Street Party Ch. 03

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This is a follow on from Street Party 1 & 2 that were written back in August 2008. Although I had continued to write the saga at the time life became busy and complicated and it was left on the back burner.

I now have more time to resurrect the storyline of the James family (Paul, Sue and their two daughters Jo and Mo) while they expand their exploration of sex.

If you have not read chapter one or two it might take a bit of time to pick up the threads – but every story is a separate chapter and can be read as a single item or part of the general story in itself. I hope you enjoy.

When Sue placed the card key in her hotel door lock and opened the door she was surprised to hear noises from within her room. Two steps forward and she had the shock of her life.

Meeting her eyes as she reached the end of the hallway was her naked daughter Jo on all 4’s in the middle of the double bed her tits swinging wildly with an equally naked male behind her, his prick travelling in and out of her at an alarming rate.

“What the?? Shit, what’s, — Jo – happening, what are you doing?” Fucking hell — what, is – your shagging, you —.”

“Ohh mum, ohh fuck, what are you doing here?” —–

“Ahhhh— yeeesssss, YYeees, don’t stop, please don’t stop Dave, finish me, fuck me, fuck me harder – fuck me harder, screw my arse off. Ahh yes aah I’m going to – yesss I’m cummm- cummmmmm, ahh, yes, yes yes, aahhhhhh mor—-e.”

With a long loud scream Jo collapsed onto her elbows and her head hit the bed covers not able to continue the reply to her mother’s questions.

A huge climax had exploded in her leaving her shaking and speechless. Nothing else mattered to her, just her climax – her first full fuck climax – that feel of having a prick so far up inside her shooting what seemed like an endless stream of hot cum — the pleasure of real fuck was hitting her hard, ripping through her body sending waves of, of pain, pleasure, excitement and sex, pure unadulterated mystical sex.

She had waited so long for this sort of fuck but had never expected such a powerful mind shattering explosion. Now she had been fucked to exhaustion she just collapsed in a heap. Her vibrators had never done this to her.

If anything the shock of her mother arriving as she exploded had made her first real man fuck ten times more powerful than she ever thought possible. That extra rush of adrenaline at being caught shagging arrived just at the right moment to push her limits.

She could feel Dave lying on top of her, collapsed in a heap as he finished filling her with his cum. She could feel his limp prick lying between her bum cheeks and her cunt throbbing, full to overflowing. She could feel his cum running down her crack and over her sensitive clit as it left her throbbing cunt. The sex was all she could think about, her first fuck. Her first experience of a prick, in this case a big prick, inside her body filling every corner of her. What a way to be stuffed. Oh for the next fuck was all she could think.


Her thoughts drifted back to earlier that day when this had all started. Jo and her sister Mo had met Dave and his brother John while having an afternoon swim. Jo had looked at the bulge in Dave’s trunks with as much enthusiasm as Dave was consuming her curves. It was one of those things, a flutter of her eyes at an aggressive alpha male and the next thing was all four of them were on their way back to the girl’s hotel bedroom. The kisses and grouping were on the cards as soon as they left the pool area. Dave had started his attack in the lift and entered the bedroom behind Jo with his arms wrapped around her and one of her rather large breasts in each hand. All Jo could feel was his very large erection pressing against her bum cheeks and rear end giving her that warm inner feeling that said ‘this could be the day’.

Jo moved on through their own room to their mother’s one via the connecting door where she knew there was a double bed and she thought Dave and her would be alone. To her surprise Mo followed with John in tow.

Mo had fallen just as powerfully for John who was a little unsure of himself until once in the bedroom, she turned around and took his hands placing one on each of her firm breasts letting them cover her erect nipples. All she said was ‘please’.

For a long time now she had followed in Kate and her big sisters shadow and was determined she was not going to miss out this time. Today she wanted to go ‘all the way’, loose her virginity and finally get fucked, really fuck by a real big throbbing cock. Then she could join the club their friend Kate belonged to. The –’I’ve been shagged one’.

