Taste of Mom Ch. 02

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I left the room and got in the shower and was still fantasizing myself with my mother. I still couldn’t believe that I just fucked my mother. While I was showering I was cleaning my cock that was rising again with my mom on my mind. I grabbed a towel and rapped it around my waist. I walked to mom’s bedroom to see if she would need any help and to my surprise she was still naked doing the bed. I guess she wasn’t considered about me seeing her naked again after we just had intercourse. Perhaps she thought I would take more time in the shower.

Anyway she was blowing my mind in every way. She was bending over making the bed and all I could think was to shove my cock in her pussy that was still loaded with my come. I had to think and decide fast what I was going to do before she would notice me. But my thoughts were to slow and my mother saw me before I could grab her by surprise.

“No T, go to your room and get dressed and give me some time to get dressed.”

“But mom, I want you again. I can’t get you out of my mind. Look at my hard on.” I removed the towel from my waist and extended my cock that was harder than before. Her eyes were glued on my erection.

“T, we must not do such thing again. It is not right for anybody and especially to your father. I love you and you know that but that’s where it has to stop.”

“But you liked it mom, I know you did? I need you now. Please at least on more time?”

“That is out of the question! Of course I enjoyed it but that doesn’t mean that it was ok for us to do it. I haven’t had sex for a while and that was another reason for me to be so weak”

“But you gave me a blowjob on Saturday and I found you today on your bed with my underwear in your hand?” She was quiet for a second like I caught her on the act.

“T that was my biggest mistake and fantasizing about you smelling your underwear was wrong to and it will not happen again. Do you understand that we can not do this again?”

I turned around and left the room and went to my room. I lost my hard on and was very upset that I couldn’t have her again. But I wasn’t going to give up easy now. I caught her with my underwear in her hands. She even admitted to be fantasizing about me. So now I was going to play my game. I was going to try to seduce her. I was going to make her go crazy. My plan was very simple but I was sure that it was going to be successful.

I started to ignore her when ever I was in the house or around her. I became very cold and was very bold in everything I did for myself. I walked around the house with my bicycle tights with any underwear. I would exercise in the back yard when she was in the kitchen so she could see me through the big window viewing the back yard completely.

My hard-on was always visible and I know at least a few times she would see it. She would walk in my room on Saturdays and see me naked on the bed pretending to sleep. I was just haunting her. After a week she finally talked to me.

“T, I know you are upset but you must understand that this is impossible to happen again.”

“I am sorry mom but I can’t get you out of my mind. And I don’t think I will ever!” But that gave me another idea. Since I was spending so much time with her and my father was always at work except on Sunday’s, I could take advantage of that and that my father was not pleasing my mother sexually. I could go on with what I was doing but at the same time I will pretend of getting over it until the moment is right. And believe me; I did get her into bed again.

But only this time it was better than the first time. I kept tempting her every single day and I added a girl in the scene to get her jealous. I talked on the phone in front of her like she was not there and I was enjoying every moment of it. I know she was listening because I was watching her wipe the counter that was completely clean dozens of times.

She would wash a single glass in the sink for ten minutes! She never cleaned the dishes or glass with her hands. She always used the dishwasher. So I knew my plan was on the right path.

“Mom, I am going out tonight with Patty and we maybe late. She is going to pick me up with her dad’s car.”

“Where will you go?”

Aha! Got her attention for sure, wait till she hears where we are going. “We’re going to the lake restaurant and maybe take a walk after.”

“The restaurant sounds good but the walk at night doesn’t sound that great for a girl to walk in the night because you know what goes on there late at night. We discussed this before.”

Of course I knew but that was the plan. Couples would go up there by the lake shore and “mate” in their car’s, on the grass and… let her imagination fly.

“Yes mom we both know what goes on up there and if we decide to do it there, we are adults!” That made her swallow and I could see in her eyes saying: “That little bitch is going to fuck my boy!”

I bet she went crazy that night. Patty and I after a nice dinner we had we droved to the lake shore and we made out but not have bursa escort any sex. Just some breast touching and she played with my cock over my pants. But when I tried to put my hand under her shirt she stopped me saying that she wanted to take it slow. But I was horny as hell because I was thinking about my mom and I know she was too.

