Surprise Visit

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We were supposed to meet earlier that day for lunch. Missing it was my fault…and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head all damn day long. I know you have to work tonight…but I took a chance and came to your office anyway. We have to be discreet, so I made sure everyone else on the floor was gone before I crept across the hall into your office.

You were on the phone as I gently knocked and opened the door a bit. You looked surprised to see me, but gestured for me to come in anyway. I could tell you were getting frustrated with whomever you were on the phone with, so I took a seat across from your big desk and tried to wait patiently.

But….we both know…patience isn’t my strong suit.

As you answer question after question for whoever it is that’s keeping you from me…I slowly make my way around your desk. I can tell you want to watch me, but you only look at me in short glances because you’re trying to stay focused. I smile as I slide in between you and your desk…facing you…rolling your chair back a couple inches. You lean back…still trying to hold your conversation. I lean down…getting my face close to yours as I whisper in your ear, “Do you mind if I sit on your desk, handsome?”

You smile and shake your head no. I interpret that as you don’t mind…so I start to hike my skirt up slowly…making it easier for me to get my ass on the front edge of it. Once I’m seated, I lean forward and pull your chair closer to me…resting my high heeled feet on the seat of your chair, outside of your legs.

Your hand goes to your forehead as you try once again to keep focused…but I can tell your caller doesn’t have your full attention anymore. I start to slowly unbutton my sheer white shirt…watching your eyes…seeing them dart over to where my hands are before looking away. Once it’s unbuttoned…I start running my hands over the lace on the cups of my bra. You can see my nipples harden as I move my hands over them again. You’re trying so hard to wrap up your conversation as I lean forward again and kiss you hungrily on your neck…trying to be quiet…as you stutter…just once…your other hand comes around me and cups and squeezes my ass.

I lean back and start unbuttoning your shirt. Your conversation sounds like it may be over soon, so I’m getting even more excited at the thought of having your undivided attention. I unbuckle your belt and start to work on freeing you from your slacks. I can feel your erection as my hand brushes over it, and feel you jump when I touch it. As horny as I am for you, I don’t want to get you in trouble…so I decide to take it easy on you until you are able to hang up. You give me a silent look of thanks as I lean back on your desk…watching your handsome face.

I can tell you’re trying hard to hide your frustration as you sigh heavily and give me an exasperated look. I smile and mouth the words “I’ll be good.” illegal bahis Apparently…you took that as a challenge as your right hand starts to travel up my thigh. Your fingers feel so good as they graze the outside of my thigh…pushing my skirt up further. I close my eyes and lean my head back as your fingers move to the inside of my leg. Pushing my butt off the desk, I open my legs wider for you…loving how one touch from you sets my whole body on fire. Finally…your hand reaches the apex of my thighs…and when you realize I’m not wearing panties, you place one hand over the receiver and whisper “Why you naughty little slut.”

I just smile and nod as your hand begins to caress my very wet pussy. Somehow you are still on the phone as I bite my lip, trying to be quiet…moving my hips up and down as you run your fingers the length of my slit. Your eyes are glued to my body as I begin to breathe heavily and move with the rhythm you’ve established. Suddenly you stop…and turn your attention back to the call. I whimper in desperation…very much needing your touch.

So…I spread my legs further…lean back on my left arm…and bring my right hand down to my aching cunt. You can’t help but watch as I start to rub circles over my clit…my head thrown back…hips moving once again. You can see how turned on I am…my pussy glistening with juice as I start to go faster. It was never my intention to make myself cum like this…I just couldn’t stop once I had started. My fingers move faster across my clit as I close my eyes. I know you’re watching me…I know your cock is rock hard right now…and envisioning you fucking me in your office is too much for me to take. I’ve been so turned on for you all day, and was so thoroughly disappointed when our lunch meeting didn’t work out…that before I knew it…I was having to press my lips together to keep from screaming out as I came hard right in front of you. I didn’t notice you hanging up the phone and standing up in front of me.

Suddenly I feel your hand behind my neck as you bring my face to yours and kiss me forcefully…taking my mouth with your lips and tongue as my body was still shaking. You let me lay back and press my legs further apart as your tongue attacks my pussy like it has been starving for it. I can feel you moaning as your tongue delves deep inside me. My hands in your hair…my hips moving up to meet you as I beg you to keep going. When your mouth finds my clit, I begin to cum all over again. You’re so damn good at making me cum with your mouth, handsome. You keep at it while I thrash around…loving every second of the ecstasy you bring me.

Before I completely come down from my climax, I feel your mouth leave me. You stand up…unzip your pants…and sink your perfect cock into me in one smooth motion. You stay there for a bit…loving how tight I am around you. Me loving how you stretch my pussy soooooo perfectly…and illegal bahis siteleri feel so so so good inside me. I grab your shirt and pull you down to me…kissing your mouth fully…sucking your tongue into my mouth and caressing it with my own as your hips finally begin to move. You withdraw almost completely before pushing your perfect cock back into me again…feeling every millimeter of contact.