Standing in front of Dave Jo had kissed him passionately then dropped to her knees and released his shorts. Her eyes feasted on one magnificent prick that she was determined to enjoy. She had been worried about how long and fat his weapon was once she saw his manhood in its full glory. Her thoughts güvenilir bahis were however that this was going to be the day she also wanted to get her first real man fuck.

Her wish was to impress and please. She wanted to get this glorious tool sliding down her throat to give Dave one of her special blow jobs. Then she wanted him to force it all into her wet willing virgina and shag her long and hard.

Licking and sucking she had allowed Dave to take the lead and work his manhood further into her mouth. With each stroke he was getting deeper. As she worked on his weapon all she was thinking was how long and thick it was, at the best part of eight inches – or more, would it be too much for her first time?

Dave had shocked her back to reality when he suddenly grabbed her head and held it tight with both hands as he picked up on her willingness and eased all 8 inches steadily down her throat making her gag. She coughed and spluttered and almost heaved a couple more times before he managed to set up a rhythm fucking her face. His balls were bouncing off her chin. She took all that he wanted to deliver as she looked up into his fierce, passionate, animal eyes.

At that point she had to concentrate hard so she could comfortable accept his prick sliding past her tonsils. As Dave pounded her face all she could think about was that her mouth was used to being fucked, but this was going to hopefully be followed her first real shag. There was a nagging doubt – could she really take this monster in her prick virgin virgina?

His increase in pace and determined look told her she would soon be swallowing his first load of cum. It wasn’t long before she had felt his legs quiver and his grip harden as he paused with his tool deep down her and started to jerk to the pulse of his climax, he was cuming big time.

He let rip with his first and second load deep down her throat – he withdrew a little for his third ejaculation which filled her mouth and she felt and tasted his hot seed for the first time. To her surprise he finished his climax with his right hand pumping his tool as he shot the last of his cum over her ample tits. There had been a determined, satisfied look on his face as he stood above her in a dominant position before gently offering his spent member back to her mouth to be caressed, cleaned and returned to an erection by her lips and tongue.

She had not had a lot of time to think things through from then onwards. Dave had let her eat him for a while before he pushed her back onto the bed and dived in between her legs working frantically on her clit and virgina. His hands and tongue had devoured her and worked hard on every part of her body bringing her to a succession of long slow gentle climaxes. He had used his fingers to explore and fuck her never quite letting her fully explode. Next he was kneeling on her with a breast in each hand fucking her tits – and her lips on the long strokes – now that he was back to a full erection. Looking into her eyes he slid back down her body sucking and nibbling her nipples, and kissing and licking her until he disappeared between her legs and clamped his mouth firmly on her clit. His gentle bite sent a shiver through her followed by a squeel.

With her body pulsing with excitement Dave lifted his head and looked up into her eyes.

“Ready.” — Was all he had said as he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and then pushed then up onto her chest squashing her tits. Next she had felt him working the big bulbous end of his tool up and down her cunt lips, teasing her clit before pausing at the enterance to her love tunnel.

He had entered her with just that bulbous tip forcing itself past her cunt lips three or four times before he pushed the first couple of inches of what felt like a red hot poker into her and paused while she had got used to the size. She had felt him start moving that first few inches in and out of her hot and increasingly wet virgina, Dave’s monster was stretching her opening and insides to there limits. The pain was beautiful to feel.

She was not sure if it was the fourth or firth stroke that he had carried on pushing and she had felt him go all the way and bottom out.

“Shhiiiit aaahh” – she would remember that moment, that sharp pang of pain, for the rest of her life.

They had stayed in that position with Dave pinching and pulling on her nipples for what had seemed like eternity before his movements started. He had not started to move in and out as she had expected, just used some small rotations touching every part of her insides. He had filled her love tunnel to her limits and had been so far up inside her she thought he would do her an injury.

Dave’s weight was heavy on her as his strokes had started. Short slow ones at first – then they were still slow but longer – then they became faster and she felt Dave’s balls slap against her arse with every push. The pain was replaced with a warm glow that spread through her body and a tingling sensation that reached just türkçe bahis about every part of it. She had lost all idea of time and just surrendered to him. She remembered thinking she was being fucked, at last she was being fucked.

