A Partner in the Firm (Step 03)


As it turned out, Alice had bought a lot of very expensive clothes and shoes. I packed them all into “her” room. They must have come to a total many, many times greater than my weekly allowance. I wondered again how much she really earned.

After I had packed everything away I came through to find her lounging on the sofa with a drink in her hand. She smiled as if nothing untoward were going on.

“Alice,” I began, not knowing how to find the words. “I can’t leave you, okay? You know that and I know that. But… This… Thing, it has to come off. I can’t agree with it. I mean, I love this game we’re playing but I have rights, you know?”

During my speech, the smile never left Alice’s beautiful face. “Bobby,” She began. “This isn’t a game for me, hon’. This is my rule. My condition. Of course if you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it. This is America and I’ll take it off if you ask again. But I’ll also leave you forever.”

I wrung my hands. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to. And I think that what I want matters. Don’t you?”

“Yes, but-“

“I think it matters more than what you want, don’t you?”

I tried to stare at her evenly. I tried. But I dropped my head.

“Don’t you, Bobby?” she asked again.

“Yes,” I heard myself say.

“Good. And this is natural. Men have always kept control. Now it’s our turn.” She paused. “So now that’s settled. Why don’t you come over and rub my feet?”

I approached her and kneeled down without raising my head. I began removing her foot from her kitten heel, but she kicked me softly away.

“Bobby. What do you say?”

I looked her and then down again. “Thank you.”

“Thank you what, Bobby?”

I felt my throat drying. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Good boy, Bobby!”


After I had finished rubbing her feet for what seemed like hours, Alice told me I could stop.

I reached for her shoes and Alice made a “Tss!” Noise.

I looked at her in alarm.

“That means no, Bobby. Tss!”

I was shaking. Somewhere deep inside of me what it means to stand was giving way. And right at my most vulnerable moment, Alice parted her legs. She was wearing no panties.

I needed no command. I crawled forward and put my hands on her lovely thighs. I began to kiss passionately her beautiful pussy. She gripped my hair.

In the end she came twice. I couldn’t deny I was more worked up and way better at giving oral in the frustrated position I had been put in. She made me clean up and swallow everything I hadn’t got, off of her crotch, her legs, the couch and the floor. I knew I was broken then and that I’d do anything for her.

She had me fix her another drink and then tekirdağ escort prep her pillows. She told me to go to bed and that she’d catch up with me later.

I had fallen to sleep by the time she came in and flicked the flights on. “Tss! Bobby! Tss!”

I turned round in alarm, blinking.

“Tss! Bad!”

I had no idea what was wrong. She looked furious. “What is it hon’?” I murmured.

She pointed angrily to the ground. “Get, Bobby. Down!”

I clambered off the bed onto the floor, on my hands and knees.

She glowered over me. “You do not go on the bed. No, no, no! Bad!”

I stayed where I was. I knew I should stand up, but I didn’t want to upset her. Presently she stormed to the drawers.

“I didn’t know, honey,” I said.

When she came back round to my side, she was holding a large wooden paddle.

“Oh, please no!” I begged.

“Shut up!” She pointed the paddle at me. “You. Don’t. Answer. Back.”

Alice brought down the paddle and hit me straight across the behind. Pain shot through my back, stealing all resistance. I yelled like a girl.

“You’ve clearly got out of control!” She struck me again. The pain was worse for the fact that it was her dealing it, with such vigorous rage.

She hit me again and again.

“Apologise!” She demanded.

“I’m sorry!” I yelled.

She hit me again. “Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry for sleeping on the bed, Ma’am!”

She hit me again. “What else?”

“For answering you back, Ma’am.” She raised it for another hit. “For not calling you Ma’am, Ma’am. For not being a better husband. For ever questioning you. I’m sorry for being such a worm. I’ll be better, I’ll be better, just please!”

Alice lowered the bat, let it trail on one hand. I wanted to crumble but knew I couldn’t. I looked up at Alice. To her eyes. The mercy flipped to fury.

She hit me fiercely again. I screamed and started to cry.

“No eye contact during punishment!”

She let the paddle fall on the floor as I sobbed. She walked back round the bed and started to undress.

“Put the paddle back in the drawer. And quit crying, it ruins it for me.”

I dried up my tears as best I could. I picked up the paddle and tried to stand, but found I couldn’t quite make it. I put the paddle back into the drawer, still in a daze. As I turned back to the room I was surprised to find Alice completely naked. Her frame had never looked so beautiful or unearthly to me. Like a Goddess.

She looked unimpressed at my obvious awe.

“What are you looking at?” She barked.

I looked at the floor. “Please, honey,” I heard myself pleading very quietly. “Let me come into bed and feel you. Please. trabzon escort You’ll still be in charge. Please.”

