This Isn’t Right, But

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I can’t believe that I let myself be talked into doing this. My girlfriend all of a sudden decided that she was going to punish me because I told her I wanted to break up with her. But after a couple of weeks, I came crawling back because I realized how good of a thing she was. But she told me if I wanted her, she would make me pay for my disobedience.

Of course, I agreed because no girl likes to suck cock and loves cum as much as she does. She loves to swallow my cum and just goes crazy when I shoot my hot load all over her face and titties. Never met a girl like her which is why I agreed to her “Punishment”. She told me if I want her so love my cum, then I have to try someone else’s cum. Meaning she wanted me to suck a guy’s cock. I am not gay and I have always though that stuff was gross. I told her I would think about it and that seem to satisfy her at first.

But she was always texting me that I would love the feel of a cock on my lips. She asked me to start sending her pictures of guys sucking other guys cocks. Even though it didn’t interest me I did start sending them to her. The problem I guess is that sometimes I would look at them even if she didn’t tell me to look at them. There are so many nice-looking cocks out there and for same bad reason the ones that have the fat veins running down their shaft look kind of amazing, as much as I hate to admit it.

But my GF didn’t stop with me just sending her pictures. She demanded me to wear a pair of her panties that she bought for me. I was like no way, but she told me she would love to suck me off as I wore them, so I figured no one would know. When I put them on, they felt extremely weird, but when I looked in the mirror, I have to admit they looked sexy and as my 7″ cock grew it was definitely visible thru the fabric. I took a picture of them and sent it to the GF, and she was flipping out. She told me to wear them to work the next day and she would give me the best blow job ever. And you know, she followed thru with it.

So, she bought me some more and I wore them every once in a while, for here at work. I loved that I had a secret that none of the guys knew about. The whole time I would have them Katie (the GF) would tease me about how a guy would love to see me in my panties.

One day she met me at lunch, and I was just in my panties, and she started stroking my cock and then said to me, “I want you to suck this cock for me” then she showed me a picture I sent to her that morning of a guy’s 8″ cock and then placed 2 fingers to my lips. With her stroking me and the picture on that guy’s cock, I just started to suck on her fingers. I was licking them and drooling all over them. Katie was moaning and I was getting harder. I took her fingers deep in my mouth and was running my tongue all over them and started moving them in and out of my mouth.

The whole time I was thinking, “I wonder if I could do this to a real cock”? Then I thought, “I wonder if I could actually feel the vein on that cock if it was in my mouth. I started to moan, and Katie knew that I was fixing to cum so she stopped stroking me and put her mouth over my hard cock and within a few seconds I blew my load deep in her mouth.

She sucked on it until I was done and rose up and let me see that she still had the cum in her mouth. I could see her tongue playing with it then she swallowed it. Then Katie said, “That is what I want you to do for your punishment. You have to enjoy a guy’s cock and all of his cum. Then she kissed me with her tongue in my mouth so I could taste my first taste of cum, even though it was my own.

From that point on all our play included me “Pretending to suck a guy’s cock. I think the final push towards me being where I am at today is that she had bought a dildo for us to play with. So, she would make me lick it and suck it as we kissed together and shared “His cock”.

One time she had me sucking the istanbul travesti dildo and talking dirty to me like, you want to taste a real man’s cock between your lips, don’t you sissy boy? You want to talk all his cum like the faggot you are. As she did this, she was also sucking my cock. It just turned me on so much that I exploded and filled her mouth full of my cum. She drained me from my load and sat up. She sat up with a smile on her lips but with her mouth closed. Then the grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face towards her fast. Before I could react she had her mouth on mine and forced her tongue into my mouth.

Without even thinking I opened my mouth to accept her tongue and that is when she did it. She pushed my whole load of cum into my mouth. Omg I couldn’t believe she did that but she held my mouth to her mouth with a hand full of my hair and I had no choice but to taste a huge load of cum.

I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just swallowed what she gave me. Her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth, so I just started to kiss her back and I guess without even realizing it I was playing with cum. After we stopped kissing she asked me, how was that? I told her, to be honest, Not as bad as I thought. She just smiled and said. “You are so ready to be gay”.

So that is how I am here now. Katie texted me and told me to meet her at the hotel we always meet at. I was very excited because I love our hotel time. Lots of fucking and sucking. So, I show up at 2 and we are kissing and groping each other. We are both naked and grabbing at each other’s parts, Then there is a knock at the door. I jump up fast and run to the door and look out the peep hole. There is a guy standing there and I tell Katie. Who could that be? She just smiles and says I don’t know. You should open the door and find out.

