The Club

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Kevin smiled as he looked at his reflection in the staffroom mirror. The black leather cut looked great against his pale skin. The shadows it cast across his stomach added definition to the abs that were slowly developing. Those long hours he spent working out at the gym were starting to pay off … among other things.

He stood back and checked out the rest of the club outfit. Tight leather shorts hugged his ass, making it appear firm and smooth while the crotch providing such a perfect outline of his junk that he just wanted to reach down and massage the leather against his cock.

He slipped his feet into the four inch heels and tossed his hair over his shoulder. He’d had the long locks trimmed so they just skimmed over his shoulders. The auburn highlights he’d added made the darkness shimmer in the lowlight of the staff room. Perfect. He was ready for his first proper night at a Hard Steel gathering at the clubhouse.

The corridor leading down to the bar was empty. His footsteps echoing off the wooden floor as he walked confidently in the heels. He’d been practising for weeks in the shoes ever since Leon had told him that he’d gotten the job at the club house. He’d done a few short shifts during the days, when it had been as quiet as fuck and he hadn’t needed to wear the leather outfit but this would be his first evening gig. His first time not only serving the drinks but also servicing whichever club member wanted him. His cock twitched in eager anticipation.

He’d first heard of the Hard Steel motorcycle club when he’d been in his last year at college. His roomie, Todd, had told about the club where anything went and sexuality wasn’t important, only that you liked sex. Kevin loved sex. The harder the better and if it was a rough, tough man doing the fucking, even more. He hoped that the club would be busy tonight, filled with some needy bikers who required attention from the willing bar staff.

“Yo, Kevin. You ready for you’re first night with the big boys?” Tone asked as he stacked the last of the shot glasses on the shelf. Like Kevin he was dressed in a leather cut but wore tight leather trousers instead of the shorts.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to start.” Kevin grinned and looked around. There were a couple of older bikers propping the bar up whilst three others were sat around a table playing cards. In the far corner roadcrews were setting up equipment for the band that would be playing later. Around the edges of the bar, leather sofas and chairs were grouped together in casual conversation pits. Kevin saw that a couple of bikers were already enjoying the charms of two of the club girls, sitting back on the couches whilst the women sucked their dicks. Kevin felt envious, he wanted to be doing the sucking.

“You’ll get plenty of chances tonight, Kevin,” Tone teased as he placed a bottle of Jack and a shot glass on the tray. “Take this over to Dirk in the corner, will you?”

“Sure.” Kevin lifted the tray and walked through the tables and across the dancefloor. He loved how the heels forced his hips to sway with every step he took. He imagined the men watching him walk, the dicks hard in their hands, eyes fixed upon his ass. The shorts felt tight once more around his crotch.

Dirk was seated on a corner sofa smoking on a joint. göztepe escort The scent of weed was heavy in the air around him as he exhaled long streams of smoke after each drag. He wore worn denims tight across his muscular legs and a leather cut with the President patch on the front. His ripped abdominals rippled as he took a drag of his joint, the large pectorals rising and falling with each breath. Keven felt his mouth water when the edge of the cut moved, revealing large, pointed nipples that begged to be licked and sucked.

With a shaky hand he placed the shot glass and bottle on the table before. Remembering his training, he poured a measure into the glass and offered it to dirk, thankful that his hand appeared steady even though he was a mass of nerves inside.

Dirk took the glass and downed the drink in one swallow before slamming the glass down on the table. He waited while Kevin refilled the glass, his grey eyes not leaving the younger man’s face as he took another drag of his joint.

“Like what you see, boy?” he rasped. His coarse voice sent shivers along Kevin’s nerves and made his cock press hard against the confines of the leather. Oh, how he longed to squeeze and rub his aching dick in search of relief.

“Yes, sir,” he replied, softly. Heat licked along him as he saw Dirk’s crotch twitch and swell beneath the denim.

Dirk’s mouth twitched as he took the drink Kevin proffered. “Like cock?”

