Toy Boy Ch. 06

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Continuing the story of teacher Jenny and her ex-student Michael. Michael introduces Jenny to his school friends, and Jenny surprises herself with her own abilities.

Chapter 6 – Meetings and Revelations

As the day had gone on, I couldn’t help myself, and I kept thinking about my lovely Michael and how I could hopefully impress both him and his friends this evening. I wanted to show off for him. I wanted him to feel proud to be seen with me. I had kept the same forest-green dramatic smoky eye makeup deliberately for the evening because it was what Michael had chosen for me that morning, just adding some extra coats of mascara. However, finding the right clothes to go with the forest-green smoky look makeup-style had been more difficult. Green wasn’t a colour of eye shadow I wore very often, and it had limited my clothing choices considerably. Eventually I had gone with a coppery orangey-red coloured faux-silk cocktail dress. It was probably over-dressing a little for just an evening at a pub, but I’d just figured “what the heck” and gone with it. The orange-red colour was the best I could find in my wardrobe to work with the green and bronze eye makeup, as I didn’t have any green clothes that seemed right. So I went with a complementary colour instead, and it was close enough to the copper-bronze highlighting eye shadow that I thought it worked as a complete outfit.

It was a backless halter-neck mini-dress that was cut extremely low at the back, very nearly exposing the top of my bum-crease. There was no way I could wear a bra with it as the front was basically just two wide strips of material that came up from the waistband of the skirt, covered my breasts, barely as it was also slashed almost to the waist at the front too, and exposed a goodly amount of cleavage, before they went around the back of my neck. Actually I was perilously close to needing some toupee-tape to hold it in place and not risk my breasts slipping out unexpectedly, but I didn’t want to hinder Michael’s access to my breasts if he wanted. The loose skirt was quite short too, coming down to a couple of inches above the middle of my thighs. The extremely low-cut back, little skirt, and plunging front meant that there really was quite a lot of flesh on show. Thankfully it looked likely to be a warm and balmy summer evening.

I had deliberated long and hard about whether to go bare-legged, or whether to wear stockings. In the end I had split the difference, and I had on a pair of fence-net style fishnet hold-up stockings. I was certainly never, ever going to wear ugly and restrictive tights, or pantyhose as Americans like to call them. However, unfortunately the back of my dress was so low that my much-preferred option of a suspender-belt, also called a garter-belt to Americans, would have shown above the scooped out back. Whilst I wouldn’t have minded that as such, in fact I kind-of liked the idea of showing off that I was wearing a suspender-belt, however, it wasn’t the look I was going for tonight. I wanted something slightly more classy and slightly less slutty tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I positively enjoy dressing slutty occasionally, it’s great fun and very exciting and I certainly wanted to give Michael a visual treat, but there was a time and place for everything. So for tonight, hold-ups it was. Michael would see me in a super-slutty look another day. I smiled at the idea, already planning ahead and mentally going through my wardrobe and especially my most recent purchases.

The hem of my dress for tonight was just barely long enough to hide the stocking-tops. There was the very merest flash of the dark stocking-top band with each step when I walked, and at least an inch or more of stocking-top showed if I wasn’t very, very careful when I sat down. But I was excited as the wide fence-net stockings gave me a great excuse to also wear the black suede five-inch heeled ankle-strap sandals with the small platform that I’d bought that second time Michael and I had met in town. For knickers I had carefully selected one of my more expensive, and tiny, black lace g-string thongs. It had an elegant diamante-jewelled T-clasp at the back where the strings came together. It was the best solution to a slightly awkward practical problem of the very low-cut back of the dress. If I wasn’t careful when I sat down, I could easily flash the top of my knickers above my bum; but with these, if I did then at least it was something pretty, feminine, and delicate that got flashed, and not anything ugly or boring.

The halter neck of the dress meant that I couldn’t really wear a necklace with it – it would most probably get caught in the straps that went round the back of my neck. So I made do with several gold rings on my fingers, a gold ankle chain round my left ankle, and some huge beaten-copper disc earrings. They were thankfully lighter than they looked, almost four inches in diameter and hung from my ears on standard fish-hooks. They banged against my neck and shoulders seductively with every slightest movement. I left my hair long canlı bahis and loose about my shoulders and down my back, as I had the previous evening.