Patty dropped of at home and it was about 12.30 after midnight. I know my parents are in bed 11.00 sharp. But when I walked in the front door I saw my mother in the living room on the couch pretending to watch some stupid program. I know she was waiting for me and that she was going to ask me if I had a good time with the intention of find out if I got laid.

“Hey mom, why are you up so late?”

“I was just watching this program about decorating houses.”

“Well, I am going to bed because I am tired.” I guess that gave her the answer. She probably thought that we fucked or brains out with Patty. I walked slowly close to her and placed my hands on her cheeks. I bended just a bit down looking at her straight in the eyes. Her mouth was extending out as if she was expecting me to kiss her on her lips.

I had her burning that moment. I bet you that I could’ve fucked her right there on the couch but I was going to make her crazy first. I slowly approached my face to hers and her eyes closed. I don’t know where I found the strength to avoid the kiss but I did. I kissed her on her forehead leaving her with her mouth open and her fantasy running at the speed of light. “Good night” I said and left to my bedroom.

She was shocked and surprised. She didn’t even say good night back to me. I went to my room and took my nice nylon bicycle tights and headed for the shower. I knew she was not going to stay any longer in front of the TV and she would hear me taking a shower and that would even make her more sure that I had sex with Patty. Then I heard the door open fast and close fast as well.

“I am sorry T, I didn’t hear the water running but I can’t hold myself any longer because I had too much to drink. I won’t make to the other bathroom.”

I heard the toilet seat go down and she let her bladder release all she had to drink before. I could see her figure right through the curtain.

“I hope you don’t mind T, I apologize again for my intrusion.”

“That’s ok mom. No need to worry about, you can’t see anything and either can I” moving myself closer to the side where the curtain has a gap from the bathroom tile wall massaging my cock slowly with the soap. I moved just enough for her to be able to see my full erection holding my head a little bit back so that she wouldn’t think that I could see that she is watching me.

I just love what I was doing to her. I was curious if she was going to leave or stay. Well she took the longest piss in history because I could clearly see her image on the toilet seat for a long time. Then I could see some kind of movement and from what I figured she was masturbating. She probably thought that I couldn’t see that she was still there and I was going to let her believe that. Since I was masturbating too she was sure that I wasn’t aware of her presents.

I was going slowly but I wasn’t going to hold for long because I had this hard-on from the lake and with the thought of my mom masturbating for me I was in total ecstasy. I couldn’t hold myself from peaking to get a glimpse of her even for a second. I moved my head without looking directly at her so that I wouldn’t surprise her if she saw me looking. But to my luck she had her legs spread wide and her head was looking up while she was fingering herself.

I missed that site of her beautiful pussy for a while and couldn’t take it no more. Then her head moved back down and before she opened her eyes I moved my head back and started to blast my come in the tub. A few seconds later I could hear her getting up and flushing the toilet and leaving very fast.

I was getting there and I know it would be soon. I didn’t want it to happen one time again and then be sorry again. I was going to be her lover for ever. I went back to my room and fell a sleep in a few seconds with my mother’s pussy image in my mind.

Next morning was Saturday and I was going to have the entire day to make her go crazy. When my father’s car engine faded out of the drive way I took my tights of and rubbed my cock for a few strokes so I could get him up. I knew she wasn’t going to blow me like the first time but she was going to be tempted.

When she walked in the room she made silence trying not to wake me up. But she was dreaming of my cock and I know it. Then I moved scaring her and making her go fast out the door and close it behind her. I was laughing. It maybe sounds cruel but I was going to fuck her and this time, make her my lover, but not just yet because she wasn’t ready and I wanted her to beg for my cock and not just a fuck relief from her sexual deprivation.

I got up and did my usual tempting moves and walked with my hard-on right in front of her, with my tights bursa escort bayan on of course. Then the phone rang.

