown curly hair right above her clit but other than that she was completely bald.

“You are beautiful”

She tried to pull the shirt down in embarrassment. “Quit”

“We are married, I’m allowed to look”

“It’s the prettiest thing I have ever seen.” “Trust me I’m an expert.”

I gave her a series of small kisses on the inside of her thighs and made my way to that hot pussy. It was dripping wet and tasted amazing. Her hands made it to the back of my neck as I licked her clit in a circular motion. Next her legs started squeezing my neck. I stuck a finger in and started massaging her g-spot. She can never stand that for long and this time was no türkçe bahis different. I thought I was going to suffocate when she squeezed those legs tight and moaned through her first orgasm. I clamped my lips down on her clit to feel it quiver during her orgasm. I thought she was going to break my neck pulling me off her pussy. She gets so sensitive after an orgasm.

I made my way up to her face and kissed her deeply. My mouth was covered with her pussy juice. I love it when she tastes herself. I rubbed my index finger up her pussy lips and scooped up a finger full of pussy juice and brought it to her mouth and rubbed it on her lips. I kissed her. The taste was wonderful.

I began rubbing her breasts. Heather’s nipples were hard as a brick and fully erect. She had dark brown nipples that stand out a full inch when erect. They are perfectly circular and are one of her best features. Her boobs are small, a small B, but they are perfect on her body. I have never been able to convince her that they are plenty big and they are exactly what turns me on.

Our tongues are exploring each others mouths and she was soon pulling on my ass to get on top of her. I pulled my boxers off and slid her sleep shirt over her head. I started sliding my dick up and down her pussy lips. Ah, no friction. That bald pussy was so soft and wet that it didn’t take but a few strokes before I slipped right in. My 7 inch dick was swollen and super sensitive. I could feel every stroke as her inner lips latched onto my dick and slid effortlessly up and down my shaft. What an amazing feeling.

I reached my hand down to rub her clit as I entered her. Her sensitivity on her clit was still at a peak. She swayed from side to side and tried in vain to remove my hand. I knew she really didn’t want me to stop rubbing her clit. It was driving her crazy and she was panting as we kept our lips locked on each other.

Just a few more strokes…Ah, I couldn’t take it anymore. She started shaking and digging her fingernails into my ass. I shot my load deep into her pussy. We collapsed side by side in the bed.

“Welcome to spring.”

“I love this time of year and I love you”

The next day, I was anxiously awaiting her entry on facebook. Surely, she would talk about how shaving her pussy drove me crazy and how we had intense sex the night before. At 3 pm, I logged onto the site to see what she wrote. I was surprised to see that she didn’t even mention the crazy lovemaking. All she talked about was the Massage Class. She talked about how it really seemed legitimate and how she was anxiously awaiting week 4 so she could benefit from my training.

Her girlfriends had weighed in also. They were very intrigued and all seemed anxious to hear how my skills increased after week 4. Marie mentioned that her husband was awful at massages and that she didn’t even ask for one anymore. Marie seemed to be the one that was quickest to comment and to give details about her relationship. That wasn’t surprising. Of all my wife’s friends, Marie is the most talkative. She never met a stranger. She was always friendly with me and often had given me a little grin that but ideas in my mind – not wholesome ideas. Marie often dressed provocatively. Miniskirts, short shorts and low-cut tops were pretty standard for Marie. She was short and petite with coal black wavy hair that she wore about shoulder length. Her boobs were large for her body and she seemed to want to show them to everybody. Heather had commented several times that she wished her boobs were as big as Maries. I had tried in vain to convince my wife that I preferred her boob size to Marie’s size.

The rest of the week it was the hot topic on my wife’s site. It seemed to open up the flood gates of information with all the girls. They talked about how they liked to be touched. Some preferred deep tissue massage, others liked soft gentle touches. The consensus was that they loved to be touched and didn’t necessarily want to make love every time they received a massage. Their husbands were very quick to start the love making and forget about the massage. They all talked about the stresses in their life and they envied Heather who would soon have a trained masseuse in her home that could satisfy her whenever she wanted.

Heather promised to report back with information about the Massage Class.

Tuesday night I stayed late at work to fill in the time that I was supposed to be at the class. This was week 3 so I didn’t have to have too many details and didn’t have to perform until next week. Heather was waiting for me in the bedroom when I arrived home. The lights were low and candles were burning. This looked encouraging. Heather had her reading glasses on and was reading a trashy novel with some hunk on the cover. I haven’t seen one of those at the bedside before.