I had reapplied the same deep-copper metallic lipstick from the morning, and also added a touch of a subtle bronze highlighter to my cheeks too – it was an evening event after all. A quick squirt of perfume, then I grabbed my goes-with-everything black leather handbag with the gold-chain shoulder-strap, and stuffed my usual minimal evening-kit into it. Phone, keys, purse, basic makeup and nail repair-kit, perfume, hairbrush, tissues. I was feeling just a little nervous about meeting his friends for the first time, so I also grabbed my sunglasses, with big “Jackie Kennedy” style oversized lens, and tucked them into my hair on top of my head. I was ready to go.

As I had now come to expect, Michael arrived exactly on time, and so I had to be conscientious to be ready in time. We kissed long and deeply in greeting. I relished the feeling of my lipsticked lips slick against his as our tongues swirled together. I loved this taste. His hands now freely explored my body as we kissed, and I clung to him as if it had been a week since I’d last seen him. With one arm around my back pulling me in to him, his other hand caressed my breasts through the silky material. I had thrown both arms around his neck to help pull me high enough to kiss him, but now I let one hand wander down to feel for his cock through his trousers. When I had grasped him tightly through the material and gotten him suitably hard, I teasingly let him go and we broke apart, panting slightly. Michael took a long lingering look up and down my body, taking in every detail of my makeup, hair, clothes, and shoes.

“You’re just beautiful.” He murmured. “Oh yes, and I like the shoes.” He said knowingly, and gave me a little wink as he nodded towards my feet.

“I should hope so! You helped me choose them after all.” I kidded in return, and we laughed at our little private joke. We headed out to his car hand in hand. The wide smile on his face said it all.

As he drove, I swiftly refreshed my copper-coloured lipstick in the sun-visor mirror. Our kissing had done some damage, and I needed to make sure I was looking my best when I met his friends. I admit I was actually a little nervous. I wasn’t sure who his friends might be, or how they might react to us being together.

* * *

I knew the pub, having driven past it many times, but it wasn’t one that I went to very often. I preferred something quieter when I met Lisa or anybody else. It wasn’t an unpleasant pub though, and it had a big garden, which would be nice in the evening warmth. Michael parked us in the already crowded car park, and came round the car to help me out. I gave him a deliberate flash of stocking-tops as I swung my legs out and took his hand. His smile of admiration gave me a tingle of warmth deep inside. Michael locked the car, and we walked hand in hand towards the garden, my high heels clicking crunching in the gravel of the car park as I walked along beside him, grasping his arm with my other hand; I was practically clinging to him – I hadn’t realised quite how nervous I was suddenly. Instinctively I pulled my sunglasses down to my eyes from on top of my head to hide behind as we heading in to the pub.

As we entered the beer-garden I almost turned and ran, and my heart sank. I could see immediately who his friends were, as they turned and waved him over as soon as they spotted us. They were all ex-students! Two boys and two girls, although the way they sat gave me the impression that they were all just friends, and not couples.

The boys were very casually dressed. One had jeans, a plain pastel-orange coloured T-shirt with a massive logo of some sort, and trainers. He was very good looking, and had a dark complexion and dark hair cut in a simple “short-back and sides”. I guessed he possibly had some hint of Asian heritage, Indian perhaps? The other boy was even more casual in cut-off khaki cargo-pants that stopped just below the knee, and a loose white linen polo-shirt and sandals. He had dark blond hair that he left long, to almost touch his shoulders, and gave off a much more bohemian vibe. Thankfully, Michael was slightly more formally dressed, to try and impress me I suspected. Beige chinos, cream linen shirt with the collar unbuttoned and a tie hanging loose, and smart brown shoes. Given that my dress was a little more formal, and revealing, than I had originally intended, at least we didn’t look too out-of-place as a couple, although all the others definitely looked very casual in comparison.

