The Anniversary Vacation – Kenzie

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Double Penetration

The Anniversary Vacation: Kenzie’s Perspective

This takes place during part 4 of this series, and more could easily be produced if there is a demand for more of Kenzie’s perspective.

If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you Enjoy!

What a day this was! I think as I walk back into the hotel room Tom and I share. All I imagine is Tom’s hard cock filling my tight pussy for a third time that day. After cumming inside me once and then fucking me on the balcony a second time, I was ready for a third go. God, his cock is so good! I think again, dropping my tight black dress, revealing my bra and panties.

“Hopefully Tom gets here quickly…” I say out loud, surprising even myself. Sure I had been into him for a year or two at this point, but he still is my brother. Despite having fucked him twice already today, I still wondered if this would change things between us and if it did, would it be for the better. “No use worrying about that now I guess…” I say, laying back on my side of the bed and spreading my legs. I reach a hand down, feeling my warm mound through my black lacy panties, feeling a growing wetness just in anticipation of what’s to come. Hopefully Tom finishes helping Mom out with… whatever soon I think.

While waiting for Tom, I think about Mom and the masseuse teasing each other earlier as well as everything I’ve done with Tom the past few days. Once Mom and Dad told us this was a nude beach, I had begun to plan a way to get with Tom hopefully once. The ceiling of our old room leaking was just a happy accident that made my plan easier. Now here we were, a brother and sister now doing the unthinkable: having sex. I smile at the thought that this would even have happened if we didn’t go to a nude beach. I slide my Panties slightly down my legs, giving my fingers enough room to work. I immediately use my fingers to trace over my shaven mound to my puffy outer lips. I let out a small laugh remembering Tom staring at my naked body the first day at the beach and how I teased Tom when he was putting sunscreen on Mom’s back and ass.

“What did you and Mom do when you went off alone, Tom?” I ask no one in particular. I run my fingers between my pussy lips, spreading my outer lips and exposing my nearly hidden inner lips. Doing so, I feel a growing wetness. Mom told me during the massage that she had sucked Tom’s dick. Not that I was mad or anything. I begin to rub my clit, feeling the desire to be dripping wet when Tom comes in.

Mom has the body most women her age would kill for: large and still firm breasts, a full and very sexy ass, not to mention a pussy very similar to my own. I speed up my fingers, and the sensation in my pussy begins to increase. My breathing becomes louder and faster as I work myself to orgasm. Is it wrong to think of my Mom and brother when I masturbate? A small part of my brain asks.

“Uggghhhh… it’s not…” I moan, thinking with the more primal part of my brain. I feel like I nearing an orgasm. I use my palm to rub my clit, using my fingers to tease my pussy and touch my asshole. I have never tried anal before but am not opposed to the idea. Finally, I let out a gasp as an explosion of warmth occurs between my legs. My thighs begin to quiver from pleasure as I cum, feeling my pussy clench around the lone finger inside me. I lay with my eyes closed for a moment after my orgasm subsides, enjoying the feeling of bliss. Finally, I open my eyes and remove my finger from my pussy. It is coated in a mix of my own juices and cum, which I quickly suck off. I’ve always loved the taste of my own pussy… especially after Mom bought me my first vibrator I think, wishing I had brought the small silver bullet with me.

I lay on the bed for another few minutes, thinking back on all the times I used the vibrator and thought of Tom, or the time I walked in on Mom playing with her own vibrator. Finally, I can’t stand the waiting any more. After pulling my panties back up and straightening out my bra, I throw on my black gym shorts and a pink shirt, the one that I sleep in and make my way to the door. I open the door and walk over to the next room, knocking on it loudly. I hear someone approaching and cross my arms. Tom better have a good excuse for keeping me waiting I think.

Several seconds pass before the door opens, revealing Tom standing in the doorway in only his boxers. I can clearly see his bulge through the thin material. I then look past Tom and see Mom sitting naked on the bed. Well, well, well… caught in the act! I think as I walk into the room closing the door behind me. The second I pass through the doorway, I can smell a mix of sex and cum. These two fucked I think, now annoyed at Tom for not even thinking of me.

I ask, “What is taking so long? And why the fuck is Mom naked?”

Mom rolls her eyes and sarcastically says, “Good to pendik escort see you too Kenzie.”

Tom steps forward slightly, standing between Mom and I. He clearly searches for something to say. “We…” He starts.