“Hi Honey, how was class?”

“Very informative tonight — He taught us the three different levels of pressure to use during a massage.”

“What are those?” güvenilir bahis siteleri she asked very interested

“Well there is deep tissue massage that is used for tired muscles and as a stress reliever. That is the most common in spas as most people are coming for a massage because of sports injuries or stresses at work or in life.”

“The second one is softer than deep tissue and is more comfortable for many women as females prefer a lighter touch. It too can relieve stress and make muscles relax. Patrons often fall asleep during this massage.” I couldn’t think of a name for this one as I was making this up as I went along. I hope she doesn’t ask for too many details.

“The third is sensual massage and it has a variety of levels of pressure from vigorous to feather soft touches depending on the part of the body you are touching. “

“That sounds like the one I want.” Heather cooed

“Tonight we also learned the different strokes. The most common is circular but there is semi-circular and others that are for specific parts of the body.”

“Like what parts of the body?”

“Our instructor said for example, the buttocks are best rubbed in a semi-circular motion to start from top to bottom. However, it is often a good idea to change that rub from the bottom to the top as this has the effect of opening up the cheeks which many people find relaxing.”

“Wait, whose ass are you rubbing?”

“No one, we don’t start with live patrons until next week.”

“Really, it’s no big deal. We met the students tonight that will be here next week. They are not very attractive and most are pretty heavy. In fact, our instructor talked about how most of the people that you massage are not very appealing. They tend to be older and heavier than you would prefer. It makes sense; hot coeds don’t have the money to get a massage. Most are older women looking for a little excitement from a young guy. Besides I am learning so I can massage you. I am not going into the business.”

“Oh, I found out tonight that we all receive our own portable massage table at the completion of the class. We also get an assortment of oils to start us out.”

I had been checking out some massage tables online lately and this seemed to be the right time to bring this up. I can order the table and oils and have them sent to work. They should arrive at about the same time as the class ends. Listen to me; I have convinced myself that the class is real.

“After next week we are encouraged to try out our techniques with someone in our life. Most of the guys in the class are married so they can try things out on their wife. “I am so looking forward to that.” Heather said

“You’ll have to wait one more week. Do you need any amateur help in the meantime?”

I was hoping for action like the previous week.

“Honey if you don’t mind, I would like to just finish this chapter and go to sleep. I have to be at work early in the morning.”

I headed to the shower and immediately started planning how to “practice” on Heather next Tuesday. This had to be perfect. She had to believe that I had some new expertise that would be special and different from anything I had done before. She had to be convinced that I was a trained masseuse. The pressure was on — one week to get it together.

I like to think I am a sensitive guy but the more I analyzed how I have handled Heather in bed up to now, the more I thought that I acted like a caveman. Every move was designed to move straight to a good hard fuck. I’m sure she saw through all the fake cuddling and gentle rubbing because it immediately went to predictable touching of her boobs and pussy. If I was going to impress Heather I was going to have to completely change my ways. Right before I turned off the shower, I made a pact with myself. Absolutely no fucking next Tuesday…What did I say? Yes, absolutely no fucking next Tuesday. I must be patient and it will pay off in the end. Besides, the more I read on her site the more I was convinced that all of my wife’s friends agreed that they wanted a man who would just please them without any pressure to perform in bed.

The week went by quickly. I was reminded several times by Heather that she would be my willing massage partner on Tuesday and she really wanted to see what I have learned.

On my lunch break on Tuesday I went to the mall to pick up some massage oil. I headed home at the usual time — just after class let out.

Heather met me at the door and gave me a big kiss. She had saved a plate from her dinner and quickly started the microwave. We sat and talked while I ate dinner.

Heather’s eyes were bright and her smiles were frequent as she asked.

“So, did you learn everything you need to know to be a masseuse?

“Well, I’m sure there is plenty more to learn but I do have a plan on how to massage my beautiful wife tonight.”

“Well, clean that plate mister; it’s time to get started.”

We headed up to the bedroom and Heather asked.

“What do I do?”

“Just go to the bed, lie down and relax. I need a little time to get things ready.”

Heather immediately removed her clothes and flopped down on the bed. She flipped on the TV as she waited on me.

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