Talking Past Each Other Ch. 03

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During the month of June, Jacob had been told by his wife that to prepare for his birthday she would need him to leave the house every Sunday in the morning and not come back until dinner time. At the same time, Jacob knew that she was kicking out their son, James.

“What are you up to?” he had asked her, but she only smiled. He knew it must be good, the last time she had said something similar, Jacob had come home to find that Madeline had coaxed his boss’ wife into their bed. The company Christmas party was now a little more awkward, but Jacob still looked back on it fondly.

He made himself busy by going into work. While his colleagues took advantage of the summer to relax, he found himself buried in paperwork on Sundays, clearing up things in an empty office without distraction.

At the end of June, it was a warm and sunny day, with a hint of the humidity that always crippled the town in the summer. Jacob had stepped out of his office to get a coffee and he stood in line at a local cafe, daydreaming of fucking the tattooed barista with long black hair. His phone shook as he received a text message from his wife Madeline.

It simply said “Come home now 😉 Your gift is ready.”

He abandoned his place in line and practically ran to his car. He drove quickly, treating the red lights as stop signs. In 20 minutes, he walked through this in the front door of his house and called-out to his wife down the hall, “Maddie, where are you?” he said happily.

It heard giggles muffled by a closed door “we’re in the bedroom!” they both called out. His walk down the hallway towards the master bedroom excited him with each step, hoping that it was what he thought it was.

He opened the door. On the bed, his wife and a young woman were laying luxuriously in silk robes. Their pose and hair were laid out carefully to show that they didn’t care. The young woman with her looked familiar to Jacob, but she couldn’t be…

Madeline looked at him seductively “Jacob, you remember Wendy’s daughter Julia?”

“Hi Uncle Jake,” she said with a smile, “it’s been a while.”

Jacob was surprised. in his line of work, one had to portray confidence even if you didn’t know what was going to happen. His mind was racing, did he misunderstand? Jacob was suddenly worried: did he misinterpret what his wife was doing? He had expected to find a young woman or a man – or more – joining them and some kind of adventure. She wouldn’t invite her sister’s daughter, would she?

Jacob coolly replied to them “Julia, it’s very nice to see you.”

His eyes took in the scene. Madeline laid on her back and Julia on her side. The two of them were splayed across the bed staring at him, their robes spread around them in carefully placed disarray, their legs stuck out from under the soft fabric, toned and supple. Both had their hair draped in a sexy bed head. Julia licked her lips; he certainly wouldn’t be against the idea.

Madeline spoke again, “I’ve been discussing our relationship with Julia, in fact we’ve been spending a a lot of time together, and I feel that you and her would benefit from getting to know each other. Julia has had some experience with men, but she hasn’t had an older man like you to really show her all the things that we have to teach. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind joining us…” Madeline trailed off

“Joining… you?” Jacob swallowed. it really was happening, he thought, Maddie has really outdone herself. Then a cloud crossed his thoughts – Wendy will be pissed when she finds out.

Julia rose from the bed onto her hands and knees, watched by her aunt and uncle, and moved towards Jacob. Gazing at him, she opened the robe to expose more of her chest, allowing the lapels to roll down over her slender shoulders. The silk slid off of her skin, revealing her perfect round breasts.

Her mouth moved, “Uncle Jacob?” Jacob nodded. “Do you mind if I suck your cock?” She stood before him, small and vulnerable and yet with the power that comes from the confidence of desire. He could feel her heat as his eyes moved about her naked body.

Jacob also knew what he wanted. He looked at his wife and smiled a smile of gratitude. He fixed his eyes on his niece, “I would like you to. Would you like to go further?”

Madeline smiled at the both of them: “let’s just take this one step at a time. Julia, would you take off my husband’s pants?”

“I’d love to.” As she stepped forward, Jacob took relaxbet güvenilirmi the opportunity to run his hands through her long golden hair. It was soft and smooth and he brushed it away from her face.

She looked a little nervous, but in that she was beautiful. The last time he had seen her at some family reunion a few years ago, she had been an awkward, geeky teenager. Now she had blossomed into a fully-grown woman. She was small and slender still but had the curves that ran in her family. Jacob laid his hand on her shoulder and with a light touch he pulled her towards his lips. They kissed gently,

She smiled, a little embarrassed, and reached down to pull off his belt. She tugged at the tight leather on the metal buckle, struggling a bit, but then pulling it up and out she threw it behind her. She then opened up the button, unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. He stood there with his boxer shorts holding back his full erection; she stared at it, thinking that this was a boundary but she wanted to cross. His hands in her hair and on her skin, she pulled at the edges of his boxer shorts, reached in and pulled out his hard cock.

Madeline looked at the two of them, pleased with herself at what she had been able to create. She felt powerful and aroused. She had the pride that you get with completing a successful project mixed with the pride a woman feels when the man she loves comes in her mouth. She watched as her niece slid down onto her knees and put Jacob’s cock to her lips.

