The Debt_(0)

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The Debt

“To what do I owe the honor of a personal visit from the Big Man’s boys?” Bernie asked as he was shoved roughly into the smoke darkened room. He glanced across the room at the figure hidden behind a cloud of pungent cigar smoke and back at his two burly escorts, pulling at his collar uncomfortably.
The large shadow behind the desk made a small motion with one hand and the two goons in leisure suits vanished through the door they had just entered by.
The ‘Big Man’ leaned back in his expensive high backed chair and took a long drag off of his cigar, then added it to the already thick storm cloud over his head.
“I hope the boys didn’t get rough with ya, this being a social visit and all. You know how it is, good help is hard to find. Sometimes I need a butter knife and all I get is a couple of steak knives, you know?” Another drag on the cigar. “Anyway, I have a present for ya.”
“A present?” Bernie smiled, relief flooding over him, his confidence returning. “I kinda figured this was about the money I owe you.”
“That? Small change, you’re one of my top movers. What would I do without you? I know you’ll come up with the money, right?”
Another drag on the cigar, another smoke ring. “Nothin’ ta worry about. Anyways, back to your present. It’s over there in the closet.”
Bernie glanced that direction, then eyed the Big Man carefully.
“It’s okay, it don’t bite.”
Bernie walked over slowly, anticipation and a little fear running through his mind in a tangled jumble. When he opened the door he found the last thing he would have expected.
“What the…?” He gasped, staring into the closet open mouthed.
“Go ahead and turn on the light, get a look at it.”
Bernie pulled the string hanging from the ceiling and the light clicked on, bathing the lovely form in front of him in its warm glow. He was there staring down at the girl for a long moment, speechless.
She was kneeling on the floor, her bare legs held apart and secured at the ankle by a metal bar.
Other than the hood over her head and the pair of silk panties accenting the elegant lines of her bottom, she was entirely naked. He smiled, tilting his head to the side in order to get a look at her breasts.
They hung down nice and round, bared long enough görükle escort to have hardened in the cool air of the office.
“Nice, huh?”
“Now that’s what I call a present.” She was young, that he could tell from where he stood, young and shapely. An uneven lock of blonde hair escaped the anonymity of the hood, and made him smile again.
Young and blonde, even better.
“I know you like ’em young. I took the liberty of procuring a little pussy for my top merchandiser. I take it you like?”
“Do I ever, sweet and young.” He reached out and caressed her upturned ass, stroking it as though it would startle and vanish at the slightest provocation. The girl shivered and said something into what was clearly a gag.
He felt the hood over her head until he found and traced the straps of a ball gag and nodded in satisfaction.
“You aren’t going to be doing much complaining this afternoon, are you?” He whispered and chuckled harshly. She screamed into the gag, but nothing intelligible escaped, nor did her thrashing sway him.
Arms tied together behind her neck and then to her bare throat, she was less of a threat to him than the stray fly buzzing dizzily around the room.
He palmed and fondled her exposed breast, then teased the stiffened nipple.
“How old do you think she is, anyway?”
“Fifteen, according to her school I.D.”
“Ohh, fifteen. Mmm-mm. I’ve got a daughter your age.” Bernie squeezed the nipple a little harder and watched her futile struggle, his erection growing by the second. “Boy does she have some hot little friends. You aren’t one of them, are you?” He leaned down to whisper again. More muted protestations.
“Don’t just stand there man, try her out.” The Big Man laughed heartily, “That’s what I got her for.”
Not about to disappoint, Bernie slipped one hand down between her legs, using the other to work her breast the way he would have milked a cow.
His free hand found the scant folds of cloth between her legs and squeezed, watching her bottom bop pathetically in front of him.
“You a virgin?” He asked, pushing a finger past the panties and into the yielding folds of her vagina. A second later his probe gave him the answer. “Nope, a shame, but so few girls your age are these days.” He pushed a little deeper, wiggled his görükle escort bayan finger around while she shook with fear and rage. “But still nice and tight, though.”
