Addicted to Attention Ch. 06


Cathy and I returned the canoe to the shore, still discussing the possibilities of helping to create events at the alley which might be of some interest to Gerald. The mission would be to construct events that would induce the entrants to disrobe completely, once the mood was conducive and encouraging, without giving the management legal problems, dependant on the disposition of the crowd. It was probably important that any nudity appeared to be spontaneous. All through dinner I considered the possibilities that seemed to be unfolding here at Maple Lake. Gerald had appeared genuinely interested in our opinions and suggestions.

We remembered the deal I had negotiated with Kent and resolved to negotiate a similar deal with Gerald as well, if possible. The chance that we could make money at the weekend, as well as a formidable income during the week, were looking good at this stage.

Cathy prepared dinner as I continued to consider ways of coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement with Gerald. Even without checking the books, I knew the potential of the recreation centre as a premium business opportunity for the future and from what Gerald had told me business had been steadily increasing over the past year.

Once we had eaten I offered Cathy a massage before we dressed to go into town to speak to Gerald. We still had time to spare and Cathy appeared to be quite tense since our near disaster out on the lake. I asked her what she thought about my idea to get involved in the bowling alley business as she lay back on the bed and I prepared to ease her aching muscles.

She liked the idea but couldn’t see how we might manage to achieve financial benefits for ourselves. As I rolled Cathy over gently to massage her back she smiled at me.

“You’re the best businesswoman I’ve ever known, I’ll leave all the negotiations to you.”

She never questioned my decisions and always complied with my wishes, whether in business or personal matters. I felt a deep love for this nubile young lady that filled my heart with total contentment as I tenderly massaged the scented oil over her back. When I reached her bottom, she spread her legs and raised her bottom to expose her sex to my probing fingers. I brushed my hand inside her thighs, teasing her clitoris as my thumb entered her bottom. She responded sensuously, gasping and wiggling her lower body around, signalling her enjoyment of the new sensation. We had been lovers last night, experimenting with a double dildo and vibrators of all types, but had never used our fingers inside each other before.

My ministrations were becoming more urgent as I explored her vagina with my other hand until she screamed in ectatic convulsions as she orgasmed again and again.

“That’s the second time you’ve satisfied me so much,” She sighed, as she recovered her composure. “I’ve always loved you, but I knew you were uptight about it.” She whispered softly.

“I know darling, but never again.” I promised her. “What we have together is so special to me that I could never feel this way with anybody else.”

She told me that the reason she was so annoyed with Ken, the night we went to the Hell Fire Club, was that she had really wanted to play the role of my slave that evening. Her own humiliation had been secondary to the way Ken had treated me, apparently. She now realised that she had taken out her frustration on Ken because she was unable to tell me how much she really loved me.

“I feel the same way now my darling.” I explained to her, as I led her into the shower. “I never realised that I could love another woman this way.” I said candidly.

That evening we went out to the Bowling Alley to meet Gerald and discuss business. We left a note inside the house, telling our men where we were in case they arrived. Both dressed in our togas for maximum effect, I was determined to succeed. Cathy wore an almost see through one that accentuated her breasts in a most flattering way for that night. I was slightly more conservative than normal as I wanted to keep Gerald’s attention on business rather than my body. It was only Friday night but there was a reasonable crowd of young adult people enjoying the facilities. I asked for Gerald and we were soon ushered into his comfortable office. He offered us a drink amidst the usual pleasantries.

Cathy sat to one side while Gerald and I got down to business. He was trickier to deal with than Kent but he showed us his books, going back over the last three years. I noted a steady increase in turnover over the years but a huge rise the night of the body jewellery event in both food and drinks. Even allowing for the prizes given to every entrant, his profits that night had not been better.

Even the previous long weekend when attendance had been greater, the receipts had not exceeded that night. He would almost certainly go for a deal like the one that I had in mind.

