A Dangerous Quickie

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“Relax, Nicole, I’m a building inspector and I inspected this window washing rig this afternoon.”

“So you’re telling me not to worry. That this isn’t dangerous. Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, this is dangerous as hell. But this is all about us and doing something most people will never be able to do. Think about it. How many people have ever watched the sunset from the 28th floor.”

“Without safety harnesses,” she added.

“Yes, without safety gear.”

Nicole reached over and grabbed Joe’s outreached hand. He helped her get into the carriage and she held the hem of her dress as the window washing rig creaked and moaned. It was dangerous as hell but they wouldn’t be able to do this with safety gear. Yet falling out of the tiny rig meant certain death. Her heart jumped to her throat because Joe pressed the lever and the rig lurched.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she shouted. “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry Nicky,” he grinned. Joe could be an asshole like that. He had played rugby in college and stood a strapping, muscular 6’2 where Nicky stood 5’7″ and weighed 160. She had dark black hair, big breasts and was terrified of heights. Still, when Joe had told her about watching the sunset in this dangerous spot, it seemed like it would be something memorable. Something to tell the grandkids, right?

He lowered them to a spot between the 27th and 28th floor and stopped. They were perched just below the windows of the two floors. It was a perfect spot so no one looking out could see them.

“What do you think of the view?” Joe had to shout. From their vantage point, she could see the smaller Los Angeles skyscrapers below. And to the west, the sun would be setting soon. But the view down below scared her. The cars, trucks and people all looked like tiny ants. Joe unbuttoned his shirt and a strong gust almost whipped it to Catalina Island.

The rig gave another lurch and she splayed her hands over his bare chest. She drew her nails over his skin, raking through izmit escort his coarse chest hair. “Please don’t get us both killed,” she hissed. With a smile, he kissed her. She pressed her breasts against his chest and put her hands over his shoulders. He seemed to like that.

“Well, we’re gonna have to hurry if we’re gonna do a quickie,” Joe tunneled his fingers through her hair.

“A quickie? Here?” she sounded incredulous.

“Why not?”

Nicky pulled away as the wind lifted the back of her dress. Her hair whipped around her head, as she bent down, and when her head popped back up to look at him, she held a lacy and black thong in her fist, smiling at his confusion. “Then I guess there’s no need for this,”she exclaimed.

“YES! I like the way you think!”

She laughed.

“What should we do with it?”

Nicky rubbed the thong over Joe’s lips and watched as he tensed in response. He drew his hand over her fist, and then took the thong from her and tossed it away. She couldn’t believe it. That thong had cost close to $49 dollars! She thrust her hips up a little to reach for it because it floated for a second, then realized how dangerous that was. They both watched it sail away like a leaf blown from a tree.

“You’re sure I’ll see my 27th birthday?” Nicky took his hands and her dark eyes gazed up at him. “Pinkie promise?” He gave her a fist bump.

“Hey, you only die once, right?” he joked.

*Men. And the things we do for love*, she thought.

The wind jostled the rig again, and a montage of the World Trade Center, 911, and people falling 27 stories to their death passed through Nicky’s mind.

“Joe, I’m scared shitless,” she admitted. “Let’s just get this over with.” He smiled as Nicky softly nuzzled his neck and dropped warm, wet kisses. God, that girl knew how to get him hard. She moved lower to flick her tongue over his nipples and he grunted in approval. She could feel him tense and relax as she moved her lips over him.

She bent down, kneeled before him, izmit anal yapan escort unbuckled his trousers and pulled down his boxer briefs. He watched her with a mix of curiosity and suspicion, and let out a groan when she wrapped her soft lips around his cock. She looked up and stroked him for a moment, then sucked again, savoring the hard, hot feel of his staff. She cupped his balls with her fingers as she licked his shaft from top to bottom.

“Oh, fucking, fuck, Nicky” He groaned. He had to lower his body to allow her room to swirl her tongue around the head of his dick and deepthroat. She could take his seven inch erect cock in her mouth without gagging. Amazing!

Nicky listened to his reactions, pleased and excited. She liked taking control over Joe and had even surprised herself with the idea of going along with him on this adventure. But this is something she could always use in the future when he didn’t want to see a chick-flick with her.

Remembering his nipples, she reached up with one hand and tweaked one while she continued to slide her mouth up and down his cock. He gasped as he held his arms on the rails of the rig, to all the world like a shirtless man with no cares, as meanwhile below a beautiful woman jerked and sucked his cock beneath him.

She teased him, alternating slow, wet suction with quick flicks of the tongue over his shaft and sac. Aroused by his reactions, she reached a hand between her own legs and stroked herself. She knew her favorite spot was already slick. Perhaps it was knowing her own power, or the danger that they were in a small window-washing basket, his half-naked body in view; that made her anxious to cum.

“Oh fuck.” His voice uttered that familiar close-to-ejaculation growl.

“Fuck me, Joey.”

She rose up from her knees and yanked her dress up to expose her black triangle. They kissed. As their tongues swirled around, he tasted his own salty seed. They came up for air.

She felt his hand touching izmit yabancı escort her pussy and grabbed his hips.

“I want to fuck your pussy,” he whispered into her ear. This was their signal to talk dirty and get down to business because she nodded and added, “Yes, fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your big fat dick Joe, I want you to fuck me hard.”

Joe licked his fingers with spit and when she leaned forward to kiss his lips he wasted no time. He put a hand between her legs and used his lubricated fingers to finger her clit. She bit her lip as he continued to finger her. It took her breath away as a small orgasm rolled through her. She was more than ready now.

Nicky moved Joe’s hand from between her legs, and grasped his hard cock and guided it inside her, sighing in relief as his cock filled her.

She held onto the carriage for dear life and rocked her hips to meet his movements. He was holding her hips as he thrust up against her. When they had a rhythm going, his lips reached hers and they kissed. He drove himself deeper into her, craving the feel of her fiery hot pussy engulfing his cock, wanting to feel her shake and shiver as he fucked her.

Her breath came in short gasps and by accident she looked down below. She could see the lights of the buildings, blinking as he thrust into her harder and faster, pressing bruising kisses to her lips as he urged her on to her climax.

“Uh, uh, uh, no, no, Oh God, Oh God, oh fuck, oh God,” Nicky cried out as her body tensed and then exploded. Her hands clenched at the rails of the window washing bucket. “Oh, Joey, oh, fuck!” she cursed as Joe continued to pound her. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he said, and she could feel the heat of his manhood spurting into her and finally she felt his gooey hot batter running down from her cunt. He fused his lips to hers and held her in place, spent, as their hearts raced, with him refusing to leave her warmth any sooner than he had to.

She collapsed on his shoulders, needing a few minutes before she had the energy to shift away. The lights from the windows below were starting to twinkle as they rested. She watched the play of the colors over the mountains for a few minutes, then turned and looked up at him.

“Okay, so, what’s for dessert, Joey?” she blurted. They both giggled.

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