A Night to Remember Ch. 02

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Big Tits

To recap for those just joining the story, my mother has just given me the blowjob of my life. This happened after i found out my own mother used to be a pornstar. Please read chapter 1 for full details.


My mother, now atop my lap, slides her hands around my neck and leans in to kiss me. As our lips press together, I cant help but think ‘Wow, I’m glad my date stood me up!’ Our mouths are locked in this passionate kiss, the like of which I have never seen before. It was amazing, the love for my mother pouring out of me as our lips move from side to side upon each other. I then feel a soft probing, and realize that my mother is trying to push he tongue inside of my mouth. Happily I accept the probing monster that is my mothers tongue.

We sat there and kissed passionately for what seemed like days. It was more likely only a minute or two, but it was the best minute or two of my 18 year old life. After what seems like ages and eternities, my mother pulls back and looks me deeply in the eyes.

“Are you ready for this?” My mother asks me.

“Yes mom, I’ve been ready for this for as long as I have been thinking about girls”

“Is that so? You have fantasized about me for that long?”

“Well, yea. I mean you’re pretty, and funny, and amazing…” I say as I trail off.

“What else do you like about me?” My mother asks me in a seductive tone.

“Y-you have a um… wonderful body.” I say nervously

“What about my body?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” I say unsure where to go from here, “you have nice skin.”

My mother laughs at this, her soft serene laughter ringing out like a songbird in the springtime.

“Really? I have nice skin huh? Is that all? Or do you just want me for my skin?” My mother says winking at me, “What is your favorite part of my body?”

“I love your uh-uh”

“Go on Jimmy, after what we have already done, I don’t think there is any need to be bashful”

“Well, uh y-your breasts are amazing…” Once again, despite my best efforts to be more confident, I trail off

“Now we are getting somewhere.”

My mother then stands up and takes a step back. Slowly she moves her hands up her sides and catches the bottom edges of her black V-neck in her fingers and starts moving them upward. She, intentionally or unintentionally, moves the shirt upwards at a rate of about 0.00000000001 millimeters an hour. Of course that was about how fast it appeared to me, because of the fact that I had been trying bakırköy escort to see these glorious breasts almost my entire life. I can remember weeks when my whole goal was to get a peek of my mother topless, but to no avail. And here it was finally happening and she had to be slow about it… women. But I digress.

The shirt seems to take a millenia to move an inch, but eventually it does reach the bottoms of her glorious one-of-a-kind breasts. And just as the bottoms of them are stating to peek out, she stops.

“Before I go any further love, I have to make sure. If nothing more than for my own conformation. Do you want this? Because this is a one way train that doesn’t go back.”

I open my mouth and raise my hand to stop her and tell her I want it, but she stops me.

“Ah-ah-ah. Let me finish. Once we do this, we wont be going back. If you are as good as your cum tastes, then I am going to want you to be a full-time lover. Is that clear?”

I shake my head in response.

“Good, now answer me this. Do you want this? All of this?”

“Of course I do mom. I haven’t wanted anything more than this in my entire life.”

“Very well.”

Once more the shirt begins to rise upon her torso. After what seems like another eternity, but is more like only a few seconds, her wondrous orbs fall into view. They were the most marvelous set of breasts I had ever seen. The women in the magazines I have stashed in my closet are nothing in comparison to this white goddess. The shirt now pulled over her head and tossed to the side, my mother stands there, her hands on her hips, which are cocked to the side, staring back at me, staring at her breasts. My mouth must have fallen open at some point, because my mother chuckles at me and says,

“You know son, if that mouth of yours is gonna be open, why not attach it to these? They haven’t had any attention for such a long time, I am sure they would appreciate it.”

With that she moves forward once again and slides onto my lap. She grabs the back of my head and presses it into her right breast. I, now being in the position I have longed for since, but not been in since I was a baby nursing upon them, start to ravage her breasts. First just the right, then the left, then the right. I continued like this for a long time. At least twenty minutes or so, until i became aware of a noise. My mother was moaning her heart out at what I was doing to her. I redoubled my efforts. After beşiktaş escort another five minutes, my mom calls out loud,

“Oh my god, don’t OH don’t stop! I’m almost there! OH YES! Almost, YES! Baby you’re gonna make your mama cum just from OH sucking on her tits! YUES THATS IT OHMYGOD! DON’T STOP YES! RIGHT THERE OH! AHHHHHH YES YES YES OH MY GOD YES!”