I stopped talking as she began walking very slowly towards me. I waited for the punishment. A beating. To my surprise she took me by both arms.

“Bobby,” she said. “Look at me.”

I looked into her beautiful eyes. Like liquid power.

“I’m not your partner, okay? I’m not even your boss. I’m your Goddess. Mm? I own you. You’re my slave and I’m going to marry you. And I’m going to fuck whoever I want to because that’s what I’ve always wanted. And you’re going to be my slave and you’re going to do everything I want you to do. You’re going to get rid of your man ego and realise your only worth, your only worth in the world Bobby, is in serving me.”

I said nothing.

“You’re lucky I even let you live around me. In the house. It’s an honour way above your station to even be my footstool. You know that right?”

I felt the words come small from the pit of my stomach. “Yes, Alice. I know that.”

“Tss, Bobby. Tss. You don’t call me Alice. I’m not your friend. You call me Ma’am. Okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”


Alice let go of my arms. I looked at her feet. Her beautiful body was so close to me. I wanted to prostrate myself and smother her feet with kisses. There were other things I wanted to do but they kept getting lost and coming back as reverence.

“So where do you think is a good place for God’s slave to sleep in God’s house?” Alice asked.

I looked around. “On the floor?” I hazarded.

Alice made a disapproving noise. “I think a better place is in a kennel. Do we have a kennel, Bobby?”

This was a ritual. Of course we didn’t. “No, Ma’am.” I said.

“Ah, too bad. Well, Bobby should build one then, if Bobby doesn’t want to sleep out in the dirt and get rained on, shouldn’t he? Better save that allowance for some supplies. I’ll need to approve it first of course, don’t want it too big do we? Okay, Bobby?”

I swallowed. “Okay, Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am.”

Alice turned and walked back to our soft bed. I thought of the cold ground outside. I thought of being warm next to Alice.

Then Alice turned and smiled at me.

“Now, as a treat, you’ll get to sleep on the floor tonight. How does that sound?”

“Thank you Ma’am,” someone called Bobby heard me say, seeing me curl up on the floor over his shoulder as he left the house forever.

It wasn’t until our wedding night that Alice confirmed what I’d been beginning to long suspect.

It had been a torturous, transformative last two months. Alice told me that they’d been that the happiest of her life.

I was still allowed to leave the house on sivas escort domestic errands and for my daily jog. I worked out often to please Alice and get rid of my extra energy brought by the chastity. Otherwise I was confined to the house. Alice had been promoted to senior partner at the firm in, fittingly enough, a move aimed at bringing diversity to the company. She worked often and hard and I spent the time cleaning our new, bigger house and acting as both a secretary, a paralegal and a lawyer for all the work she brought home. Of course, my allowance didn’t go up.

When she was home, I was expected to come and prostrate myself before her. It could be a nightmare, if she was in a bad mood. But I was always secretly glad. When she didn’t come home, it meant that she was staying over at a lover’s. One night she showed how it could be much worse by bringing a man back. I’ll never lose the anger I felt for him. She had me serve drinks and thank him for pleasing her.

About once a fortnight she would tie me up, unlock me and ride me like an earthquake on Venus and I fell in love with her that much harder.

For our wedding vows, she insisted that I promise “to love, cherish, honour and obey” her. For her, there was of course, one word missing in the vow. This was the only sign that any of our friends and families might ever have got that we were in an unconventional relationship. If they thought it odd, they never said anything.

The reception was held in a large dining hall. Alice had me not move from my seat as she moved around talking to our guests. She seemed to be establishing herself and, later in the evening, to be flirting with one of the waiters.

After whispering something in his ear she came back to me. It was then she asked me if “I ever wondered why I hadn’t been employed?”

“Because of you,” I said.

She nodded, watching me. She leaned in and whispered. “I’m better than you. I knew it and you know it too now.”

After a second I nodded. “Yes.”

She reached over and grabbed my hand. It was time for our exit.

At the lobby of the hotel we were smiled at by all the staff. We held hands, through the lift and down the hall. At the door to our room I felt my heart beating.

“Alice,” I said. “I love you. You know that, right?”

Alice smiled, stunning in the white of her wedding dress. Her breasts heaving like salvation. “Yes. I know.”

“And, I want this to be special, our night you know?”

“Yes.” Alice was grinning, not budging an inch.

“I want to make you happy,” was all I could say.

“You will, my boy. You will.”

Alice opened the door. We walked inside.

Sitting on the bed naked was the waiter from downstairs. All youth and muscle.

“Oh shit,” he said making to stand. “Is he..?”

“Yep, don’t worry,” said Alice, dragging me in. “He’s good.”

And she smiled at me as the dears welled up in my eyes.

“He’s my faithful, little husband.”