Julia closed her eyes and felt the smoothness of his cock. She opened her mouth and let the top of her tongue taste him. She enjoyed the feeling so she began to lick up and down his shaft. Jacob ran his hands through her hair.

“What do you think?” asked Madeline, watching hungrily.

“She’s… curious,” Jacob said, hesitant, “but that’s a good thing”. He stroked Julia’s hair. From her kneeling position, Julia was testing out the cock, kissing it, licking it, moving her lips over it. She ran her tongue down and began sucking one of his balls. A ticklish shudder ran through Jacob.

“You like that?” asked Madeline. Her husband nodded. He watched her lounging on the bed laying against a pile of pillows, silk robe open, playing with her clit, then looked down at his niece, with her eyes focused intently on the task at hand.

Julia was scared. This wasn’t the first cock that she had sucked, but it was definitely the first real man that she had been with. Her aunt Maddie was so experienced and sexual, Julia wondered at how she would measure up. This was like diving, she told herself, you just have to jump in. She held the heavy cock in her hand as her uncle stroked her hair and she bent it down, parted her lips and let it slide into her mouth.

“Oh my god,” Jacob moaned. Madeline had been denying him little by little so that he could fully appreciate this, his hands gripped her long hair as her mouth worked to accommodate his size. He didn’t know if he would be able to hold off for long given how worked up he was.

The young woman was no expert and could only really get her mouth over about half of it. But she held him there, sucking, without moving her head. She looked up and made eye contact with James.

The fact was Julia loved to suck cock, unfortunately she could never find the right one. In her classes, she often thought about how she would easily have sucked off almost any of the guys in class – except that she was always worried that they would turn into a stalker or call her a slut after. Honestly, if she had found a guy who could just take a blowjob and be cool about it, she would have.

All she ever wanted was to give a blowjob and be treated with respect. But this was so much better. Her uncle began encouraging her “you’re doing great, baby,” and gently giving her directions with his hands. She began to bob her head as her uncle directed, sliding the cock in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes to simply enjoy the feeling of pleasuring a man. “You’re so beautiful,” her uncle said.

Then she felt hands behind her as her aunt began caressing her. She felt Maddie’s large bust press against her back, and lips on her neck. One of Madeline’s hands was on her husband’s balls, the other was caressing her niece’s chest. Julia was overwhelmed with the sensation but stuck with her task. When she kept massaging the cock with her mouth.

Jacob watched relaxbet yeni giriş as his wife mauled the young woman at his feet. He stroked her hair and caressed her cheeks, knowing that, at that moment he may have been the luckiest man in the country. He felt his orgasm rise like a tide.

His voice came out like an animal “I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

“You going to swallow that cum, baby?” Madeline breathed into Julia’s ear, “swallow all of it?” MMM hmm, she said with eyes closed.

Jacob’s orgasm rocked his body as he stood. He gripped her hair more tightly and pushed his cock more deeply into her mouth as his semen came out. Julia rushed to swallow it all as her mouth filled. She felt held in place and all she could do was swallow with each spasm.

Soon, she felt Jacob’s grip relax, and Madeline’s caresses became gentler and she felt Jacob’s still hard cock begin to soften and slip out of her mouth. Jacob slumped into a chair beside the bed.

Madeline’s hands were still all over her and soon the two of them, still kneeling on the ground, were kissing. “You were wonderful, honey,” Madeline whispered to her niece. Julia with her eyes closed lost herself in the sensation of kissing and touching the older woman.

Julia felt herself being lifted off the floor as her aunt and uncle laid her on her back on the bed behind them. Her bottom was on the edge of the bed with her feet touching the floor. Gentle hands pushed her knees apart and she felt gentle kisses down the inside of her thighs. Her eyes still closed, she felt Madeline’s mouth press itself to her vulva with her tongue tracing long circles. This wasn’t the first time that her aunt had gone down on her but since she had been driven into a frenzy by her aunt’s foreplay and then the taboo act of sucking off her uncle, her orgasm would come quickly.

As Julia got closer and closer Madeline began rocking back and forth as she tongued the young woman. She opened her eyes to see that Jacob had begun fucking his wife from behind and watching his niece intently. He was gripping her hips and giving her long deep thrusts that made her body shudder. Julia herself gripped Madeline’s hair to keep her in place.

Julia writhed as her own orgasm spread throughout her body. She screamed in pleasure, and as Madeline continued giving her oral, her muscles spasmed and twitched with each pass of her tongue.

The young woman laid back and her aunt began kissing her skin as she began to crawl up her niece’s body. Madeline mouthed Julia’s skin: her thighs, her belly, her ribs, her breasts, her neck and finally the two women were kissing again. They kissed deep passionate kisses and their tongues moved in each other’s mouths like teens who had just learned to kiss.

Their hands were all over each other when Julia, still laying on her back, felt her uncle lift her legs. Her eyes went wide as she felt the tip of Jacob’s cock positioned against the opening of her pussy, still wet with the saliva of the mouth she was kissing. She hadn’t expected this, sucking cock was one thing but she had only had sex with one man before this. Madeline asked: “Are you okay with this?” Julia nodded enthusiastically.

