A Secret Life Ch. 02

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* * * * * * *


Steve was acting strangely all night. I made his favourite dinner just so I could hear him moan when he ate it, and he didn’t disappoint me. It’s not the way I’d like to make him moan, but still has an effect on my body. I had to take my small pleasures where I could find them. Even in the pub he was quiet and as I chatted to our other mates he just sat getting more and more drunk. I ended up having to steer him home and it took a lot for me to let him go when we finally got back to the flat. I loved having his arm around me and mine around him, even if it was only so he didn’t walk into the road or a tree as he weaved across the pavement. I’d have a nice recollection for my wank later.

When he started to tell me what was up with him I figured it would be something pretty dull. Nothing that exciting ever happened at work, but his reaction as he told me what he’d seen was starting to be obvious. I couldn’t help looking at his crotch or noticing that he was getting hard. I yearned to touch it, but taking advantage of a drunken friend did not seem appropriate. Then he dropped the bombshell that he’d seen two guys going at it, and the way he described the kiss, well, it was almost wistful. And I had no idea that either Greg or Simon was gay. And then he gave me the opening for what I’d been wanting to tell him for years, and before I could think about it I had spoken. Perhaps I was a bit drunker than I thought.

‘Huh?’ and an expression of confusion was what I got. Now I’d started to say it and he obviously wasn’t freaked by what he’d seen, I had to make it clear. I took another deep breath.

‘I’m gay Steve. I’m sorry I haven’t told you before. I kept thinking I’d find the right moment and didn’t.’

I was intent on his face looking for his reaction, and I was holding my breath waiting for his response. He didn’t look angry, which was a very good sign. He just looked more confused, even though I had spelled it out.

‘You’re gay?’ I nodded. ‘How long have…?’

He tailed off so I wasn’t sure entirely what the question was going to be. ‘I always have been. I’ve always wanted guys, since I was old enough to think about that stuff.’ He was clearly thinking hard processing the new information, but still didn’t look angry or horrified. ‘Aren’t you upset I didn’t tell you sooner?’ I had to know what he thought now. I wasn’t planning on dropping any other bombshells on him though, and my thoughts and dreams about him were going to stay secret.

He just sat there for what seemed like forever. He wasn’t running away, but I was on tenterhooks waiting for his reaction.

‘No, I’m not upset.’ He finally said, looking at me again but with a strange look in his eyes that I couldn’t place. He gave me a small smile before continuing. ‘How can I be when I’ve not told you either. I think I’m gay too.’

It was my turn to look completely confused. ‘You think?’

He looked embarrassed and wouldn’t look me in the eye. ‘You know I don’t have a lot of practical experience. But what I look for on the net and what I imagine in my head when I’m, well, you know — it’s boys, not girls.’

We just sat and looked at each other for a long moment. This was a pretty strange end to the evening. My body and my brain were warring over whether to make a move on him while he looked so vulnerable, or keep calm because this new information did not mean he was into me specifically. I wanted him so much more now though. The idea of deflowering my flatmate as he screamed my name in pleasure floated into my mind and my cock made its feelings on the subject pretty obvious. I hoped he wouldn’t look down, but fortunately he didn’t seem aware of my growing problem, and seemed more intent on calming himself down.

I tried to help with that. ‘I reckon that’s pretty definite. Although the practical might not be quite what you imagine.’

‘I’ve seen plenty of gay porn Dave, I’m not naïve, and it certainly turns me on.’

‘How? When? There’s nothing but straight porn on your computer.’

He grinned at me. ‘I always deleted my searches. Kept a few with cute guys doing the girls in case of emergency. I could always imagine it was me on the receiving end.’ He went red again. My image of deflowering him came back with a vengance, but I was amused.

‘It didn’t occur to me that you did that too! I know the sites I like but I clear my history when I’ve been to them just in case you ever look on my pc.’

He laughed, but then looked at me intently. ‘What sites?’

It was my turn to go a bit red, but I reeled off a couple of my favourites. He looked at me strangely for a moment but smiled. ‘You like bears?’ he asked, almost coyly.

Jesus, he really had been looking at gay sites if he knew what sort of men I would see on them. I went redder and couldn’t look at him. Another admission slipped out before I really knew what I was saying. ‘I like hairy chests.’

