To San Diego Pt. 01

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It has been a busy couple of months for Bruce and Diana. Bruce had been busy with his new role at work and Diana had been spending a lot of time getting their house ready for sale. Their sex life had not gone away by any means, but had become a little less adventurous with so much going on.

It wasn’t something either of them liked all that much. To relieve a little of the stress, and because the opportunity had arisen, they planned a trip from their unusually blisteringly hot home in Ontario to go down to San Diego. Bruce had scored a pass to Comic-Con from a podcasting friend and Diana loved the idea of relaxing by the pool.

It was also an opportunity to be 7000 kilometers from home and be in perfect anonymity. While packing her bag Diana tried on and modeled a few of her swimsuits for herself in the mirror. Diana was feeling particularly cheeky taking quick pictures of her cleavage, or her sexy ass and sending them to Bruce.

At his desk at work, Bruce was nearly the only one in the whole office with people beginning their summer vacations. The pictures were coming through and with the slow pace Bruce was able to take the time to appreciate just how hot and sexy his wife was. “Oh my god Babe.” He texted back, “I can’t wait to see you at poolside in that!” More pictures followed, and some playful teasing ensued, some pictures with nipples out were next.

“Diana, you are making me hard!” Bruce sent.

“Let me see!!” She replied.

Looking around a little Bruce made sure the coast was clear and he pulled out his hard 8.5 inch cock and took a picture. “See I told you!”

Diana received that text and immediately felt herself get wet enough to fuck. She went to her drawer and grabbed a toy. Taking a picture she sent, “I’m going to have some fun now. Enjoy your morning at work 😛 “

Bruce could only imagine what she was doing at home and it made him even hornier. “Oh I might!” he said and began stroking his hard cock.


A few days later it was time for the two to leave on their trip. The trek out of their small town was fun but uneventful, it was going to be an early morning to get on a plane in Toronto, a stop in Minnesota and then down to California. Preparing in the morning Diana put on a short but flowy skirt and a top that showed off Bruce’s favourite güvenilir bahis assets. They had packed light on the way down knowing that Bruce would be bringing things back on the way home.

Diana bent over to pick up their last things off the floor of the hotel and her skirt rode up showing that she had no panties on. Bruce caught a glimpse and gasped. “Mmm babe! Ready for the flight are you?”

Diana winked and they began the whole airport ordeal.

Finally on the plane they had ended up with the two seats on the isle with a stranger in the seat by the window for the first leg of their trip. As the plane got seated it ended up that a fairly handsome young man ended up in the seat. Short, nicely quaffed blonde hair and a frame that suggested he was a runner Diana couldn’t help but notice him as he squeezed past her to his seat. They exchanged ‘Hi’s” and he unmistakably took a long glance at Diana’s cleavage. Bruce loved that other men checked out his wife’s tits. Why wouldn’t they? They were amazing!

The thought that this guy was checking out Diana made Bruce a bit excited, and he thought he could have a little fun. As the commotion of everyone still getting their bags settled was beginning to die down, Bruce, sitting on the outside seat, got up and fiddled with his stuff in the overhead getting out a book. Some of his pens ‘accidentally’ fell out of his bag and went under the seat he was to sit in. “Diana, can you grab that?” He asked.

“Sure.” Diana half stood, then ass facing this handsome man, bent over and reached way down under the seat. He got a full view that she had no panties on. Bruce watched him. It was obvious he couldn’t help but stare until he felt Bruce’s eyes on him. He looked up, and Bruce winked at him.

Diana handed Bruce his pens and sat back down. With his wife no longer between the two of them Bruce thanked her, and took the opportunity to quickly break the ice with the man. “Sorry, didn’t mean to crowd you there.”

“Uh, no problem.”

As the crew did the safety demonstration Bruce rubbed Diana’s leg. She knew exactly what he had done there ‘dropping the pen’. It had made her wet, and she knew Bruce was horny. He ventured further up her thigh as the demonstration went on and by the time the plane was cruising and the seatbelt light was off Bruce had his hand right up onto her türkçe bahis snatch.