“I’ll get it!” I told her. “Hello? Hey Patty, how are you this morning cute face? Any regrets for last nights happenings?” I was talking out loud purposely do get moms attention and I did because she turn the TV volume down to hear. I had to do this right. “Want to go again? You do? You can’t take the car tonight? Don’t worry tonight I get to take moms car.” That’s when my mother jumped in.

“Sorry T, but tonight I will need the car to go to a movie with my friend Lora. You can ask your father when he comes from work.”

Yeah right, my father would never give me his new car, I thought. I know she didn’t have a date with her friend and she just came up with that idea.

“Mom that isn’t fair, you promised last week. Why can’t Lora pick you up with her car?” I was trying to see how far she would go because I really didn’t care about going with Patty to the lake than fucking my own mother. And now I had a plan that was going to drive her even crazier!

“Forget it Patty, we will do it next week if you don’t mind? That’s a date!” I closed the phone and proceeded with my new plan.

“Mom since I can’t take the car, can I come with you and Lora to the movie? I haven’t seen a movie for a long time.” I knew Lora didn’t have a clew about the movie and she would have to call her and plan it the last moment. Her friend Lora was a couple of years younger and was also a hot mature babe but my mother was number one for me.

“I will call Lora later and ask her if she is ok with it but it sounds ok with me!”

“I am going to do a few miles with my bike and when I come back I have to know.”

When I came back I was in sweat and my cock was hard as a rock because during the entire session I was thinking of my mother. I took of my shirt and stopped right in front of her. Her eyes were staring my body and stopped at my erected cock for a second.

“Well? Are we going to the movies tonight or…?”

She interrupted me “Of course you are welcome to come with us and Lora agreed with the idea of someone escorting us.”

“Good!” I smiled with a thousand of ideas of how to get mom jealous to death. I was heading straight to the shower when she stopped in front of the bathroom door.

“We are leaving 7.00 PM to grab a bite and then head for theatres”.

“Ok mom, I will take a nap and please wake me up at 6.30”.

“Ok sweetheart”.

I finished the shower and went to take a nap and I fell on the bed with the towel on my waist pulling it enough on the side to reveal the head of my cock.

“T, wake up and get ready because you got 30 minutes”. She pushed my thigh touching with her fingers my cock.

I knew she would try something like that. But I played it cool. “I have awakened mom and I will be ready in a few minutes”. I got dressed and it was 7 when we left the house to pick up Lora. I got out of the front seat and I offered the front seat like a gentleman to her. She was smiling and gave me a kiss on my cheek thanking me.

We talked about what we were going to have for dinner before the movie. We decided something good and fast so we went to this place with delicious pizza and had our dinner. Lora was looking at me all the time and was telling my mom that if she was ten years younger she would hit on me.

“Leave your hands of my son Lora you are to old for him” she said smiling but I saw jealousy in that look.

“No she is not mom, Lora looks very beautiful and is very sexy and I would never mind dating her”.

“That is the nicest compliment I had for a long time, thank you young man”.

“I am speaking from my heart and not being polite”.

My mother was freaking out and I could tell because she was very nervous and shoving the pizza in her mouth bite after bites trying to hide her feelings. Then she interrupted us and said that it was time to go so that we could find tickets for the next play of the movie and a good parking.

I sat next to her and on my right hand side sat Lora. The lights dimmed and the movie started. On my left hand I was holding popcorn that I was sharing with my mom and Lora was holding her own. During the movie my mother put her hand on my thigh near my cock and asked me if I was enjoying the movie with them. Of course I ignored the hand and told that I was enjoying it.

She didn’t take her hand of my thigh and her hand moved slightly to my cock and made him go up to attention. Again I ignored and pretended that I was not aware of her real intentions and asked Lora if she was ok too. My mother was pissed because she immediately removed her hand from my thigh. The movie ended and we got home after we dropped Lora off.

“Hey dad what’s up, what are you watching?”

“Just the news”.

“We had a good time at the movie and we had some pizza”.

My mom sat next to him and curled on him and tried to assuage her wounded ego but my father did give her much but a kiss escort bursa on the forehead and his eyes were back on the screen.