So, I run back and grab my pants and put them on, but no shirt. I open the door a crack and ask, can I help you? The guy answers, “I am your pretend dildo”. I almost shit myself. I looked back at Katie and she was grinning ear to ear and said, “I think you should let him in”. Now I am completely shocked so I just open the door and he walks in with a grin. When I close the door I start to look at him. Nothing special, probably in his 30’s, maybe with a bit of a potbelly. Definitely not a stud by no means. But he had a good smile and I guess it matched Katie’s evil smile.

Katie told me his name was Bob and then patted the bed next to her. He walked over there and sat down next to him. Then as I am just standing there gaping she tells me to sit next to Bob. At this time, I am just there for the ride. I have no thoughts that I would say are my own. I am submitted to Katie. So here we are, Bob between us and she reaches over and takes my hand and puts it in Bob’s lap.

I have never touched a real cock, so I am scared to even move my hand. So, Katie help me. She starts to move my hand back and forth over his crotch. It don’t take long until I can feel him growing beneath my hand. I have to admit it was hot knowing that I could affect a person like that. So, I keep rubbing and keep feel him growing until I realize that Katie’s hand is not on my hard at all.

She must have moved it and I didn’t even realize it. Oh crap, I didn’t mean to enjoy stroking a guy’s cock. But I was enjoying it so what the heck, it was only rubbing. Katie and Bob start to kiss each other and that was exciting me, and I could feel myself grow. Then I felt Katie’s hand moving to Bob’s jeans and unbuttoning his top button. Bob helped her unzip his pants and the whole time they are kissing and I am rubbing his now pretty hard cock.

Katie stops kissing and looks at me. She tells me, “It’s time for you to feel a real man’s cock now”. You need to take off his pants and stroke him for real, not thru his jeans.” Now I am in panic mode. This is another level of playing. In my mind istanbul travestileri I was just rubbing some clothes. Not really touching a real cock. Just clothes, right. I just look at Katie with a blank stare. Katie’s says, “What the fuck did I just tell you, get his cock out of those jeans and play with him bitch”.

I didn’t even think, I just grabbed his jeans and as he stood up, I pulled them down to the floor and let him step out of them. I could see his cock poking a tent pole. I think it was an indication that he was excited. Katie told me, “Well? Take off his underwear and let’s see what he had under them”. I was shaking now but I did what I was told. I pulled his underwear down and out popped his hard cock. He was bigger than me and definitely thicker than me. This was the first man’s cock I had ever saw in person and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Bob sat down and Katie decided she would tell me what she wanted. Katie told me, “Take your pants off and put on my panties that are in the corner. You are going to be the girl today”. I walked over and put her panties on.

I was extremely embarrassed to be seen by Bob in them and tried to turn sideways but Katie wouldn’t have any of that. She made me walk over to them and then show them off to both of them. Katie made me sit down next to Bob again and he is naked with a hard cock, and I am naked but with Katie’s panties on and Katie starts to kiss on Bob. She stops for a second and then looks at me and says “Well?” and looks at my hand and then Bob’s cock.

She starts to kiss him again and for the first time ever, I reach out and touch a guy’s cock. I wrap my hand around the shaft, and I swear I could feel it jump. I know how I like my cock stroked so without even thinking I start moving my hand up and down his shaft. Holy cow he was a lot thicker than me. I was just watching his head disappearing and reappearing as I stroked his shaft. Without even thinking about it I was kind of enjoying it.

I look up and see both of them watching me stroking Bob and they just laughed at me because I got red with embarrassment. I wasn’t supposed to like a guy’s cock. I am straight, I think. Katie leans over Bob and grabs my head and kisses me hard, driving her tongue into my mouth and we start our fun tongue fights. I still have my hand around Bob’s cock and then Bob leans into Katie and me. OMG he starts kissing both of us. I freak out and pull back.

Katie stops and says, “What the fuck are you doing. Get your dirty mouth back here bitch”. I don’t know what else to do but lean back in. I have never heard Katie talk like this before. So here we are, all three of us kissing. I am grossed out, but I am also afraid of Katie right now. Then Katie pulls back and when I stop, she says, ” I didn’t tell you that you could stop, did I?” So now I am kissing just a guy.