Diana took her seatbelt off and eased forward in her seat a little. Bruce’s fingers found her wetness and she gasped. Instinctively she grabbed the arms of her seat, but made contact with the man’s arm as she did so. He had been pretending not to really notice what was going on but now it was impossible for him to ignore.

He looked at Diana, then down at the seat. Her skirt was right up, her wet pussy exposed, Bruce’s fingers just inside. He looked back at her and her ample cleavage spilling out of her top. Diana was looking right back at him and winked. “Enjoying the view?” she asked.

He nodded, mouth agape. Right then Bruce plunged his fingers in deeper and Diana moaned. Bruce always knew how to make her gush with his fingers. She wriggled in her seat a little and tensed, coating Bruce’s fingers with cum.

Bruce took his fingers out and held them up for Diana to taste. She eagerly licked them and sucked them. Enjoying the smell and taste. Bruce licked them next and then kissed her. As they broke their kiss she whispered, “I want more.” Bruce nodded.

Diana, without making eye contact, took the man’s hand and guided it to her soaking pussy. There was a short pause of reluctance, but since she was holding his hand the man let her guide it over and he slipped his fingers inside.

‘Mmmmmm.” Diana moaned softly as the guy worked her pussy, his thumb circling her clit. She ground her hips, getting his fingers deep, then she pulled them out and licked them off before guiding his hand back.

Bruce leaned over and kissed her and flashed her two fingers. He arranged his bag and the tray table to block the view and then got up and went up to the bathroom.

Diana understood the message and writhed as much as she could without being obvious against the man’s fingers. He worked his fingers inside her, finally finding her g-spot and felt her body clamp down on his hand as she came hard.

Diana’s body released and she guided his hand away again, gave him a wait here look and fixed her skirt before standing up. Diana walked back to the bathroom and just as she arrived to the door the lock clicked open. She stepped inside. Bruce was waiting, cock in hand.

“Mmm, he made me cum babe!” she said.

“Good, now you can make güvenilir bahis siteleri me cum!”

Diana sat on the closed toilet and took Bruce’s cock in her mouth. He was so hard. Thinking of her getting fingered out there he had been stroking his cock. Diana slurped and sucked, she licked up and down the shaft and spit on her husband’s hard cock. “Give me your cum baby!” She said. “I need it! I want it so bad!” she took his cock again and sucked.

“Mmm yeah? You need lots of cum don’t you?” Bruce asked. Diana nodded. “Loads of it down your throat?” Diana nodded again. She was amazing at giving head. And before much longer Bruce could feel it building up inside him. “Yeah, here comes your first load baby!” and Bruce tensed. A huge load of cum shooting into Diana’s mouth hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed but the next mouthful came too fast and it ended up on her chin dripping down to her cleavage.

Bruce grunted, enjoying the release. Then quickly put himself away. “You want more?” He asked. Diana, licking her lips, nodded, “Please!”

Bruce stepped out of the bathroom, their seatmate, making a few assumptions of his own had been waiting right outside the bathroom door. The two men nodded and Bruce went back to the seats as the guy stepped into the bathroom.

Diana grinned, cum on her face, dripping down. The guy locked the door and she immediately reached for his cock. Pulling it out of his shorts Diana took it into her mouth. It wasn’t as big as her husband’s but she was hungry for more cum. She looked up at him as she sucked his cock, her face and tits glistening with Bruce’s load.

Like a pro she worked his cock, sucking and licking it. She stroked it hard with her hands and he grabbed her head forcing it deep trying to choke her with it. Diana didn’t gag but took it all and sucked hard. She could tell the young guy was close and she gave him a few more good tugs as she sucked. He pushed his hips forward and began to shoot his hot jizz into her mouth.

This time she was ready for it, taking the first gulp quickly, and then holding the rest in her mouth. He was done she could tell and she released his cock from her mouth showing him the load of cum on her tongue.

She let a tiny bit drip down to her tits, mixing with the cum already there, and then swallowed the rest. Showing the guy her empty mouth after. Diana got up and left the bathroom, then sat next to Bruce, the fresh cum on her tits still wet. “That was yummy!” she said sitting back down.

It looks like this is going to be an amazing trip Bruce thought.

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