I told him that Cathy and I would both encourage other entrants, in similar contests, to lose their inhibitions and provide a show which would encourage his sales accordingly. In return, I told him we would be interested in a full business partnership with him. I briefly explained that we had a similar arrangement with a large lingerie firm in the city and had boosted sales of their products, over doubling the sales for that firm. He was quite interested, judging by his reactions.

When Cat and I walked out two hours later we had a really terrific contract envisaged subject to Saturday night’s results, to be signed up on Monday with our husbands present. We would have full charge of the entertainment schedule, contributing our ideas for evaluation and his decision finally. The additional profits would be shared on an equal basis. We could have a half share in the entire operation based on our expertise and financial contribution if everything went well.

Cathy was over the moon, her excitement growing as she praised my initiative in leading the business meeting slowly toward our family involvement in the entire operation. She admitted that she could never have been audacious enough to suggest a full partnership in such a large entertainment complex, easily the biggest in town. She was proud when I had described her as my best friend and business partner when discussing the final threads of the business plan with Gerald. Cathy’s self esteem had mushroomed in that room and I was pleased that she had been present throughout the delicate negotiations.

“You did your share by looking gorgeous and interesting.” I told her sincerely. “The old bugger couldn’t keep his eyes off your tits, so he couldn’t concentrate on business to his full potential.” I laughed. We had determined earlier on that Gerald was a widower and enjoyed the company of beautiful women enormously.

“If we are all getting what we want out of the meeting it must be seen as an enormous success.” I explained when we drove out of the car park noting Gerald, standing at his office window, watching our departure. Des’s new BMW added nicely to our credibility.

“Our big job now, is to deliver the goods and make Saturday night the best show we’ve ever done.” I mused with her.

The talent show, already advertised, didn’t allow the opportunity I would have liked but as the night progressed I had an idea that had appealed to Gerald when I had brought it up at the meeting. Basically, an announcement would be made during the talent show that a special contest would be held, later in the night, that would appeal to all the adventurous ladies out there. Details to follow later! At the conclusion of the talent show, depending on the numbers of patrons and age group remaining, I would have them announce the contest that I would determine most suitable. I guaranteed Gerald that it would involve nudity, but nothing too lewd or illegal.

He, of course, had subsequently agreed to leave it to me.

We were in a buoyant mood as we drove into Rome, parking to leave room for the convertible when the boys arrived home. It was nearly midnight so they would probably be here by breakfast, I reasoned. We were disappointed but half expected them to sleep at home before leaving for Maple Lake. Cathy wanted to give me a massage to relieve my tension.

Spreading a waterproof cover over the bed again first, I lay face down spreading my legs and cradling my face on top of my arms. Her touch was soothing and sensuous as she straddled my body from above. She rubbed around my neck removing any tenseness and worked her way down, lovingly caressing the side of my breasts on the way. I was totally relaxed as she allowed the warm oil to run down between the cheeks of my bottom, anticipating her fingers would follow.

She teased me for 20 minutes by going straight for my ankles and feet, kneading the muscles of my calf and lower thighs. I was almost going to ask when I felt her fingers move upward on my inner thigh, slowly working up to my moist and eager vagina. She then moved to my outer hips. I could have screamed, she was still teasing me. When she finally touched my genitals I shuddered in the grip of the longest awaited, most eagerly anticipated orgasm I had yet experienced. She continued to stroke, probe and stimulate me as I shuddered with pleasure, orgasming unashamedly for what seemed an impossible length of time. I looked at her, smiling at me with such love, tenderness and devotion radiating from her eyes that it brought me to tears.

She was such an expert lover. I felt pangs of jealousy toward Ken.

That’s when I knew that I was bisexual, just as she was. There was no longer any denying it, I loved her to the point where I couldn’t live without her. She was as happy as I’ve ever seen her.

