A Happy Family Ch. 1

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For Women

I had a brother who was two years my senior, his name being Kevin, and our parents. I was the little girl, and had to obey every whim, which my family threw at me.

Every morning I would be given the task of cleaning up, and just to make matters worse, Kevin would spite me by helping me, half way and then leaving the dishes unwashed, or still full of soap.

On turning sixteen I remember that Kevin was leaving home to attend college, upstate. I was still in school and had two more years to go. I became the house slave now without even Kevin to help me in any fashion or mode. On the various holidays, Kevin would come home, but he would be out for most of the time with his friends. On my eighteenth birthday, I was given one hundred dollars, to make a party, and to get all my friends over. I naturally set to work arranging every detail, right up to getting the bbq, meats, and salad. Mom and I were told to make the salads, whilst the men made the bbq.

That evening we all donned our costumes; mom and I had a throng bikini out fit which just covered the necessary parts, whilst dad and Kevin had briefs which we were able to see their cocks lying around their stomach.

I had seen both dad and Kevin, naked before, and this never made any difference to us, as we were an open family.

We enjoyed our meal, and later went for a swim. Kevin I noticed was frolicking around where mom was, and at one stage I was sure sarıyer escort that he had grabbed her tits but it was for a second, so I could not be certain. Kevin kept this behaviour up, and I could see that he was getting an erection.

Dad decided that he would see whether I would also part take in the enjoyment. Seeing no harm, I also jumped around dad, and ended up, at the other end of the pool with dad hot on my heels. Naturally I pushed dad under the water when he came up to me, but he immediately came up, and he was spluttering. I thought that I had half drowned him, but this was a ploy to bring my guard down, whilst he submerged himself, went through my legs and gave my bikini panties a tug. They were made of a very light, material and almost tore, in the water. I was going in the direction of mom when I saw Kevin definitely jumped onto mom’s back, and grab a handful, of her tits through her bikini top. Mom was not agitated by this move, but instead turned around and started to feel how much of an erection Kevin had. The head of his cock was sticking out of his costume, and mom was giving it a gentle pat, making his cock get even more engorged.

Dad came around and once again tried to feel my pussy, but I was not yet ready I was still watching the events as they unfolded in front of me. Kevin by this time had removed mom’s top, and he was swimming around esenyurt escort naked and he had this great big enlarged cock, sticking up, and just waiting to go into the tunnel of love.

The next thing I saw was Kevin going under the water and taking mom’s g-string bikini pants off, and they were now both naked. For a woman, of forty-five she was still very well put together, this I could only put together as being part of her gym classes, which she attended at least four times per week. Her tits sagged, but only slightly, they were not melons, but size 34″, with lovely aureoles and nipples combined. My tits were exactly the same as moms except that they were straight and there was no sag whatsoever. Kevin and mom both climbed out of the pool and went to lie on the pool deck and went into a sixty-nine position. Both were gobbling at each other.

Dad came up around me and grabbed my bikini top, and before I could utter a syllable, the top, was off my body and my tits shot out, as if they had been restrained. After that dad tried to grab my bikini pants but I beat him to the draw, I dived under the water and pulled his costume with all my might and the briefs came down, around dad’s knees and the came off altogether when he gave chase after me. My bikini bottom, then taken off by dad in one swipe, and he pulled me to the other side of the pool deck. Here I gave dad a blowjob, and I could see avrupa yakası escort that he would come if I never stopped shortly. I asked dad whether he would eat me, and he obediently obeyed. I began having multiple orgasms, and by this time dad was beginning to lose some of his erection, but his member was still erect but I didn’t want to chance it, so I carried on, jerking dad off at a very slow place just enough to keep him hard.

After a tumultuous orgasm, which left me almost thunderstruck, I was forced to relax for a few minutes.

I carried on giving dad a blowjob, and just before he was about to cum, I placed his cock, between my tits and he fucked my boobs and came all over them.

Kevin came over to me after that and also started to eat me and as he was only starting to regain his erection, as I was giving him a blowjob. He asked whether he could fuck me, as mom said that it would be fine, and that he had been fucking mom, even when dad was there as mom liked to have sex, as much as dad liked to watch other people fuck his wife. Dad would then go in and fuck mom’s brains out and that was precisely how they both loved their sex life. I wanted to see how much mom had taught Kevin in the way of sex, and asked him to fuck me as well. This Kevin proceeded to do, and before long, I once again started to climax just as I had earlier on, with dad. Kevin had learnt the art of sex and lovemaking from two pro’s, and I could feel Kevin’s balls begin to fill up, and the next thing I felt was the cum being released by Kevin’s cock into my waiting pussy.

After this the four of us joined in together, and had a fuck fest which lasted about two hours. This left us all exhausted, and we fell asleep, holding onto each other, in one great naked heap.

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