Mom shoots him a look before interrupting, “We were just going in the hot tub. Want to join?”

I pause for a second to think, why are they lying to me? Then I decide to play dumb and ask, “Naked?”

Mom sighs and gives me an odd look, “After these past few days your still not comfortable being naked around us?”

I look at Tom, his bulge clearly getting larger at the thought of both Mom and I getting naked for him. Then I think about if Mom knows about anything happening between Tom and I, “I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.”

Mom gives me a simple nod and asks, “So are you going to join us?”

I sigh, “I guess it won’t hurt.” I think, Mom probably doesn’t know about Tom and I. Mind as well keep her in the dark for now.

Mom smiles, “Good. You too Tom!”

Tom drops his boxers and him and Mom both turn to look at me. I give Tom a knowing look and pull my shirt over my head then unclasp my bra. Both fall to the floor as my firm C-cup breasts are exposed. My small pink nipples grow hard from the cool air in the room. Then I drop my shorts and panties in one swift motion before bending over and picking my clothes up. I place them on the edge of the bed, and turn to face my naked mother and brother. “Okay… let’s go.” I say.

Mom leads the way and Tom follows. I fall into step with him and notice that he is clearly staring at Mom’s ass. “Perv!” I whisper to Tom with a teasing smile. Tom gives me a weird look as Mom opens the door. I motion for Tom to go out first, then follow him, closing the door behind me. Mom goes to the hot tub and sits down in it, the water, her ample breasts just below the surface. In the small hot tub, Mom takes up about half of it. Tom is clearly hesitant to get in.

Just as I’m about to get in, Mom says, “Tom, you sit first and Kenzie can sit on your lap. You both comfortable with that?”

I look at Tom, not wanting to display sexual interest in him with Mom watching, but Tom says, “Okay.”

He then climbs in the water and I follow, resting my ass on his upper thighs, close to his semi erect cock.

“Isn’t this nice?” Mom asks. “My two beautiful children relaxing with me on vacation.”

I think, it would be better if Tom and I were alone. However, I say, “Yeah. It’s been pretty interesting so far.”

Mom smiles, “Oh yes… and I think it will only get more interesting.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, confused.

Mom looks between Tom and I before answering, “Well your father is out with Aunt Anne right now. After tomorrow, she might be joining us here.”

I feel startled and confused, “But we haven’t seen her in years!”

Mom nods and says, “I know but she is my sister and… well your father and I have some… history together.”

I turn back to look at Tom. He sits there, like he’s heard all this before. I feel left out and confused, saying, “Explain right now!”

Mom sighs. I turn to look at her and she says, “Anne and I used to… play together. It started small with making out but eventually turned into full on sex with my own sister. A bit like you and Tom but spread out over a year or so.”

I feel my face go pale. How does she know? I think. I stutter, “Wha… how do you know?”

Mom gives me a knowing and possibly approving smile, “Well your teasing at the beach gave it away. But I asked Tom and he told me about it.”

I turn to look back at Tom. Why would he do that? I say, “What the fuck?”

Tom starts to say, “I’m…”

Mom holds up a hand, silencing Tom. We both look at her, “Relax you two. Your dad and I figured this would happen. I know for a fact I’m happy for you guys and hope this makes you closer with each other. Maybe even… your Dad and I?”

I feel my face go pale. While I had been kind of interested in Tom and could had watched porn where the stepmom teaches her stepdaughter about sex and had found it kind of hot, I could never picture Dad and I doing anything together. Before I can say anything, Tom says what I was thinking, “Dad and you what? Are you asking Kenzie and I to…”

Mom nods, “If you are interested. It would be better for happen now than when Anne shows up and wants to… spend time… with you.”

I feel Tom’s cock twitch slightly against my ass. The idea of Aunt Anne was clearly making him a little hard. I say, “Hold up. You and Dad brought us here knowing we would probably have sex? This whole thing was to make us closer as a family?”

Mom nods, “Has it worked?”

I think about Tom and I having sex and enjoying each other. Then I think about how I couldn’t wait to be alone with him again. I say, “I guess a little. I’m more… comfortable around you guys now.”

Mom smiles, “That’s what I thought. But for maltepe escort now… let’s just relax.” I look back at Tom, slightly confused, but that passes and I lean back against him. I lay back, intertwining my legs with his and rest my head next to his. This is what lover do, not siblings the rational part of my brain says. That thought is silenced by the rest of my brain and I lay there, enjoying the feeling of his semi erect cock pushing against me.

