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My sister Tracy is 18 months older than I am but growing up it always seemed like I was the ‘big’ brother. Sure we had our fights but more often than not we got along really well. When she broke up with her first serious boyfriend or her friends teased her or her pet fish died, it was me that she came to and cried, we shared almost all of our childhood secrets and when mom & dad split up we were there for each other.

It wasn’t easy before mom & dad split – they yelled, they fought and as sometimes happens Tracy or I would catch hell for something minor just because they were mad at each other. Tracy was 13 and I was 11 & 1/2 when they split and we were both old enough to realize that each of them were partly at fault but mainly it was Dad – he drank too much, spent more time with his buddies than he did with mom, Tracy or I and no matter how little money there was he always had enough for cigarettes and beer. Mom got custody and other than the occasional weekend we didn’t see much of dad.

The other thing that changed was discipline – dad was the strict one and fully believed that nothing worked better than a hand firmly applied to the butt of whoever had broke the rules. It was always a hand but depending on what we’d done wrong it could be pants on, pants off/underwear on or right on the bare ass. Once I even got spanked in front of three of my friends for sneaking a beer out so we could try it.

Mom on the other hand was a “let’s talk and work it out kind of person”. Unfortunately that didn’t work with the two of us and as we grew older we got more and more out of hand – by the time I was 16 we’d both smoked, drank occasionally, skipped school, tried pot and a few other things. It all came to a head one night when mom was working late and Tracy and I were sitting in the corner of the back yard after a swim in the pool sharing a joint. What we didn’t know (until it was too late) was that mom had come home early and been dropped off by a friend because her car wouldn’t start. Neither of us saw her come into the yard until she was right there and we were caught dead to rights. Now we figured that we’d get a big lecture about drugs and we were right – up to a point. After we’d been lectured in the living room for about 15 minutes mom said, “I’ve finally realized that sometimes your dad was right. We never had these kinds of problems when he was around because you both knew that you’d get a spanking if you didn’t behave. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it but obviously it’s not working so both of you – go to your rooms now and get ready for a spanking.”

Neither of us really thought she’d go through with it but we weren’t going to argue so we quickly went up to our bedrooms which were side by side. I knew mom really meant business when I heard her go into Tracy’s room and yell at her, “you’re the oldest, you should have known better now get your bottoms off and get over my knee!” I could hear Tracy try talking mom out of it but from she obviously ended up over mom’s knee as I could easily hear her ass getting soundly spanked. I could hear each slap as it landed and soon I could hear Tracy sniffling and eventually crying and saying how sorry she was. I’d almost forgotten that I was in for the same treatment until I heard mom say, “Now maybe you’ll realize I mean what I say and your brother’s going to learn the same thing in a minute or so.”

Less than 30 seconds later, mom came into my room and said, “No doubt you heard Tracy’s punishment just as I’m sure she’ll hear yours. Take your shorts off and get over my knee right now!” I’d already realized there wasn’t any chance of talking her out of spanking me so I did what she said. When I had heard Tracy sniffling and crying I thought maybe she over reacting or had a low pain tolerance but when the first couple of swats landed I realized that mom wasn’t taking it easy on either of us and it damn well hurt. I didn’t quite end up crying but I sure had tears in my eyes by the time she was done.

Both Tracy and I went to bed that night with a sore ass and the knowledge that things had changed and we’d better behave or else.

Fast forward about 5 years. We’d finished high school, finished college, moved out and had our own lives. Once we were away from Mom, both of us had gotten quite a bit wilder again. We’d been raised in the country but now we were living in the city almost across the state – some drugs, lots of drinking, partying and spending more than we made with the shitty jobs we had. I’d been engaged once but that ended before we got married and Tracy got married at 21. It took Tracy less than a year to figure out that her husband’s pharmaceutical sales didn’t involve stores nor were they legal. He got busted, she had to fight to keep the property they seized and they got divorced – thankfully there weren’t any kids yet. Again, it was my shoulder she cried on when she found out and again when the divorce was finalized.