His expression flitted rapidly and I couldn’t work out what he was thinking. Why had I told him that? He looked suddenly determined, and rus escort then did the last thing I was expecting. He moved and stripped off his shirt. I couldn’t help watching as he lifted it slowly up his chest and over his head, almost as though he was deliberately stripping for me. Which surely he must be after what I just said? His eyes went to my face once his top was out of the way and he saw my reaction.

I know there was desire in my eyes as I stared at the glorious sight, and I heard myself moan softly. I licked my lips and his eyes followed the movement, coming back to mine after a moment and with a look in his eyes that seemed to say he liked what he saw too. I had the sudden realisation that my dream man was half naked and at least half hard in front of me, before I noticed that he was leaning towards me. Almost in slow motion he approached me, his eyes closing as he did so, and our lips touched so softly I thought for one second I was imagining it.

Before my brain could process the feeling of him touching me, my body had reacted. I shivered with pleasure, my cock went from pretty hard to solid as a rock, and my hand moved instantly to the back of his head to gently bring him closer to me. I couldn’t seem to stop myself deepening the kiss and to my delight he didn’t back away at all, he joined me in it, tongues soon probing each other’s mouths.

God he tasted sweet, and I could do this for hours. Almost at the same moment we both moved closer so we were touching again, and I could no longer resist the desire to run my fingers through the hair on his chest. The movement of my hand through his hair and over his skin made him moan immediately. And it was so much deeper and more sensual than any moan I’d ever got from him with my cooking.

I pressed as much of my body as I could towards his, still stroking through the soft hair. He broke away from the kiss to get his breath back, but put his arms around me and lifted me as he fell backwards. In an instant I was lying on top of him, his body flat on the sofa but his head slightly raised on the arm. I wriggled up his torso so I could get back to kissing him, and my rock hard cock met his through our clothes. There was a joint gasp for breath as a new sensation joined all the other pleasant ones.

It was suddenly my dream Steve, and not what I had always thought was the real one, who was beneath me moaning softly as I continued to stroke his chest and kiss him needily, and his arms were around me stopping me getting away even if I had wanted to, and I couldn’t think of any reason why I would. Maybe if the house was on fire, but even then I’d probably think about it first, and if anything was likely to catch fire here it would be the sofa from the heat from our writhing bodies and passionate kisses.

I have no idea how long the kissing went on for. I just know I didn’t want it to stop. When we had to draw back for breath our hands were still on each other, and we shared little pecks of kisses which were almost as nice as the full-on ones, for the variety and for keeping the connection between us. Here was much of what I had dreamed about, at least stage one of it, and it might never happen again.

That thought made itself much more plain when Steve’s hands wandered first up under my t-shirt and then down onto my ass. I groaned in pleasure, but my passion-fogged brain suddenly started to work again, and frankly was working against everything that was going on in my body. I remembered that Steve was drunk, and all my worst fears about the morning after started to surface. Whenever I had considered getting him drunk and seducing him I had always imagined it ending badly when he sobered up. It might even be worse given that Steve had started this.

I knew I was far more sober than he was, and knew what I was doing. And as much as it was what I wanted, I couldn’t let him do something he might regret tomorrow. It took every last speck of my willpower to pull back from him and sit up again. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself because every fibre of me was shaking with lust and need.

I looked back at Steve and the sight nearly had me jumping back onto his body. He was still half-naked and his chest hair was slightly matted with the rubbing and our sweat. His lips were full and had clearly been thoroughly kissed, and there was a massive tent in his trousers that evidenced his arousal. His eyes, though still rather glazed, started to show confusion and then he looked annoyed at me.

‘Where are you going?’

He was drunk and horny and I knew he wasn’t going to like this. ‘I just needed to calm down. Calm us both down. I don’t want to get too carried away when we are both drunk.’

‘You mean when I’m drunk, in case you are taking advantage of me. You aren’t. Come back here.’ he said, patting his chest and even running his own fingers through his chest hair to tempt me. Damn nearly worked as well.