My mind wanders for a few minutes, however, it keeps coming back to what Mom said about Aunt Anne. Finally, I break the silence, saying, “So Aunt Anne wants to have sex with me?”

Mom gives me a serious look, “I believe so. She said she was looking forward to alone time with the two of you.” This makes me worried. I have never been with a woman before and while I was not against it, had never had the courage to try it out. Mom gives me a loving look and asks, What’s wrong sweetie?”

I let out a worried sigh, “I’ve never… been with… another woman. I don’t even know how to start going about it.”

Mom laughs, “You want to find out now? I’m sure Tom would like to watch.”

I untangle my legs from Tom’s and stand, thinking. I liked to watch porn along the same lines but honestly had no idea if I would like it in real life. Finally, I say, “Mom… I…”

Mom stands, I’m slightly taller than she is. She finishes, “Think it would be weird? Any weirder than you and Tom having sex?”

I sigh, “I guess not…”

Mom gives me a reassuring smile, “Good. Let’s take this slow and see where it goes.”

Mom leads the way out of the hot tub and Tom sits on the ledge, watching. Once we are on the other edge of the balcony, Mom wraps her arm around my back and pulls me closer. Mom’s breasts and large, pink nipples press into mine as we start to kiss. I’ve never kissed a girl before but I really enjoyed kissing Mom. Holy shit just the idea of being with Mom is turning me on I think as I feel my pussy begin to become wet. I feel Mom running her hands over my breasts, pinching my one nipple slightly. Then she starts working her hands down my body, over my stomach and down to my ass and pussy, feeling my shaven mound and toned ass. I pull away slightly from Mom, giving her better access to my pussy.

I feel Mom reach in between my legs, running her hand the length of my slit. I shudder at her touch, her fingers making me wet. I say, “This is really turning me on.”

Mom laughs, “I know! I can feel it. Your dripping wet.” I’m disappointed when Mom pulls her hand away from my pussy. But she holds it up, for both Tom and I to see and it is covered with my juices, coating her fingers that she used to play with my pussy. Mom then uses her hand to rub my juices on her nipples.

“Okay Kenzie, suck my nipples.” Mom orders, presenting her breasts to me. I hesitate for a second, but then move my mouth to her large pink nipples and gently run my tongue over them, tasting my juices off of them. I keep this up, before taking her whole nipple in my mouth and sucking. Mom makes a soft moan of pleasure and I pull away. Mom looks at me with an encouraging look, saying, “Good start Kenzie. Now feel my pussy.”

I take two fingers like I enjoy and run them over her mound, spreading her outer lips slightly. I feel her juices coating my fingers, which I pull away. I say, “Holy shit Mom! Your dripping wet.”

Mom smiles at me, “Kenzie, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this to happen. Let’s bring this inside so no one hears us.” Mom grabs my hand, like a lover, and pulls me toward the door, throwing it open, in a rush to go further. Mom leads me to the bed inside and pushes me back on it. I allow her to do so and spread my legs. Through my rush of pleasure, I am vaguely aware of Tom watching off to the side.

Mom climbs between my legs. I lift my head and watch as Mom begins to play with both herself and me at the same time. I let out a soft moan as Mom’s fingers circle my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I feel my pussy becoming even wetter.

Much to my disappointment, Mom stops and asks, “Want to try something?” I feel the need to cum soon and simply nod. Mom continues, “I’ll get on top and you eat me out from below.”

I smile at her, “I’ll try.”

Mom smiles back, “Good!” She crawls up onto the bed next to me and straddles my head with her legs. I look at her pussy, similar to mine, having mostly concealed inner lips and large puffy outer lips. The several strands of her juices slowly dripping out tell me she is enjoying this almost as much as I am. Mom then drops her pussy toward my face, leaving it inches from my mouth. I begin to inexpertly slurp at Mom’s pussy, causing her to moan occasionally. She does the same to me, but she’s clearly done this before. I let out the occasional moan of pleasure but these become more frequent as I feel my own orgasm building. I use my hands a little, stimulating her clit, kartal escort trying to make her cum. From between my own legs, I hear slurping as she not only uses her tongue but also nibbles slightly at my pussy with her teeth, teasing me.