We stayed close and often got together for izmir escort bayan supper, drinks or just to chill. Tracy had come to like the things that her ex’s money bought and had a hard time making ends meet but I’d pulled myself out before I got too deep in debt. I had a not bad two bedroom apartment in a complex and she had a barely livable one bedroom in a house. Dad had died a couple of years ago – he drove into a bridge abutment at over 120km/h with a blood alcohol level just over 2 so mom had used the insurance money to buy a much nicer place further in the country.

It was during one of our evenings together that Tracy said, “You know…it’s taken me a while to figure it out but really the only reason we behaved as kids was that we knew the consequences – without consequences we’ve both done a lot of shit we shouldn’t have.” We’d already had a few drinks and a couple of spiffs so the conversation didn’t surprise me much.

“Yup, we sure caught hell as kids sometimes – good thing we can do what we want now!”

“That’s my point – we are doing what we want and quite often we shouldn’t. Ok, you’ve changed but I’m still spending too much and partying too much. I’d really appreciate it if you would help me.”

It wasn’t the first time she’d needed to borrow money & she’d usually paid me back so I said, “Sure, how much do you need?”

“I’ve made a budget and blown way past it – I’m about $500 short on this month’s rent and bills but what I really need is to know there are consequences.”

I knew she was going somewhere with this but it really wasn’t sinking in and obviously the look on my face told her as much so she continued, “I need to borrow $500 but I also need to be punished for spending too much. There’s no one else that would understand what I’m saying or that I would trust to tell this to. I guess what I’m asking is for you to spank me.”

Ok, now that made it through the fog pretty quickly. “Spank you…you mean spank as in my hand hitting your ass?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, just like mom or dad used to do it when we were really bad.”

That sunk in even quicker because I knew exactly what she meant – it was when we were really bad that the spanking was on the bare ass. “Are you sure? It seems kind of weird and almost wrong to be spanking my sister’s bare ass but if you’re sure…”

Instead of replying, Tracy stood up, walked over to me, undid her pants, sliding them down to her knees taking her thong panties with them and lay over my knee. “Spank me,” she said, “spank me hard!”

Now I know its wrong but when a 22yr old guy with no girlfriend has a good looking 24yr old naked female ass across his lap there’s a really good chance he’s going to get hard and I did. When I say ‘good looking’ it might even be an understatement. Tracy had a great figure – about 130 lbs, 5’3″, at least a 36″ or 38″ bust, smooth tanned skin and a firm but very nicely rounded ass. As her thong came down I could easily see that she was totally clean shaven. As she got in position over my knee, her dark brown hair fell away from her shoulders and down over my legs. Even before the first swat I was stiffening so I figured I’d better get it over with before she noticed.

At first I was too timid to really spank her but after a dozen or so strokes I was getting into it and my hand started coming down harder. She obviously felt it too because she started pushing down against my crotch to get away from the hand and that didn’t help my hard on go down at all. By 20 strokes her ass was red, by 30 she was whimpering and when I stopped at 40 she was bawling like a baby.

When I was done, she crawled up into my lap, put her arms around me and cried some more. As the tears slowed to a stop, she whispered in my ear, “Thanks, I think that’s what I’ve needed.” She just sat there for a while until she’d settled down, then she got up pulled her pants back up and sat beside me. We started talking and came to an agreement that if she went over her budget and admitted it then she’d get 1 stroke for every $5 over budget but if I checked her spending and caught her over budget then it would be 2 strokes for every $5 over.

Things went fine (if you count spanking your sisters bare ass as ‘fine’) for a couple of months. Usually once or twice a month, Tracy would be over my knee for a spanking and I thought I was getting pretty good at adjusting myself so she couldn’t feel that I was hard as a rock while she was lying over my lap. Then things changed when she lost her job – it wasn’t her fault, the company wasn’t doing well and got rid of a lot of their junior employees and she was one of them. Without a job she couldn’t afford her rent and it wasn’t long before she’d moved into my spare bedroom. We worked it out that instead of paying rent she would look after the apartment, cook, clean and stuff like that.

