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My name is Mitchell Thomas and I consider myself a pretty decease young, open minded black guy. I try and keep my self we groom. Most people in my neighborhood would probably say that I was a nerd. I graduated from high school with honors and went on to college and graduated from there with honors. I go out sometime, but most of the time I spend at home. So I decided to take a chance and run on the wild side. Most of the girls I date have always been very classy but then I mat Abby.

Not to say Abby isn’t classy just to say I mat her at a strip club. She is not the type I usually date, but when I talk to her that one faithful night I couldn’t get her off my mind. Abby Johnson is a very lovely young lady. She has a body like no other. She has long black hair beautiful set of boobs and the biggest ass that I can’t keep my hands off. Abby is 22 years old and I am 30. Abby had me obsess with her. We went out together a couple times. She spent a lot of time at my apartment. Even though I knew what she was doing for a living it still didn’t keep me from asking her to become my girlfriend. She was my girlfriend for about three months before she surprises me with a special request. Abby asked me to help her with a fantasy and even though I didn’t know what it was I still agreed. She wouldn’t tell me what the fantasy was all she told me was it involved another woman.

That really got me excited the night we were to fill that fantasy I was totally surprise at what was waiting for me. Abby called me and told me to meet her at her mother’s house. I wonder why her mother’s house I just guest that we would go somewhere else. When I arrived at her mother’s house I sent her a text and told her that I was waiting outside in the car. Abby text me back and told me to come inside. I got out of the car and walked to the front door. I knocked twice and Abby answered the door.

“Hey baby, come on in,” she said to me grabbing my hand and pulling me in.

“What güvenilir bahis going on?” I asked her.

“Mitchell, come on in and sit on the couch,” she pushes me down on the couch and sat on my lap. Abby, why are we here at your mother’s house? I thought we were doing this fantasy thing with another woman.”

“Mitchell just follow my lead,” she said to me. “First I need you to put this on,” she handed me a black blindfold.

She walked around to the back of the couch to put it over my eyes

“I’m starting to like this.” I told her while she tied my hands up too. While blindfold I started to feel Abby unbutton my jeans or so I thought it was Abby. Then I felt these warm lips clutching my dick. I felt her lips go up and down on my hard cock. The faster she did it the harder my dick got. Then, what happen to me next blew my mind. I stared to feel two pairs of tongues on my dick there were two mouths sucking my dick and just when I was about to remove the blindfold off Abby stop me.

“Oh no you don’t keep it on,” she screamed out at me I had a huge grin on my face, I was totally loving it. I knew then that the other woman who Abby said that would be involved had arrived. That when I felt one of them climb on top of my face with their pussy in my mouth. She was rubbing her hairless pussy in my mouth. I knew then it was not Abby’s.

With the blindfold still covering my eyes I was enjoying pussy in my face and getting my dick suck. After a while the ladies was taking turn riding my dick and getting their pussies suck. That when it was time for me to watch.

“Ladies don’t you think it time for me to watch so I could enjoy it to?”

All I could hear was giggling and moaning and the wetness of hot warm pussy. Then all of a sudden I could see light my vision was not that clear but the first person I could recognized was Abby, with those nice tits and fat ass. The other female in the room I didn’t know who she was she was türkçe bahis a beautiful black woman. She was slender her skin was smooth as silk her body was slim in all the right places. She was riding my dick like a pro I couldn’t see her face because she was facing in the other direction. All I could do was enjoy the ride. Abby was playing with my cock while her friend was riding me. I finger Abby pussy while until I could feel her come all over my hand.

Her friend continues to ride my dick she really was enjoying herself.

I grabbed the friend by the waist and position her in the doggie style and ram her from behind. I slid in and out of her pussy until she climax all over my cock while watching her lick Abby’s pussy dry.

When it was my turn to explode my cream Abby and her friend centered their selves on each side of my cock. They licked and suck it until my creamed shout out like cannon. We all collapse from exhaustion. I asked Abby to introduce her friend to me, and to my surprise Abby and I had just finish having a wild and passion fuck session with her mother.

“Ok Mitchell, Mitchell this is my mom. Mom, meet my boyfriend Mitchell. I told you he was the best.”

“Hello Mitchell I’m Sharon,” she said to me while holding her hand out for me to shake. I was in shook and totally surprise by what happen my mouth had totally hit the floor.

“Are you going to shake my hand,” she said still sitting on the floor with her naked beautiful body exposed to me.

I looked down at my manhood and it was still at attention. Instead of shaking her hand I instantly cover my cock with both hands, “excuse me could you point me to the bathroom,” I said jumping up grabbing my clothes.

“Down the hall on the left,” her mother shouted.

I left the room and I could hear giggling as I walked away. I spent a very long time in the bathroom until Abby came alone and knock on the door. “Mitchell is everything okay?” she shouted through güvenilir bahis siteleri the door.

“Yes everything is fine I’ll be out in a minute,” I open the door and walked out slowly Abby was waiting for me in the front room.

Her mother was in the kitchen when I walked in the living room Abby was sitting on the couch where we just had sex smiling at me.

“You were in there a long time,” she said to me. “Abby what just happen here,” I whispered to her not wanting her mother to hear.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be your mother?” I asked.

“If I had told you that my mother’s fantasy was to have sex with me and my boyfriend you would have went for it.

“I don’t know but your mother?”

“Did you like what she was doing to you? Did you like her sucking your dick like she did?”

“Well yeah.”

“Well don’t worry about it my mother and I have been doing this since I was 18 year old. It better to do it with my mother then with another woman. The first time my boyfriend and I did it he ran off with my friend. . So I started doing it with my mother. We are really close and we enjoy each other. Abby’s mother walked in with a pitcher of ice tea she was wearing a skimpy see through dress. I could see her plump nipple through it. “Anyone for tea?” she asked. “Just thinking about what we just did got my cock hard again.

“I think I better go, it late and I need to get up early.”

“I was hoping you could spend the night with us. “Not tonight babe but I’ll make it up to you maybe another night.”

I gave Abby a kiss then I headed out the door. “Okay baby call me tomorrow are you sure you okay,” she said as I walked out the door.

I nodded my head yes, got into my car and took a deep breath, look down at my cock. I realized that I needed to release myself before I went home. I unzipped my pants gave myself a hand job while thinking about Abby’s mother. After that night, Abby and I had sex with her mother a couple more time which I enjoyed. It was about month later before I broke it off with Abby, because of my feeling I begin to have for her 42 year old mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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