“You sure this is kosher, no one is going to find out?” Bernie glanced back at the Big Man, eyes filled with lust.
“Don’t worry, neither she nor her dad will say a word about this. Seems her dad got on my bad side.”
Bernie swallowed, but was firmly committed to having his way with the little cunt even in the face of the subtle warning he had just received. “I want you to fuck her up good for me, as a warning for him.”
“Sure thing.” Bernie grinned, unzipping his pants and pulling out his long, hard dick.
Yanking down her panties he jerked them down to her ankles, stretching the delicate fabric the way he intended to do her vagina.
She squirmed and thrashed, but was helpless to prevent his pressing his erect penis against the fragile pink folds of skin that marked the outer edge of her most private, most intimate parts.
Working it up and down he waited until he felt the tissue respond with natural lubrication, felt the labia begin to separate against her will.
Soon the lather had wicked to the surface and he felt her skin warm around his prick as he slowly thrust into her young, heaving body. She gasped and screamed, but he tilted his head back and gasped, the sensation of hot pussy around his cock nearly overwhelming him.
“Mmm, struggle all you want little pussy, one way or the other I am going to give you an education. He stroked her ass and breasts while he pumped in and out, pulling her to him and ramming it home and then slowly his pace once more.
He wanted to savor the ill-gotten favor wrapped around his cock, wanted to remember every sensation bombarding senses. Her vagina grew sloppy from his pounding and still he worked, slow, then fast, then slow again, pacing himself.
“Good little pussy, good pussy.” He pulled out and pulled her ass cheeks apart, pressing his thoroughly drenched cock against her already swollen asshole.
He pressed his slippery prick against the tiny hole and found that it surrendered readily to his much larger shaft, though she went into pain filled spasms immediately.
He thrust in and out, fucking her steadily, mind drifting to his daughters escort görükle young, supple friends as he pounded his young present.
Sooner than he wanted he was swaying on his feet through the last of a powerful orgasm. Pulling out he thrust his now dirtied cock back into her pussy and pumped until his penis was limp with exertion.
When he finally pulled out and stepped away the girl was sagging against her restraints, sobbing uncontrollably under her hood.
“Now that’s what I call an education, bitch.” He whispered, “One you won’t soon forget.” He looked down at her upturned bottom and smiled as semen oozed from her ass and vagina simultaneously. “Or me for that matter. You were one good fuck, cunt.”
He turned wearily, wiping sweat from his forehead, legs rubbery from exertion.
“You had a good time, I take it?” The Big Man asked from somewhere behind him.
“Oh, man.” He confessed, “That was something else. You don’t fuck pussy like that every day.”
“No, I don’t suppose you do.”
“This is all cool, right?” He pointed to the girl as he zipped up his pants, looking away from her heaving body for the first time in over half an hour.
“Oh, yea, like I said, her dad really pissed me off, this little cunt was a way of pacifying me, keeping him around a little longer, you know.”
“What a schmuck this guy must be.” Bernie laughed, slapping the semiconscious girl on the ass again. “Do I know him?”
“You might, take a peek and see if you recognize the girl. Go on.”
Bernie shrugged and unfastened the hood with a broad smile that soon dissolved into shock and horror. Her hair had been cut short to hide her identity, but he immediately recognized her young features.
“Karen?” He asked in disbelief as the girl slowly looked up at him, eyes filled with hurt and sheer terror.
“How does it feel to know you just fucked your own daughter?” The Big Man asked mockingly. “About as good as I feel knowing you’ve been holding out on me.”
The Big Man took a long puff off his cigar and sighed in deep satisfaction. “I remember you’re saying that she wasn’t a virgin. That’s true, but she was until she popped her cherry earlier, just to get her ready for you. Don’t worry, we were real gentle like, even cleaned her up for you.”
The Big Man circled the desk until he was standing over Bernie. “Now, I want my money before midnight tomorrow or I let the boys break her in real good and proper for you. Do I make myself clear?”

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