Just as quick as he had started he stopped and took his weapon out of her. Shit she had thought is that it. Has he finished? He’s finished, no not yet, please not yet.

Slowly Dave slide back down her legs returning his mouth and tongue to her wet, juicy clit and cunt lips while he let his thumb enter her red hot hole and started to work it in and out of her. Her first climax had hit her hard. As it subsided she had felt herself being sat up on the edge of the bed and Dave’s prick going back into her mouth. There were just a few quick strokes while he pinched her tits then she was being turned over and coxed onto all fours in the middle of the bed.

She felt Dave behind her as he played with her again. His tongue went back to sucking everything he could reach between her legs from her clit through her cunt lips to her rose bud. He was sucking her rose bud, that made her shudder. His fingers entered her cunt and worked on her insides finding all her special places. Finally his hands went to her hips and she felt his erection pressing hard against her juicy hole. Then he entered her again from behind.

The first couple of inches of his monster were used to excite her to the point where she started to push back on him. The response was that she suddenly felt him travelling up the full length of her until he had bounced off the top of her love tunnel and he seemed to have touched every part of her insides. He had gone so much further into her this way, this time. She could feel him pressing against the inner limits of her virgina and he had forced it in so quickly making it feel much tighter. The good thing was she had taken it all. Now she was feeling Dave’s balls pressing against her erect, excited clit she knew she was full of his fuck tool. The pause while he just stayed there nibbling her ear was just long enough for her to get over the forceful entry. This time the fuck strokes started quicker as he pumped is prick into her at a steadily increasing pace.

What a way to get fucked! What a way to get fuck on your first shag. She had done it, she had lost her virginity and she had been shagged, been fucked, well and truly fucked. She had climaxed three times that she could remember while he took her, used her, now she felt she had gone to heaven and was, seeing stars. All she could think of was more she wanted more.

Kate, her school friend, had told her that the first time she was fucked it might hurt and she might not enjoy it. Kate was wrong – it hurt, but the hurt was soon gone and the pleasure of fucking was great. – She had more than enjoyed it, she was smitten. All she wanted was more, — her world was drifting by. —–


Dave couldn’t have stopped if he had wanted to, he was feeling dominant and in control and into his final fuck strokes when Sue had appeared. Her arrival had not fully registered with him. All he knew was his balls were aching and he could feel his cum rising. His felt his prick getting bigger as his animal surges told him he was about to explode big time and unloaded shit loads into this beautiful virgin hole.

He was frantically pumping 8 inches plus of man tool into just about the tightest, warmest most willing cunt he had fucked for a long time. Holding tightly onto Jo’s waist knowing she was climaxing big time was turning him on rotten – The Alpha male in him was still making him plunge into her, taking her virginity, using her body and riding her.

As he felt Jo’s insides start to contract and pulse around his tool he had started to shoot big time. Every long hard thrust he drove into her he felt his weapon bounce off her insides and his pelvis slam into her arse cheeks. He heard every grunt and squeal she made. Her crude demands for more had turned to squeals and mumbled whimpers. He was up to his balls in this glorious body ravaging her hot tight hole. He finished each of his final penetrations by unloading another jet of cum into her pulsing pussy. He felt her body shiver, shake, collapse and fall forward, but he wasn’t stopping yet. He followed her body as it went forward not letting any of his fuck time be taken from him. After the sixth and final stroke of his cum shooting climax he felt his own knees give way and he just could not stop himself collapsing onto this lovely live fuck.

Finished and spent he just laid on top of Jo as a warm glow travelled through him. Laying there with his prick slowly shrinking he sighed as it slide out of that warm love nest returning to a limp spent tool trapped in her bum cheeks. He felt so satisfied and blown. God she was one fantastic fuck.


Sue looked away and around the room in shock trying to stabilise herself and take everything in, trying to come to terms with the realisation güvenilir bahis siteleri of what was happening.

Was this her little girl Jo that had been naked on all fours in the middle of the double bed when she entered the room? Had she just been watching her daughter, head bucking and tits hanging free while she had a boy, well young male, moving in and out of her like a well oiled machine? Sue’s arrival had stopped nothing. Now Jo and Dave were lying in a heap still ignoring the fact that she was in the room. Jo was head down, arse up with a big smile on her face and with a completely naked stranger lying on top of her.