“I am going to sleep guys, see you tomorrow”. I said and went to my room. She was pissed and horny as hell and if she wouldn’t get anything from my dad then she would be an easier target for me next week.

Now the following week was the last week of school and after that I would be free to work on my plan all day. All week I did the same teasing to her and she was always looking and I could tell that she was praying for me to make a move. But I was going to wait until the week after school. Next weekend I pretty much did the same with Patty but of course no sex yet but I really didn’t care because that was the Saturday that I was going to make the move.

On Friday after I got back from my date with Patty I went to my room and fell a sleep. I was going to need it because my mom was going to fuck my brains out.

Next morning I got up early and went downstairs right after my father left. My mom was in the kitchen sink preparing some things to cook. She was slightly bended over the sink and the water was running so she didn’t here me coming behind her. I passed behind her on purpose instead of going around the table to go to the fridge.

While I was passing I stopped behind her and kissed her on her neck a little bit under her ear lobe. My cock pushed on her thin night gown that she was still wearing, between her ass cheeks. She shivered and almost lost her balance but her ass pressed hard on mine.

“Good morning mom, are you ok today?” I said and went to the fridge to get some juice to drink.

“Good morning darling” she said in a weak sexy voice.

“Want some juice mom?”

“Sure sweetheart I will sit and drink some with you.”

“Ok, mom”. She sat next to me and every time I looked her way I could see her cleavage. I was getting hard and I had to fuck her. I think that today was going to be the day, I thought inside my mind.

“You want me to make you some eggs with a few slices of bacon and two slices of toast with butter and honey? I know you love honey!”

“I would love it mom if you did.”

While she was frying the eggs and bacon I was looking at her ass and I noticed that she was not wearing any under wear. Now I was getting hard and hard every second going by. I was thinking of going behind her and lifting her gown and shoving my cock in her desirable pussy.

But I wanted her to be the one so that I would be sure of her too.

“Here you go T, just the way you like them.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Are you going to go exercise today?”

“Yes I will go after this breakfast I will take the bike and go do some miles.”

“Ok cause after I finish the cooking preparation I will take a hot bubble bath in the big tub. I need to relax and release the tension I have.”

Oh! My god I can’t miss this! Maybe I will join her? No, that won’t be a good idea unless she asks me to join. But I was going to come back soon.

“Ok mom, by the way breakfast tastes delicious.”

I put on my bicycle shorts with my hard cock throbbing which was caught by my mother’s eye making her stare for a second.

“See you later mom!”

“By darling and be careful.”

I couldn’t go too far with all those horny thoughts of my mom in the bathtub so after about 30 minutes I was back hoping that she would be in there. I passed out of the bathroom and saw that the door was open and she was in the tub relaxing.

“T darling you can take a shower while I am in the tub if you want to.”

“Thanks mom!” Was that inviting or just because we had only one shower and bath tub in the same room? I wasn’t going to refuse the offer so I got in and asked her to close her eyes so that I could take my shorts of and get in the shower. But that was just to make her think I was not into anything sneaky.

I got in the shower and left the curtain this time about a foot open so see could see easy what I was doing. The bathtub which is actually some kind of hydro massage thing that I haven’t tried yet was next to the toilet. I washed my body and every time I came by my cock I would play with him slowly pretending I was cleaning him but I was really jerking off imagining my mother in the big tub. I know she was watching because the way she was sitting she was facing directly at the shower.

Then I came up with another idea. I washed off the soap and then turned of the water. I heard some water flowing in the massage tub and nothing else.

“Mom, my muscles are killing me. I wish I could have a massage but I guess that is out of the question.”

“My little darling would you like to join me in the tub? The water is very relaxing and you can sit on your father’s side. The water gives a good massage.”

Was that an invitation or what? Of course I was going to accept. “Ok mom but don’t look until I get under the bubbles.”

I sat in the water and it was really driving me crazy but I still wasn’t sure if she was ready. My left foot was touching her on the side of her hip. I was so close but still not close enough. Then she did something that was really bringing me to a relaxation state. She grabbed my foot and began to massage the sole of my foot.

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