‘I can’t. As much as I was enjoying that, I don’t do drunken sex and neither should you. When you’re sober yenimahalle escort tomorrow we can talk about it.’

He was clearly not happy with my idea at all. ‘You think I’ll sober up in the morning and be horrified at what we’ve been doing.’ I shook my head, but his face said he didn’t believe me. ‘You’re wrong. Tomorrow I’ll be glad I finally managed to say something and amazed that this happened, and I won’t regret it.’ His face showed determination.

‘I’m not going to regret it either. But I might if I let things go further when neither of us is sober. Let’s go to bed, and tomorrow we can sort this out properly.’

I finally relaxed when he agreed and started to try and stand. I ended up having to give him a hand and the electricity shot through me, and by the looks of things also through him as we touched. I managed to avoid him when he leaned towards me again, clearly going for another kiss, and dived out of the room to head to the bathroom and quickly brush my teeth. I passed him again on the way back to my room and he gave me a grin as I said goodnight. I couldn’t help but notice he was still erect, as was I, or that he was leaning against the wall for support. I had no idea how he could claim he truly knew what he was doing if he was that pissed he couldn’t stand up straight.

I got into bed, naked as usual and my cock was in my hand before I knew it. I wanted to try and work out what had just happened and how, but I was too turned on to do any thinking or sleeping. I stroked myself gently for a moment, glad of some actual stimulation after the indirect torment of being pressed against Steve’s hot body. I heard the toilet flush and him staggering back down the corridor towards his room. Suddenly I froze as the door to my room was swung wide open, and Steve headed towards my bed, undoing his trousers on the way. I watched intently as he pushed them down and tried to shut my eyes so as not to see the bulge in his underwear, but I couldn’t make myself.

‘Steve, what are you doing?’ I asked, slightly panicked.

‘You said we should go to bed.’ He replied firmly.

‘I didn’t mean together.’

He just grinned at me again and flung back the covers, revealing that I still had my very hard dick in my hand. His eyes went straight to it and stayed there, much to my embarassment.

I thought I heard a soft moan before he spoke. ‘Good idea.’ he said.

I still couldn’t seem to move, but it was my turn to stare when he lifted the waistband of his tight boxers and pushed them down to the floor. His cock was practically pointing to the ceiling it was so hard. It was also huge. I had an impressive nearly 8 inches, his was longer and certainly wider, and I could see the tip glistening with precum. Without any conscious thought I licked my lips. I so wanted to taste him and hold his hardness in my mouth so I could play with it. It was probably a good thing I still couldn’t move. I could barely breathe as he settled down on the bed beside me, not touching me but I could still feel the heat from his body.

I moaned out loud when his hand moved to his cock and he started to stroke himself, and my own hand started moving again automatically. I don’t know what he was looking at, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the motion of his hand and the glorious cock it surrounded. It seemed like only a matter of seconds before I knew I was going to shoot. After an evening of heavy petting and now with the sight of Steve lying naked beside me and pleasuring himself I couldn’t last any longer. I cried out as I came, and was amazed as I heard the first shot hit the headboard above me. I felt cum fall on my face and chest, and opened my eyes again just in time to see Steve do the same. I watched as his cock pulsed and moaned as he covered himself in his own cum, shocked when he cried my name as he did so.

He didn’t say anything afterwards, but I heard his breathing slow from his frantic pants as he came back to normal. I wasn’t sure I would ever breathe normally again, and now that the edge had been taken off my lust I couldn’t stop wondering how this had happened and what would change. Was Steve really so drunk he had no idea what he was doing, because despite his virginity he had become the confident one with what we were doing, and I had been the one who stopped it. And he had come and got into my bed, respecting that I had asked not to pursue this while we were drunk but not wanting us to leave it there. And he said my name at the moment of his climax. I didn’t want to go to sleep but I needed to know what the day would bring after all that had happened.

I caught my breath again as Steve leaned over and wiped us down with a towel. My cock even twitched again, but I was now drunk, tired, and sated. I was still very nervous at having him in my bed with me, but he seemed unworried as he pulled the duvet over us and my body to his. The remembrance of being in his bed dreaming he was there with me came into my mind and I relaxed into him as I fell asleep, hoping desperately that I would not be disappointed when we woke.