Yes Jo was 19 plus but this was something so embarrassing and unexpected. Even more confusing was the fact that they had continued fucking even though Sue was standing there watching.

How the fuck do I deal with this, was her next thought.

As her eyes lifted from Jo and Dave and their tangled naked bodies Sue was suddenly hit by her next sight. Jo was not her only daughter naked and being serviced.

In the far corner of the room by the balcony door Mo, her youngest daughter at 18, was on her knees between a pair of naked thighs with what looked like a good 7 plus inches of long thin prick sliding in and out of her mouth. She was taking it all the way down like a pro as she pumped up and down its length. It was certainly going well past her tonsils and down into her throat. The boy she was servicing was sitting upright on the edge of the chair with his eyes shut, moaning loudly. Both hands were full of Mo’s tits and he looked to be in another world enjoying Mo frantically pumping her face up and down his shaft.

Both Mo and the boy she was ravishing were completely naked, her tits were bouncing back and forth while being mauled. Her left hand was juggling this stranger’s balls and her right hand was twisting and pulling hard on his nipple. Both her bouncing boobs were being milked by John’s hands as he pulled on her large erect nipples and squeezed her. Suddenly – as Sue watched in amazement unable to speak – the boy’s hands went from Mo’s nipples to around her head and he pulled her forward until her nose was buried in his belly button and just held her there. He grunted as he forced his prick down the back of Mo’s throat one more time. Sue could see him holding her there as he was shooting his cum into her daughter’s throat. She just took it all, gush after gush, as she looked up into his eyes. He was that far down her she did not even have to swallow.

Not being in their line of sight or perhaps because of the noise they were making, or was it just them being so busy with such an intense blow job, they had not heard Sue arrive either or her initial reaction to Jo’s situation.

Drained the lad slowly withdrew his member allowing Mo to draw a deep breath while she was just lapping at the tip of a drained prick. It was then that he opened his eyes, saw Sue and panicked. His reaction suddenly made Mo aware of a problem and then the presence of another person in the room, her mother, — shit it was her mother —

Her mother must have walked in on their afternoon fuck party without her hearing her.

Startled Mo released John’s prick from her lips and also went into panic mode. She sat upright, went beetroot red, and tried to wipe the cum from around the corners of her mouth. She swallowed then tried to speak but was lost for words with any meaning.

“Mum err, mum but, — your, your not supposed to be here, your shopping, what are you doing back so early? Fuck, – err sorry, we thought we had a couple of hours yet.”

“Fuck it; Oh mum, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed, sorry. Shit I can explain. Shit err, what can I say?”

“Jo, Jo say something, do something, Jo.”

Mo’s sudden rant brought the room back to reality. Everything started to happen.

Jo opened her eyes and pushed herself up spilling Dave off her back and onto the bed. As he rolled over his prick was already starting to harden and it pointed straight at Sue whose eyes were fixed on his pelvic region and his growing member.

Jo looked her mother straight in the eye and, after a long pause, said –

“Mum this is Dave; err, he’s just given me my first shag and fucked the living daylights out of me. Sorry if we have embarrassed you, we didn’t expect you back for a long time. Hope your not to mad or anything.”

“Isn’t being fucked great, at last I’m no longer a virgin.”

“Sorry Mrs James, I’m, I’m Dave, —– nice to meet you, how embarrassing, excuse me I think perhaps I /we should leave?”

“John, John get you things, I think this is Jo and Mo’s mum, it’s time we left– If that’s all right with you Mrs Jones?”

“Mum, how embarrassing, what happens now?” Mo mumbled —– then she tried to follow Jo’s lead.

“This is John, he is Dave’s brother and we met them by the pool —-.

Are you mad at us? Are we in shit?” taking a long breath she continued.

“I can see your pissed off with me – us – and I realise it’s a shock to you. It’s not how I wanted for you to find out what I’m up to – but I’m 18 now and you and dad are and bad influence on us. ——– Jo, Jo for fucks sake help, say something?”

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