At first all went well but then the dinners either weren’t getting done or were just microwaved stuff, escort izmir the apt wasn’t getting cleaned and she was running up my phone bill. One night I came home to no dinner, a dirty apt, her watching some soap opera on TV and I lost it.

“I’ve given you a place to stay, not charged you for any food or rent and all you have to do is look after the place and you can’t even do that. Get your pants off and get over here now!”

At first I thought she was going to argue but she obviously realized that wasn’t a good plan so she did what I told her and quickly found her ass getting sore and red. After 50 swats I told her to get dressed and get supper ready or she’d get another spanking. Tracy said her ass hurt too much to put her pants on right away so half jokingly I told her I didn’t care if she had pants on or not – I wanted supper. She thought about it for a minute and proceeded to take her pants and underwear all the way off and got supper ready.

Without making it too obvious I kept an eye on her and was still hard and even had a wet spot on the front of my pants by the time supper was ready. It quickly became the norm that after a hard spanking she would leave her pants off until the redness and the stinging went away. It was also the norm that when I went to bed at night after spanking her that I’d lay in bed replaying the spanking in my mind. The memory of her warmth on my lap, her bare ass going from white to pink to red and the tempting swell of her bare pussy lips peaking out guaranteed a huge cum. Several times over the next few months I thought that she’d intentionally done something to get a spanking but having her ass right there in front of me, her bare pussy almost rubbing against my leg and watching her wiggle and squirm as her cheeks got redder was so much of a turn on that I really didn’t care.

One night before jerking off, I started looking at some internet porn sites and thought I’d check out some spanking videos. I was quite surprised to find that instead of being a huge turn on, watching girls get spanked got me hard but not the same as when it was Tracy. I kept looking and found one called ‘Sis gets spanked’. It was a shitty plot but I was hard almost instantly. The movie was about an older brother who came home from college and caught his 19 yr old sister toking up in the garage. He promptly snapped some pics with his cell phone and threatened to tell their parents. Of course she said she’d do anything if he didn’t tell and as a result she ended up somewhat reluctantly over his knee with her pants around her knees while he spanked her bare ass until it was a rosy shade of red.

As I watched it, I stroked myself to orgasm and quickly realized that it wasn’t just the spanking I liked, it was the fact it was my sister. When I came it was a gusher – blowing past the paper towel I was holding and all over the carpet. I watched it a couple more times that night and each time was a far bigger ejaculation than normal. After that, I ended up with a fair collection of videos that were supposedly a brother spanking his sister.

If I wasn’t lucky enough to spank Tracy then I’d watch one of the videos and jerk off until I came before going to bed. More than once when I was spanking her firm little ass I found myself wondering what it would be like to touch her pussy, have her touch my cock, lick her pussy, have her suck my cock and especially to actually have sex with her. Of course I couldn’t just say, “hey sis, do you want to fuck?” and I had no idea how to lead into it easily. That changed one night when I came home from work and went to check email. I’m by no means compulsive but I noticed that some of the things on my desk weren’t where I thought I’d left them and when I moved the mouse to kill the screensaver my browser was open and I knew I’d closed it that morning. That got me curious so I did a bit more looking and when I checked the history I could see that there had been quite a few porn sites opened during the day when I was at work so it must have been Tracy.

Even more surprising was that a number of them were spanking related and a couple were even incest! Then I went to the folder that had my porn vids in it (aptly called ‘work stuff’) and noticed that instead of being arranged by date, they were arranged by name. That had me hard right away picturing Tracy watching my porn collection so I immediately thought that this would be a good chance to see if Tracy was really interested in more than getting spanked.

I knew Tracy was working until 6 (she’d finally gotten a part time job) so she wouldn’t be home for about an hour. That gave me time to create a new folder in my porn folder and called it ‘new vids’. Then I downloaded a few new spanking vids into it and looked for a good incest flick. It took a little while but I found a great one of a 25 yr old brother and his 21 yr old sister that shared a room while on vacation with their parents. It started with him masturbating in bed after izmir escort she was asleep but she woke up and caught him. He was totally embarrassed and stopped but she wanted him to continue so he said he would if she did it too. Soon they were both naked and masturbating and of course that led to all sorts of touching and fucking. I named it ‘brother-sister fuck’ so there wasn’t any doubt what it was and added it to the new folder as well.