* * * * * *


I came to early in the morning and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face when I remembered why I was in Dave’s bed rather than my own. Last night had been eventful to say the least, and I could never have anticipated things going so well. I guess I did respect Dave not wanting us to go all the way last night when I was drunk, but I hoped that enough had been done and said that we couldn’t go back and we would both want to take things forward. He had certainly been enthusiastic, and the look he had on his face when I took my shirt off, intending to tease him, had been far too much for me to be able to stop kissing him, and my delight when he took the kiss far further had been immense. I’d felt the need to sleep with him even if nothing else was going to happen, but seeing that he had already started to amuse himself gave me the perfect plan.

All I hoped I needed to do now was convince him that last night was not just me being drunk and horny, and that I really wanted him. At least now I knew he was gay, and we had had that conversation, although what I felt about him — perhaps I would have to show him rather than tell him. He was still asleep, curled up against my side with his head on my chest and his legs tangled with mine. I felt my heart swell in my chest as I watched him breathing and the desire to hold and protect him forever came into my mind. His hair was a mess and his lips still swollen from our kisses, and he was drooling slightly onto me, but he had never looked more beautiful.

As I felt him stir and start to wake up I instinctively tightened my arms around him to stop him moving away. He tried to roll away the moment he became aware that he was pressed against my body. I don’t know if he instantly knew it was me but his eyes came up to my face when he realised he couldn’t move far. He looked nervous, and I hoped it was only his concern that I might regret what had happened, rather than him regretting it himself.

I smiled at him and he did return it. Neither of us seemed to know what to say, but he didn’t try and move away any more and I continued to hold him. We kept staring into each other’s eyes, probably both waiting for some move from the other. I eventually decided to break the stalemate, and lifted my head so I could kiss his forehead. I couldn’t reach his lips, but I made the kiss as tender as I could to try and allay any concerns he might have.

‘Morning gorgeous.’ I whispered. His confused look in response made me smile. ‘I’m Steve, remember.’

He pulled a face at me. ‘I remember. But the Steve I know doesn’t end up naked in my bed.’

‘I’ve wanted to for a long time.’ I replied.

I wish I could have read his thoughts then because it took him ages to reply and I began to get scared that he would tell me it wouldn’t be happening again. ‘Are you serious Steve? I don’t think that we can go back to how we were before last night, and to be honest I don’t want to because I’ve wanted this for a long time as well. But I can’t just be here to scratch an itch for you. I need….’ he tailed off and took a deep breath before continuing. ‘I need a relationship, or at least that we try. You’re my best friend, and I think too much of you for us to just have a shag and that be it.’

I kissed his forehead again, wishing he would move so I could kiss him properly. ‘I did get you a couple of games for your birthday, but I can definitely give you a boyfriend as well.’ His grin seemed to spread right across his face. ‘And, seeing as we are naked in bed already, perhaps we can find some other games to play together too…’

I winked at him as I finished talking and he finally moved, right on top of me like he had been last night, but this time there were no clothes between us and every part of my body that was connected to part of his seemed to be on fire. There was no preamble with the kisses this time, he was straight to intense and deep and we both moaned. We were both hard and our cocks pressed side by side between our bodies which was probably the best feeling I could have, or at least I thought it was until he started to rub his crotch up and down against mine, rubbing the hard flesh between us as he went.

I became aware that I was mirroring his movements so that we were dry humping each other, each trying to find our pleasure. As the motion sped up I realised that last night hadn’t taken the edge off for me and I was about to come again. I kissed him even deeper and felt him stiffen in my arms as we came together, our cocks pulsing almost in time as the warm cum spread between our bodies. It was a weird feeling, but one I really enjoyed.

After we had both come we continued the kisses but with less intensity because we were both coming down from our orgasms. I wanted to let him know how good even just that had been, but since he had clearly enjoyed it too and my brain was too fogged with the aftermath I couldn’t come up with any words. I just kissed him harder and harder as I recovered, and felt both our cocks begin to stir despite what had just happened. Finally Dave pulled himself back from me and propped himself up on his elbows a little, just looking at me for a moment. I started to feel uncomfortable under his scrutiny, wondering what was on his mind.

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