Her orgasm continued for another minute or two as she rode out all the waves of pleasure and the aftershocks.

She pulls back and stares me deeply in my eyes and says,

“I think after that you deserve a treat young man.”

Slowly, she steps back and unzips her tight blue skirt and starts to slide it down her wonderful legs. Once again, taking her time, the nerve of women making men wait like this, her long legs making the wait that much longer. Finally her skirt reaches the floor and she steps out of it, kicking it to one side of the room, it settles crumpled on the shag carpet she had put down a year ago. I was never sure why. I then look from her crumpled skirt to her. There she stood, her in all of her glorious beauty, with nothing on other than a silk thong. I was in heaven. I also take the initiative to shuck my own shirt.

My mother’s 36 DD chest which didn’t sag almost at all, due to her daily exercising, stood proudly out with a little bit of my saliva coating it still and glowing a bit red from all the attention i had paid to it just recently. I do a once over of her. Then a twice, then a third time. At this point, my mother strides over to me and puts her foot upon the bed and unbuckles her high heel that she had been wearing. She then repeats it with the other. Dropping them onto the floor, she climbs onto the bed and pushes me back. Leaning me down so my head is resting right near the headboard. She straddles me while still standing and reaches for the thong. Once again she moves it tortuously slow down and off of her body and kicks it away.

“I think you’ve earned this little man” She says with a wink.

She then leans up so i may have a full view of her before almost pouncing upon my head. She presses her now naked and shaved pussy into my face. I don’t know how she knew, but eating a woman out was always one of my most favorite things. Hearing the moans and screams coming from above me as i licked at her womanhood. She reaches down and puts her had on the back of my head and pushes it forcefully into her bare pussy and in a moan and and order beylikdüzü escort at the same time says,

“Eat me damn it. Eat me you mother fucker.”

I am ever so happy oblige. Ive never been one to tell my mother ‘no’ anyway, so why start now right? I take a deep breath of her juice pussy before diving into it. She, i assume, was already wet when she came in and caught me. But after the titty licking and sucking i had given her, it was like a dam had broken down here. She was more juicy than any other girl i had ever eaten out and i loved it. I lapped up her juices as fast as i could, licking and sucking on her clit. After a few moments of this, i reach my hand up and snake it between her legs and insert a finger into her pussy. This is received with…

“OH! Yes baby, do it like that. Please, oh my god, please don’t OH! don’t stop.”

And i didn’t. I rode her pussy like it was the last source of wetness on the planet and i had to get all of it. We sit like this for about 10 or 15 minutes or so, my mother getting off at least three minor orgasms, until the big one builds up and she can no longer hold herself together.


The scream/moan lasted almost a full minute. I was in absolute paradise. Not only was i getting to eat my own mother out, but i was doing a damn good job at it. And she was in pure ecstasy with the job i had done. She rides my face for another minute or two as the orgasm subsides and slides off of my face. At this point, I am drenched with her juices and I am loving it. She curls up next to me and rests her beautiful head upon my bare chest.

“That was wonderful baby.” My mother says in her sexy, seductive voice.

“Well thank you mom, I’m glad I could do it. I had a blast doing it and hearing you. I think the neighbors heard you too.”

We both chuckle at this and look into each others eyes. We stare deep, knowing that we both know, and yet not knowing at the same time, what the other is thinking. We are both thinking that we love this person more than we should, and even though it might be wrong in some peoples eyes, we weren’t going to let them stop us, for we may just have found true happiness.


“Yea mom?”

“I think its time.”

“Time for what mom?”

“I think its time we fully consummate this relationship don’t you?”

I stared at the ceiling not knowing what to say. I wanted this more than anything in the world and now that is was going to happen, i was speechless. What came next was wonderful and amazing. More so than anything that had happened to me tonight already. But that part of the story my friends is for another time.

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