“Oh, yes, sir, very much.” Kevin tried to rein the eagerness from his voice. Tone had warned him about being too needy when he first started working. He had to wait until the members came to him not force himself upon them.

Dirk leant back on the sofa. “Show me how much, boy,” he said, watching him from beneath hooded eyes.

Kevin looked across the bar at Tone to check if it was alright for him to be servicing someone so early into his shift. Tone looked at Dirk and nodded before turning to serve another biker. His heart pounded in his chest as he placed the tray on the table and got down on his knees between the biker’s spread legs.

The button fly on the jeans opened easily, the hard cock pushing through the flaps of denim as it was released. Kevin’s mouth watered as the dick rose before him. Fuck, it was huge! And wide, so wide. His ass hole twitched in anticipation of the thought of it pounding deep inside him.

With the jeans opened, the cock was free of all restraint and the large, smooth balls rested against Dirk’s slightly hairy thighs. Kevin gently cupped them in his hands and rolled them, loving the feel of their heavy weight in his hands. Dirk moaned and jerked his hips against him.

Kevin leant closer and breathed in, inhaling the strong musky scent of Dirk, He closed his eyes as he focused on that manly aroma. Fuck, he smelt so good. Kevin could not wait to taste this hunky biker.

“C’mon, boy, I ain’t got all night. Suck my cock or walk away.”

Kevin raised his eyes to Dirk’s and slowly licked from base to tip. The taste exploded on his tongue as he took the tip in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive tip. As Dirk moaned his appreciation he took him deeper into his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks, sucking deeply on the broad cock.

His mouth istanbul escort ached from the width of the monster he was swallowing but he didn’t care. Each pull dragged it deeper into his mouth, filling every bit of it. He relaxed his throat, his gag reflex almost non-existent as Dirk’s cock hit the back of his throat. As the tip reached the dark depths he hummed against it, the vibrations stroking the sensitive tip.

“Oh, fuck, boy! That mouth of yours is so good,” Dirk growled, his hips twitched uncontrollably against his mouth, driving the cock deeper. Kevin drooled around the girth, sucking in air every time he drew back along the length. His cock pressed painfully against the front of his shorts and he yearned for Dirk to grab him, to stroke and squeeze him through the leather.

He felt Dirk’s hand grab the back of his neck, his fingers wrapped around his hair as his head was pushed down on Dirk’s monster cock. He could tell the biker was close by the way he pulled on his hair, controlling the movement of his head as he thrust upwards into his mouth. There was nothing gentle in the way Dirk fucked his mouth and Kevin loved every second of it.

“Fuck boy, I’m gonna blow. Gonna fill your mouth with my cum!” Dirk thrust harder, his cock swelling as his balls tightened beneath Kevin’s hands. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Dirk’s cock exploded in Kevin’s mouth, warm, salty jets hitting the back of his throat. Kevin swallowed and swallowed, feeling it’s warmth trickle down his throat and into his stomach. He closed his eyes, savouring the feel and taste of Dirk’s cock in his mouth.

Gradually, the cock softened and Kevin licked it clean of all the cum that had spewed from its tip. He so wanted to cum himself. His cock was to tight and hard in his shorts it was almost painful. He looked up and saw Dirk looking at him.

“Did I please you, sir?” he asked, his body tense with need. Oh how he longed for the muscular biker to toss him to the floor and fuck him hard.

“Fuck, boy, you blew my mind. Come ‘ere,” he ordered.

Kevin crawled up and sat across Dirk’s lap, his legs either side of the narrow waist, hard crotch against the taut stomach. He could not stop the little jerk he gave against those washboard abs.

Dirk’s hand trailed down Kevin’s smooth chest until it rested against the hard bulge beneath the leather shorts. “I think someone’s a little needy.” A cruel smile tugged at the firm lips as his hand cupped Kevin’s cock. He gave it a firm squeeze, fingers digging into Kevin’s swollen length.