Once all that was done I left a note on the table saying that I’d gone out with the guys for a bit and wouldn’t likely be home until midnight hoping that she’d take the opportunity to look at some more porn. Once that was done, I re-arranged my closet so I had lots of room, cracked the door open enough to see the bed and computer then I waited in the closet. It felt like a long time but it was only about 15 minutes before she came home and I could picture her stopping at the table and reading my note. I heard her coming towards the bedroom and she called my name a few times and when there wasn’t any answer it sounded like she was heading for her room.

At first I thought she was tired and was going to bed early but then I heard her coming back towards my room. I couldn’t see her at first but when she moved into my line of vision I could see she’d changed into her housecoat. Sure enough she sat down at the computer and started surfing. I couldn’t see what she was watching too well but I could hear things easily enough and just listening to the sounds of sex and occasionally someone getting spanked was enough to get me noticeably hard. I thought maybe she was playing with herself while she was watching but I really couldn’t tell. She must have gotten bored surfing because next she went right to my porn folder (now I knew she’d been there before) and she spent a few seconds looking before she noticed the ‘new vids’ folder and quickly opened it up.

She was obviously trying to decide what to watch first and I could tell by the sounds and what I could see that she’d finally picked the ‘brother-sister fuck’ one. It was about 15 minutes long and in less than 5 minutes she’d put it to full screen and moved to the bed to watch it. It wasn’t long before the housecoat was opened and now I could easily see that she was playing with herself. She reached into the pocket of her housecoat and pulled out a fair sized vibrator and started teasing her nipples with it before running it down her belly to her pussy. I’d never seen her tits before and they were gorgeous – full, firm and the nipples were erect and looked as hard as pebbles as she rubbed and squeezed one and then the other. I could also see her other hand move as she thrust the vibrator in and out of a very wet sounding pussy while I stood there in the closet and watched. I’d instantly gotten totally hard and was almost mesmerized by what I was seeing.

I fought off the urge to pull out my cock and jerk off until I came. Instead I figured it was now or never so I opened the closet door as quietly as I could and moved toward the bed. She was so focused on playing with herself and watching the video that she didn’t even know I was there at first. It looked like she was getting close to cumming and I’m not sure if it was a noise, a movement or she just sensed me but suddenly she looked my way and froze for a few seconds, let out a short scream and started sputtering. “I…I…I’m sorry. I was just…”

“It’s ok, I figured out you were looking around on my computer and I saw some of the sites you’d looked at but I wasn’t sure if you were just turned on by just the spanking or if it was because I was your brother so I put those vids there and left you the note hoping you’d take the time to look some more.” I noticed she hadn’t covered herself up and the vibrator was still buzzing in her pussy so she obviously wasn’t too upset at getting caught.

“Oh shit, I’m totally embarrassed. Yes the spanking turns me on. Do you remember the first time Mom spanked us?”

Not much use in denying it so I said, “yup, we both caught hell that night and my ass was still a little tender the next morning.”

“Well, in all the years that Dad spanked me I never got aroused and when Mom started spanking me I was embarrassed because I knew you could hear what was happening but I still wasn’t aroused. However the very first time you spanked me my pussy started getting wet as soon as I was over your lap and when I felt your erection against my leg I got even wetter. By the time you finished spanking me it hurt like hell but it also turned me on like nothing else ever has. My ass still stung when I got into bed but I was so horny that I masturbated to several orgasms just re-playing that spanking in my mind.

“You did? Wow, I thought I was weird for getting hard just spanking you! I jerked off thinking about it when I went to bed too and the orgasm when I finally came was awesome.

“I can feel you getting hard when you’re spanking me and then I usually get myself off at night afterwards thinking about you seeing my bare ass and the feel of your hard cock pressing against my belly. Judging from your hard-ons and your video collection I figured that you jerked off after spanking me as well.”

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