Words were unnecessary and indeed superfluous as we kissed, hugged and cried together with joy. We had a bond that would never be broken or upset, even by our husbands, for the rest of our lives. At some point in the lovemaking that followed, I found myself using the same endearment that Ken often used with Cathy.

I simply called her Cat. It seemed so appropriate and Cathy loved it. When Des and Ken arrived the next morning, we were still together, our bodies entwined in a lovers embrace, fast asleep. Des looked astonished as he woke us with a kiss and announced their arrival.

Ken joked that we seemed to not need anybody else. I looked at Cat and reassured them that they were still our number one lovers and Cat hurriedly agreed but implicitly, we alone knew the truth.

Cat raved about my business coup and over breakfast we had a fruitful business meeting. Des listened intently as I explained the need to impress Gerald tonight, to obtain the most favourable terms and gain the ultimate share for ourselves in the proposed contract.

Des commented that if I went to work at his bank I would be president within a year. This was the ultimate accolade from my husband.

I just smiled as I told him that all my knowledge originated from him. We spent most of the morning launching and taking turns on my new Jet Ski. It was nicer than Greg’s one, with a more powerful motor and better seating. It had a handle on the back so that it was possible to tow a skier behind it with the passenger acting as lookout, sitting back to back with the driver.

Melissa and Tony arrived around 10am and I took Melissa for a spin while the men discussed their development of the old house.

I invited Melissa to the alley that night with all her friends and told her there would be a contest later in the night, that Cathy and I would enter. She had stripped off her bikini, as she normally did these days, before she even got out of the car. All the young group of friends knew that we always went nude at Rome and they now felt uncomfortable in togs whenever they visited with us. It was not asked but had it become normal practice with all of them.

Jill’s sister Caroline was here this weekend, Melissa told me, and would be a sure starter in the video if we made it this weekend. I suggested that we all get together later for a luncheon Bar-B-Que and discuss the evening ahead.

“The video too.” I added.

Melissa jumped into the car with Tony, still naked. I noticed that she drove back to the other property without putting her togs back on. She had changed her attitude a lot since I had first met her.

It was eleven o’clock now, and Ken was randy, so we went inside to talk and make love together. There weren’t going to be a lot of other opportunities for the rest of the day if all our young friends were coming over after 1pm.

Cat was all for it. She grabbed both Ken and Des and gleefully ran into the bedroom. Ken and Cat both had high libidos along with amazing recovery time, on Ken’s part. Des didn’t seem to mind, being content to watch as Ken made love to me while Cathy did her best to encourage his desires. She was as much an expert with men as women, always willing to try anything.

We all agreed not to tell any of the young friends any details of the business arrangement, partly because it had yet to be finalised. Most importantly, I decided, because I didn’t want to coerce Melissa into participating if she wasn’t comfortable in doing so. Out of loyalty to us, she might. We wanted all of them to make their own independent decision on this one. We valued their friendship far too highly to allow misguided loyalty to be the reason, if they participated. I would make that clear to them later in the evening.

Des had a thought, in regard to the contest, which upon reflection we all fine tuned. An announcement would be made appealing to any fashion minded, inventive and definitely adventurous women in the audience. Essentially a makeshift bikini contest with a shipwreck theme would be presented to the audience, practically guaranteed to result in some unintended nudity.

As the afternoon progressed, along with all our young friends we played in the water and out, practised aerobics to music as we threw ideas around regarding the contest. By the time we all went into town there were a number of ideas for fun events. Cathy stayed with the group while Des and I organised the details with Gerald. It was pleasing to note that the patrons that night were similar in type to the earlier, successful late night event. Upwardly mobile young adults, casually attired and looking for fun.

The announcement was made early in the evening so that by the time the talent show was nearly finished, three hours later, there was a large crowd of eager young men daring their girlfriends or wives to enter the event. I was surprised that at least thirty attractive young ladies went to the changing rooms backstage to participate.