Finally, I can’t handle it anymore. I pull my head away from her forbidden pussy and cry out, “Fuck yes Mom! I’m going to cum!” In the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had, I feel my whole body convulse as waves of pleasure crash over my body. Mom grabs my thighs, holding my legs still as she continues her work, causing me to moan loudly from the pleasure. After what feels like an hour, my orgasm begins to subside and I open my eyes, breathing heavily. Finally, when my breathing slows I say, “You really know what you’re doing Mom.”

Mom sits up away from my dripping pussy. I can feel my cum slowly sliding out. She says, “You could say I’ve had some practice before. You owe me one now.” With that, she lowers her pussy to my face once again. I grab her hips to hold her still and once again begin to slurp at her already wet pussy. Mom’s breathing increases, which I can hear even from below.

I hear Mom gasp out, “Oh Kenzie… keep going… you’re doing a great job sweetie!” I continue to work at Mom’s pussy, wanting to bring her to orgasm like she did to me. I enjoy the taste of her sweet juices. After several minutes, Mom finally cries out, “Yes, Cumming!” She then collapses on my face. Her warm and wet pussy rests on my forehead and her thighs are next to my ears. I can feel them quivering from what is clearly a powerful orgasm. Her orgasm lasts longer than mine did before she recovers and sits up, I can see her white cum oozing out of her lips. Once she is off to the side, I sit up, feeling a wet sticky feeling on my head. She got her cum in my hair I think, trying not to let out a giggle at the thought.

Mom looks at me, concerned, “You good? I’m sorry but that was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

I nod, “Yeah, I’m good.”

Mom nods, wiping sweat off of her forehead with the back of her hand. She smiles, “I’m glad. What about you Tom? How did you feel about that?”

Tom is slowly stroking his cock, clearly having enjoyed the show. He says with a smile, “I loved the whole thing! God the two of you sounded so wet.”

Mom nods and frowns, “Unfortunately, after that last orgasm I think I’m out of commission for a little while. So if Kenzie wants, you and her can play while I watch.” Did I really do that good of a job? I ask myself.

Tom turns to look at me, “So?” He asks, his eyes clearly begging for me to say yes. My pussy is starting to feel a little sore from all the attention it’s had today, but it wouldn’t be right to leave Tom hard like that.

I look at him and feel Mom’s cum slowly slide down to just above my eyebrows. I say, “I need something now! I’ve never been this turned on in my life.”

Mom says, “There you go. Kenzie lean back on me while I sit here.” Mom moves closer to the edge of the bed and spreads her legs. I squeeze between them and spread mine as well. I can feel Mom’s now hard nipples pressing into my back, as Tom closes the distance between us. Tom examines my pussy for a second as I feel my cum slowly sliding out of me and running down toward my asshole. My brother runs his fingers over my dripping lips, scooping up my cum and juices. He holds up his fingers, coated in cum and my natural lube. I taste it off of my fingers, enjoying the flavor.

Once his fingers are clean he looks me in the eye. I can feel him rubbing his cock over my pussy, teasing me, coating it with my own cum. Finally, he sinks his cock all the way inside me, making me gasp. The first time it was hard to take his cock, now, from Mom teasing me and finally making me cum, I took his whole length with ease. His cock forces some of my own cum out of my pussy, causing the warm liquid to run down my lips, to my asshole, and inner thighs.

Mom then suddenly reaches her arm around me and puts her fingers on my clit, stimulating it as Tom slowly slides in and out of my wet hole. I let out, “UGGGGHHHH… fuck!” I’m overwhelmed with pleasure, so I close my eyes and enjoy being played with by my mother and brother. I can feel my lips tightly sealing around Tom’s hard cock, and feel them pulled away from my body as his hard cock slowly slides in and out of me.

I moan softly as Mom says, “This is hot you two. Keep it up.” Mom’s voice is next to my ear. I am beginning to feel sore from all the sex I’ve had today and want this last session to be over.

I open my eyes and look at Tom. I beg, “Fuck me hard Tom! Pound your little sister!” Hopefully this will make him cum I think. Tom smiles back at me and grabs my hips, holding me in place. He begins to thrust as fast as he can in and out of me. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!” I manage to cry out between gasps and moans of pleasure. I can hear my own moans and breathing as well as Tom’s hard breathing. The other sound in the air is the squelching of my dripping wet pussy being pounded by my older brother. I feel myself start to sweat from being fucked so hard.

I can feel Tom’s cock swell slightly as he nears orgasm. He grunts, “Are you close yet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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