“You like that?” Your voice is husky as you watch my eyes. “You like that big cock you little slut?”

“Yesssss…yes, yes yes yes…I love it,” is all I can manage to say. “Please..oh god…please don’t stop.”

You start fucking me harder then…grunting each time your cock fills me to the hilt. Your hands find my tits and you start to squeeze them through my bra. I arch up to it…loving how you know how crazy it drives me to have my nipples pinched. You undo the front clasp and take one in each hand as your cock fucks me faster….and faster.

“You gonna cum again, you little slut? Hmm? You gonna cum on my big cock…fucking you like this?”

“Yes…yes…I am…ohhh god I am…” I’ve forgotten how to be quiet as I can feel my climax rising again.

“Come on….cum all over my cock…cum on it now!” You’re growling at me as your eyes are locked on mine…and you pinch and pull my nipples…sending me over the edge as my pussy clenches down on you. You thrust into me again….and again…hitting the exact right spot to keep my orgasm from subsiding. I’m begging you not to stop as my hands clench the front of the desk…keeping me still. Your strong hands squeezing my breasts…your cock pounding me…I’m not sure if I will ever stop cumming.

When you finally stop…you pull me to my feet and spin me around. “Take your clothes off.” I comply immediately…but leave my heels on. I know you like me in them. You are finally naked too and I have to stop myself from staring at your amazing body as you wrap your arms around me from behind. As you kiss my neck and grope my breasts I can feel your cock between the cheeks of my ass and can’t help but rub against it. You moan against my skin as I bend over in front of you…placing my hands on the desk…sticking my ass out towards you.

You give my right ass cheek a good solid slap as you come up behind me. I yelp out of surprise, but you know it turns me on to no end when you do that. You slap the other cheek…leaving matching handprints on them as I feel my hips arching up…wanting more of it.

“What do you want? Hmm? Do you want this?” You rub your wet cock between my ass cheeks. I moan and move my hips…grinding against you. “Is this what my hot little slut wants?” You grab my hair and pull my head up as you whisper in my ear. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I need you to fuck me…please. Please please fuck me good and hard.” My voice is mostly moans as canlı bahis siteleri my whole body is aching for you.

I can hear you moan as you rub the tip of your cock up and down my slit. I’m arching back…trying to get you inside me when I feel your hands on my hips as you SLAM your cock into me. I scream as you begin to fuck me…moving my body back and forth on your cock as you grunt…fucking me deeper than anyone else ever has. You pull my hair again as your cock pistons in and out of me faster and faster. I try to say that you’re going to make me cum again…but am incapable of words before I begin screaming in pure pleasure as you once again give me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever. Your hands sting my ass as you slap it again…turning me on even more as you make me cum over and over. Your fingers reach beneath me and find my nipples…pulling…twisting…pinching them until I cum all over again.

I hear you moaning when you feel me cum again, and I can tell you are close too. I raise myself up and turn back to see you. Damn I love watching you fuck me. You always look so good when you do it. “Can I suck your cock, baby? Please….please let me suck your cock so you can cum for me…”

You slowly stop fucking me and step back. I turn around and drop to my knees in front of you…sliding your cock in my mouth and wrapping my hands around your ass. I feel your body arch as you slide across my tongue and I begin moving my head back and forth…sucking…moving my tongue all along the underside. Your hands go into my hair…holding my head still as you begin to move your hips back and forth…fucking into my mouth. My fingers squeeze your ass as your cock starts to go deeper in my throat. I look up at you…you’re staring back at me…my eyes beginning to water as I gag on your enormous cock. You smile and push it further…holding it there…until finally withdrawing, letting me get a gulp of air. Over and over we do this…you pushing your cock deep into my throat until I can feel your balls on my chin. I can taste the precum already as your cock is glistening wet from my saliva. You pull it out and stare down at me as I stroke it and look up at you. “Rub your pussy, baby…like you did before…cum with me when I shoot all over your fucking body.”

Hmmmmmmm…you know how hot it gets me when you tell me what to do, so I reach down with one hand and start rubbing my clit as you resume fucking my mouth…pushing it farther and farther in…gagging me with it. My fingers go faster and faster as I feel your balls tighten and your cock begin to pulse. I taste the first drops of your delicious cum as I cum myself…watching your cock shoot on my chest…my belly…over my pussy and finally back up to my mouth. Godd I love hearing you cum, handsome…and I love it even more when you paint me with it like this.

I lick my lips and swallow every drop I can before I bring my hand up take your cock…stroking the last of it onto my tongue. You watch me, smiling, as I take long licks up and down your shaft…getting every last drop.

I do love our meetings, handsome. Next time, lets not wait so long in between.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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