We had already set the changing room up with a range of accessories suitable to fashion into makeshift beachwear. Some of the young ladies were helping one and other into costume and providing constructive criticism to each other on their choices.

By the time the third entry walked forward, the crowd was clapping and hooting their approval. The costume was so skimpy and insecure that it fell apart half way. Fortunately, the young lady appeared to revel in the good natured applause and only made a token attempt to cover up. Now the crowd was in the mood, the bar was busy and everyone was having a great time, including all the remaining contestants. Many of them, egged on by the crowd accidentally tripped or lost their covering to reveal more than they had intended.

My small loincloth, secured by my waist chain, split apart halfway to the end of the catwalk. Upon reaching the end of the catwalk I threw the flowers which were hooked though my nipple rings into the crowd in a gesture of helplessness and walked back, practically nude, to enthusiastic applause. Only two of the ladies ran back into the dressing room to cover up. All the rest stayed out on the stage to encourage the others.

After the show many tables stayed full of people, congratulating and inviting the contestants to have drinks with them. There was no unruly behaviour and it was evident that everybody had enjoyed the evening enormously. Due to the lateness of the hour I made arrangements with Gerald to meet for lunch on Sunday at Rome in order to detail our future arrangements. He was keener than ever to deal with us. We told our young friends that we had an important business meeting at Rome on Sunday, possibly resulting in our family buying into the entertainment complex. Tony and Melissa were thrilled at the prospect. The only members of the group to have entered that evening had been Jill and Caroline. Greg had urged them to enter, right from the first announcement. The others had stayed in the audience to encourage the participants. Tony had ideas to do renovations to the inside layout of the centre, which on completion would provide more popular facilities with the younger patrons by day. It would also keep him busy after the completion of the job at the old house.

Gerald arrived at Rome promptly at 1pm as arranged. Over a leisurely lunch, dutifully prepared and served by Cathy, we learned that Gerald had been planning to retire within two years. He had no dependents, his wife having died eighteen months ago. He had lost his interest in the running of the centre at that point and had tried to sell up. The profits weren’t good enough to realise the price that he needed in order to sell, without losing some of his capital in the process.

I suggested that we set the price now. We would buy the whole operation within two years, meanwhile buying a full partnership in the property and the business at the agreed price. After lunch Des and Ken looked over the books, valuations and other pertinent details of the venture. We finally shook hands on a deal which met all our needs and gave everybody satisfaction.

The property would be ours within two years. Gerald, meanwhile, would secure his retirement on a much more comfortable basis. We would all meet on Monday at Gerald’s solicitor’s office to formalise the arrangements in a binding contract We were aware that the town was growing at a rapid rate and although the business was now largely a weekend success only, the future potential was very exciting. We were all in on the ground floor of one of the best and most profitable ventures that Des and Ken had seen. We went to town to celebrate with a meal at the restaurant after calling in to inform Tony and Melissa.

The rest of their friends had left for the weekend but Melissa would contact them and give them the news. We made arrangements to see David and Darlene on Monday at the old house after the contract was finalised.

Des, Ken and Cat all toasted the amazing business coup with champagne at the restaurant as we planned the next six weeks of our break from the city. I was the centre of attention with them as they all looked to me for the final decision on every idea that we bandied around that evening. The restaurant was quiet so we were discrete when the staff were around, careful not to allow any details of the deal we were discussing to be overheard.

The mood was ebullient as we paid our bill and headed for home just before midnight. We noted that the bowling alley was closing up, with few patrons in evidence. Most of the business for the week was done on the weekends and holidays. We could work on ways to change that over the next two years, I decided.

Business conferences and special mid week events would be planned to increase the profits while overheads remained relatively low. I had many ideas to make Maple Lake a tourist destination of choice. Gerald’s books had shown that we were on the right path toward that end.

Cat was affectionately caressing me all the way home, her lovely scented body awaking desires in me that I wouldn’t have deemed possible, not long ago. I knew that this evening was going to be memorable in every way.