Keven moaned as the pressure ignited fireworks within him. He thrust against Dirk’s hand, panting with need. “Harder,” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“Eyes on me, boy!” Dirk snapped as he wrapped his fingers around Kevin’s swollen cock in a tighter grip. Kevin whimpered, a small bit of precum leaking within the leather. “I think you like this, boy, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh, fuck, yes. Harder.” Kevin was mindless, lost to the lust inflaming his mind. The rear zipper of the shorts was released and he felt Dirk’s other hand slide in over his ass, fingers probing for his hungry hole.

“Oh, yes, you need this, don’t you boy?” Dirk’s finger dove in his hole.

Kevin cried out, his hands falling kadıköy escort to that hard chest as he thrust in Dirk’s lap. Oh, fuck, it felt so good. Dirk’s fingers tightened around his cock, massaging the leather against his sensitive flesh. Sparks flashed against the back of his eyes as he tilted his head back. His hands sought and found those luscious nipples, fingers rolling and tugging on them. Dirk’s groan reverberated through him as he leant over and suckled on those hard nubbins.

“Fuck, boy, that’s it.” Dirk’s hand slid inside the front of Kevin’s shorts and started to roughly squeeze and pull on Kevin’s hard cock whilst he thrust in and out of Kevin’s needy hole with his fingers.

Kevin was in a heaven and agony and want. The hand about his cock was firm and tight, squeezing his hard flesh and rubbing it whilst three fingers ploughed his hole. It wasn’t that monster cock but it was fucking near! He sucked hard on those nipples, breath panting in his chest as his heart pounded. He was close, so fucking close.

“You love this, don’t you, boy? The pain of my hands around your cock, the feel of my fingers in your hole. This is what you were born for, to be my cockslut, isn’t it?” Dirk growled, working Kevin harder and faster, watching as the boys eyes rolled to the back of his head. Kevin’s face was flushed, his mouth sucking and licking on his nipples, mindless to the feelings running rampant through his body..

“Yes,” Kevin whimpered. “Yes, let me be your cockslut. I need your cock. Need it so bad.” He sat up, his hands pinching and tugging on his own nipples as he ground against Dirk. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum. Fuck. Cumming!”

Kevin’s anguished cry of pleasure filled the bar as he came in violent thrusts against Dirk’s hands. He felt his cum exploding in his shorts, over Dirk’s hands as he continued to squeeze and stroke him. His hole clenched around the fingers buried deep as he ground against him.

“Fuck, boy, you are a hot little slut, aren’t you.” Dirk raised his hands to Kevin’s mouth for him to lick clean. “We’re gonna have some fun, you and I, that I promise.”

Kevin licked his cum from Dirk’s hand and smiled at the one who had brought him close to heaven. “I hope so, sir,” he replied, his body sated for the moment. He knew he should move, get off Dirk’s lap and get back to work, but sitting where he was felt like heaven and he was loath to move from Dirk’s lap.

A had hand slapped his ass, rousing Kevin from the contented haze flooding his body. “Time to move, boy, and get some work done. I’ll see you later for some more fun. I can’t wait to fuck that needy hole of yours.”

Kevin stood on wobbly legs and fasted the zip on his shorts. He felt his cum squishing against his softened cock and balls as the leather pulled tiled across them. He felt like he’d been shot with the best drug a junkie could take. His body was buzzing and eager to do whatever the biker president wanted.

“I can’t wait either, sir,” he replied, his voice rough from the screaming he’d done. He picked up his tray and returned to the bar, aware of everyone’s eyes upon him.

“That was hot,” Tone said as he added drinks to his tray. “You’re gonna be popular tonight when everyone arrives.”

Kevin smiled and took the tray, excitement bubbling away within him. He couldn’t wait for the evening to progress to when he would get to service more of the bikers in the club. This was what he had been born to do. This was his life now and he embraced in willingly with both arms. He was the club’s cockslut. What more could a guy want?

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