OMG. This is so wrong on many levels, but he has a great tongue. I can feel it all over my tongue and I just start playing it. So, I start moving my hand up and down across the ridge of this cock and then he moans into my mouth. I thought I was going to die with excitement. Damn it, I am not supposed to be enjoying this.

Katie reaches down and puts her hand on my hand and says that’s enough. You are getting him too excited and she made me stop. I stop kissing Bob (not sure if I was happy to stop or sad to stop) and just look at her. Katie looked at me and smiles.

Katie says, “Time to make you gay. Get on your knees”. Now I am worried because I know this was what she has been wanting from me for months of us “Pretending”. She is wanting me to suck a guy’s cock, omg I seriously don’t think I can do this. I am worried and just wait to try to think what can I do. Katie jumps up and grabs me and pushes me to the floor so fast that I basically lose my balance and fall to Bob’s feet.

I sit up on my knees and Bob’s cock is pretty much eye level. travesti istanbul Katie tells me, “Ok you pantie wearing whore, you know what I want from you, you better not let me down”. And yes. I do know what she wants. And looking at Bob’s hard cock that is right in front of me, I think I know what he wants also.

Against my better judgement I take Bob’s cock in my hand. This is the easy part. I just look at the 8 inches of it only a few inches from my face. Am I really going to put his cock in my mouth? I shouldn’t but, we did pretend to do this. Then Katie, with her impatience says, “It’s not going to suck itself” and then pushes my head forward. And that’s how it happened. Bob’s cock, the first real cock I have touched, ends up on my lips. I don’t know what else to do and I just open my mouth and take the head past my lips. My first though is omg I can’t believe I have a cock in my mouth, and then he moaned.

That just blew my mind, and I knew that I wanted to make him moan again. I take a deep breath and move my mouth down his shaft taking inch by inch deep into my mouth. I get maybe 4 inches in the I have to pull back. Then I lowered my mouth back down again, then up. In my own mind I should not like this but it’s not horribly bad. I repeat this again, each time trying to take a little bit more into my mouth. I think I have about 6″ max in my mouth when I hear Katie exclaim, “Omg I knew you were a little cock sucker. Suck his real cock you little faggot”.

That greatly excited me, and I start to go up and down his shaft and trying to use my tongue on the head of his cock on the up strokes. I hear him moaning and it just turns me on and want to do more to him. I shouldn’t think this way but all of a sudden, I wonder, could I actually make a guy cum with my mouth?

As I lower my mouth around his cock, I can feel his vein in his cock getting bigger. I can tell Bob is enjoying it and as I feel that vein grow it just makes me more determined to see if I can make him cum. The only thing that worries me is, what happens if he does cum. But I don’t stop with that thought because I look up at Katie and I can tell she is giddy at what she has made me do.

I feel Bob getting harder and I hear his breathing quickening. I know I am at the point of no return. His vein in his hard shaft is getting thicker and I know that the thickness is all his cum. He is fixing to cum all in my mouth and as much as I hate to think it, I want it. Just to prove to myself that I can satisfy a person. And to please Katie.

She knows Bob is going to cum also and then makes up my mind for me about what I had to do. She yells out, “Don’t you stop faggot, you need to make him cum in your mouth, and I better hear and see you swallowing every drop of his cum.” As soon as she said that Bob unleashed that full vein into my throat. I just stopped and felt the first hot blast of that white creamy fluid hit the back of my throat. Without even thinking I swallowed it. Then he released another stream and another one.

I have no idea how many times he pulsed into my mouth but by the third pulse I was ready and waiting for it. I reached down and started to milk his balls to help him finish. Katie flipped out at that move and said, “Omg you little cum whore, milk his balls to get every drop of cum from them.” And that was exactly what I did. I didn’t want to like his cum but it wasn’t that bad, and I know I wanted to finish him completely so he had a great experience.

I gently stroked his cock with my mouth until I felt him going soft. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and just like that, I was a cock sucker. I can’t believe I just did that to a guy. Bob got up, put his clothes on and just walked of the door.

Katie was jumping up and down with excitement and I kissed her hard. I know she could taste Bob’s cum on my lips and she went wild kissing me. As she finished kissing me, she pulled back and smiled at me. Katie said, “I knew you were gay. You just sucked your first cock and your belly is full of another man’s cum. It is time for you to fill another part of your body with another man’s cum. Are you ready?” OMG I am in so much trouble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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