The two girls almost had on a uniform, they were both dressed so very similarly. Didn’t they have any imagination or individuality at all, I wondered? Both had on very similar short loose black cotton mini-skirts, that came just past half-way down their thighs. Beneath instead of nice bare legs, or sheer stockings, they both had ugly black opaque footless leggings and very boring and extremely un-sexy ballet-style bahis siteleri flat shoes. One had a quite nice white lace-trimmed camisole-style top, but her black bra showed quite prominently through it, especially the straps, which completely spoiled the look. The other girl just had a simple pink logo’d T-shirt. Both wore a little eye liner, but not much at all, but they had at least both put on just barely enough mascara to make their lashes eyes stand out slightly. The girl in the cami-top had a hint of shiny lip-gloss that helped her slightly, and wore a dark, almost black nail polish. She had medium length medium-brown hair cut to stop just above her shoulders, which she had tied it back with a plain rubber-band into a short pony-tail. The other girl clearly wore nothing on her lips at all, and no nail polish at all. Her dark brown hair was cut boyishly short and it did her no favours whatsoever – she really needed taking in hand if she wanted to look more feminine I thought. Both girls had on some quite nice jewellery though. The first had a pair of large gold hoop earrings, maybe two inches in diameter, and the other had some simple pearl studs, a matching short pearl necklace, just longer than choker-length, and several silver-coloured rings including a thumb-ring.

My first thought for both of the girls was that I would have ditched the ugly opaque footless leggings and worn heels instead of flats. And I could have done so very much more with their makeup. They were pretty enough, but with a little imagination and a just tiny amount of effort on their part, they could both have been stunning, and could have easily added a touch of much-needed glamour.

I don’t think any of the small group recognised me at first, especially wearing my sunglasses, and I got some very flattering and obvious admiring looks from the boys as I trotted across towards the little group on my five-inch platform heels. I could see consternation and bewilderment from the girls as they searched their memories to try and figure out who I might be. Clearly they recognised me vaguely, but it was also clear that initially they couldn’t quite place from where. At first.

As we sat down at the empty seats around the little wooden table, Michael went round the circle and introduced his friends to me.

“Jenny, you probably remember this bunch of reprobates,” he joked, and pointed them out “Steve,” (jeans and T-shirt), “Matt,” (cut-off cargo-pants and linen polo shirt), “Elaine,” (lace cami-top and hoop earrings), “and Melanie.” (pink T-shirt and pearls) I remembered them all anyway, but let Michael go through his introductions. I extended my hand, and slightly hesitantly, they all shook hands with me as they were named.

Then of course it was my turn, so as Michael just continued with “…and everybody, this is Jenny…”, I lifted my sunglasses and perched them back on top of my head, held there by my long hair.

Not being in “school-mode” with my clothing and makeup choices was making it difficult for them all to remember where they had seen me before. So if I hadn’t been so nervous it might have been funny as suddenly I saw all four pairs of eyes go wide with amazement. Almost simultaneously they recognised who I was – their old science teacher from school! The boys mouths gaped for a second as they realised who I was, and how I was dressed. The girls suddenly looked at me very differently, but I wasn’t sure with what emotion. Astonishment certainly, shock even, but there was something else too. Admiration perhaps? I couldn’t help but smile as suddenly they all suddenly became even more nervous than I was feeling at that moment.

“Er, Hello Miss…” a couple of them managed, still all clearly in a state of shock, both at who Michael was dating, but also at my much-changed appearance.

“Hello.” I said to each in turn, and when Michael had finished I couldn’t help myself. I was bursting with the obvious joke. “And today class, the test is to see who can look the most surprised!” and I burst into giggles. It broke the ice, and I sat down close next to Michael as everybody started to relax.

“And please, just call me Jenny? ‘Miss’ is far too formal – we’re not in school any more. We’re all adults here.”

“Jenny…” They all mumbled, almost in unison, trying to get used to calling me by my name rather than a title. After a few seconds, it was one of the girls, Melanie, who asked the obvious question.

“Miss… Sorry, Jenny, you look so different to back in school?”

“Oh yes,” I replied “work and play. One style for work, another for out-of-work. I could hardly wear this to school now could I?” and they all laughed.

“Um, I guess you’re right.” Said one of the boys, Steve, “it would certainly have made it difficult for us to concentrate, that’s for sure.” Clearly he was the bold one of the group, although all their eyes were still definitely on stalks. The boys were admiring me openly, and I could see the girls trying not to stare too much also. I was clearly not what they expected.