All of her worries and hesitations disappeared as Jacob slid it in slowly – Julia’s next orgasm came immediately. She began moaning into Madeline’s mouth and digging nails into her skin, and Madeline reciprocated as she felt her husband begin the slow and rhythmic thrusts of his cock.

Jacob knelt on the floor in front of his bed. He had one hand on his niece’s thigh, with legs open in a v, with her ankles up on his shoulders. His other hand, he ran over his wife’s back and ass. She kneeling over the young woman, and using her hands to caress her face and her sides. He started slow but quickened the pace, fucking that tight pussy, and Julia was shaking and moaning loudly. Madeline buried her face in Julia’s neck as she shuddered and shook until her body went slack.

Jacob slowed down his pace, until he slowly eased himself out of Julia’s pussy. He got to his feet, and put his cock, still hard and wet into his wife. Again, he started slow, but he reached down with his thrusts, picked up Julia’s hand and moved it to the space between Madeline’s legs.

They made eye contact, “Help me make her come,” he instructed her. She just nodded, and with her aunt’s face still buried in her neck, she began fingering Madeline’s relaxbet giriş clit. She pushed Madeline back off of her, they made brief eye contact and kissed. Then Julia indicated that she wanted to suckle on Madeline’s ample tits, hanging like udders.

Madeline was up on their hands and knees, being fucked hard by her husband from behind, hovering over Julia, who was milking one of her tits with one hand, and rubbing her clit curiously with the other. Julia’s mouth was on the other tit, sucking.

“Come for me,” Jacob ordered his wife. Which one hand he swatted the side of her ass. He then grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her harder and harder. “Come for me,” he ordered again.

Madeline came hard. Her back arched and she began to buck. Jacob used one hand to hold her hair and the other to keep her ass in place. He knew from long experience that if you let her get away, her orgasm would be ruined. He continued his thrusts as Julia continued using her fingers and mouth. Madeline began yelling “oh my God” “holy fuck” or just simply moaning so loudly that the neighbours could hear in the backyard.

She shook and shuddered, and then she collapsed directly onto her niece, with her husband continuing to fuck her slowly from behind.

“Oh my God, that was so good,” said Madeline kissing the side of her niece’s face.

“You’re telling me,” Julia said, breaking into a smile, “that was literally the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I never experienced anything like it.”

“Well we’re not quite done yet. Uncle Jake has been so good to us, we should be good to him. Let’s find out what he wants.” Madeline rolled off of Julia, their bodies were both slick with sweat.

Jacob looked down, with his full erection pointed at his two beautiful women in his bed. Both of them were satisfied, looking at him expectantly. His busty bombshell of a wife, with her hourglass figure and long, dark, wavy hair. The young woman she had seduced for him, with her trim athletic build, her innocent looking face, and honey brown hair, in mess around her head. He had already dumped a load into her mouth, now he would have to get a load in her pussy.

Jacob laid down beside Julia. He put his hand on her thigh, pushing it away, wordlessly telling her to turn her ass towards him. He took one of Madeline’s hands and pulled her forward, she began kissing Julia’s mouth as he positioned his cock to fuck her from behind. Madeline moved in and the couple began to sandwich the young girl between them.

Jacob slid his cock back into Julia soaking pussy. Her mouth went wide as a head tilted back. Madeline began kissing her face, as Jacob thrust into her over and over again. He knew that he had to come in her, and he didn’t care about anything else. His thrusts became more and more violent, as Madeline’s touch became gentler. Julia, who had been taking orders for the last hour anyway, was really just along for the ride, but was beginning to feel more and more like a rag doll. She let herself go as each stroke became harder and harder.

Jacob blasted cum and to Julia’s pussy, and the feeling sent Julia into another unexpected orgasm. Jacob wrapped his arms around Julia and held her until every last shock of pleasure could be gotten, then, after he had almost crushed her, he let her go.

The three of them passed quietly into sleep, exhausted.

The next few weeks for Julia was a whirlwind, she would go to work, see friends, go home, do all the things that are normal person would do, then on the weekend she would have mind-blowing group sex with her aunt and uncle.

She found though as time went by that her relationship with her aunt was just fine, but she really got to like her uncle. And it wasn’t just the penis that she was provided, he was funny and interesting to her. It occurred to her that she lacked a male presence in her life, and he began to fill it. She rarely saw her own father.

One Sunday after a long session which ended with Madeline and Julia cleaning Jacob’s cum off of each other with their tongues, Jacob walked into the room fully dressed and asked them if they wanted ice cream. 20 minutes later, the three of them were sitting, almost like a family, eating ice cream at Marble Slab.

She was at a cheap ice-cream parlour patio table with aunt and uncle, they were all thinking quietly. Julia had her double chocolate with a waffle cone. They were all just smiling at each other, and while all the other families sat around them, laughing and talking, Julia suddenly felt normal. It may have been the weirdest and most perverse circumstances that brought her here, but with these two people she suddenly felt a sense of family that she had been missing.

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