The Tryout

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The little slut thought she was here to interview for a job. And she was, in a sense. It’s just that the job was more in the sense of a morale booster for the men who worked here.

I had picked her up at a goth club downtown a few nights ago. We really hit it off, got to talking, and I told her that my company was hiring for someone with just her background.

I mean, I had forgotten what her background was about five minutes after she told me. She had some kind of degree, but the only skills she would be using with us would be whatever oral talents she might possess. That night we flirted a bit, made out. She tried to invite me back to her place, but I talked her out of it.

She gave me a peck on the cheek as I said my goodbyes, and I promised myself I would take her mouth first.

She was in a waiting room with six of our bigger, more disreputable staff. Her “fellow applicants.” But when I arrived it was their cue to grab her and start stripping her. They left her her heels and knee-high socks, but her little skirt and professional black blouse ended up torn from her body and tossed across the room.

She was begging them to stop, and demanding to know what was going on when I stepped up and slapped her across the face. She started to cry, but gebze escort the blow shut her up nicely. And when I ordered the men to release her and took a firm grasp of her long, thick black hair she didn’t even hesitate about dropping to her knees when I exerted a little pressure.

Once she was down there though, and she saw the hardening dick I fished out of my trousers, she started to protest again.

“Please! Don’t do this! I swear I won’t tell anyone. I can pay you!”

I made a big deal of hesitating there, studying her desperate, tearstained face.

“What will you do for me if I let you go? What are you willing to pay?”

“Anything! I have a lot of money in my savings. I’ll get more! You want someone to fuck? I can get my roommate here, and she’s a complete whore. She fantasizes about getting raped all the time, too. She told me! I-“

I cut her off. “Tell me about your roommate. What’s she look like?”

She gave a little gasp. Hope? Shame? Plain old desperation?

“She’s taller than me, and has gigantic boobs. I think they’re fake. Short hair, and she dyes it red. She’s got a boyfriend, but she sleeps around a lot. Guys and girls. And, sh-mmmmf!” I didn’t let her keep talking. I just shoved my dick into her babbling mouth and let that shut her up.

“Your roommate sounds awesome, göztepe escort and since you gave us your address on the application I think we’ll send someone over to pick her up.” I paused in my thrusting, pointed to two of the men and they grinned, and left. “We’ve been recording all this, so when she gets here we’ll have to see what she thinks about you selling her out to a pack of rapists. Wonder what she’ll do?”

The little goth slut yelled something around my cock, and I pulled her deep to hear her gag. I held her there as she wretched, chuckling at the strained expression on her reddening face, but then resumed my rape of her mouth.

“Now, I want to draw this out, but everyone else is eager to give you a try, too. So-” I started punctuating each word by pulling her deep onto my cock. “I’m. Going. To. Finish. In. Your. Throat.” Shallower thrusts again. “Then, when I’m done we’re going to see how many cocks you can service at once. When your roomie gets here, I’m going to let you suck my cock hard again so that I can rape her, then she and I are going to decide what an appropriate punishment for your incredible betrayal is.”

I started to cum thinking about it, fucking her face with short, hard thrusts. “I hope she’s imaginative.”

The little redheaded slut was even hotter than her roomie had said. halkalı escort We’d done it… not quite like I had said. The guys had already worked her over good on their way back in the van. Those full, cocksucking lips looked swollen from the hard work they’d already put in, and those boobs of hers had been tortured and pinched like crazy.

But she walked in under her own power, naked except for a pair of bikini-style bottoms. She looked around the room, picked me out of the crowd (maybe because I was making her roomie gag on my cock again) walked over to me and delivered a ringing roundhouse slap.

Damn, I thought nonsensically. This girl has balls. Though she got off to a rough start she soon won redemption. Her hand found its way down to rest on the goth bitch’s head, and soon the little slut was being pistoned deeper and harder onto my cock than ever before, her eyes desperate and terrified.

Red looked me in the eyes and smirked. “So I hear you want some ideas for how to treat a new office slut?”

I reached up and clamped my hand into the hair on the back of her head, forcing her onto her knees before me. She looked up at me from beside the little bitch, who was being railed from behind even as she sucked. With what I swear looked like a practiced movement, Red got some leverage behind her grip and pushed the goth’s head down until she finally bottomed out on my cock. I felt the bitch’s throat spasming around me, and I admit I was impressed.

I began to cum again.

I barely managed to gasp out my words. “Fuck… you’re hired.”

She smiled up at me. “Thanks boss.” She turned a devilish grin on the other girl. “Can I use her mouth next?”

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