“Too bahis şirketleri right.” I said simply in response, and with that, the conversation started to flow more easily. Slowly they began to relax in my presence, asking all the obvious questions about Michael and me:

“How long had we been dating?”

“Just a few days.”

“How did we meet?”

I let Michael answer this one. “Oh we just bumped into each other in town, and got talking.”

Intriguing. I didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t letting on if there was anything more deliberate about it on his part, as I suspected there might be.

“Michael had told us he now had a girlfriend, but he didn’t let on who.” Melanie started telling me. “All he told us was that it was somebody older than him, and that we all knew her from school.” Clearly Melanie was the more curious of the set.

“Well, I hope I’m a nice surprise?” I replied. “I don’t want any of you to feel awkward, just because I used to be your teacher?” They all mumbled something about not feeling awkward, but clearly they were just being polite, as right now things were still quite stilted. I just hoped I could put them at their ease as the evening progressed. “Michael and I obviously got past all that stuff that a while ago.” I let the implication hang in the air, and emphasised my point by leaning over, pulling his face towards me with my fingertips and giving him a quick little kiss on the lips.

Michael was helping me with my nerves, if unconsciously. We had sat next to each other, knees touching, and I had automatically let my hand fall onto his leg. Michaels’ arm was around my back, and I could feel his hand caressing slowly up and down my bare spine.

Drinks were bought, white wine for me, a lager-shandy each for Michael and Steve, the designated-drivers, a bitter-beer for Matt, and alco-pops of some sort for the two girls. We started to talk more, and I tried to let them do most of the talking. They were curious about me and Michael, but after the initial shock had worn off and it was clear I wasn’t going to dominate the conversation, they couldn’t help themselves and fell back into their old habits.

As we all chatted, it became clear that both the boys were also “geeks” like Michael, in that they were into science-fiction and fantasy, TV, films, books, and computers. Steve was probably the most talkative, but he also appeared to be the most shallow – I knew there had to be a down-side to his good looks: he hadn’t had to “try” ever. Everything had clearly just fallen into his lap and life was easy for him. Intelligent no doubt, but not a guy I would ever want to be with, too immature. Matthew was clearly the “arty” one of the group. He talked a good talk, but I doubted he could walk-the-walk. He liked to think he was “way-out-there”, but actually he appeared to be very average to me. A total contrast to my Michael, who seemed to be the quiet one of the group. Yet when he spoke, it was with a soft assuredness and maturity that belied his years.

The girls didn’t seem to share many of the same interests, and at first I couldn’t quite see why they would want to hang out with these guys. Clearly they were all friends though, and all met regularly, even if Michael and I were the only actual couple in the group. Elaine was the more attractive of the two, and yet also seemed to be the quieter one of the two girls. She was happy enough in her job at a local chemist and seemed to have little ambitions beyond that. Melanie was less obviously pretty, but I could see that if she made just a little more effort she could be a real stunner if she tried. She seemed to be the more curious and more talkative of the two girls, and talked quite a bit about wanting to travel.

After nursing their second shandy’s, Michael and Steve switched to Coke like the sensible lads they were, but the rest of us were starting to get a little tipsy. Although I had eaten lightly before leaving the house, I was on my third glass of wine, and I could feel myself starting to get a little light-headed. The conversation was flowing more freely though, and they had all seemed to relax in my company at last. I’d almost say that they had forgotten I used to be their teacher, which had been a couple of years ago after all.

As the long summer evening wore on, and the sun started to go down, it started to get just a little chilly. Not cold, but enough that I was starting to wish I’d brought a wrap or a cardigan of some sort. Suddenly I was aware that my nipples were quite hard, due mainly to the slight chill in the air. However, because I wasn’t wearing a bra, a surreptitious glance down showed that my nipples were now quite obvious through the thin silky material of my halter-top dress.

I glanced around the table to see if anybody else had noticed, and it was clear that the boys certainly had! It was only then that I also noticed that the skirt of my dress had hitched itself up slightly when I wasn’t paying attention. There was at least an inch of stocking-top now visible at the top of my legs. Oops! I hadn’t meant for that to happen. As subtly as I could, I re-adjusted my skirt hem whilst pretending to shift in my seat to get closer to Michael – I was starting to need his body-warmth anyway.

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